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Revista de poesía y antipoesía.

Complete collection: 3 issues (all published); narrow folio; small illustrations in the text. - Nos. 1-2 (all publ of the frst series). Buenos Aires, [Printer: Talleres Graficos Verdad], 1952, 2 issues, each number 8 pages, tall-small folio, printed in b/w on white stock (47,5 x 16,2 cm); good copies of this fragile publication, light yellowing of the front page and a small waterstain in the left bottom corner. Followed by: - (No.3) Segunda época. Sept. de 1956. Buenos Aires, 1956 (all published). (35 x 12,8). (16 pages, sewn in illustrated wrappers, in an unusual manner, in which some pages fold out twice. With numerous illustrations. Wrapper lighly soiled and some foxing inside, but altogether a very good copy.

EUR 3,500.00

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Full collection of this magazine, landmark off Argentinean avant-garde and Surrealsm. Gathering the most important names: i.e., Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellegrini, Francisco Madariaga, Llinás, Olga Orozco, etc. - No. 1 (november 1952): ,8 unnumbered pages, 6 drawings by Juan Battle Planas. Texts by Enrique Molina, César Moro, Aldo Pellegrini, Giselle Prassinos, Benjamin Péret, Carlos Latorre, Julio Antonio Llanas. - No. 2 (december 1952): Directed by Enrique Molina. With texts by André Breton, Paul Eluard, Carlos Latorre, Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellegrini, Antonia Porchia, Georges Schehadé, Juan A.Vasco. In the middlespread on double page 'Homenaje a Paul Eluard'. (Lafleur, p. 261). -Seg. Epoca No 1: Actually the third (and last) number of this South-American surrealist-avant garde periodical, . Edited by: Carlos Latorre, Lulio Lliná. F. J. Madariaga, Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellgrini, J. A. Vasco. With contributions by César Moro, Benjamin Péret, Giselle Prassinos. Texts by Antonin Artaud, Leonora Carrington, Ingemar Gustafson, Enrique Molina, Aldo Pellegrini, Carlos Latorre, Julios Llinás, Olga Orozco, Francisco José Madariaga, Blamca Varela, José Antonio Vasco. Important illustrations by Juan Estban Fassio, Enrique Molina, Alvaro Rodríguez, Julio Llinás, Martha Peluffo, Carlos Latorre. (Lafleur p. 260).



Surrealist Conquest.

No. 1 (all publ.). San Francisco, The Red Lion Press, Summer 1969. Size (h/w): 25,4 x 20,3 cm. Original wrappers. Together with: Antinarcissus Surrealist Conquest Special Issue. San Francisco, Winter 1969-1970. Newspaper (size (h/w): 57,6 x 43 cm. 4 pp.: light wear on foldings and extremities.

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Edited and published by Stephen Schwartz. Contributions by André Breton, Benjamin Péret, L'Archibras, Joyce Mansour, Nanos Vaaoritis, Roberto Matta, Nicolas Calas, Aimé Césaire, Pedro Perez Sarduy, Maurice Blanchard, Yves Elleouet, Xavier Forneret, Jindrich Heisler, Philip Lamantia, Gherasim Luca, Clément Magloire Saint-Aude, César Moro, Benjamin Duarte (drawing) a.o.



Le Surréalisme...

Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Paris, avril 1967 - mars 1969; 4to; in original wrappers; illustrated.

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Direction: Jean Schuster; Edition: Le Terrain Vague. Collaborators to this Surrealist periodical were a.o.: Camacho, Schuester, Bonoure, Royen, Duras, José Pierre, Mansour, Ills. by Miro, Sanchez, Joubert, Brauner. Includes the scarce fourth and fifth issues, produced "out of series" - both of which were confiscated by the authorities for their attacks on De Gaulle and material on Czech Surrealism.



Surrealist Subversion.

Nos. 1-3 (of 4 publ..). Chicago, Autumn 1970-Spring 1976. Original pictorial wrappers; 4to.

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English language journal of the International Surrealist Movement. Editor: Franklin Rosemont, with J.J. Jack Dauben, Paul Garon, Joseph Jablonski, Philip Lamantia, Penelope Rosemont. Contribs. by Breton, Ducasse, Mansour, Mesens, Schuster, etc.; with numerous illustrations.



An Ardent Review. Part one of a surrealist manifestation (all publ.). London, Toni del Renzio, [1942] . Original wrappers (a small chip on the frontcover towared the spine), but else a good copy), 32pp., illustrated, 4to.

EUR 200.00

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Surrealism in Britain, edited and published by Toni del Renzio. Texts by Robert Melville, Pierre Mabille, Nicolas Calas, Conroy Maddox, Giorgio de Chirico, Toni del Renzio, New York interview with Breton,a.o. Reproducing work by Eileen Agar, John Melville, Gordons Onslow-Ford, a.o.



(J.J. Pauvert, Paris).

Serie 1: Nos. 1-2 (all). Paris, 1953; Serie 2: Nos. 1-46 (all and last). Paris, 1955-1968. Unbd., in the original pictorial wrappers; 4to; numerous illustrations. Occasional spine damage and light discolorations but on the whole a nice set. No. 11/12: La Joconde, with two die-cut see-throughs in the front cover, in perfect condition.

EUR 2,000.00

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Artistic and literary periodical with strong surrealist tendency. Many issues dedicated to a special topic. Paris, Eric Losfeld (1re série), there after Jean-Jacques Pauvert (2e série), 1953-1968. Complete set of 48 issues of which 11 double in 37 volumes. Some important topical issues: Cent-cinquentenaire de J.J. Grandville, Les hétéroclites et les Fous littéraires, Dessins inavouables, Les Monstres, A-t-on lu Rimbaud?, Littérature illettrée ou la littérature à la lettre, Raymond Roussel, Les oiseaux sont des cons par Chaval, Les vies parallèles de Boris Vian, Romaine Brooks. Illustrations by: Siné, Folon, Topor, André François, Chaval, Wolinsky, Ylipe. Texts by: Jean Paulhan, Isidore Isou, Noël Arnaud, André Blavier, Raymond Queneau, Lise Deharme, Gisèle Prassinos, Pierre Bettencourt, Eugène Ionesco, Paul Gilson.



Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes.

Nos. 2-8 (=all published, no. 7 never appeared and No. 1 was a stencilled pamphlet of 2 pages only). Amsterdam (selfpublished), stencilled and stapled (Nos. 2 and 4 with handmade covers). Size: 28x22 cm, except nos. 4 and 6 which are smaller, 22x13,5 cm. No. 8 is stencilled, list of publications. Together with: Numéro hors-série. Décembre 1966, 312 pp.: Lautréamont in Nederland, by Her de Vries (stencilled, green covers, stapled (more or less replacing unpublished No. 7) Then continued as: (Series 2) Nouvelle série: Nos. 1-8 (last publ.). Stencilled sheets, stapled within printed illustrated white boards (except No. 1 which has beige covers imprinted "Courant de Force!!"). Size: 27,5x21,5 cm. All in good condition (no. 7 upper side of frontcover sunned, very light soilage to others). Added: With a signed copy of the text for the opening of the exhibition "Surrealistische Onmoetingen"in Leiden, 1961 (no. 21 of 25 published); a special issue being "De Witte Schelp", maart 1977, for the Exhibition in Galerie Bouma, Amsterdam (Rik Lina, Raúl Perez, Cruzeiro Seixas, Philip West), a (slightly stained) copy of "Op Engelvoeten, à Pas de loup", Eds/Surréalistes Brumes Blondes, 1975 (this would be the unnumbered no. 9 of the journal), and some stencilled pamphlets (detailed below).

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The only surrealist periodical published in The Netherlands, edited by Her de Vries and Laurens van Krevelen (Laurens Vancrevel). Published by their "Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes" in very small editions (the early issues only in 50 copies). No. 2 with the enclosure Realiteiten in Neder/Hol/land 2. 8 pp. No.6 entitled Afgekloven Opperhoofden, is a polemic against Podium, in particular against Camille Houckaert (= W.F. Hermans) and Remco Campert. No. 8 is the list of publications of the Bureau; Contributions by the editors, Raymond Soriano, Peter Berger, Karel Sebek, Leo Garet, Mario Botas, Georges Gronier, Ted Joans, Arnost Budík (La deuxième "Renaissance Surréaliste " en Tchecoslovaquie), a.o. Illustrations by Paul Louwers, J.H. Moesman, Kristians Tonny, Schlechter Duvall, Rik Lina & Jan. G. Elburg. Wolfgang Cordan, Edouard Jaguer, Jan Elburg, Octavio Paz, a.o. Front-covers by E.F. Granell, Philip West a.o. The added pamphlets are: "Toute und Vie" in French and in Dutch, rememberance to Breton, 28 sept.1966; De Wederopstanding van King Kong, Surreële paasboodschap 1968 (signed by the Surrealistische Groep in Nederland); Le Surréalisme d'abord et toujours"(avril 1969) Onze ogen leven in het wild"(juni 1969). Complete sets are quite rare.



(Internationaal cultureel maandblad / Revue internationale des arts et des sciences).

Jaargang 1 (Year 1 )Nos. 1-12,cplt, and Jaargang 2 (Year 2) Nos. 1-4/6 cplt. Together with Yearbook 1947/48. Amsterdam, Salm, (Breughel) 1945/46-1947/48. All in the original, partly illustrated, wrappers. A few numbers lighty soiled or moist damaged, but altogether a very good set.

EUR 900.00

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Internationally oriented Dutch literary and artistic periodical, in which the imporant international contributors were published in their original language. One of the most significant publications in the period following the war, an attempt to( re)connect Dutch readers with leading international authors a.o. Sartre, Loewenson, Kafka, Cordan, R.Pannwitz, Hermann Hesse, Beckmann, Kavafis Tzara, Eluard, Breton,,etc. Edited by D.A.M.Binnendijk, Wolfgang Cordan, J.Presser, S. Vestdijk, Gerard Den Brabander, a.o.with international advisers. Important Dutch authors: J.Daisne, S.Vestdijk, A.Roland Holst, Anna Blaman, B.Voeten, Hans Andreus, Jan Campert (English translation of his major work: de Achttien doden) , H.Marsman, B.Aafjes, G.Achterberg, Leo Vroman, Vries, Vol. 1 no 11/12 is a special: Hommage à la Grèce. Book illustrattions by Bantzinger, Jef Vliegen and T.Roosenburg; cover illustrations by Bantzinger. Illustrations included by Cantré.



Poesía, cuento, ensayo, plástica, música, teatro, crítica literaria. 'Primer objeto narguile que trata de un homenaje a juan batlle planas, el surrealismo, breton, y ciertos elementos para la nueva realidad.'

No. 7/8 (last number published). Buenos Aires, August 1967. 4to. Original pictorial wrappers. Illustrated. Small defects to cover, slight soilage, but still a good copy..

EUR 200.00

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The last number of CERO, edited by Zito Lema. A remarkable and important document on surrealism and an hommage to the poet Batlle Planas. Includinng poetry by him.. Also many reproductions of work by Planas. Other contributions are by and on Artaud, Arp, Breton, Char, Desnos, Eluard, Michaud and Prévert. Cf.:Lafleur, Provenzano and Alonso ("Las revistas literarias argentinas")



Hebdomadaire littéraire pour tous. De l'autre coté du miroir...

Nos. 1-9 (all publ.). Bruxelles, 22 février - 19 avril 1945. Unbd. (36,5 x 27,5 Cm.), as issued with folding creases in the middle of each issue, some wear and discolorations on the folds. (Nos. 8-9 printed on green stock). Illustrated.

EUR 200.00

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Directed by Paul Colinet, Chr. Dotremont, Marcel Mariën, with unpublished work by Breton, Lewis Carroll, Picasso and contribs. by Magritte, Louis Scutenaire, Jean Pfeiffer, Piqueray, Armand Permantier, a.o. (Vasseur p. 29).



Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7/8, 9, 10 (out of 10 published). Berkeley, CA.1944-45 in orig. Pictorial wrappers, Rare: with the four cover variations for Issue 9 by Bezalel Schatz. Together 11 physical issues. Issue 7/8 is a double issue and includes a foldout "Map of Joyce's Life" by Bern Porter. Glue bindings with exception of issue 3 which is staple bound, Added: a 4-page illustrated prospectus for the magazine, laid in number 2.

EUR 2,000.00

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Edited by George Leite, Co-Editor Bern Porter. landmark Bay Area magazine of art and literature with ties to surrealism.. It preceded ARK, and was essentially the point of departure for the Beat generation. Contributors include Carrington, Patchen, Crews, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Porter, Fowlie, Kees, E.E. Cummings, G. Ungaretti, Rexroth, R. Duncan, Durrell, Everson, Norse, Yvan Goll, and many others. Interesting typography and numerous illustrations and covers by Bern Porter, George Barrows (creative photography), Rexroth, Jean Varda (in a feature written by Henry Miller), Schatz, Edwin Ver Becke (prints), John & James Whitney (Audio-visual music), Jim Fitzsimons (Solarized Photography) Contributions by George Barrows, George Barrows, Leonora Carrington, Robert Duncan, Maya Deren, Ian Hugo, James Laughlin, Darius Milhaud, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Bern Porter, Gil Orlovitz, Kenneth Patchen, Paul Radin, Kenneth Rexroth, Jean Varda, Oscar Williams, and others… Condition note: All copies have some shelf wear to covers and spines as wel as some discoloration inherent in publications from this period. Issue 3 (which is staple bound) has some damage to spine.




Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Paris, Le Terrain Vague, oct. 1969 - janvier 1972. Unbound, tabloïd format, richly illustrated in colour & black & white. Folded over once (as always) and with very light wear in folds and edges. Very good copies.

EUR 700.00

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Directed by Gérard Legrand, José Pierre, Jean Schuster,with Baron, Mesens, Boltanski, a.o.; descendant of the great Surrealist periodicals. Printed on heavy stock, 8 pp per issue on tabloid format The set includes the very rare no 4 (hors série, la parole est à "La Cause du Peuple") , which is 2 pp only and was confiscated upon publication.



a literary quarterly

Volume 1 no. 1 (all publ.). Summer 1946. NY: Harry Herschkowitz (1946). 72 pp. Printed wrappers. Printed on tinted stock.

EUR 300.00

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Edited by Harry Herschkowitz. Close to the surrealists. Contributions from Beauford DeLaney, Michael Fraenkel, Yvan. Goll, Benjamin Péret, Robert Duncan, Walter Lowenfels, Henry Miller, and others.



Number 1 (all publ). Fort Lee, NJ, The Somniloquist’s Press 1978. 25x20cm., illustrated wrappers., 112pp.

EUR 300.00

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Editor: Bill Wolak, art director: Steven Frim. First and only issue of this Surrealist-sympathetic journal, with contributions by Paul Eluard, Charles Henri Ford, John Digby, Ira Cohen, Ted Joans, Joyce Mansour, Sue Matiko and many others. Cohen served as Asia Correspondant, Digby covered Europe. .With numerous b/w illustrations in collaged surrealist/dreamed style. Wiith Sue Matiko, John Digby, Ira Cohen (Asian correspondent).



Nos. 1-8. Paris, 1979-1984. With: Catalogue de l'Exposition Ellebore, 24 mars/30 avril 1982. 4to; original pictorial wrappers; illustrated.

EUR 450.00

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Nicely produced art and literary periodical with strong ties to Surrealism; ed. by Jean-Marc Debenedetti. Issues dedicated to themes like: L'Objet magique; Lethal; ...du réel; Quant à l'objet; La poésie c'est parfois poème; Refléchier; Amérives. Covers designed by: Guy Rousille, Arthur Cruzeiro-Seixas, Giovanna; Marcel Lannoy; Jean-Pierre Griffoul. Contribs. by Jean Orizet, Pascale Falvigny, Bernard Atmani, Patrick Grainville, Francoise Jones, Philippe Casella, Pierre Sabourin.



Revue mensuelle.

- SPECIAL ISSUE: Surréalisme. Nov./Déc. 1968 (Année 46, no. 475/476). With illustrations.

EUR 200.00

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Double issue of 375 pages, with contribs. by Ph. Soupault, Franz Hellens, Yvan Goll, Joseph Reis, and many others; numerous ills.; front-cover illustrated by Man Ray (Femmalaharpe) in colour.



Rivista trimestrale.

Nuova serie: Anno 1 nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Milano, Primavera 1959-Automno 1960. Original pictorial wrappers; illustrated.

EUR 400.00

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Surrealist periodical, directed by Jean-Jacques Lebel & Tristan Sauvage ( Arturo Schwarz). With texts by A. Breton, Tr. Sauvage, Fr. Picabia, J.Cl. Silbermann, Joyce Mansour, B. Péret, G. Schéhadé, A. Pieyre de Mandiargues, etc.; ills. & photographs after works by Arp, Duchamp, Ernst, Lam, Matta, Picasso, Tanguy, Baj, etc.; covers by J.J. Lebel, Victor Brauner & Roberto Crippa. The first series of 6 issues was published in Paris in 1956.



(No.1), all published. London, Gaberbocchus Press, 1956. Tabloïd; 12 pp., printed on beige, red and purple stock. Ills.

EUR 200.00

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The Gaberbocchus Independant (led by the Themersons) is publicity for their publications (works by Jarry, Franciska Themerson, Stefan Themerson, Patrick Fetherston, etc); with numerous ills.(See: J.Kubasiewicz & M.Strauss, The Themersons and the Gaberbochus Press)



Revue Franco-Américaine de Poésie / French-American Quarterly of Poetry.

Nos. 1-6 (all). Brooklyn/New York, Summer 1943-1945. Original wrappers,lightly soiled and foxed.

EUR 1,000.00

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Directed by Yvan Goll, with strong ties to Surrealism. Includes the scarce special number 5 (Magic/Poetry, Magie/Poésie) which was done in collaboration with Kurt Seligmann. Contribs. include André Breton, André Masson, Denis de Rougemont, Yvan & Clair Goll, Al. Bosquet, St.John Perse, P. Seghers, J. Gracq, Henri Miller, Ch. Henri Ford, Philip Lamantia etc.; drawings by Wilfredo Lam, Yves Tanguy (unpublished drawings), André Masson, George Barker (who also designed the covers).



Nos. 1-25 (all publ). Paris, déc. 1970 - printemps 1978 (lacking no 24) 4to; unbound, original pictorial wrappers; numerous illustrations. No.14/15 is on of the De-Luxe edition with additional artwork (see below), cover green, contained in a slipcase..

EUR 4,000.00

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An international periodical, the first issue printed in the Netherlands, later issues printed in Italy -'Une revue italienne en langue française'-, then printed in France, edited by Jean-François Bory, Janus Chodorowicz, Georges Unglik, Léonardo Nunez, René Baudouin (who later became the editor), Giovani Lista, Thierry Agullo, Arthur Hubschmid, Jean-Claude Silbermann, Danièle Boon, Chantal Petithory, Gilles Plazy, and others. Ties to Surrealism, Dada and Futurism (no. 2 reprints Futurist Manifestos), Body-Art, Concrete Poetry, Biennales of Paris, etc.; No. 8 contains a gramophone-record by Bernard Heidsieck "Exorcisme"; special issues on Ben Vautier, Jean François Bory, Italy, the painter A.F. Demarle, Fabrizio Plezzi, Arman, Hervé Fischer (Hygiène de l'Art), no. 14/15 is a double-issue on literature; articles by Arturo Schwarz on Dada, interviews with artists (e.g. Giorgio de Chirico, posters of Mieczyslaw Berman, Meret Oppenheim, Niki de Saint-Phalle, etc.). Note: No 14/15 Luxe: with original artwork added: one of 30 signed copies each 30 with 6 signed originals: Une gravure originale de Jean Claude Silbermann, un gisant d'Alexandre Bonnier, une fiche tecnique de Thierry Agullo, une serigraphie de Tino Stefanoni, un machin de Manfred Mohr, un essuie-mains "hygiene de l árt" d'Hervé Fisher. Complete with the two inserts in issue 8 (Bernard Heidsieck floppy disc & Ben Vautier envelope, óf which the contents were different in each copy) and the lithograph insert by Herve Fischer in no.21.



A collection of publications by Alan Kaprow and documenting his work, published between 1962 and 1986, consisting of 38 pieces, as follows:

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- Allan Kaprow and Robert Whitman, The New York Poets Theatre presents Allan Kaprow & Robert Whitman/A Service for the Dead programme, 1962. New York, Maidman Playhouse/New York Poets Theatre, 1962. 22 × 21cm, 4pp. Mimeographed programme for Kaprow’s happening and Whitman’s filmscreening organized by Diane Di Prima at the legendary Bowery avant garde theatre on March 22, 1962. The leaflet presents a listing of Whitman’s programme (assisted by Simone Morris) which consisted of screenings of several documented happenings. In addition it announces Kaprow’s programme featuring a list of participants and a brief artist statement from Kaprow on the international progress of the Happenings movement and on his own understanding of the stage: ‘My Happenings do not need the stage and tend to avoid most of the conventions belonging to that aspect of theater. Instead, they take place anywhere else where life can go on: the woods, in the kitchen, on the subway, in half-demolished buildings, and at the ocean. For me they have the character of rites.’ Kaprow’s contribution was mentioned as an ‘Untitled Happening’. In hindsight the performance was the first part of Kaprow's ‘A Service for the Dead’ in which the audience joined musicians in a spooky funeral procession throughout the entire theatre building, ending in the boiler room. Here a funeral service played-out for a naked woman who lay on a horizontal ladder suspended from the ceiling. Scarce item, with no OCLC records discovered. Small chip to the upper corner of the front panel. The rear page contains an unidentified address handwritten in blue pen. -Kaprow, Allan: How to Make a Happening. Vinyl lp., in original cover, with front-cover photo: from Allen Kaprow's Happening Household, Cornell University, 1964, by Sol Goldberg. SIGNED BY KAPROW (with date '95) - Kaprow, Allen. Some recent Happenings. 1966. A Great Bear Pamphlet. New York. 16 pages; printed on pink stock, selfwrappers, spine stapled. - Kaprow, Allan. Allan Kaprow: an exhibition sponsored by the Art Alliance of the Pasadena Art Museum. 1967. Illustrated card covers with spiral binding. Fine - Kaprow, Allan. Self-service: a Happening by Allan Kaprow. In connection with The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and The Pasadena Art Museum. Sunday, June 12, [1967]. 6 mimeographed sheets printed one side and bound with a single staple. Top edge a little rough; small closed tear on right edge of cover; blank verso of final page browned. -Kaprow, Allan. Untitled Essay and other works. 1967. Great Bear Pamphlet, 16 pages on light blue stock, spinestapled. - Kaprow, Allan. Fluids – A Happening (Poster). Pasadena Art Museum. Original artist poster describing a “happening” in Pasadena on October 1967 during a three day stretch in which about twenty rectangular en¬closures of ice blocks (measuring about 30 feet long, 10 wide and 8 high) are to be built throughout the city. Their walls are to be unbroken. Then they are left to melt. Poster is 14 x 18” tall when opened. This copy folded thrice for mailing, else a very good to near fine example. This copy was mailed to fluxus artist Jackson MacLow with his address sticker and stamp to verso. - Kaprow, Allan. Photoalbum. Moving, a happening by Allan Kaprow, Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, 1967 (novembre), 21,6x14 cm., 16 unnumbered pages incl. wrapper. Photographic illustrations in b/w on each page. Design: Allan Kaprow. - Kaprow, Allan. 1968. Runner. took place along a private suburban roadway outside St. Louis. On the first day, a mile’s length of tar paper, weighted with cinder blocks placed every twenty feet, was laid along the shoulder of the road. This procedure was repeated twice the next day, the second and third layers of tar paper and blocks being laid over the first, beginning at opposite ends of the mile-long stretch each time. On the third day, all three layers were removed fro m the roadside. The activity of placing the blocks on the tar paper became something of a body mantra -a constant, incremental measure of the physical experience of working one’s way across the land. This copy mailed to Hansjoachim Dietrich of the Verlag Kalender. - Kaprow, Allan. Round Trip. A Happening by Allan Kaprow. 1968. (43 x 55.5 cm). Black print on white paper, folded. Offset lithograph. Announcement poster, addressed to Hansjoachim Dietrich, stamped, and postmarked on verso. - [Round Trip: was a happening that involved the rolling and unrolling of a ball of paper, cardboard and string. Organised by The University of New York, Albany, taking place in March, 1968.] With reproduction of photograph by Peter Moore. -Kaprow, Allen. Overtime. A Happening (for Walter De Maria). (1968). (53 x 41 cm). Black print on white paper, folded. Offset lithograph. Announcement poster, addressed to Hansjoachim Dietrich, stamped, and postmarked on verso. With reproduction of a photograph by Peter Moore. - Kaprow, Allan. Transfer. A Happening (For Christo). Wesleyan University, 1968. B/w offset lithograph, 28 x 55 cm. Folded in four. Announcement and call to participate in a Kaprow Happening with barrels. Black address stamp of Allan Kaprow, mailed to Tjeerd Deelstra. Toning on verso. Moderate creasing and browning (heavy on verso) with small tears along the outer edges of the vertical fold and along the left and right margins. - Kaprow, Allan. Arrivals. Nassau Community College, 1968. Poster for happening on an abandoned airstrip in Long Island. B/w offset lithograph, 53 x 38 cm. Folded twice. Toning along center fold, overall a fine copy mailed to Tjeerd Deelstra, contains address stamp of Allan Kaprow. - Kaprow, Allan. Population. A Happening by Allan Kaprow. (1968).Black print on white paper, folded. Offset lithograph. Announcement poster, addressed to Tjeerd Deelstra, stamped, and postmarked on verso, with address stamp of Kaprow. The Population happening was organised by Colby Junior College, New Hampshire, April 1968. - Kaprow, Allan, Course. A Happening by Allan Kaprow. (1969).(53 x 38 cm).Black print on white paper, folded. Offset lithograph. Announcement poster. Participants were invited to dig tributaries in a river, then to use buckets to remove the water from those tributaries to carry them to tributaries upstream, until finally there were no more tributaries. Commissioned by the University of Iowa, May 9, 1969. Toning along center folds and some edges, with some creasing/rubbing in the center at the folds. Includes the original mailing envelope sent to Deelstra by Kaprow, with red address stamp of the artist, post marked Nov 1 1969. - Kaprow, Allan. Homemovies. A marriage Happening for Catherine + Daniel Schmidt some time after their marriage-July 11, 12, 13.1969). (43 x 28 cm). Black print on white paper, folded. Offset lithograph. Announcement poster. The first phase of Kaprow’s happening consisted of videotaping the Schmidts as they greeted each other, took leave of each other, and left together. Then the videotapes were shown to a group of friends, who were asked to imitate the couple. The imitations were videotaped and shown to the couple, who then imitated the imitations in the presence of their friends. -Kaprow, Allan. Pose: carrying through the city; sitting down here and there; photographed; pix left on spot; going on. Note: occurred in and around Berkeley, California, March 22, 23, 1969 [title on manila envelope]. NY: Multiples, 1970. 7 stiff sheets with illustrations, (27. 5 x 20 cm), in printed manila envelope. One sheet was overprinted with one of the other images, but the obliterated picture is supplied in a photocopy by the previous collector (most described copies only mention 7 sheets). - Kaprow, Allan. Six Ordinary Happenings by Allan Kaprow. Berkeley California, 1969. B/w offset lithograph, 73 x 58.5 cm. Folded three times. Announcement for a series of events taking place in March, April, and May 1969. Illustrated with photographs, with texts describing each of the Happenings, and instructions on how to participate. Some toning else fine. - Kaprow, Allan. Graft: An Activity by Allan Kaprow. Kent State University, 1970. B/w offset lithograph, 53 x 40 cm. Folded twice. Browning and stain on bottom center, else fine. Includes original envelope sent to Deelstra, with address stamp of the artist, postmarked March 4 1970 - Kaprow, Allan. Days off: a calendar of Happenings…. NY: Junior Council of the Museum of Modern Art, 1970. About 64 pp. of newsprint (38,5x27,5), bound at the top with three large staples and punched with two holes. An illustrated calendar of Happenings. Photograph by Peter Moore on the front page. (A gouge near the top edge of the cover a few small tears on the sides of some pages and some staining on the back leaf and the bottom edge). Still a very good copy of this fragile piece. - Kaprow, Allan. Time pieces 7/12/73. Pulse exchange. 9 sheets printed both sides, except final blank, and bound with 1 staple. 21 x 29.7 cm (oversquare). Soiled and with creases and wear at edges. - Kaprow, Allan. On time. Paris: Galerie Gerald Piltzer, performed 21/9/74. [16] pp., illustrated; white self covers, stapled in spine, 21 x 29.7 cm. Lightly foxed. - Kaprow, Allan. 2 measures. Torino: Martano Editore, 1974. [40] pp., illustrated; glued into white white cover, , 34 x 24.5 cm. - Kaprow, Allan. 2nd routine. NY: sponsored by Stefanotty Gallery, March 11, 1974. [12] pp., illustrated; white cover, stapled in spine. (28x16cm). Front cover rather foxed and soiled, but INSCRIBED by Kaprow ("For Elly and David Antin, in friendship"). - Kaprow, Allan. Rates of exchange. 15/2/1975. NY:D'Arc Press, 1975. [8]pages, black covers, stapled. - Kaprow, Allan. Comfort zone. Madrid: Galeria Vandrès, June 1975. [28] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine, 32.6 x 22.4 cm. Lightly worn. - Kaprow, Allan. Echo-logy. NY: D’Arc Press, 1975. [12] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine. (30,3x22,6 cm). Fine. - Kaprow, Allan. Likely Stories. Milano, Luciano Anselmo, Grafic Olimpia, 1975. 32 pages on artpaper, with photographs, kept in grey covers (light soilage to cover). August 1975 (photos: Jürgen Müller-Schneck). Published for the proposed happening in Milano in December 1975. - Kaprow, Allan. Match. Wuppertal, Germany: Kunst- und Museumsverein, July 1975. [12] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine. (29.5 x 21 cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Routine. 1975. [8] pp., illustrated; white covers, stapled in the spine (27,9x21,5cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Air condition. 1975. [8] pp., illustrated; white cover, stapled in the spine (27,9x21,5cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Likely Stories. Milano, Luciano Anselmo, Grafic Olimpia, 1975. 32 pages on artpaper, with photographs, kept in grey covers (light soilage to cover). August 1975 (photos: Jürgen Müller-Schneck). Published for the proposed happening in Milano in December 1975. - Kaprow, Allan. Warm-ups. September, 1975. [12] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine (27,9x21,5cm). - Kaprow, Allan. 7 kinds of sympathy. Bochum, Germany: Gallerie Baecker, 1976. [12] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine (27,9x21,5 cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Maneuvers. Napoli: Framart/Studio, March 1976. [12] pp. illustrated; black cover, stapled in the spine (32.4 x 24.5 cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Sweet wall testimonials. Berlin: Edition Rene Block, 1976. [32] pp. illustrated; black covers, stapled in the spine (22,8x15 cm). - Kaprow, Allan. Testimonials. Bochum, Germany: Gallerie Baecker, 1976. [8] pp., illustrated; black covers, Stapled in the spine (27,9x21,5 cm). Light wear. - Kaprow, Allan. Satisfaction. NY: M.L. D’Arc Gallery, 1976. [12] pp., illustrated; black covers, stapled (27,9x21,5 cm). Fine. - Kaprow, Allan. Standards. Cedar Falls: University of Northern Iowa, 1979. [32] pp., illustrated; white covers, stapled. (28x 21,5cm). A bit foxed. - Kaprow, Allan. Collagen, Environments, Videos, Broschüren, Geschichten, Happening- und Activity-Dokumente 1956-1986. Dortmund: Museum am Ostwall, 1986. INSCRIBED by Kaprow "For Ellie and David with fondness and admiration, Allen 1986". Profusely illustrated, [150] pp.; printed covers of corrugated cardboard bound with 2 brass post screws, 17 x 27 cm (oblong).



Boletín de hechos & ideas.

No. 2-3 (out of 3 numbers published). Santiago, Diciembre 1943. Size (h/w): 26,5 x 19 cm. Original illustrated wrappers (red stock). Illustrated.

EUR 500.00

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Edited by Braulio Arenas. With contributions by Jorge Cáceres, André Breton, Enrique Gomez-Correa, Benjamin Péret, Enríque Rosenblatt, Fernando Onfray, Braulio Arenas, Aimé Cesaire, Juan Sanchez Pelaez a.o. Contains a fragment of "Dernier malheur, dernière chance" by Benjamin Péret on thick paper. (Photographical) illustrations, drawings and collages by André Masson, Man Ray, Braulio Arenas, Jorge Cáceres, Roberto Matta and Erich G. Schoof. The first issue was published in December 1942.



Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Bruxelles, 1954-1958. 8vo. Original wrappers; together with: Nouvelle série. Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Bruxelles, janvier 1969-avril 1974. Unbound, original wrappers, light dust soilage. Numerous illustrations.

EUR 500.00

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Belgian Surrealist and pre-Situationist publication, edited by Marcel Mariën, with contributions by Bourhoigne, Brecht, Debord, De Rache, Nougé, Scutenaire, Van Bruaene, Wolman, Magritte, etc.; the new series formed also part of 'Le Fait Accompli'.



A Paraliterary Journal of Survivalism.

Vol. 1-2 no. 8, Vancouver B.C., 1963 - November 1967 plus issue dated February 1964. Orig. pictorial wrappers. Fine.

EUR 200.00

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This attractively produced periodical was published by the Neo-Surrealist Research Foundation in Vancouver. The first issue contains the Manifesto (by F. de Robert, translated from the Aztec) giving notice of the coming appearance of a paraliterary journal of Survivalism. Editor: Murray Morton, with Frances Robinson, John Doheny, William Martyn.



No. 1 (all publ.). Utrecht, Grafisch Gezelschap De Luis, 1962. 4to; original wrappers stitched in the spine, with mounted linocut title-piece. Limited edition of 100 copies.

EUR 500.00

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Dutch surrealist periodical, edited by J.H.Moesman (the only 'officially recognised' Dutch Surrealist), H. van Maarseveen and W.D .Kuik. Contains i.a.: 2 signed lithographs by W.D. Kuik. 2 lithographs by J.H. MOESMAN, a signed aquatint etching by K. van der Sluis, a signed lithograph by Peter Vos and contribs. by T. Sontrop, A. Teister, a.o.; also an advertisement for 'La Brêche' designed by Moesman.



Informations Surréalistes. Mensuel.

Nos. 1-8 (all publ.). Paris, nov.1952 - juin 1953, unbd., 8 leaves, 28 x 45 Cm. each, printed on different coloured papers, folding-crease in the middle; small tear in lower margin of no. 3 corner chipped, otherwise good condition. together with: MEDIUM. Communication Surréaliste. Nouv. série Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Paris, Terrain Vague, nov. 1953 - janvier 1955, in original printed wrappers, 4to. Fine condition. Ills.

EUR 1,000.00

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Director: Jean Schuster (First series various addresses, a.o. Centre d'Informations Surréalistes, second series by Terrain Vague). First series printed on one side only, second series issues vary from 16-64 pp.; contribs. by A. Breton, G. Legrand, B. Péret, Eug. Ionesco, Adr. Dax, G. Goldfayn, J.L. Bedouin, etc.; issues of new series dedicated to resp. Simonhantai, W. Paalen, Walter Svanberg, Wilfredo Lam (who designed the covers to these issues).



Spreek vrijmoedig over De Sade, maar misbruik nooit zijn naam.

Op Engelvoeten, à pas de loup. Schalkwijk, Editions Surréalistes, 1975. 21 x 14.5 cm, (16 p.), printed in black and red, original wrappers.

EUR 200.00

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Dutch surrealist publication by the only recognised surrealist in The Netherland.Typespecimen of the "Petronius", designed by Moesman. With autogr. signed dedication: "Met de beste wensen voor 1975 t/m 1999, in 2000 zien we wel weer!".


J. H. MOESMAN (Johannes Hendrikus, Utrecht 1909-Houten 1988)

Documentary collection.

A collection documenting Life and Work of J.H.Moesman, the only "offcially recognised" Dutch Surrealist (cf Breton). Contains 38 booklets, exhibition catalogs etc, plus a an extensive collection of photocopied newspaperr articles related to Moesman, etc.; detail and price on request,

EUR 2,500.00

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- Op Engelvoeten,à pas de loup. Schalkwijk, Editions Surréalistes 'Brumes Blondes', 1975. 21 x 14.5 cm,16 pp. Printed in black and red, original wrappers. Type specimen of the ‘Petronius’ designed by Moesman. With author signed dedication “met de beste wensen voor 1975 t/m 1999 in 2000 zien we wel weer!’ - Her de Vries, Jak van der Meulen, Laurens van Crevel. Moesman. Peilingen naar het wezen van de Nederlandse surrealist Moesman in een poging hem voor het nageslacht te bewaren. Utrecht, J.H. Moesman & B.H.J. van Rossum, 1971. Softcover, 20 x 20 cm, 48 pp. Inserted summary leaflet in French and English, plus exhibition announcement for the exhibition ‘Dada/Surrealisme in Nederland’ 15 Nov-13 Dec 1974 at L.A.K. Leiden. - Loek Brons and Bavo van Rossum (ed). Moesman. Een kompleet overzicht in beeld van alle olieverfschilderijen en het klavecimbel van de surrealist J.H. Moesman. Amsterdam, Collectie Loek Brons, 1993. Softcover, 20 x 20 cm. Published on the occasion of the Moesman exhibition at Singer Museum Laren 1993. - J.H. Moesman, Over wat in de musea niet te zien is. Utrecht, Centraal Museum, Mededelingen nr. 2. 1973, 1973. Stapled softcover, 14.5 x 21 cm, 32 pp. - Georges Hugnet, Surréalistische Schilderkunst. Inleiding bij de internationale tentoonstelling van het surréalisme gehouden in de Galerie Robert Keizersgracht 527 te Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Galerie Robert/Scheltema & Holkema, 1938. 24 x 16 cm, 32 pp. First edition. In publisher's wrapper, Max Ernst's drawing featured on cover. Prof ills. catalogue of the first international Surrealist exhibition in the Netherlands organised by Kristians Tonny and Georges Hugnet. Contains reproductions of works by André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Magritte, Arp and Man Ray among others. Age toning, spotting and creases on cover, interior clean. Scarce. - Frans Lapoutre, De deur van Moesman, verteld aan Hans van Straten. Utrecht, Puletra Pers, 1989. Softcover, 22 pp. Edition of 250, this is no.11. - Kunst in Utrecht,Tweede jaargang No.2 November 1963. Utrecht, Stichting voor Culturele Publiciteit, 1963. 40 pp. Includes article on Moesman’s calligraphy. - Tirade No.105, September 1965 (jrg 9). Amsterdam, G.A. van Oorschot, 1965. Edited by J.E. Kool-Smit, Adriaan Morriën et al. 62 pp. Includes 8 b/w photographic images of work by Moesman. - Manuel van Loggem, Surrealisme als levensvorm. Selfpublished, undated, no location. 27.5 x 21 cm, 6 pp. Grey thick paper cover. Text and 2 interesting b/w photographic images by Manuel van Loggem depicting the Dutch Surrealist Wagenaar in his cluttered studio. - Gerard Previn Meyer, At Journey’s End, An essay about a Visit to John Donne in Our Time. Houten, Green Escape Press, 1981. Stitch booklet, printed in colour on handmade paper. 22.5 x 16 cm,16 pp. Edition of 75 copies, this is no.11. Includes 2 lithographs by J.H. Moesman. Signed in pen at the colophon by Moesman, Gerard Previn Meyer and Henk van Otterloo (printer of the booklet). - Ton van Zuilen (pseudonym of J.H. Moesman), Ornaprentenboek; Het echte Oud-Hollandse ornaprentenboek tot lering ende vermaak voor margebedrukkers en andere knutselaars met afgedankt zetmateriaal gezet. Houten, Green Escape Press, 1982. Stitch booklet housed in green paper folder, 17.5 x 21 cm, 12 pp. With 9 stunning typographical illustrations in 4 different colours, printed on early 19th century paper. Issued in a numbered edition of 100, this is artists proof No.8. Signed by the printer Henk van Otterloo and Ton van Zuilen aka Moesman who collaborated six years on this project. In mint condition. - Hendrik Beekman, Leve het surrealisme. Alkmaar, Stichting ter bevordering van het surrealisme’Sörplus’, undated c. 1989. A4 format, 24 pp. Catalogue in conjunction with surrealist exhibitions in Alkmaar, Hardenberg and The Hague. - Jong Holland, No.3 September 1987 jrg 3. The Hague, Staatsuitgeverij, 1987. Includes an article ‘van fouten tot misvattingen’ by J.H. Moesman in which he criticizes José Vovelle’s thesis about his work. - Wolfgang Cordan, Essai over het surrealisme met een beschouwing over het werk van Willem van Leusden. Amsterdam, Contact, 1935. Softcover, 23 x 15 cm, 28 pp. Issued in an edition of 250. This copy is signed by Cordan and van Leusden and numbered copy: XXXIII. Cover loose, additional pages are getting loose from the stapled binding. Else a clean copy in protective glassine wrap. - Mostra Internazionale del Surrealismo. Galleria Schwarz, Milano, maggio 1961 Milano, Galleria Schwarz, 1961. 23.5 x 16 cm, 48 pp. First edition of 1500 copies. Catalogue for the international surrealist exhibition directed by André Breton at the gallery. With an introduction by José Pierre. Text in Italian, English and French. Moesman was part of this group show, the catalogue features his biography and b/w picture of his work. Slight toning around margins else a very good copy. - Litho by J.H. Moesman, b/w on white paper, depicting hands. Sheet 21.5 x 33 cm, printed image 17.5 x 19.5 cm. Several signed and dated versions (1929-1979) of an edition of 200 circulate online. This version is unsigned, undated. - Charles Donker, Tweemaal Portret J.H. Moesman (two portraits of J.H. Moesman), 1963. Etching on paper. Sheet 33 x 25 cm, printed image 16.5 x 15.5 cm. Signed in pencil by Charles Donker in lower right corner. Unknown edition size. Held in collection Centraal Museum Utrecht and Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam. Clean copy. - Ko Cassandra jr (pseudo. Jacob van Lennep), Offeranden op het altaar van Amor en Venus. Tull en 't Waal, J.H. Moesman, 1987. Stitched booklet , 18 pp. with erotic text by van Lennep typographed by Moesman, printed on special paper. Contains a hand coloured illustration. Cover made of brown leopard type seat paper and title label both derived from Moesman’s grandmother’s shop. Edition of 100. There are two versions of this bibliophile booklet (numbered 1-50 and 51-100), one of each is offered in this lot. No.24: 21 x 14 cm, 20 pp. Printed on lined van Gelder paper. Dog eared on lower right corner, else good. No.68: 22 x 15 cm, 20 pp. Printed on 19th Century handmade paper. Very good. - Stapled booklet/catalogue Kabinet Floret, Amsterdam made in conjunction with the J.H. Moesman exhibition Jan 10- Feb 5 1966. Edited by Nicolaas Wijnberg.10 pp. Includes an inserted invitation flyer for the exhibition. -Small stapled booklet by Galerie Jas, Utrecht. 12 pp. printed brown on green paper. Contains an introduction (in printed handwriting) by J.H. Moesman on his exhibition ‘Ik kan ’t niet meer zien’, 9 mei-10 juni 1981. Invitation cards for Moesman exhibitions: - Grafisch Gezelschap de Luis, Utrecht 21 april-12 mei 1963. Leporello fold invitation leaflet, 22 x 9 cm, 7 pp. - Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam. Opening Dec 12 1969. Groupshow. - Kunstzaal de Reiger, Utrecht opening 18 sept 1971. - Moesman Festival 1971, various places in Utrecht. - Herteveld, Maarssen 14 april-19 mei 1974. - Poster Galerie Petit, Amsterdam for exhibition ‘Twee vriendjes uit ’29’ Gerrit van ’t Net en J.H.Moesman, 24 feb- 7 april 1979. - Galerie Petit, 4 juni - 1 juli 1988. - Kabinet Hendrik Beekman, Alkmaar, opening 10 sept 1989 (stamped & address sticker K. Roodenburg). Various personal cards sent by J.H. Moesman: - Change of address card, printed on blue paper, ‘Vaarwel rampzalig oord’. Dramatic text announcing flight from Utrecht to the countryside. 1967. - Tiny card in envelope, addressed to Mr. L de Ruyter at St Antonius hospital in Utrecht, wishing him well. Calliographic text Moesman ‘Van harte beterschap Leesgezelschap voor Beeldende Kunst’. Probably delivered with flowers as the envelope features a sticker from a florist. 1970. - Hand embroidered blue card in blue envelope addressed to Mr. L de Ruyter at St Antonius hospital. Post stamped 1970. Hand calliographed text ‘Remke wenst oom Bert hierbij een voorspoedig herstel toe.’ Embroidered bird probably made by Remke, Moesman’s daughter. - Plezierig Zonnewendefeest en voorspoedig 1971. - Postcard with image of work by Moesman recto sent to Uncle Bert (de Ruyter) from Remke, thanking him for the tasty chocolates. Post stamped 1979. - A4 sheet jan 1984 with photocopied handwritten and signed message by Moesman saying he does not want to celebrate his upcoming birthday. - Postcard with image of his work on recto, to Martens van Vliet ,1979. - Letter by Moesman on personal letterhead paper dated 18-9-1979. Addressed to unknown gentleman, announcing he has sent letters to the Minister and the Maire (regarding an unnamed conflict). - Printed sheet with information on the Moesman Foundation that was founded in June 1978. Various: - Extensive collection (c. 70 items) assembled in two paper portfolios. Contains cut out newspaper articles, magazine clippings and photocopies of articles about J.H. Moesman, published in the Dutch local and national press from 1966 to 1988. - Set of 16 postcards J.H. Moesman, published by Erven Thomas Rap, Baarn. Unopened in plastic wrap. - Set of 10 postcards J.H. Moesman, published by bookshop/antiquariat Lapoutre Utrecht, in envelope with Lapoutre stamp.



Nos. 1-3 (all published?). Paris: The Moment (1979). Three issues, all near fine in stapled wrappers, except for the third issue, that has some foxing to the covers

EUR 200.00

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An English-language Surrealist publication edited by Peter Wood and others, with work by John Digby, Rikki, Penelope Rosemont, Nancy J. Peters, Franklin Rosemont, Jablonsky, and others.



Fôlha de arte e critica.

Series 1: Ano 1-11 (comprising nos. 1-53/54, all publ.) continued as: Series 2: Ano 12 (comprising nos.1-2, all publ.). Coimbra, Presença, 10 March 1927 - February 1940. First Series: Large folio (38.3 x 29.5 cm.); Second Series: (24 x 19 cm.). Bound in three grey full-cloth bindings with lettering in black on spine and front. The numbers of the first series in self covers; the two numbers of the second series in original printed wrappers. Slight soiling to covers and light browning to some leaves, but overall this set is in excellent condition. Printed on different types of luxury paper of varying colour, in black and white with occasionally colour added.

EUR 17,000.00

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The most important periodical for Portuguese Modernism, succcessor to Orpheu. Directed by José Régio, João Gaspar Simões and Branquinho da Fonseca (lateron replaced by Casais Monteiro). With innovative avant-garde typography and page-make-up. Published works by the leading figures in Portuguese literature, including Mário Sá-Carneiro, Fernando Pessoa, José Régio, Casais Monteiro, João Gaspar Simões, António de Sousa, Saul Dias, Branquinho da Fonseca, Almada Negreiros, Raul Leal, Alberto de Serpa, Irene Lisboa, José Régio and Miguel Torga. It introduced Gide and Proust to Portuguese readers and started serious critical essays on cinema and contemporary music. It focused on the art of Cubists, Futurists, Primitivists and Expressionists. Graphic contributions by Almada Negreiros, Júlio, Mário Elói, Dórdio Gomes, João Carlos, Sara Afonso, Arlindo Vicente, Paulo, Ventura Porfírio and Bernardo Marques. (Cf.: Pires, Dicionário das revistas literárias do séc. XX, pp. 244-8; Dicionario da Imprensa periodica lit. Portuguesa do seculo XX); Revistas literárias do século XX em Portugal, pp. 382–437) .



Collection of 11 publications.

Reflection Press was a prolific artist’s printing output published and edited by Dietrich Albrecht/ albrecht d. (1944-2013) in Stuttgart, Germany. From 1968 to 1988 the press produced and distributed a wide variety of publications such as posters, pamphlets, brochures, books, and tape cassettes, as well the magazine ‘flug/flux BLATTzeitung’. All paper-based publications were handmade in a small edition using quick and cheap printing methods such as transfer print/mimeography or stencilling with occasional rubber stamp additions. Albrecht published his own work, often featuring texts promoting his activist view on the German artworld, as well as work by various artists such as Günter Saree, Raoul Hausmann, Wolf Vostell, Christos Joachimides, Ben Vautier, Friederike Pezold, Milan Knizak, Yoshio Nakajima, Dietrich Fricker, Throbbing Gristle and others. This collection holds 11 Reflection Press publications: John Cage: fiktives interview, 1969. Stapled booklet, 30 x 10.5 cm, 15 pp. Interview with Cage in German. Text printed purple on white paper, with red dot sticker on front cover Raoul Hausmann: Manifest von der Gesetztmässigkeit des lautes, 1969. Stapled booklet, 30 x 10.5 cm, 12 pp. First published as "Schulze philosophiert” in 1919, reprinted in Mécano 1 1922. Jedermanns Kreativität Nr. 1/ everybodys creativity, undated c.1970. Stapled booklet, 21 x 15 cm, 28 pp. Various contributors. Albrecht/d. Documentation on the People’s Flagshow in New York 1970 and the trial against the organisers Jean Toche, Jon Hendricks und Faith Ringgold, 1970/71. 29.5 x 21.5 cm, 64 pp. Stencilled press clippings and documents. Back cover stencil of memorandum to Jon Hendricks from Yoko and John 29 dec. 1970. Some cover wear, dog eared, creasing Siegfried Cremer: das alphabet, Visuelle Poesie nach dem Alphabet in vier Farben, undated. Brown/pink cover, stapled booklet, 21 x 15 cm, 26 pp. Printed in pink, blue and green on white paper. Raoul Hausmann: 5 dada-manifeste, undated. Stapled booklet, 15 x 21 cm, 22 pp. Text transfer printed in purple on white sheet. Dietrich Albrecht, Wolf Vostell and Günter Sarée, Solicitation letter / prospectus for publications related to the Unabhängigere Olympisches Komitee project. Stuttgart, Reflection Press, 1971. Mimeographed letter on thin sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm, with facsimile of Albrecht's signature at bottom. Corner- stapled to a covering sheet featuring xeroxed excerpts from 3 German press articles about the UOK project. The UOK (the ‘more-independent Olympics Committee’) was formed by Albrecht, Vostell and Sarée in 1971, in response to the official efforts to aestheticize the 1972 Munich Olympics; anti-artists Jean Toche and Henry Flynt would also become involved. The prospectus features information about the UOK mission and offered subscriptions to print materials to be produced by Albrecht's Reflection Press. Dietrich Albrecht, Turkei oder die Griechische Losung der Sudflanke der Nato / CIA = Capital Interessen Assoziation. Stuttgart, 1972. Ensemble of 8 xerographic sheets, 29 x 21 cm, with inscription (dated 1972) from Albrecht to Underground collector/dealer Riewert Tode in red ink. Siegfried Cremer, Der Künstler als Zauberlehrling (The artist as sorcerer's apprentice). Stuttgart, Reflection Press, c. 1974. Set of 5 postcards, 14.5 x 10.5 cm, with rectos illustrated after manipulated b/w photographs of the artist Cremer in tophat. Housed in original envelope, 11.5 x 16 cm, featuring hand-stamped titles. Versos show identical titles (in manuscript facsimile). Very rare, no OCLC records discovered. Dietrich Albrecht / Robin Crozier, albrecht/d.'s Kalender 1990 für Robin Crozier. Stuttgart, 1989. Unique handmade calendar, 30 x 21 cm, staple-bound at top, with cardboard backing. Contains top-sheet, 18.5 x 21.5 cm, with manuscript and hand-stamped titles, followed by 12 monthly calendar sheets, featuring xerographic collages and original drawings/hand-stamps. The first two monthly sheets show friendly notes by Albrecht and reproduced collages from British Mail artist Crozier. Affixed to the October calendar is an envelope housing 14 copies of a Reflection Press postcard featuring a b/w drawing by Crozier, 10.5 x 15.5 cm, with colourful rubber stamp of Reflection Press to verso, along with a glossy postcard showing a photograph of Albrecht. Friederike Pezold, Pezold (Viva Vagina) zur Thema Sexualität. Stuttgart,1973. Stapled booklet, 21 x 15 cm, 16 pp. Mimeographed text and drawings in purple and blue ink on white paper. Pezold also published a larger booklet with drawings in Reflection Press 26 a, 1973, titled Viva vagina - eine frau reflektiert die situation der frau – 20 zeichnungen zur sexualität.

Price on request

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Cahiers de poésie.

No. 1 (all publ.). Brussels, spring 1945. Original wrappers, spine loosening.

EUR 300.00

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Edited by Georges Lambrichs, Marcel Lecomte, René Micha, Olivier Picard, André Souris. With ties to Surrealism: hors-texte and drawing by René Magritte and Paul Delvaux. Literary contribs. by M. Lecomte, J. Lescure, P. Colinet, C. Dotremont, Scutenaire, etc.



"Revue à parution irrégulière".

Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Tilleur-lez-Liège, 1961-1966. Original (partly illustrated) wrappers, varying sizes (16 x 22 to 21 x 14 cm), kept in cloth box with perspex window. With publicity leaflet for No. 1 (Mai 1966) and 4 postcards.

EUR 500.00

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Edited by André Bosmans. Dedicated to the work of the Belgian Surrealists, especially Magritte whose work is predominant in this publication (three covers with Magritte drawings). No. 3 is a special Magritte issue (by Pierre Demarne). Contribs. include René Magritte, André Bosmans, Louis Scutenaire, Gérard Van Bruaene, Marcel Lecomte, A. Pieyre de Mandiargues, Jean Seeger, etc.



Alternativa surrealista - Boletín del grupo surrealista del Río de la Plata.

No. 2. Buenos Aires, April 1987. 4to. Original illustrated wrappers. With numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 400.00

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Edited by Benedicto Cotaro, a native Mapucha, from the town of San Carlos de Bariloche, named Ñancu Rupai in his native language, member of the Movimiento Surrealista del Rio de la Plata. The issue contains a fragment of his forthcoming book: "Cantos reptilescos o esos doblejes castrales lamiendo el cerebelo de lujuria perenne. El oscuro secreto de las etemas maullantes". Also an investigation on the Latin-American short-story, with the contribution of Abelardo Ramos, Rodolfo Fogwill, Enrique Medina, Leonardo Rui Díaz, Luis Franco. Furthermore a five page article on surrealism in the Czech Republic. Contributions by Luis Alvarez, Jorge Cabral, Juan Carlos Otano, etc. Very rare.



Nos. 1-7 (out of 8 publ.). Paris, 1965-1971. 8vo, oblong, in printed red wrappers (21x27 cm), Loose sheets held together with pins in the spine. Stencilled text from typewritten texts, last number typeset. With numerous illustrations (roneotypes/photographed) tipped-to-page. Several loosely inserted pamphlets.

EUR 500.00

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Directed & edited by Jean-Pierre Lemaire, Jen-Claude & Monique Charbonel, Pascal Colard, C.Dupuy, M.Odic. R.Radford. By the Groupe Surréaliste Rupture. No. 6: Signes Précurseurs; No. 7: Lettre ouverte aux membres du groupe RUpTure.



Publicação sazonal de artes e letras.

Nos. 1-4 (all published). Lisbon, Primavera 1979- Maio 1982. Original pictorial wrappers, (ab.80-150 pages each),stapled in the spine, except for no 4, which is thicker, 256 pages. Size: 30x21,5cm. Fully illustrated. (Some dustsoilage to the covers,corners slightly bumped). Rare.

EUR 500.00

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Periodical of the Portuguese avant-garde, with surrealist tendency and leaning toward the counterculture. Directed by Joào Miguel Barros, Maria José Freitas. Contributions by Rocha de Sousa (Opening article Áspectos de as Artes Plasticas em Portugal,1974/78), also Michel Tap (architecture), Luis Serpa (graphic design), Ana Haterly, Leonel Moura, E.M.Melo e Castro (on avant-garde art and an article on Avant-Garde periodicals 1940-1980 in Number 2), Ernesto de Sousa, Surrealismo em Portugal, Jacqueline Risset, Ant. Maria Lisboa, Enrico Gonçalves, Stefan Morawski; etc. Attention for new art forms, conceptual art (Vostell, Beuys), happenings, counterculture, psychedelics, etc. No. 4: (Número final) Perspectivas actuais da cultura Portuguesa. With contributions by Manuel Hermino Monteiro, J.M.A.Judice, etc., on aspects of Portuguese avant-garde art, literature, cinema, etc. with numerous illustrations.



From December 20, 1966 to Januar 31, 1967. Gottwaldov, Oblastna Galerie, 1966. Single leaf, 50 x 23 cm, folded four times to create a leporello-style pamphlet, 23 x 10 cm, with b/w reproductions.

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Catalogue for an exhibition of surrealist collages from ten countries, organized by members of the short-lived Brno-based Lacoste Group of Czech surrealists. With text by A.Budak and Vaclav Pajurek, founding members of the group. Scarce, OCLC shows only one copy at the Czech National Library.



Nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Tempe: Stolen Paper Review (1963-1965). Three issues in illustrated wrappers with light tanning to spines and faint foxing to top edges. Small stamp to bottom edge of no. 1. Still a very good set.

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Edited by Jeff Berner. Contiributions by Paolo Soleri, George Hitchcock, R.G. Vliet, Jeff Berner, Lawrence Lipton a.o. Issue no. 1 illustrated with drawings and reproductions of work by Soleri. Issue no. 2 devoted to surrealism and Jean Cocteau, printing passages of Hebdomeros by de Chirico, much of material by Cocteau. Issue no. 3 reproduces work by Jess and Kenneth Patchen.



Revue Litteraire Trimestrielle.

Nos. 2-9 (out of 9 publ.) - 5 physical issues as nos. 5-8 are one quadrupel number. Paris, Avril 1964 to [?] 1967. 8vo. Original printed stiff wrappers (spine of no. 2 damaged, otherwise good)..

EUR 200.00

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Surrealist-related periodical. Directors/editors: Jean Fremon, Michel Massian, Philippe Ferrand, Laurent Courcel ao. No. 2 is devoted to Tristan Tzara (d. 1963); no. 3 announces the death of Andre Breton; no. 5-8 is devoted to the prose-poem. Original contributions or first printing of previously unpublished work by Tzara, Jean Cassou, Jean Wahl, Andre Spire, Michel Leiris, P. Ferrand, Jean Fremon, Gerard Clery, Max Jacob, Rene Char, Henri Michaux, Octavio Paz, Jean-Francois Rollin, et al. Reproduces some surrealist art.



Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Paris, 1956-1959. Sq. 8vo.; original illustrated wrappers (handwritten price on the frontcover of no 4, and small damage in the margin, otherwise good). Complete with the two rare suppl. pamphlets (Palau: 'Les Détraqués' & 'Le Royaume de la Terre' by Gance and Kaplan).

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Ed. by Jean Schuster, director André Breton; illustrated with photographs, drawings, photomontages, etc.; contribs. by Julien Gracq, A. Pieyre de Mandiargues, A. Jouffroy, O. Paz, H. Bellmer, J. Mansour, B. Péret; Ills. by Man Ray, Arp, Toyen, Duchamp, etc. Covers designed by Duchamp, Molinier, Gabriel Max, Bellmer and Arp.



Number 10. October 1979. Original pictorial wrappers. 44 pp. E.L.T.Mesens Special. Edited by John Lyle. Contributors include E.L.T. Mesens, Roland Penrose, Alberto Cavalcanti, Edouard Jaguer, Enrico Baj, et al.

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Contributors include E.L.T. Mesens, Roland Penrose, Alberto Cavalcanti, Edouard Jaguer, Enrico Baj, et al.


THE TIGER'S EYE on Arts and Letters

Nos. 1-9 (all publ.). Westport, Connecticut, 1947-1949. Size (h/w): 26 x 18,3 cm. With many illustrations (partly tipped-in), photographs, elaborately printed on different stock. Original illustrated wrappers.

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Designed by Ruth Stephan (who also was Editor); art-editor (and design for covers): John Stephan; typography by Sven Jansen, printed by the Elm Tree Press. Deals with modern avant-garde literature and art; issues of about 140/150 pp. each. Reproduces work by Ernst, Lam, Tanguy, Magritte, Klee, S.W. Hayter, Calder, Dhagall, Picasso, De Chirico, Miro, Tanguy, W. Kandinsky, etc.; contains literary contributions by T.S. Eliot, W.C. Williams, Stephen Spender, K. Seligmann, Michaux, Rexroth, Motherwell, Bataille, Borgès, Neruda, Genet, Artaud, a.o.


UNICORNIO (Bicórnio, Tricórnio,Tetracórnio, Pentacórnio)

Antologia de inéditos de autores portugueses contemporâneos, organizada por José–Augusto França.

Numbers 1-5 (each with changing title, subsequently: Unicórnio, Bicórnio, Tricórnio, Tetracórnio, Pentacórnio). Lisbon, Imprensa Libânio da Silva, May 1951- December 1956. Bound in blue morocco (binding signed Victor Santos), raised bands and gilt lettering on spine and front, top rouged, other edges untrimmed. (26 x 20 cm.). The very nice original illustrated front and back-wrappers of all issues bound in. Illustrations (lino- and woodcuts) in the text, 3 illustrations tipped into text and 9 hors-textes. The first number is duplicated with an untrimmed (lightly foxed) separate number containing the 3 hors-textes which were not included in the bound volume. This set belonged to Luiz Pacheco (Lisbon,1925-), and has several annotations by him. "Unicornio" includes extensive annotations with blue pencil, including a few designs in his hand. "Tetracórnio" is one of 30 copies on special paper, signed and numbered in blue ink "Nº 29 J–A França" in bottom margin of verso of title page. The bound volume is offered TOGETHER WITH additional de-luxe copies off numbers 2 and 3. Each issue 19 x 24 cm in illustrated covers, untrimmed and both in excellent condition as follows: No. 2: Bicornio, Lisboa, Abril 1952; Apparently one of the de-luxe edition limited to 30 copies. The cover is a jute-over-stiff cardboard wrapper, ornated on the front by a handmade silkscreened copy of an original painting by Fernando Lemos and illustrated by 3 hors-textes by Antonio Pedro and linocuts by Fernando Azevedo. No.3: Tricornio. Lisboa, 15 Nov. 1952; Cover is ornated by a handmade silkscreened copy of an original painting by Roberto de Araujo, 3 hors-textes by Almada Negreiros and vignettes by Fernando Lemos. The 3 hors-texts in number 1 are "Nu", fotografia de fernando Lemos; a drawing by F. Azevedo and a drawing by Vespeira.

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This journal, directed and edited by José-Augusto França, aimed at offering an anthology of Portuguese avant-garde, and had close ties to Surrealism. Complete sets are quite rare. (No. 1: 64 pp, and 3 plates; No. 2: 64 pp.and 3 plates; No. 3: 64 pp. and 3 plates; No. 4: 72 pp.and 3 illustrations tipped into text; No. 5: 70 pp.) This periodical was privately printed in an unjustified edition of probably not more than 200 copies, in order to escape the attention of the censors as it included much material that would displease the Salazar regime. The aim of the editor was to unite prose, poetry and essayistic work of all avant-garde directions. The journal thus became a true anthology of Portuguese avant-gardes and its collaborators included modernists and postmodernists from the generation of Presença, as well as neo-realists, together with surrealists. Contributors included: Adolfo Casais Monteiro, António Pedro, José Augusto França, Fernando Azevedo, Jorge de Sena (among his several pieces is one on D.H. Lawrence, with a translation of the poem "Democracy"), Eduardo Lourenço, Alexandre O'Neill, and José Blanc de Portugal. There are also contributions by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, António Sérgio, Delfim Santos, José Régio, Vitorino Nemésio, Almada Negreiros, Hernâni Cidade, Joel Serrão, Miguel Torga, Fernando Pessoa (a previously unpublished essay in Tricórnio, "O Orpheu e a literatura portuguesa"), David Mourão–Ferreira, Eugénio de Andrade, Fernando Namora, Ferreira de Castro, João Pedro de Andrade, José Osório de Oliveira, Luiz Francisco Rebello, Mário Dionísio, Tomás Ribas, Urbano Tavares Rodrigues, Ruy Cinatti, Tomás Kim, Fernando Lemos, Oscar Lopes, Alberto de Lacerda, and others. In the fifth number França wrote a final note announcing the termination of the review, saying that it had failed due to excessive ambition and lack of contributors. Artistically this review is significant with covers by Fernando Azevedo, Fernando Lemos (in particular nos. 2 and 3, which have extremely stunning silkscreened designs, as described above), Vespeira, also vignettes, woodcuts and linocuts by Almada Negreiros, Fernando Lemos, António Pedro, Roberto de Araujo, a.o. [Provenance: The bohemian critic, polemicist, writer of fiction and publisher Luiz Pacheco, collaborated in A afixação proibida, the first Portuguese surrealist manifesto. See Ana da Silva in Machado, Dicionário de literatura portuguesa; Jorge Colaço in Biblos, III, 1338–40; and Dicionário cronologico de autores portugueses, V, 42.]



Revista de la union de escritores y artistas de Cuba.

Year 3, No. 3. La Habana, July/September 1964. 8vo Original wrappers.

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Special surrealist issue "Mensaje del Grupo Surrealista - 13 Escritores jovenes Cubanos", with contributions by Juan Goytisolo, Ivo Andric, André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Robert Desnos and Reinaldo Felipe, David Fernández, José Mario, Angel Luis Fernández Guerra, Pedro Pérez Sarduy, Sigifredo Alvarez Conesa, Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera, Orlando Alomá, Angela Martínez, Víctor Casaus, Nancy Morejón, Francisco Díaz Triana and Sergio Chaple. Cover by Luis Martínez Pedro.



Ergual pir oorlogosin biriburt.

Paris, July 15, 1932., 4 pages, folio; unbound as issued (lightly foxed, light traces of folding and small closed marginal tear)

EUR 1,000.00

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Concerned with language innovation, edited by Eugene Jolas, with Vincent Huidobro, Hans Arp, Georges Peterson (who was the director). Very rare periodical, inspired by 'Vertigralism', the movement that Jolas had developed in Transition. "Vertigralism adopted the irrational aspects of Surrealism, but did not care to accept the idea of automatic writing or the surrealist Communist political bias (...) and wished to stress language innovation, never a primary concern of Surrealism." (Hofman,Allen & Ulrich, The Little Magazine). Texts and poems in German, French and English from Jolas, Huidobro, Gabrielle Buffet, Hans Arp, Georges Peterson, Léon-Paul Fargue. (Not in Vasseur, Admussen and the Cat.Collectif de la BN).