German & Austrian Literature/Art



Blätter zur Förderung der Humanität.

Jg. 1, nos. 1-5/6 (all publ.). Krefeld, Oct.1953-June/Aug.1954. Original wrappers, a bit dustsoiled..

EUR 150.00

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Edited by Karl G. Fischer. With contributions by Altendorf, Stefan Andres, F. Barlach, H. Böll, Edschmid, Helwig, Piontek, Schnurre, Vring, a.o. Continued as 'Augenblick'.



Zeitschrift für Kunst, Kultur, Fotografie (Later: Zeitdokumente zur Kunst).

Nos. 1-21 (all publ.). Apex-Verlag, Palinkas, Koeln, November 1987-1995. 8vo, expanding to 4to; illustrated covers; all in fine condition.

EUR 1,200.00

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German magazine for contemporary and avant-garde art. Published by Wolfgang Schulz; editors (a.o.) Cäcilia Palinkas, Friedhelm Schöler, Michael Hooymann, Wolfgang Wehmeier, Axel Brand, Roland Kersten, Rolf Kirsch. Richly illustrated in b/w and colour. Text in German. Number 1 with an original contribution by Martin Kippenberger (Ansprache an die Hirnlosen für Andre Heller).



Kunst und Kultur der Vergangenheit. Zeitschrift für Sammler und Kunstfreunde.

Years 1-13 (all publ.). 1922-1943, published as follows: Band 1-13 (Years 1-7, also numbered as nos. 1-72). Wien, Kristall-Verlag, later: Verlag des Belvedere, 1922-1928. Then changing numbering: -- Jahrgang (Years) 8 - 13 no 8 (last and all published). Amalthea Verlag, Zürich, Leipzig, Wien, 1929-1938/43. Illustrated, with numerous hors-text plates. A good set, lightly dustsoiled, bound till year 10 (1931) in 23 uniform, hcloth bindings, rest in original wrappers.

EUR 1,500.00

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Complete collection, including the supplementary parts "Forum" (which were published in vols. 5-9/10 (1923-1926). Luxuriously produced art periodical, edited by Edmund Wilhelm Braun & Wilhelm Suida, later: Alfred Stix. Chamberlin 2193. Arntzen/Rainwater Q105: Material of interest to collectors and news of sales and the art world, as well as scholarly articles (some still important) dealing mostly with medieval and renaissance art. With the exception of a few plates (which may have been omitted ) ostensibly complete for the plates. Note that the year 1933 was not published.



Hrsg. v. Verein für d. Geschichte Berlins.

Jahrgang 1906, 1908, 1909, 1911-1918. Original pictorial wrappers, obl. 4to; with numerous coloured illustrations; some spines a little loose, but good copies.

EUR 300.00

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Collection of 11 volumes of these illustrated calendars publ. by the Society for the History of Berlin. Ed. by prof. Georg Voss; ills, by Barlösius, Baluschek, Büttner, Knötel, Lindloff, Biedermann, a.o.; front wrps. of 1911 sl. damaged, otherwise nice copies.



Band 1-7 (of 8). Leipzig, in der Dyrkischen Buchhandlung, 1806-1811. Contemp. boards.

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Continuation of Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste. In vol. 5 a review on Reden an die deutsche Nation by Johann Gottlieb Fichte and in vol. 6 a review on Goethe's Faust. Kirchner 4683.



Nachrichtenblatt für Mitglieder des Freiburger Kunstvereins.

Jahrgang 1 Heft 1-12 & Jahrgang 2 Heft 1-7 (all publ.). Freiburg i. Br. 1955/56. Tog 19 numbers, large 8vo; each number between 8-12 pages in selfwrappers. With (partly coloured) orig woodcuts on the frontpage. In 2 plain cardboard slipcases. Fine.

EUR 600.00

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Edited by S. E. Bröse. With firstprints in German by Hans Arp (in no 5); reports from artists centers in Germany and abroad, and a regular report from Paris (Pariser Bilderbrief). Orig. woodcuts by E. Heckel (cover of number 1; Dube 409 B), Grieshaber (cover of no 2), F. Harnest, W. Wohlschlegel, H. Arp (in colour, no.5; Arntz 206 b), W. Herzger, R. Dischinger, J. Bissier, G. Biese, W. Gothein, J. Lacasse (2), E. Bizer, C. Westphal, W. Becker, W. Helbig, G. Meistermann, and woodcuts after S. Delaunay ( 2 no 6) and Alcopley (2 no 7).



Jahrbuch fuer kritische Aufklaerung.

Vol. 1-4 (all publ.). München, 1963-1970. 3 vols. original cloth and one vol. original paperbd.

EUR 150.00

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Edited by Gerhard Szczesny. Contribs. by J. Améry, M. Bense, R. Carnap, H.M. Enzensberger, M. Frisch, G. Grass, H. Heissenbüttel, A. Huxley, E. Kästner, L. Marcuse, M. Walser, a.o.



Eine Zweimonatsschrift.

Band 1-4 + Beiheft 1948 (all publ.). München, 1946/47-1950. Original wrappers (dustsoiled).

EUR 250.00

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Complete set of this German post-war literary periodical. Edited by Berthold Spangenberg, W. Lauterbach, H. Uhde Bernays, E. Penzoldt, with contribs. by Kästner, Wolfskehl, M. Bense, Rud. Borchardt, etc.



Hrsg. v. Emil Roniger, unter Beratung v. Romain Rolland.

Jahrgang 1 Heft 1/2 (all publ.). Zürich/Leipzig, Im Rotapfelverlag, Nov. 1925. Original wrappers.

EUR 150.00

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Contribs. by M.K. Gandhi, C.F. Andrews, Rajendra Prasad, Dv. Tagore, a.o.; Gandhi und die hindumohammedanische Spannung; Das grosse Fasten; Gandhi und der Bolschewismus.



Hamburger Monatshefte fur auswärtige Politik.

Jahrgang 1-11 no. 10 (all publ.). Hamburg, 1923-1933. Bound.

EUR 2,000.00

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Important monthly including "Bibliographie/Zeittafel zur auswärtigen Politik", with contribs. by B. Croce, W. Hausenstein, G. Stresemann, W.E. Rappard, A. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, R. Breitscheid, F.C. Endres, a.o. Continued as: (Hamburger) Monatshefte für auswärtigen Politik.



Vierteljahreszeitschrift für Kultur und Politik.

Heft 1-42. Berlin, 1979-1989. Paperbound. Added: Heft 50 (1991) containing an index of Heft 1-50.

EUR 300.00

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Ed. by Klaus Wagenbach & Barbara Herzbruch.



Blätter einer neuen Gesinnung. Hrsg. v. W. Uhde.

Band 1 (all publ.). Burg Lauenstein, 1920. 4to. 160 pp, with 50 plates, mostly by modern artists, and 6 text ills. Original pictorial wrapper (by J. Molzahn).

EUR 200.00

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Texts by Uhde, Yvan Goll, Martin Buber, Kahnweiler, Klabund, Fr. Jammes, Paul Claudel, a.o.; ills. after Picasso, Klee, Henri Rousseau, Chagall, Marie Laurencin, Molzahn, Herman Tiebert, a.o.; Raabe 94.



Vol.1-106. Weimar, 1880-1989. With Index 1/30. Bound till year 1936, with the first 6 vols. in the reprint-ed.

EUR 1,500.00

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The most essential periodical for research on Goethe and his contemporaries. Published as follows: Goethe Jahrbuch. Band 1-34 + Index 1/30 (all publ.). Weimar, 1880-1913; then: Jahrbuch der Goethe Gesellschaft. Band 1-21 (all). Weimar, 1914-1936; then: Goethe. Zeitschrift d. Goethe-Gesellschaft. Band 1-33 (all). Weimar, 1936-1971; resuming original title: Goethe Jahrbuch. Band 89-106. Weimar, 1972-1989. Complete collection of these important yearbooks; we also have a very large stock of individual volumes, which will be quoted upon request. See also entry GOETHE GESELLSCHAFT, SCHRIFTEN.



Band 1-65. Weimar, 1885-1995. Bound, orig. green cloth, most vols. 8vo., but several vols. on larger formats.

EUR 1,500.00

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A series of monographs, texts, studies, bibliographies and facsimile-editions published by the Goethe Gesellschaft alongside the annuals which had started to appear in 1880. Vol. 24 is the 6-volume Goethes Werke, ed, by E. Schmidt. A basic collection for Goethe research, and while single volumes are frequently offered some are scarce and an ongoing series is rare.



Humoristisch-satyrisches Wochenblatt.

Jahrgang 18-19, 22, 24-25. Berlin, 1865-1872. Bound, contemp. hcloth. Lacks one issue (18 no. 57). Folio. (Together 5 years)

EUR 400.00

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Ed. by E. Dohm & R. Löwenstein. Each year consists 60 issues of 4 pp. each, with a few double issues of 8 pp. each.



Unabhängige Zeitschrift für Kultur und Politik.

Published every fourteen days in Hamburg (Germany). Tabloid size. Collection comprising the years 1959 through 1964 inclusive, as follows: Year 1959: 16 numbers present: Nos. 1-3, 8-16, 18-23/24 (out of 24 nos published). Occasional waterdamage and staining to some issues, in particular no 14 and the last 2; the last page of no 23/24 is missing); Year 1960: Nos. 1-23/24 (complete) in generally good condition; Year 1961: Nos. 1-23/24 (lacking no. 8 and 17, to be complete) in generally good condition except no 1, which is in poor condition with some waterdamage. Then publication becomes monthly, reducing to a slightly smaller size.; Year 1962 Nos. 1-12 (complete); Year1963 Nos. 1 and 3-12, and Year 1964 Nos. 1-7/8. Hamburg: Klaus Röhl, 1962-1964. Tabloid size magazine with each between 28 and 32 pages, many illustrations in black and white and color. All in good condition except for 1962 no 4 of which the rear wrapper is wrinkled.

EUR 2,000.00

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An important and quite rare, early collection of one of the most controversial papers in Germany. Originally a students paper it became more important when, from number 5 in 1961, Ulrike Marie Meinhof -who later played a role in the terrorist mouvement ’Baader-Meinhof Gruppe’- becomes the verantwortliche Redakteur, a sort of chief editor. Before that time her husband, Claus Rainer Röhl, had that function. The magazine usually publishes: Titelgeschichte; Ausland; Studenten; Karikatur; Film; Kunst; Konkret gesehen; Leitartikel. It has a varied content, all focussing on the great controversies of the period,with articles on Contraception; Abortion; Fascisme; Cuba; The Auschwitz process; Prostitution in Chicago; Sartre; Pandit Nehru; Martin Luther King; Henri Miller; Kennedy; Ulbricht; Langston Hughes. Ulrike Meinhof was chief editor from 1960-1964. and the issues offered include many of her articles and columns (See Jutta Ditfurth, Ulrike Meinhof:Bibliographie). Covers have interesting designs, satirical drawings and/or photocompositions, signed by Siko, Jutta & Jürgen Corleis, W. Grässe, Hermann Landefeld, United Artists, Karl Weisgärber a.o. The first number of 1959 has on the front cover the text of Günther Anders: An den Studentenkongress gegen Atomrüstung. Articles and contributions by (a.o.) H.M. Enzensberger, and several other important names from the period.



Hrsg. v. Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Karl Markus, Harald Wieser.

Heft 1-86. Frankfurt a. M., Berlin, 1965-1986 Original wrappers.

EUR 500.00

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Contribs. include Astel, Bachman, W.Benjamin, M.Bierwisch, R.Jakobson, H.Marcuse, G.Walraff, W.Wondrascheck and also many foreign contribs. like N.Chomsky, F.Castro, J.Cortázar, C.Lévi-Strauss, Mao-Tse-tung, etc. (King, p.69)


L 76

Demokratie und Sozialismus. Politische und Literarische Beiträge.

Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Frankfurt, 1976-1979. Orig.wrappers;slight dustsoilage.

EUR 200.00

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Publ. by Heinrich Böll, Günter Grass und Carola Stern; editor: Heinrich Vormweg. Contribs. incl.: Rudi Dutschke, Hans Preis, Willy Brandt, Christian Lindner, Peter Bender, Wolf Bierman. All published under this title, continued as L'80.



Wochenschrift für Schwarzweisskunst und Dichtung.

Jahrgang 1 no. 1 - Jahrgang 6 no. 4. München, Berlin, 1910/11-1915 with the Prospectus. Folio; first year in issues, remaining years bound (vol.2-3 original dec. cloth); 2 issues in year 5 are lacking.

EUR 1,000.00

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Edited by Hanns v. Gumppenberg. Numerous ills. after lithographs & engr. by Liebermann, Kubin, Orlik, Weiss, Pretorius, Käte Kollwitz, etc.; literary contrib. by St. Zweig, Hesse, Dehmel, Schickele, a.o. Vol. 5 publ. as: "Die Front. Kriegsausgabe von Licht und Schatten." Published till vol. 6 no 18 (Juni 1916); 2 issues in year 5 are missing (=nos. 10 & 23). Schlawe,p.34




Nummer 1-4 (all publ., also numbered as Year 1). Wien, Frick, 1946/47. Original wrappers, a bit dust-soiled; illustrated.

EUR 250.00

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Ed. by L.W. Rochowanski, Willy Lorenz. Contribs. by Thomas O. Brandt, Robert J. Koc, Paul Leppin, Lope de Vega, Charles Sealsfield, A. Alker, H. Bahr, H.A. Fiechtner (on Hesse and on Hofmannsthal). O. Katann, J. Tschichold, V. Wittner, St. Zweig, a.o.; ills. by Otto R.Schatz.



Hamburgische Wochenschrift für Deutsche Kultur.

Jahrgang 1-2 no. 39 (all publ.). Hamburg, 1900-1902. In 4 vols., original cloth; some pencilmarks.

EUR 100.00

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Ed. by C. Mönckeberg & S. Heckscher; merged into the 'Preussische Jahrbücher'.



Jahrgang 38-51. Berlin, 1923-1936. Folio; (2 vols. Half-leather,a bit rubbed, remainder unbound in the original wrappers. (Lacking one vol. and 9 issues, detail below).

EUR 1,400.00

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Interesting illustrated entertainment weekly with contributions by Charlie Roellinghof, A. Moszkowski, Hermann Krause, Rudolf Presber, Fenneker. Illustrations by Heilenstädt, Pem, Cucuel, Walter Trier, Vallée, Paul Simmel, J. Bahr, W. Krain, Holstein, Herbert Döblin, Barta, Fenneker, Ehrenberger, a.o. Several issues dedicated to one topic like 'Badenummer', 'Sportnummer', 'Automobil-Nummer', Räucher-Nummer', 'Week-end', 'Wintersport'. Vol. 43 (1928) and 9 issues (all from vol. 45) are missing; ab. 10 covers with small defects. Therwise good condition.



Anmerkungen zu Politik und Literatur.(Stellungnahmen.nos 7-9)

Nos. 2-8. Hamburg: Self Published, 1960. April 1960 - August 1961. 4to; stenciled and stapled magazine, 7 issues in total, one of which a double issue. Between 16-22 pages, the double issue 30 pages.

EUR 300.00

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(Beutin, Wolfgang. editor). With contributions by Kurt Hiller: Randnote zu Richter (pseud. Keith Lurr), Antipolitiker Curtchen in no 2.; Ein feiner Herr, no.3; Geschichtsfälscher, Bildnisse Beruhmte Deutscher (pseud. Keith Lurr), Brief an Professor Muschg, no.4.... Furthermore articles by Paul Sant,Jesaias Rumpolt and an'Erklärung', a manifest like text of the Neusozialistischer bund, signed in print by Kurt Hiller, Wolfgang Beutin, Gerd Kamman, Dieter Schumacher and Jürgen Rathje.



Moderne Kunst und Poesie (from no.3 onw: Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie).

No. 8: Kunst und Poesie aus Österreich und Dänemark. - Frankfurt: Meta Verlag, april 1952, sm.4to, stapled, 10pp. ills.b/w. Added: original lithograph by K.O.Götz, 1953

EUR 900.00

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Edited by Karl-Otto Götz. Reprod. of works by Edgar Jené, Maria Lassing, Kurt Weber, Wilhelm Freddie, Sven Dalsgaard, poems by Hanns Weissenborn, Michael Guttenbrunner, Max Hölzer, Paul Celan, Ove Abildgaard, vg, german text.



Moderne Kunst und Poesie (from no.3 onw: Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie).

No. 6. Frankfurt am Main, Verlag Neue Presse GmbH, Juli 1951. Size (h/w): 18,5 x 20 cm. 8 pp. Original self-wrappers. Illustrated. Very good copy, light wear to covers.

EUR 1,000.00

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"Junge Maler und Poeten in Holland". Original woodcut in colour on frontpage by Ger Gerrits. Publishes work by Cobra-artists Constant, Wolvenkamp, Appel, Brands, Rooskens, Lucebert, Elburg and Schierbeek.



Moderne Kunst und Poesie (from no.3 onw: Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie).

No. 4: Junge Maler und Poeten in Paris. Edited by Karl-Otto Götz - Frankfurt: Meta Verlag, Febr.1951, sm.4to, stapled, 6pp, ills, b/w., poems by Paul Meyer, Edouard Jaguer, Max Clarac-Serou, reprod. of works by Francis Bott, Matta, Henri Goetz, Henry Nouveau, Tajiri, *added: leaflet with poems by Mayer and Clarac-Serou, Jaguer* (loose as issued) vg, german text

EUR 600.00

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Moderne Kunst und Poesie (from no.3 onw: Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie).

No. 7: Deutsche Kunst und Poesie der gegenwart. Frankfurt: Meta Verlag, november 1951, sm.4to, stapled, 6pp. (Spine splitting, very light toning, but overal an excellent copy).ills.b/w. Cover: original coloured woodcut by K.O.Götz, Added: original coloured lino by S. Stolpe

EUR 1,000.00

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Ed. By Karl-Otto Götz. With hand coloured orig. woordcut on frontcover by K.O.Götz, and an orig. woodcut in black and orange by S. Stolpe (loosely inserted). Reprod. of works by Götz, Carl Buchheister, Hann Trier, Willi Baumeister, Otto Greis, poems by Franz Mon, Hübner, Lothar Klünner, Anneliese Hager.



Moderne Kunst und Poesie (from no.3 onw: Monatszeitschrift für zeitgenössische experimentelle Kunst und Poesie).

No. 5: Meta Junge Maler u. Poeten in England - Edited by Karl-Otto Götz.Frankfurt: Meta Verlag, März.1951, sm.4to, stapled, 6pp, ills, b/w., poems by Maurice Carpenter, Crieff Williamson, reprod. of works by Peter Lanyon, Charles Howard, Alan Davie, William Gear, Stephen Gilbert, vg, german text (with the loosely inserted green sheet with english translations).

EUR 600.00

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Ein Jahrbuch deutscher Kunst. Hrsg. v. O.J. Bierbaum.

Jahrgang 1-2 (all publ.). München, 1893-1894. Original publ. hcloth. With many ills.

EUR 200.00

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Complete set, with firstprints by H. Bahr, Bierbaum, Dauthendey, Dehmel, Gumppenberg, Hofmannsthal (Pseud.Loris), Jacoby, Hille, Holz, Scheerbart, Schnitzler, Wedekind, Wolzogen; ills. by Fidus, L. v. Hofman, Stuck, Liebermann, Thoma, etc.



Eine Revue alles Interessanten.

Jahrgang 1-2 (= Heft 1-24). Wien, 23 Dec. 1870-1 Dec. 1871. From no. 19 onwards entitled Lästerschule. Bound, contemp. h. cloth., a few pages lacking to five issues.

EUR 500.00

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Editor: F. Schlesinger. Issues of 16 pp. each, with text in two columns. Contribs. signed by pseudonyms like: Boni, Nemesis, Novus, Flaneur, Astorga, Aretino, Albino, Alamontade, Brutus, etc. Number 4 was confiscated because of libel, a 2nd edition was published with: Erkenntniss. Im Namen Sr. Majestät des Kaisers!. The following pages are lacking: no. 1 pp. 13-16; 2 pp. 29-32; 5 pp.79-80; 12 pp. 200-201; 14 pp. 235-238. Only one more year was published. Not mentioned in Diesch & Kirchner.



Monatsschrift für geistiges Leben.

Jahrgang 1-2. München/Berlin, April 1914-März 1916. Bound in 4 vols. (first year stiff boards, with repairs, second year h.vellum).

EUR 300.00

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Edited by Efraim Frisch, with contribs. by Thomas Mann, Alfred Döblin, Arnold Zweig, Benjamin, Buber, Wassermann, etc. (Schlawe, II, 52).



Eine Zeitschrift f. Buecherliebhaber.

Jahrgang 1-12 (all publ.). Wien, Leipzig, Zürich, 1928-1940. Bound till vol. 8, rest orig. wrps. . Continued as: PHILOBIBLON. Eine Vierteljahrsschrift für Buch- und Graphiksammler. Jahrgang 1-45. Hamburg, 1957-2001. Original wrappers.

EUR 1,000.00

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The most important German publication on book-collecting and bibliophily, with numerous (partly hors-texte) ills. The first series lacks 3 tipped-in illustrations. Many (but not all the inserts) are included.



Heft 1-24 (all publ.). München, 1946-1948. Original wrappers (slight dustsoilage,a few spines damaged and occasional penvil markings); 4to; illustrated.

EUR 650.00

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One of the first German art periodicals to be published afterthe war. Includes the first issuel, which is very rare as the whole edition was pulped by the British authorities. Contribs. by Cocteau, Gide, Camus, Edschmid, Barlach, etc.; also general essays on various topics in arts and letters.



Blätter für neue Literatur (later: Ein schriftlicher Vorgang); later:Jahrbuch für Mitteilungssysteme).

Heft 1-27 (all publ.). Bochum, Düsseldorf, Bulkowski, March 1966-1977. Unbd., original issues printed on various coloured stock , size 30 x 21 cm, later for numbers 13-20 changing to 21 x 15 cm.printed as Photocopies, Letterpress, Offset, Original works (collage etc). with all decorated original wrappers and supplements preserved, stapled in the spine or archival binders. Set in mint condition; illustrated.

EUR 4,500.00

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Complete set of this important example of the anarchist and leftist "mini-presses" of the sixties. Strong ties with Leftist movements worldwide, of which Bulkowski acted as the German language spokesman and reporter. Issues are usually around one topic:: No.5 Anarchie und Humor (Provo), No. 8 Texts of the Hippies ; No. 6 Beat-Beat with texts of the Beats; No. 10 Ideal Werbetext; No. 11/12 with orig. Plastic coloured artwork of Thomas Bayrle; No. 18 inspired on the Situationists; No 20 in orig.brown envelope. Numbers 13-21 on quarto size photocopied and combined together with original documents. They are interesting for content, typography and lay-out. Contributors include: Thomas Bayrle (Original color silkscreens on plastic foils), Horst Bingel, Paul Schallück, G. Zwerenz, Max v.d. Grün, N. Born, P. Faecke, D. Hoffmann, G. Kunert, K. Marti, Simon Vinkenoog (Provo), , Peter Chotjewitz, G. Guben, Reimar Lenz, Dietrich Albrecht (Fluxus), Hans-Peter Alvermann,Claus Boehmler, Rolf-Dieter Brinkmann, Stig Brogger, Stanley Brouwn, Henning Christiansen (Fluxus), Hans Peter Feldmann, Robert Filliou, Jochen Gerz, Ludwig Gosewitz (Fluxus), ans Imhoff , H. Kaminski, Tuli Kupferberg, F. Mayroecker + E. Jandl , Franz Mon , Maurizio Nannucci , A.R. Penck , J. Ploog , Chris Reinecke (LIDL) , Ralf-Reiner Rygulla, Wolfg. Schmidt, Tomas Schmit (Fluxus), Klaus Staeck / Eric Thygesen, Miroljub Todorovic , Vangelis Tsakiridis, Iannis Xenakis and numerous others.



Wiener Jahresschrift für Literatur, bildende Kunst und Musik (later: In Verbindung mit dem Museum des XX.Jahrhunderts.

Jahrgang (1)-(19), 1966-1984. Wien/München, 1966-1984. With Index 1966/1973. Original publ. boards; numerous illustrations & photographs.

EUR 1,000.00

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Consecutive run of the early period of this Austrian avant-garde periodical, edited by Otto Breicha & Gerhard Fritsch, with contribs. by F. Achleitner, H. Achternbusch, T.W. Adorno, G. Amanshauser, A. Andersch, H.C. Artmann, Wolfgang Bauer, K. Bayer, T. Bernhardt, H. Eisendle, H. Eisenreich, H. Fichte, E. Fried, B. Frischmuth, G. Fritsch, A.P. Gütersloh, P. Handke, L. Harig, R. Hausman, H. Heissenbuttel, F. Hundertwasser, E. Jandl, G.F. Jonke, F. Mayröcker, A. Okopenko, O. Pastior, R. Priessnitz, A. Rainer, P. Rosei, G. Ruhm, G. Saiko, M. Scharang, Arno Schmidt, W. Serner, T. Tzara, H. Weigel, O. Wiener, a.o., ills. by C.L. Attersee, G. Brus, P. Flora, A. Hrdlicka, W. Hutte, K. Moldovan, H. Nitsch, E. Schlotter, F. Wotruba, a.o.




Band 1-10 (all publ.). Leipzig/Frankfurt, 1921-1935. Original hcloth.

EUR 250.00

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Indispensable for all research on Goethe, publishes material from the Goethe collection of Anton Kippenberg, bibliographies, studies, essays etc.



Blätter für deutschen Humor.

Jahrgang 1-3. Stuttgart/Leipzig, 1878/79-1880/81. Folio; in 2 vols., new cloth.

EUR 250.00

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Weekly humorous and satirical periodical, ed. by Julius Lohmeyer, later by Ernst Eckstein, published by Spemann in Stuttgart, then by Fr. Thiel in Leipzig. Issues of 8 pp.; black & white ills. by C. v. Grimm, E. Grützner, Julius Kleinmichel, H. Schlittgen, a.o. The first year of our copy lacks a few pages. Kirchner, 23468 (published till vol. 11, 1889).



Feldzeitung des XIV. Reservekorps.

Jahrgang 1-3 no 6 (all publ.). Bapaume, 22 Aug. 1915-17 Juni 1917. Original dec. hcloth, 4to; binding detaching, front sl. dampst., but interior fine cond.; illustrated.

EUR 200.00

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Issues of 8-16 pp., each with a different title-engraving (signed E.Haase, Hege, J.Mania, Ranz, Blumberg, a.o.).



Monatshefte für Schweizer-Art und -Arbeit.

Jg.1/Bd. II & Jg. 2. Thun, 1914/15-1915/16. Bound in 3 vols. Original cloth; 4to. Ills.

EUR 250.00

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Richly illustrated monthlyl with contribs. on art, literature, music, arts, politics, social questions, religion, economy, etc. in Switzerland. With many tipped-in illustrations, reproductions, musical scores, and incl. woodcuts by Valloton (3), Würtenberger (5). Contribs. by Konrad Falke, Felix Moeschlin, Max Pulver, C. Spitteler, H. Hesse, A. Keller, a.o.



Humoristisch-satyrisches Sonntagsblatt.

Jahrgang 3, 6 (= last publ.). Dresden, 1867-1870. Folio; contemp. hcloth.

EUR 100.00

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Politico-satirical weekly, ed. by Carl Gärtner; 4 pp/issue; year 6 lacks no 7 (but has the advertisement section to almost all issues included).



Vierteljahresschrift für Dichtung und Graphik (also: Vierteljahresschrift für Originalgraphik und Dichtung).

Nos. 1-133 (=all publ.). Zürich, 1958-1992. Folio; original loose issues; nos 1-94 kept in 10 plain blck portfolios. Rare complete set.

EUR 3,000.00

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Ed. by S. Knebel & F. Rellstab; contains hundreds of original graphics by all the leading artists. Woodcuts a.o. by Faesi, Liemann, Vennekamp, Waldschmidt, Staeck, I. Reiner, Rössing, Fuchs, Rohse, Meckel, Grieshaber, and artists-issues no. 25 (Grieshaber, 8 woodcuts), 48 (Hansen-Bahia (12 woodcuts); 51 (Durer, with 7 woodcuts by Grieshaber); 58 (Griechenland, with 7 woodcuts by Grieshaber). Contribs. by Artmann, Bachmann, Celan, Eich, Dürrenmatt, Enzensberger, Walse, Kaschnitz, Bobrowski, Fuchs, Grass, Kunert, a.o.



No. 2 Antiobjekte von Juli 1965 bis April 1966.(of 2 numbers published). München, 1966. Size (h/w): 27,5 x 29,8 cm. Original wrappers. Illustrated.

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No. 2: Edited by Hans Bachmayer, Lothar Fischer, Reinhold Heller, Florian Köhler, Heino Naujoks, Heimrad Prem, Helmut Rieger, Helmut Sturm, Hans-Peter Zimmer. The first number published as SPUR-WIR in 1965. In April the groups SPUR and WIR merged and formed GEFLECHT in 1966.



Internationale Beiträge zur neuen Kunst/ International Contributions to the New Art

Nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Agis Verlag, Baden-Baden BRD), 1965-1967. Orig.wrappers (slight soilage,inobtrusive blindstamp to no. 3). 22,5x 21 cm.

EUR 400.00

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Contributions by the editor, Robert Kudielka, Dieter Honisch, K.O.Götz, Lawrence Alloway, Alexander Liberman, Hsao Chinetc. "Syn(Gr.)=Together. Open possibilities of an integral art beyond the hard-and fast definitions of formalism….."



eine macabre zeitschrift.

(The only issue published ?) : Kunstbeilage von Prof. Paul Wunderlich. 4. Jahrgang nr. 13. Bremen: Self published, (n.d - late sixties) Quarto, 31 pages, numerous illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

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Contributions by diettrich kittner, raoul hausmann, roland neumann, peter paul zahl, dieter volkmann, arno reinfrank richard laus and others. With a double page illustration by Giger; a full page illustration by Pit Morell and front cover by H. Eisenmann; a loosely inserted and folded double page black and white print (auf kunstdruckpapier) by paul wunderlich; a folded 'Total' sonderdruck (special edition) with reproduced press clippings about articles that appeared after that one of the former' issues of Total had been refused by the Deutsche Post.. With loosely laid in subscription form.



Eine Monatsschrift.

Jahrgang 1-4 (all publ.). Heidelberg, 1945/46-1949. First 2 vols. bound, rest original wrappers. A bit dustsoiled.

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Complete set of one of the major post-war literary and general cultural periodicals, edited by Dolf Sternberger, with collaboration of Karl Jaspers, W. Krauss & Alfr. Weber, with contribs. by E. Kästner, Th. Mann, H. Arend, v. Brentano, M. Buber, Max Frisch, Kaschnitz, Bergengrün, a.o.



Internationale Monatsschrift.

Heft 1-10 (all publ.). Innsbruck/Wien, 1946-1948. Roy-8vo; original wrappers, with last issue in reprint; iillustrated.

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Important Austrian literary and art periodical (thick issues of ab. 160 pp. + ills.) of the post-war period, with the last issue in photoreprint. Ed. by L. von Sauter & M.Bourgeois, with contribs. by Beguin, Aragon, Vernet, Saint-Exupery, Camus, St.Zweig, Kafka, Hans Weigel, Fr.Wildgans, a.o.; especially the later issues are very scarce.



Vol. 1-49/50. Berlin, 1947-1995/96. Vols. 1-4, 7-29 & 49/50 bound in 13 vols., original cloth, remainder in issues. Lacking are vol. 40 & 43 nos. 1-2. 4to.

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Continuation of 'Deutscher Verein f. Kunstwissenschaft'. First 16 vols. publ. as 'Zeitschrift f. Kunstwissenschaft'.



Das Zeichenheft fuer Literatur und Graphik.

Jahrgang 1-3 (comprising nos. 1-12, all pulished). Heidelberg, 1973-1975. Orig. Wrappers (spines faded, otherwise fine); with one orig.graphic to each issue. Numerous ills.

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Edited by W. Rothe. Important contributions to contemporary (mostly graphic) art; Orig. Graphics by HAP Grieshaber (No.3, Fürst 73/43 d), P. Ackermann, H.E. Kalinowski, H. Knoke, Chr. Meckel, E. Paolozzi, M. Schoenholtz, B. Schultze, G. Uecker, U. u. St. Wewerka. Contribs. Include Mynona, R.D. Brinkmann, H. Frick, a.o.



Flugblätter aus dem Gesamtebiet des modernen Lebens.

Jahrgang 2-3 (= nos. 12-28/32, last). Zürich, Paris, (Verlag Zuercher Diskussionen), 1897/8-1900. Slightly browned and dusty, but otherwise good and untrimmed; edded the first 11 numbers in copies. Housed in new cloth clamshell box, with title on spine. 4to.

EUR 200.00

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Most contribs. by the editor Oskar Panizza, a.o.: "Vrenelis Gärteli" etc; other contribs. Include Louis ANDREE (Karl Ludwig Sand), Max Kaufmann (Heine und Platen) Bierbaum, Scharf, etc. (Schlawe I,36). Most double or triple issues; first 11 nos. in photoreprint. The last issue closes with Panizzas note that he has transferred his printing plant and publishing house to the moon ("Hochachtungsvoll, J.Schabelitz Nachf.Druckerei, exterritoriale filiale auf dem Mond. Mondhaus, p.Chr.n.1902.")