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Vol. 1-20 (all publ.). 1833-1882. Series 2: Vol. 1-12 (all publ.). 1883-1896. Series 3: Vol. 1-14 (all publ.). 1898-1922. Series 4: Vol. 1-4 (all publ). 1926-1933/34. Series 5: Vol.1-16 (all publ.). 1933/36-1958). Series 6: Vol. 1-3. Modena, 1959-1961. With 75th Anniversary volume, incl. index 1883/1958. Original wrappers; 4to & 8vo.

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Massive collection from the beginning till 1961.Added: 5 monographs (publicazioni), 1950-1958



Nos. 1, 2, 3, 6, 11. Berkeley, CA. 1967. Edited by John Oliver Simon.

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(Tristan Sauvage, Nuclear Art,1962).

Milan, Galleria Schwarz, n.d. (1962). 2 volumes, of which the first is a portfolio containing 30 original documents, original artwork (lithographs) and periodical (il Gesto) of the Arte Nucleare Movement, and the second the edition of 'Tristan Sauvage.-Nuclear Art. N.Y., Maestro, 1962. L.4to., 242 pp., cloth, with original jacket.,together kept in black cardboard slipcase (slipcase a bit soiled, but internally fine). No. 52 of a limited edition of 190 copies.

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An archive of the original documents of the movement, Arte Nucleare, published by Gallery Schwartz (with small numbering stamp on the right top corner of each item, which refer to the index). Contained are: IL GESTO. Rassegna Internazionale delle Forme Libere. Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Milano, 1955-1959. Folio, original pictorial wrappers (original lithographs by Colombo, Fontana, Pomodoro, contribs. By G. Bertini a.o. )., and 26 other original documents, manifests, exhibition catalogues: i.a.: Manifeste de la peinture nucléaire (1952), the First Exhibition of the Movimento Nucleare Milano 1952, "Esposizione Asger Jorn (with original lithograph by Jorn), Galleria Lásteriscio, Roma, 1954", Lithograph by Joe Colombo, Exposizione AKT, Esposizione Il Gesto, Contro Lo Stile, Enrico Baj,1959, Interplanetary Art, Sergio Dangelo, Milano 1961 (with signed original engraving, no. 53 of 200). Further detail on request.



Galleria S. Fedele, Milano

First Edition Quarto ( 30,5 x 21,5 cms.) 8 pages. Printed wrappers. Stapled catalogue for an exhibition in October 1957 at the Fedele Gallery in Milan. Excellent condition.

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Exhibition of the group from 12-30october 1957 with participation of BAJ, BEMPORAD, BERTINI, DANGELO, Yves KLEIN, MANZONI, Arnaldo et Gio POMODORO, ROSSELLO, SORDINI, VERGA, JORN et VANDERCAM. 13 reproductions hors-texte of which one monochrone in colour (Klein). Texts by Boccioni, Giorgio Kaisserlian, Edoard Jaguer.



Artist's assembling magazine/fanzine, founded, directed and hand-assembled by Vittore Baroni. Each issue released in an edition of 100 numbered copies. The ‘mail-art fanzine’ contains original interventions and contributions by Baroni and other artists. Each with assembled or partly assembled sheets, stapled or rivets bound, 33 x 22 cm. Contains Xeroxed and original inserts, rubber stamp and copy art. Several manual interventions in paint, feltpen or ink. Slight horizontal fold as all sheets were folded once for mailing purposes. Vittore Baroni 's ARTE POSTALE! (1979-2009) is one of the best known and probably the most long-lived mail art magazine on the planet. Arte Postale! has assembled original works or published materials by hundreds of international networkers a.o.: Paul Carter, Richard Kirk, Gifreu, Pawel Petasz, RoCarlo Battisti, Adriano Spatola, Robin Crozier, Michael Gibbs, Higgins, Ray Johnson,Cavellini, Bill Caglione, Anana Banana, Yoshio Nakajima, Ben Vautier, Rod Summers, Robert Filiou, Timm Ulrichs, Klaus Groh, etc Offered here the now very scarce beginning: Numbers 1-15 plus an index to contributors for issues 1 to 15. Forte dei Marmi (I), V.E.C. 1979/80 (constituting the complete appearance of Arte Postale as monthly magazine. From1981 it was published quarterly and irregularly). ASSEMBLING or PARTLY ASSEMBLING: 33x22,5 cm., stapled, rivets. Xerox and original inserts. Also Rubber stamps and copy art. Several manual interventions, in paint, feltpen or ink. From an edition of 100 numbered copies.

EUR 9,000.00

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1. Arte Postale! No. 1, October 1979 Twelve photocopied sheets with interventions bound with a rivet, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on pink paper. Numbered No.043 stamped on an attached paper square at the rear cover sheet. Front page slightly colour faded, with small rip on top left margin of circa 1 cm. The theme of this issue is ‘Music’. Interventions: Page 2: Paul Carter, pasted stencilled b/w paper, 13 x 9 cm, titled Sid Vicious. Page 4: Tony Bradley and Robin Crozier, 3 stencilled contributions glued and stapled on both sides of the page, containing original rubberstamp ‘artificial music’. Page 7: Marco Pachetti, stencilled sheet with black stars,14.5 x 10 cm. Page 11: Elextrolux Fanclub, pasted b/w image, 6 x 7 cm, with original rubberstamped text. Additional contributors: Richard Kirk, Pawel Petasz, Gifreu, Abdada le Clair, Michael Gibbs, Horus/Llys Dana, Jaroslav Pokorny, Peter Below, Ken Saville, Ruedi Schill. 2. Arte Postale! No. 2, November 1979 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with a rivet, 33 x 22 cm. Printed black on white paper. Numbered 43/100 on front page on printed plastic label. Music theme with “Special Patty Smith project”. Interventions: Page 1: Pasted on slips of paper in yellow and pink containing rubber stamped title and information text. Page 2: Vittore Baroni, b/w xeroxed sheet with manual paint and rubber stamp additions in yellow, blue and red. Page 5: Henryk Bzdok, original newspaper print with pasted on b/w xeroxed sheet, 17 x 11.5 cm. Page 9: Christoph Machart, original newspaper print with pasted on b/w xeroxed sheet, 10 x 17 cm, and pen markings. Page 10: Robin Crozier, xeroxed text with stapled on torn piece of paper from the original 'Patti Smith Rocking Demonia’ poster. Page 11: Michael Scott, xeroxed b/w sheet with stapled on b/w sheet, 7 x 5.5 cm. Additional contributions: Mara Cini, Ronald Foglietti, Ruedi Schill, Ferruccio Dragoni, Claudio Zoccola, Peter Beckmann, Ron Crowforth, Rino Tacchella, Susan Young. 3. Arte Postale! No. 3, November 1979 Thirteen pages, of which 10 are photocopied, bound with a rivet, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Numbered No.016 rubber-stamped in green on first page. Slight creasing on right margin of first page. Interventions: Page 3: Paul Carter, One page of Circus magazine, 27.5 x 20 cm, with glued on xeroxed sheet printed on yellow paper, 6.5 x 10 cm. Page 6: Piotr Rypson stapled on xeroxed sheet, 8 x 10.5 cm. Page 7: Vittore Baroni, elaborate handwritten page (30 x 19.5 cm double sided) from an mathematics exercise notebook, with stapled on magazine cut out,9 x 11 cm, and stencilled image on yellow sheet, 13 x 10.5 cm. Page 10: Nello Castaldo, original felt tip drawing on tracing paper, 31 x 21 cm, rubber stamped. Page 13: Nicola Frangioni, pasted yellow paper cut-outs with black stencilled images.This page also features a contribution by Vittore Baroni consisting of a glued on transparent plastic bag containing incense. Additional contributions: Betty Danon, Irene Reddish, David Fobes, Beppe Salvia, Angelika Schmidt, Woody van Amen, Adriana Spatalo, Joao Proteti, David Drummond-Milne, Paulo Bruscky, Emanuele Morgan Mignone, Buster Cleveland, E.F. Higgins III, Piero Simoni, Romano Peli and Michaela Versari. 4. Arte Postale! No. 4, January 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and grey tape, 33 x 22 cm. Includes a loose transparent plastic envelope containing a postcard and sticker, 20 x 14 cm. Hand numbered 100/89 on the front page. Contents: “More political satire/Post scriptum” (mail art show in Forte dei Marmi). Interventions: Page 2: Vittore Baroni and Carlo Battisti, original newspaper print with pasted on yellow stencilled sheet, 7x 10 cm. Page 4: Ameila Etlinger, small paper object glued on. Page 9: Woody van Amen, rubber stamped sheet. Stamp ‘Commonpress 23 surplus’ on verso. Page 11: Vittore Baroni, pasted in text on yellow paper introducing the project ’Develop my Dreams’, with a photo negative in transparent plastic sachet,10 x 5 cm. The negative was meant to be used for contributions towards a project in Arte Postale! No.14. Additional contributions: Ray Johnson (contribution on rear sheet), Wieslaw Osewski, Timo R. Malén, Mirella Bentivoglio, Grischa Meyer, Jaume Pinya, Maurice Nicholson, Adriano Spatola, Ginzburg, Gerald Jupitter-Larsen, D.B. Greenberger, New Flying Dutchman, Edson Machado, Henryk Bzdok. 5. Arte Postale! No. 5, February 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and red tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on white and pink paper. Numbered 100/31 on red and black stickers on the front page. “Speciale Cavelliniana” issue. Interventions (all by Cavellini): Page 3: Red marker addition. Page 5: Segment of a letter attached with Cavellini stamp (now loose) titled ‘a small piece from original Cavellini surplus correspondence’. Page 7: Stapled on sticker sheet with 2 coloured stickers ‘G.A.C. Power’. Page 11: Rubber stamps of Near the Edge editions/V.E.C, two halves of a Cavelinni sticker attached on verso. Additional contributions: Bill Gaglione, Anna Banana, Vittore Baroni. 6. Arte Postale! No. 6, March 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions, bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Numbered 49 on sticker on the front page. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Theme: "Dada 80” American mail-artists show, featuring Leavenworth Jackson, Bill Gaglione and The Badge Show (rubber stamped on the cover sheet). Interventions in this issue: Page 2: List of participants of the Dadamerica Mailart Show organized by Baroni complemented with various tiny green ‘Arte Postale!’ rubber stamps. Page 3: List of United States Mail Artists’s works at Centro Rosciano with 3 ‘Fake Dada’ stamps rubberstamped in green ink. Page 6: Bill Gaglione, original rubber stamp work titled ‘(Fe) Mail Art’, 27.5 x 22 cm, stamped red and black on off-white paper. Page 8: Small segment of Cavellini sticker attached. Page 9: Leavenworth Jackson, original stamp art work, 14 x 21.5 cm, rubber-stamped in purple, pink and green on off-white paper. Page 11: Perforated sheet mimicking sticker sheets, with added stickers and rubber stamps advertising the Dada 80 mail art exhibition. Additional contributions: Ray Johnson, Richard C., Steven Burland, Anna Banana, Arturo Fallico. 7. Arte Postale! No. 7, April 1980 Ten photocopied sheets of various colors with interventions bound with staples and black tape, 33 x 22 cm. Numbered 26/100. “Refluxus" issue. Interventions include: Page 1: Tommy Mew, stapled Super 8 film fragment, 9.5 x 0.8 cm. Page 3: Jean-Marc Rastorfer, rubber stamped texts recto and verso, including a Fluxus Zona West stamp. Page 4: Jacques Juin (editor of Le Point D’Ironie), hand colored b/w stencilled work, 29.5 x 21.5 cm, signed in pencil R.A. 80 95/100. Also includes a rubber stamped advertorial for Le Point D’Ironie magazine Nr. 5 - 6 (mail art issues). Page 5: Robin Crozier, stencilled drawing with the artist’s address added in blue marker. Page 6: Robin Crozier and Vittore Baroni, magazine page printed both sides, 24.5 x 17.5 cm. Contains taped on paperclip, cut-out images and texts alluding to Fluxus artists Vautier and Knowles, and rubber stamps (futurgappismo and Fluxus Zona West). Page 8: Transparent plastic bag stapled to the sheet containing paper inserts by Baroni (Refluxus), Ben Vautier and Eric Andersen. Page 9: Pietro Turco, thick glossy white sheet with printed text ‘mail art e lo spazio che manca’, with stamp of the artist on verso. 8. Arte Postale! No. 8, May 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Numbered 77/100. "Autobiographical issue. Living a renegade life - part I" Interventions: Page 1: Vittore Baroni (?), added drawing in red paint and green stamp ‘Art Renegade’. Page 3: P. Simoni, poem signed in pencil. Page 4: Marco Pachetti, mimeographed drawing ’rose love-potion’ on green (faded) paper, 28 x 22 cm, artist’s stamp in red on verso. Page 6: Enzo Minarelli, original typo-poem signed in pencil. Page 8: Paola Ponzi and Giuseppe Bedeschi, Traliam, text work, 29.5 x 21 cm, on recto. Verso features a small assemblage of drawings, poststamps, stickers and a rubber stamp by Bedeschi. Page 9: Anon, b/w photograph, 4.5 x 3 cm, added to xeroxed sheet. Page 10: Daniele Ciullini, ‘The Oxidized Look’, signed and stamped xeroxed work, 29 x 21 cm. With text label and stamp on verso. 9. Arte Postale! No. 9, June 1980 Twelve photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Numbered 44/100. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Theme: "U.K. special”. Interventions in this issue: Page 4: J.A. Sarmiento, pasted map featuring Hackney Road with rubber stamp ‘Vittore on Tour’, 5 x 5.5 cm. Page 5: Jacques Juin, orange sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm, with stapled printed sheet and rubber stamped text. Page 8: Nicola Frangione, visual poem with text added in black and red marker. Page 10: Julia and Gyorgy Galantai, official Hungarian customs reclamation sheet, 29 x 21 cm, for a contribution to the exhibition ‘Pacco dall’Italia’ by Artpool, containing various Galantai /Artpool rubberstamps and a Postal Artwork poststamp. Page 11: Icarus, original painting on paper, 14.5 x 20.5 cm. Page 12: David Drummond-Milne, b/w stencilled drawings featuring a green string attached by 2 white round stickers. Additional contributions: Tony Bradley, Ron Crowcroft, Andre Stitt, Tara Babel, Mike Taylor, Richard Kirk, Serafin, Lon Spiegelman. 10. Arte Postale! No. 10, July 1980 Fourteen photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and black tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Numbered 75/100 on cover sheet. Theme: "Autobiographical issue. Living a renegade life - part II”. Original works in this issue: Page 3: Ko de Jonge, rubber stamped stencilled sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 4: Andrzej Wielgosz, drawing and rubber stamped text ‘Drawing Activity’, name stamped on verso, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 5: Demos Ronchi, typo poem with stamped name on xeroxed sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 6: Giovanni Fontana, collaged xerox with added marker and artist’s stamp, 29.5 x 21 cm. Signed and dated on verso. Page 8: Mario ‘Art Rat’ Lara, collage with brown paper and rubber stamps on blue checkered paper, numbered edition 79/100. Page 11: Sidac/Piet Franzen, black pen drawing and stamp on blue paper, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 13: Anna Moor, xeroxed image with original text overlay in yellow pencil, 29.5 x 21 cm. Additional contributions: Vittore Baroni, Fulvio Milani, John M. Bennett & C. Mehr, Paul Carter. 11. Arte Postale! No. 11, August 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and black tape. 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Stamped No. 070/100 in red on green cover sheet. "Autobiographical issue. Living a renegade life - part III” Original works in this issue: Page 2: Jürgen O. Olbrich, collage of cloth on paper, hand stamped 00056, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 3: MIT, collage on magazine clipping with additional drawings in black and purple marker, 27 x 20.5 cm Page 4: Flavio Ermini, stencilled work with title added in pencil, 29.5 x 21 cm. Rubberstamped by the artist on verso. Page 5: Pawel Petasz, original black pen drawing and red stamped text on tracing paper, titled ‘1/100 of self-portrait. Whole self-portrait is to be seen when one looks through all 100 pages held together against strong light.’ Numbered 073, 29.5 x 21 cm. Artist’s stamp in green. Page 6: Giuseppe Bedeschi, collage and rubber stamped work on white paper, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 7: Leonhard Frank Duch, b/w printed photo on white paper, stamped with the artist’s name, handwritten edition number 35/100, 26 x 21 cm. Address stamped on verso in purple. Page 8: Icarus, collaged watercolour on paper, with added text, thumb print and stamped date. Signed and numbered 6/100. 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 10: Mario ‘Art Rat’ Lara, folded yellow stencilled sheet, 35.5 x 21.5 cm. Attached is a white envelope featuring the stamped Art Rat logo and text ‘a special Art Rat surplus gift enclosed in 50 copies’. Additional contributions: Vittore Baroni, Francis David, Tommy Rinnstein. 12. Arte Postale! No. 12, September 1980 Eighteen photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Pink cover with slight wear to margins. Numbered 41/100. "All stars issue”. Original works by: Page 9: Baroni & Battisti, photocopied sheet with stapled on white paper napkin containing a stamped logo ‘B&B’ and the rubber stamped text ‘se hai parlato d’arte pulisciti la bocca’. Page 13: Tommy Rinnstein, piece of writing paper, 21 x 15 cm, with attached leporello containing xeroxed photographic images,10 x 12.5 cm, folds out to 50 x 10 cm. Name and address of the artist handwritten in red pen on verso. Page 14: Hanna Bremer, ‘autom*art *ic light meter’, red graphic paper with transparent plastic overlay, signed, dated and numbered 39/100. Stamped on back with title and artist’s name. Page 16: Marilyn R. Rosenberg, b/w mimeographed sheet with added stamps, numbered 41/100, signed in pencil on recto, written text information on verso. Additional contributions: Leavenworth Jackson, Lowry Thompson, Davi Det Hompson (stencil on red sheet, 29.5 x 21 cm), Llys Dana (3 pp. with adverts for the zines Sphinx, Le Pointe d’Ironie, Papiers Peints), Soft Art Press, Groupe Off, Rubber Stamp Show A Propos Gallery Luzern, An Arkhos, Daniel Daligand. 13. Arte Postale! No. 13, October 1980 Fourteen mostly photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Numbered 55/100 on front sheet. Cover sheet with some wear along margins. Theme: T-Shirt issue. Also includes "The Badge Show" catalogue. Original works in this issue by: Page 2: Albrecht Dietrich, rubberstamps in various colours on white paper, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 4: Vittore Baroni, collage ‘Vampyr 80’ with original b/w photo and red paint, 23.5 x 16.5 cm. Page 7: Vittorio Baccelli, ‘100 giorni’, 14 x 21 cm. Collage on checkered paper, with staples, black pen drawing and text on diary page, rubber stamps. Stamp and signature of the artist on verso. Page 8: Jean Marc Rastorfer, empty grey envelope with Dam Batai stamps. Page 11: Ruggero Maggi, xeroxed sheet with added red paint, glued grains of sand, rubber stamped title ‘’. Artist’s stamp and signature (in pencil) on verso. Page 12: Peter Beckmann, xeroxed b/w drawing ‘Call Girl’ signed and dated by the artist. Page 13: Grupo Texto Poetico, stencilled sheet, 31 x 22 cm, rubber stamped on verso. Contains attached folded white paper napkin,13 x 7.5 cm, rubberstamped with the text ‘propuesto para una music gestual’. Additional contributions: Paulo Bruscky, Timm Ulrichs, Christoph Hachert. 13a. The Badge Show, 1980 Exhibition catalogue produced by Vittore Baroni for The First International Mail Art Badge Show, Forte dei Marmi 8 -16 September 1980. ‘A one-man walking exhibition performed by Vittore Baroni with original badges from 200 mail artists. Six folded photocopied sheets bound with staples, 29.5 x 21 cm. Printed on white and pink (cover) paper. The rear sheet features the name U.Carrion handwritten in red marker. The catalogue presents a list of participants by country and a description of their badge designs (with some illustrations). Samples include Edgardo Antonio Vigo (Argentina) ‘they died in poverty’, Paulo Bruscky (Brasil) ‘anonimos’, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (DDR) ‘rotating pattern’, Timm Ulrichs (West Germany) ‘my pen is my penis’, Ulises Carrion (Holland) ’if A and if B then X’, ‘if B and if X then A’, ‘if X and if B then A’. 14. Arte Postale! No. 14, November 1980 Eleven photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and blue tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Numbered 31/100. Cover sheet features some toning and wear along the margins. Theme: ”Develop my dreams”. For this project Baroni inserted an original negative in all issues of Arte Postale! No.4, asking for contributions measuring 8 x 10 cm. Loosely inserted in Arte Postale 14! Is a stapled booklet with reproductions of 18 developed dreams he received from contributors. Original works in this issue by: Page 2: Umberto Stagnaro, rubber stamped work on white paper, artist’s stamp on verso, 27 x 21 cm. Page 3: Jürgen Olbrich, xeroxed b/w image with pasted on blue label ‘kontrolle’, orange sticker on verso, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 4: Geoff Rushton, silver paper with added text and sticker, 14 x 10 cm. Page 6: Scarlatina Lust/Smegma, xeroxed b/w image with pasted on stickers and rubber stamped text, 27.5 x 22 cm. Page 7: Leonhard Frank Duch, stencilled b/w image rubber-stamped ‘I am an artist’ in red, stamp of artist, signed in pencil, 27.5 x 22 cm. Page 0: Giampaolo Guerini, collage of stapled pieces of paper including a pen drawing on pink paper, artist’s stamp and stamp of ‘Theater du Silence’ in Bergamo, Italy, 15 x 21 cm. Page 10: Jean-Marc Rastorfer, xeroxed b/w sheet with added stamps and stickers, 27.5 x 22 cm. Additional contributions: Vittore Baroni, MIT. Loose inlay “Develop my Dreams”: stapled photovopied booklet , 21 x 10 cm, 9 pp. Contributions by Wieslaw Osewski (2x), Joao Proteti, Amelia Etlinger (with added tiny original objects), Tulle Konsumkunst, Robin Crozier, Timothy Rutter, Marco Pachetti, Ronald Foglietti, Klaus Gross, Michael Scott, Jan Ostrowski, MP Anker, David Drummond-Milne, Gerald Jupitter-Larsen, Vittorio Baccelli, Paul Nicholson, Giuseppe Bedeschi (with original marker drawings). 15. Arte Postale! No. 15, December 1980 Thirteen photocopied sheets with interventions bound with staples and white tape, 33 x 22 cm. Printed on paper of various colours and sizes. Numbered 32/100. Pink cover sheet features wear especially along the right margins. Original works in this issue: Page 2: Richard Alson, ‘Skin Deep’, visual poem on apricot coloured paper, 28 x 21.5 cm. Page 5: Tabu, Melody Maker magazine clipping with added stencilled image and rubber stamps, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 7: Giuseppe Bedeschi, original colour drawing on white paper, with marker, rubber-stamps, spray paint. Stamped and numbered 63/105 on verso, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 8: Michael Cooper, xeroxed b/w sheet with added poststamp on recto and cut out on verso, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 9: Carlo Pittore, b/w postcard taped to sheet (now loose), 9.5 x 14 cm. Page 10: Vittore Baccelli, collage with rubber-stamps and handwritten text ‘Fuck you Medici’, signed in pencil, rubber stamp of the artist on verso, 14.5 x 21 cm. Page 12: Peter Below, b/w xeroxed sheet with stamps and perforated hole, 29.5 x 21 cm. Page 13: Jouke Kromkamp, white card with rubber stamped images taped on sheet, signed in pencil, 9 x 13.5 cm. Additional contributions: Vittore Baroni, Sophia Martinou, Dietrich Fricker, L. Murnau, Gianni Becciani.



Arte d'oggi. (First number subtitled "Mensile d'arte", No. 12: Arte d' Oggi + Estetica Industriale).

Nos. 1-12 (all published, also numbered as Anno 1- anno 3). Milano, 1 luglio 1949 - april/maggio 1952. Tabloid-size (50x 35cm); 4pp per issue. All issues were originally folded twice (for mailing) and the fragile paper shows moderate wear and discoloration over the folds, sometimes with very minor loss of text and image). This is in particular the case for No. 12. The first number has small loss of text on the folds and small inkstains. Altogether a good set of this very rare publication. TOGETHER WITH PRECURSOR: ARTE ASTRATTA IN ITALIA One sheet of newsprint, with text and reproductions in b/w on both sides, forming the Manifest and Catalogue of the Exhibition on Abstract art in Italy, Roma, ART CLUB, 1948. One sheet, 60x47, folded, with some toning and light wear over the folds and margins. With texts and illustrations of the leading figures.

EUR 4,000.00

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The first Italian journals after the war to be exclusively engaged with avant-garde abstract art, modern architecture and music. Director: Mario Ballocco. Contributors include: George Braque, Aaron Copland, Eugenio Gentili, Bruno Munari, Pietro Reina, Luigi Pestalozza, Gianni Monnet, J. Belampo, Ignazio Gardella, Renato Righetti, Giorgio Dolfini, Carlo Perogalli, Luigi Veronesi, (No. 8 on the 25th Biennale di Venezia), etc.; numerous illustrations featuring Italian and foreign artists. Very rare complete set. "Arte astratta in Italia" opens with the text of the manifest starting with: "Dall'Impressionismo fino all Cubismo si è sviluppata una vera e propria rivoluzione contro quanto di metafisico e transcendente vi era nell'arte." - Comitato organizzativo: Perilli, Roma; Sottsass Jr., Milano e Torino; Pizzionato, Venezia. Comitatio d'onore: G.C.Argan, P. Bucarelli, G. de Angelis d'Ossat, G. Ginghirellui, C. Maltese, L. Marchiori, C. Sotgiú, E. Villa, L. Venturi. Exhibitors (with depicted works): Accardi, Attardi, Consagra, Dorazio, Dorfles, Dova, Fontana, Garau, Ghiringelli, Guerrini, Licini, Magnelli, Manisco, Massaglia, Mastroianni, Maugeri, Mazzon, Monnet, Munari, Perilli, Pizziano, Prampolini, Reggiani, Sagfilippo, Soldati, Sottsass Jr., Spazzapan, Turcato, Vedova, Viani. Critical and introductory texts, in Italian and some in French by J.Albers, M. Bill, G. Dorfles, G. Formaggio, W. Kandinsky, Le Corbusier, F. Léger, P. Mondrian, G. Morri, E. Sottsass Jr.



(Yellow Free). San Francisco, CA, (1979). Sheet (350x281 mm), hand stamped work. Unsigned.

EUR 500.00

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A collection of 36 Bazooka publications (including the 5 complete periodicals BULLETIN PÉRIODIQUE'' , "LES ANIMAUX MALADES', "MÉTAL HURLAND", "UN REGARD MOADERNE", "ORPHELINA'' ) and some separate publications by the Bazooka group, a collective of French graphic designers mainly active from 1974 to late 1978. It included Christian Chapiron (using the pseudonym Kiki Picasso), Jean-Louis Dupré (Loulou Picasso), Olivia Clavel (Electric Clito), Lulu Larsen, Bernard Vidal (Bananar) and Jean Rouzaud. The group, with ultra-left sympathies, was formed in the aftermath of May 68 and presented comics, graphics and photographic creations of an aggressive and subversive nature. Their aim was to get out of the classical galleries network, at first through self publications, then reaching a wider public working on record covers, tv titles, daily press and magazines. Chapiron coined the term ‘Graphic Dictatorship’ to describe the spirit of their fierce drawings, collages and (mis)appropriation of images of various origins. Hired by the Parisian Libération to illustrate the journal, they created graphic anarchy (literally exploding the newspaper’s template amongst others). Serge July, director of Libération at the time wrote in his paper on August 12 1977 (pp. 12-13) ‘Bazooka fout la merde’, but gave them the opportunity to do an independent project as a supplement to the paper which became ‘Un Regard Moderne" - Although some Bazooka publications were published in collaboration with existing journals the nature of their work remained provocative both in content and in its distinctive graphic style foreboding the nascent Punk movement. Bazooka’s first magazine ‘Bulletin Périodique’ was immediately forbidden to minors. The various publications in this lot are illustrated throughout with photographs, cartoons and comics and include numerous b/w and duotone plates. All text in French, except for the last issue of ‘Bulletin Périodique’ which also features English text. The publications are assembled in a unique hardcover binding, 44.5 x 32 cm, designed by Paul Groenendijk. The blue cloth cover has Bazooka printed on the front and features three foldable sections. The backcover and spine are executed in black cloth are black, with the spine featuring the title Bazooka printed in gold. The binding is designed in such a matter that the magazines can be completely opened up for viewing purposes. Binding and spine are in mint condition. TOGETHER with: Bazooka. Il était une fois. Exposition “Bazooka, Un Regard moderne”, Les Sables-d’Olonne, Musée de l’Abbaye Sainte-Croix, 2 avril-12 juin 2005. Les Sables-d’Olonne, Le MASC, 2005. EXHIBITION CATALOG. 33,5X48,5 cm, 8 pagesincl. Covers. One of an edition of 200. IN THIS COPY CONTRIBUTIONS SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS (except T5DUR) 6 prints by Lulu Larsen, T5Dur, Kiki Picasso, Loulou Picasso, Olivia Clavel, Bernard Vidal, printed in b/w on luxurious thick paper. Works of Bazooka, Olivia Clavel, Loulou Picasso, Kiki Picasso, T5Dur, Bernard Vidal. With a copy of the invite to the exhibition. TOGETHER WITH: SILENCE No. 1 (seul paru) Paris, Futuropolis, 1980, 350x300mm, 28 p., broché sous couverture illustrée de Loulou Picasso,glassine originale. Interviews réalisées par Dorothée Lalanne de Iggy Pop, Howard Devoto, John McKay, Human League. Sept compositions pleine page en noir et blanc par Loulou Picasso du groupe Bazooka. TOGETHER WITH: SILENCE No. 1 (seul paru) Paris, Futuropolis, 1980, 350x300mm, 28 p., broché sous couverture illustrée de Loulou Picasso,glassine originale. Interviews réalisées par Dorothée Lalanne de Iggy Pop, Howard Devoto, John McKay, Human League. Sept compositions pleine page en noir et blanc par Loulou Picasso du groupe Bazooka. TOGETHER WITH: PERVERS No 1, all published. Paris, Bazooka Production, 1979, 58x29 cm, sheet, folded to 8pp, equal to the size of a gramophone record, 29x29 cm. Together with the actual gramophone record, « La Perversita », Invisible Records, 1979, in the original decorated sleeve, designed by Kiki Picasso. Text and designs by Loulou Picasso (Jean-Louis Dupré), Olivia Clavel, T5, Larsen. This is actually the last Bazooka Production « mort » in 1980.

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Bazooka publications included are: - Un regard moderne no. 1-5, supplements to Libération journal, Paris (1978). No. 1 March 1978, 42.5 x 31 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and pink. Moderate tear (1.5 cm) on top margin through the first 14 pages, and right margin last 14 pages (1 cm and smaller). No. 2 April 1978, 42.5 x 31 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and green. Usual toning else very good copy. No. 3 May 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and blue. Some small rips along the right and lower margins. No. 4 June 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w. Tear of 1.5 cm along the top margin, mainly on the first 12 pages. Folding line in center. No. 5 July 1978, 40 x 29 cm, 32 pp. Printed b/w and yellow. Cover page toned along (moderate) fold, tear of approx. 7 cm at right margin. Tear of 2.5 cm on upper margin through the first 6 pages and the last 8 pages. - Bazooka inserts from ‘Métal Hurlant’ magazine (late seventies) 1. La Querre Coloniaclavel avec Télétony swing. 27 x 20 cm, 6 pp. Colour printed comic strips numbered in pencil 1-6 (original numbering pp. 41-46). Fragile paper with holes in lower left corner. 2. Diablotine porcine. 27 x 20 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed, in good condition. 3. Bazooka Production presente Pelicula en color! 27 x 21 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed. Mint copy. 4. Livres bêtes et méchants, album Charlie. 27 x 20 cm, 8 pp. Colour printed. VG - Les animaux malades no. 1 – 5 / 7 – 14 (1977) 13 issues, each 43 x 29 cm, printed double sided in b/w. With 2 extra sheets which probably belong to issue 13 and 14. All sheets in fine condition. Extra sheet with No.14 has some spotting. - Bulletin périodique no. 1-7 (1976-1978) All 43.5 x 31.5 cm, text in French. No. 1, 12 pp. Printed b/w and pink. Formerly folded version, some soiling on folds else good. No. 2, 12 pp. Printed b/w and green. Formerly folded version, some toning on folds else very good. No. 3, 12 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Moderate soiling along fold and backcover. No. 4, 16 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Light soiling on backcover. No. 5-6 1977, 20 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. Very good copy. No. 7 1978, 4 pp. Printed b/w and multi colours. English and French text. Very good. - Orphelina Orphanage Graphique no. 1-4 (1978) All 43.5 x 31 cm, text in French. All in very good condition. No. 1, 2 pp. Printed b/w. No. 2, 2 pp. Printed b/w and colour. No. 3, 10 pp. Printed b/w and colour. No. 4, 10 pp. Printed b/w and colour.



Mensile di informazione culturale del Centro Internazionale di Brera/ Bimestrale di interventi a analisi del sistema culturale.

Numbers 1-10 ( also Anno 1-3, all published). Milano, Centro Internazionale di Brera, Milano (1-6). Editrice Brandini (7-10)., October 1976-1978. Unbound, folded and spine-stapled as issued, first 6 numbers 42x29,5cm, then becoming 29,5x21 cm. Pictorial (self)wrappers. In excellent condition.

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Direction: Alessandra Quaglia (1-6). Ugo La Pietra (7-10). Redazione: Cornelio Brandini, Nanni Cagnone, Francesco Casetti, Alberto Farassino, Pasquale Guadagnolo, Cini Liguori, Gianni Lo Scalzo, Franco Mazzuchelli, Ettore Pasculli. Contains the programs of the International Cultural Center and articles on progressive and countercultural aspects, discussions, avant-garde cinema, visual arts, theatre, music, etc. At first 8 folded pages on the large size, then becoming 32 pages stapled in pictorial wrappers.



Box .Boxing, Boxers

Commonpress Magazine of Art No. 5: Box, Boxing, Boxers Guest edited by Ulises Carrión on the topic of boxes, boxing, and boxers, one of the artist's lifelong passions. Featuring an assembling of photocopied conceptual art, mail art, and writings. With contributions from Europe, South America, and North America by Johannes van Dam, Bill Gaglione, Michelle Perfetti, Klaus Groh, Ko de Jonge, Niels Lomholt, Pawel Petasz, Paulo Bruscky, Buster Cleveland, Robin Crozier, Marcondes Silva, Graciela Marx and Edgardo Antonio Vigo, and Anna Banana among others. 40 photocopied pages (incl. wrappers), with many illus., stamp on upper wrapper. Based on floating editorship, this mail art periodical comprised works contributed by fellow artists that were then photocopied. Carrión solicited projects from Klaus Groh, Anna Banana, Bill Gaglione, Pawel Petasz, Robin Crozier, Silva Marcondes, etc Np: Commonpress, 1978. First edition of 300. Softcover side-stapled 8vo with green plastic tape folded over spine, as issued. Xeroxed throughout, including French-fold covers, with one additional rubber stamp in green applied at lower front cover. 40 pp. Trace amounts of age toning to pages, bumps to corners, gentle crease at top front cover, and some dried faint glue residue along taped spine from the binding process. Else near fine. Ref. Schraenen, Guy, ed.: ‘Ulises Carrión. Dear Reader. Don’t read.’ Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, 2016, p. 218, 220–221. The founding principle of Commonpress encouraged each contributor to edit, print, and distribute a future periodical on a specific theme, thus democratizing the responsibility and ownership of the press. For most issues, Commonpress operated through an international publishing fraternity featuring a different guest editor for each issue. Pawel Petasz edited issue No. 1 in Poland in 1977, and subsequent editors included Ko de Jonge, Peter Below, Ulises Carrión, Adriano Spatola and Giulia Niccolai, Klaus Groh, Aart van Barneveld, Guy Schraenen, G. E. Marx Vigo, Vittore Baroni, Johan van Geluwe, György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay, and Guy Bleus among several others.

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Periodico bimestrale di Cultura Alternativa, Informazioni, Undergroud, Musica d'Avanguarda e Arte Varia.

Set of 7 issues (of 9 published in total, lacking the zero-number and Anno 1 no. 1). Anno 1(2) no. 2 (giugno/agosto 1972) - No. 7/8 (agosto/settembre 1974, last issue published). La Spezia, 1972-1974. Sizes differ from 22 x 16,5 cm - 31 x 22 cm.

EUR 1,000.00

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Italian underground magazine, directed by Carlo Burrini. Heavily illustrated, with texts and drawings, some psychedelic art, cartoons etc. by S. Alberti, V. Baroni, C. Burrini, M. Marino, M. Scatizzi, Pino Tarantino, M. Felluga, Max Capa a.o. Printed on various coloured stock (red, pink & green). Subtitle varies. Also numbered as Anno 2 no. 2 (Anno 2 no. 1 omitted in numbering), then New Series Nos. 1 (= whole series no. 3)-7/8.



Cahiers du Club d'Essai de la Radiodiffusion Française.

Vol. 1 (all published). Paris, 1947. 4to; original pictorial wrappers, untrimmed (still in the original glassine paper, very light damage to corners and spine, the original covers are mint, with an illustration over front and back cover). Number 357 from edition 600. With the original publicity wrapparound.

EUR 300.00

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The 'Club d'Essai' concerned itself with the artistic use of radio broadcasting, with programs on the French radio three times weekly (lateron even daily). Artistic director was Jean Tardieu, with R. Pradalié, Ch. Barraud, and others. Contribs. to this publication by J. Tardieu, Jean Cocteau, P. Gilson, Pierre Renoir,Léon Paul Fargue, Arthur Honnegger,Germaine Richier, Jacques Prévert etc.; Cover designed by Raoul Ubac. Hors-textes by Cocteau, Elie Lascaux, Germaine Richier.



Avvisatore quindicinale della velocità letterarie.

Anno 1 nos. 1-5 (of 8 published, numbered issues till no 7 and a zero-number in January). Napoli, 1 febbraio 1928 - 15 april 1928. Issues of 4 (no.2 double, 8 pages), printed on beige stock in black with one colour added; the second number in rather poor condition with repairs and small loss of text (the last 2 pages inverted, but present), others in fair to good condition, with occasional foxing and small closed tears over the folds. (Salaris, Bibliografia del Futurismo, p. 95)

EUR 2,000.00

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Futurist journal, directed by Andrea Giovene di Girasole and Costanzo di Marzo, "Programmi? Niente! Direttive? Nessuna! Abbiamo in noi tutti i desideri, tutte le volontà, tutti i sogni; non vogliamo accettarne uno solo, non vogliamo scegliere. Per non rinunziare" (Andrea Giovene). The page numbering is continuous, from page 8 thru page 32; there has been a zero-issue in January 1928 which comprises the first 8 pages, and 2 more issues were published (No. 7 was the last, Anno 1 no 7, maggio 1928). Drawings by Fabrizio Carafa (Mae Murray), vignets and smaller illustrations by Guido Nimmo and by "C.D.M." (Costanzo di Marzo), and others. Texts and poetry by Andrea Giovene di Girasole, Diego Calcagno, "Rho", Kappa (=Costanzo di Marzo), Kundalini (=Costanzo di Marzo), Luigi Scognamiglio, Jack London (transl.), Alberto Consiglio, Andrea Giovene, Marino de Lieto, Gian Mario Corsale, Alberto Consiglio, etc.; fuller details on request. -


DA AU DELA (Da -a/u delà)

A magazine of arts and literature.

(No. 1, only published). Milano, ottobre 1966 (Stampa Arti grafiche La Monzese). (w/h 13,5 x 26,3 cm, stiff wrappers, containing 2 sheets in harmonica folding, opening to 14 pages of 6,2 x 26,2 cm and one loose insert of 12 x 26,2 cm printed on the same stock as the covers).

EUR 600.00

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Edita da/ published by "ED.912" Edizioni di cultura contemporanea. Contains texts and illustrations (b&w only) of Slvano Bussotti, Ben Vautier, Emilio Villa, Lourdes Castro, André Balthasar, René Berthold, George Brecht, La Monte Young, Magdalo Musio,, Dick Higgins, Wolf Vostell, Daniela Palazzoli, and others.



Rassegna di Arte et di Cultura di Avanguardia.

Nos. 1-6 (all published). Napoli, n.d. (1959-1961). Size (h/w): 22,5 x 24,5 cm. Original pictorial wrappers. Continued as: - LINEA SUD. Nuova rassegna d'arte e di cultura d'avanguardia. Nos. 0,1,1 bis, 2, 3/4, 5/6. (all published). Napoli, Luca, 1963-1967. Original wrappers (tall narrow 4to; illustrated wrappers; first 2 issues on tabloïd size, folded twice, with light wear on the folds).

EUR 5,000.00

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Directed by Luca Luigi Castellano, published by Edizioni Sud-Arte. Contributions by Andriani, Biasi, Jaguer, Goncalvez, P. Jorre de Saint Jorre, I. Michiels, E. Sanguinetti, F.T. Marinetti, F. Picabia, M. Persico, Toniato von Holten, a.o. Illustrations after Baj, Mesens, di Bello, Man Ray, Picabia, Biasi, Bertini, Kalinowski, Fahlstroem, Sant'Elia, Persico, a.o. Cover ills.: G. Biasi, M. Persico, G. Moreau. Linea Sud Nos. 0 and 1 in tabloid size. ;Linea Sud No. 2: "PO IO RA MA -spatolaballestrinimiccinigiulianiportapediomatticarregapignottimartinitolagiorgipersicobuenoscgiariluicapoole" Linea Sud No. 3: "NUO VERE ALTADE LLAPIT TURA ANA POLI". Contribs.on Mimmo Paladino, Desidato, Morelli, Matarese, Rubino, Diodato. Linea Sud No. 5/6: Includes 2 loose inserted supplements with a poem by Ian Hamilton Finlay: 'Nets' (39 x 37,5 cm) & 'Sails' (59 x 37 cm), folded to fit the size of the issue.



A group of 9 issues: Nos. 1, 2, 3 (with some handwritten corrections), 4, 7,12,13,19, 20. Ca. 28x 23 cm, some issues a bit larger. Napoli, Firenze, etc., 1976-1980

EUR 1,000.00

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Published and edited by Luciano Caruso, Stelio M. Martini, Franco Magro, with contributions by Franco Visco, Dick Higgins, Emilio Villa, etc.; issues of 4 pages each, with photographic illustrations. "Notizie di laboratorio, foglio dis/continuo a circulazione privata, acefalo, I testi possono liberamente riprodutti. Redazione aperta, extravagante, gli interessati alla realizzazione di un foglio devono communicare a tutti gli altri corrispondenti la data di uscita e il numero, realizzazione a stampa." No.1: april 1976. No. 2: settembre 1976 No. 3: settembre (sic) 1976 No. 4: novembre 1976 No. 7: dicembre 1976 No. 12: febrrairo 1976 No. 13: maggio 1978 No. 19: ottobre 1979 No. 20: marzo 1980 (See extensively biblio: L'Impassibile Naufrago, le riviste sperimentali a Napoli negli anni '60 e '70, Guida Editori, 1986. )



Vol. 1-4 (all publ. as periodical portfolios). Berlin, 1966-1967. Each volume a cardstock portfolio containing (ca 50) loose-leaf plates, in b/w and colour, each measuring 23 x 23 cm. made exclusively for this publication. Each vol. complete with al the sheets (except vol. 4 without the plastic foil by K.Lueg). The set in near mint condition.

EUR 2,000.00

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Full set of this artist publication, important for conceptual art and visual poetry, edited by Bernhard Höke (vol. 4 by Rochus Kowallek, entitled Deutschland Report). Each volume complete with the required 50 plates (except for one missing work by K.Lueg in vol. 4) measuring 23 x 23 cm, some double and folded, and a few folded posters, photomontages, typographical art, serigraphies etc depicting work of the most important contemporary artists. Volume 1: containing works by M. Bense, G. Brecht, R. Filliou, Gomringer, Ben Vautier, W. Vostell, E. Williams a.o.; Vol. 2: containing works by E. Andresen, L. Gosewitz, B. Höke, J. Kolar, R. Lichtenstein, B. Lüthi, Nam June Paik, D. Roth, W. Vostell, a.o.; Volume 3: containing works by B. Brecht, Christo, H. Gravenhorst, J. Hidalgo, B. Höke, F. Köther, B. Lüthi, B. Vautier, Vostell, St. Wewerka, a.o. (but lacking L. Lonidier); Vol. 4 (= Deutschland Report) containing works by J. Beuys, KP Brehmer, H. Mack, O. Piene, S. Polke, G. Richter, G. Uecker, Vostell, a.o.; This is compklete for the puvblication as portfolio-albums. There were lateron 3 monographic volumes published, numbered 13-15 (some separately available); no volumes were published for numbers 5-12.



Numbers 1-4 (all publ.). London, 11th Finger, 1965-1968. Original pictorial wrappers. Four issues, 28-52 pp,, excellent condition.

EUR 350.00

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Edited by Paul Evans and Paul Matthews, The third issue is devoted entirely to poems by George Dowden with the title BECAUSE I AM TIRED OF THE NIGHT, and is one of 300 numbered copies (inscribed by him to Kirby?). Contributions by George Dowden, Paul Evans ,Lee Harwood, Anselm Hollo, Jerome Rothenberg, Guenter Grass, Michael McClure, Georg Trakl, Theodore Enslin, Tzara and many others. Covers designed by Jenny Harwood, Peter Bailey, Issues of 28-50 pages each. Contributions by Hollo, Rothenberg, James Koller, Lee Harwood, Eric Mottram, McClure and others. Translations of work by Grass, Tzara, Trakl. The third issue is devoted to George Dowden’s collection of poems, BECAUSE I AM TIRED OF THE NIGHT, and is one of 300 numbered copies.



Rivista mensile illustrata d'arte et di cultura.

Vol. 47-84. (=Nos. 277-504). Bergamo, 1918-1936 (vols. 61-82 bound with wrappers, remainder unbound in the original wrappers, some spines a bit worn, otherwise in good condition).

EUR 2,000.00

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Long consecutive run of this Italian monthly for art and culture covering the period between the two wars. Cover designs by distinguished artists. Set is without vols. 49-50 (1919), vol. 58 (1923) and Vol. 59 no. 349 (Jan. 1924).


ERSTE HILFE (Immendorf, Heubach & Vostell)

No. 1. (All published). Köln. Eigenverlag. April 1970. 4to. pp. (36). Illustrated throughout with photocopied texts, letters and photoworks. Self-wrappers, simple gummed spine, which is split.

EUR 400.00

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Edited and published by IMMENDORF, Jörg (Büro Olympia) & Fritz HEUBACH (Interfunktionen) & Wolf VOSTELL (Kombinat 1). The one and only issue of this offshoot of "Interfunktionen".



Settimanale di alternativa.

Numbers 0 - 1 (all published). Taranto, IT, 1976; 2 numbers, mimeographed, colour & b/w, side-stapled. 28x20,5 cm. (Alternative Press Syndicate member).

EUR 900.00

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Italian Underground. Experimental poetry, psychedelic art, rock music, new life styles, womens liberation, etc. Directed by Marcello Baraghini and edited by Zenlo, Cor, Aryes. Design, make-up and illustrations by Aryes. (Mangano 1998: pag. 141). - n. 0 (7 marzo 1976); 12 pages. Cor, «Viaggio nel feudo», Zenlo, «Da dove vengo. Fantapuzzle musicale» (visual poetry contribution with words in typewriter-script inserted over music notation lines). Interview with Keith Tippett, and a text «Pop indiscrezioni... e altre realtà» by Napo Kamassa; Joe il Magro, «Da Brindisi a Kabul». - n. 1 (14 marzo 1976): 20 pages (incl.cover). Napo Kamassa, «Small Faces» , «Ritratti di eroine: Rosa Luxemburg»; Cor, «Viaggio nel feudo»; Zenlo, «Da dove vengo. Fanta puzzle musicale»; Cor, «Uno dei problemi più scottanti del reame. La liberazione della donna»; Bob Dylan, «Visions of Johanna. Dedicata a Nico», text in English with Italian translation; George Yark, «Senza titolo»,Poetry Workshop. Cor, «Lettera aperta».




Volume 1 nos.1 - 5/6 (complete). Meyers, Richard and David Giannini. eds. NY: Genesis: Grasp Quarterly (1968-1971). Five issues,illustrated wrappers. A touch of sunning to the spine no of 5/6, otherwise all fine.

EUR 1,200.00

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Edited by Richard Meyers and David Giannini. Contribs by Thomas Merton, Richard Eberhart, Yuki Hartman, Samuel Menashe, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Claes Oldenberg, Henry H. Roth, Clark Coolidge, and many others. Richard Meyers is better known as "Richard Hell".



A literary magazine devoted to imaginative writing, presenting Fable, Fantasy, Prose, Poetry).

Nos. 1-11 (all publ.). Lowstoft, Suffolk, Summer 1948 - n.d. (ca.1954). Original pictorial wrappers, some lightly dustsoiled but as a set in good condition. (No. 4 front wrapper stained, No. 5 folded and library stamp on front cover). Rare complete. (Miller/Price, B,49)

EUR 1,000.00

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Edited by Antony Borrow and R.P. Dodds,later with Madge Hales. French correspondent Jean Paris. The first 4 issues and issue no. 6 were hand printed; covers designed by Michael Strauss and A. Phelps (2x); contributions by J. Kirkup, J. M. Calder, H. Treece, A.S. Thwaite, T. Blackburn, Berginzi, H. Pinto, B. Kops, D. Stanford, G. Komai, R.L. Cook, I. Colquhoun, Henri Michaux, Henri Pinta(i.e.Pinter) a.o.



Vol. 1 nos 1-2, vol. 2 no 1 (complete). Tucson: Grilled Flowers (1976). Complete in three issues.

EUR 220.00

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Edited by Frank Graziano. Complete in three issues. Poems and translations by Merwin, Dunn, Strand, Tate, Heaney, Simic, Stafford and many others. Translated poets include Follain, Paz, Tranströmer, Daumal, Arp, Reverdy, Gustafsson, Cocteau, Apollinaire, a.o.



a literary magazine from Peru

Nos. 1-5 (complete). Lima: Haravec (1966-1968). Five issues, all fine in illustrated wrappers but for #5, which got a bit rumpled in the post. Rare.

EUR 1,000.00

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Edited by Richard Greenwell. Takes up the example of El Corno Emplumado. Contributions by Northerners Eshleman, D. Alexander, Robert Duncan, Joanne Kyger, Frank Semperi, Earle Birney, Diane Wakoski-Sherbell, Nathaniel Tarn, Lee Harwood, Charles Olson, Gilbert Sorrentino, Douglas Blazek, and others who are published alongside Vallejo, Antonio Cisneros, Sergio Mondragon, Mario Vargas Llosa, Raquel Jodorowsky, and more, the Spanish poems appearing also in English translation.



A Magazine of New Poetry and Fiction

Numbers 1-7 (complete). Los Angeles: Hierophant Press (1969-1972). Seven issues, illstrated wrappers.

EUR 500.00

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Edited by Thomas Kerrigan.. Contributions by Creeley, Prevert, James Tate, Douglas Blazek, Victor Contoski, Susan Schaeffer, Emmett Jarrett, Colette Inez, Delmore Schwartz, a.o.



Nos. 1-4 (all publ.) . San Francisco: Illuminations Press, Summer 1965 through Winter 1968/1969. Four issues. Folio and quarto. Heavily illustrated. First two issues consist of loose sheets laid into wrappers, the first plain, with label, the second pictorial (slight staining on the covers), third number folded sheets laid into pictorial wrappers; fourth number bound in pictorial wrappers.

EUR 300.00

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Nicely produced publication, typical for the sixties with the Beat and flower power spirit. Edited by Norman Moser in order to create a chance to the new generation to be published. Contributions (poetry and illustrations) include Charles Foster, Judson Crews, David Sandburg,Gene Fowler, Ed Bullins, Doug Palmer, Jim Thurber, John Montgomery, Norman Moser, Blazek, Holland, Meltzer, Wild, Major, et al. "Illuminations is founded to faithfully record the work of apprentice writers, poets, painters,….to help bring poetry back into the marketplace. Poetry is of course life: beat, movements, progression."



Revista de Arte de Vanguarda

-No. 2: Ano 1, 2.trimestra 1962. Sao Paulo, Massao Ohno Editôra, 1962, 256x185mm, 76p.,Orig.illustrated wrappers. With a colour plate by Augusto de Campos (25,2x17,5), and a large folding plate by’Estela Cubana and Decio Pignatari (33,3x61,5 cm, b/w) Together with: - No. 3. Ano 2 Junho 1963. Ediçao Invençao , juin 1963, 256x182mm, 94pp., Original wrappers.

EUR 2,000.00

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Directed by Décio Pignatari with Augusto de Campos, Cassiano Ricardo, Edgard Braga, Haroldo de Campos, José Lino Grünewald, Mario da Silva Brito, Perdro Xisto et Ronaldo Azeredo. Participation of’Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, Estela Cubana, Decio Pignatari, Ronoldo Azeredo, José Lino Grünewald, Cassiano Ricardo, Jorge de Sena, Pedro Xisto, Edgard Brada, Affonso Avila, Paulo Marcos de Andrade, Max Bense, Philippe Jaccottet, Drummond da Liçao de Coisas. Handwritten dedication, by Augusto de Campos with the remark: « Exemplaire très rare, le dernier de ma réserve ». No. 3 with participation of de Rogério Duprat, Gilberto Mendes, Willy Correa de Oliveira, Augusto de Cam- pos, Benedito Nunes, Mario Faustino, Escudo Nosso, Max Bense, Pedro Xisto Manuel Bandeira, Jose Paulo Paes, Felix de Athayde, Joaquim Francisco, Regis Duprat, Luis Angelo, Osmar Dillon, Edgard Braga, Haroldo de Campos, Ronaldo Azeredo, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edwin Morgan, Eugen Gomringer, Fukiko Kobayashi, Pierre Garnier. 5 numbers published till 1967. Destribats 863



Kusama Presents An Orgy: Nudity, Love, Sex & Beauty For Adults Over 21, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1969) [Reprint Edition]

EUR 300.00

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[publisher: Les Presses du Réel, Dijon] Softcover First Edition Published by Les Presses du Réel Dijon, France, 2001, 16.75" by 12", loose leaves in newspaper format. Tabloid-sized reprint edition of Yayoi Kusama's 1969 sex and art zine.



Numbers 1-24 (all publ., also mumbered as Volume 1-10) May, 1973, 1990 ( lacking only Volume IX, Number 1, Spring / Summer, 1989 , Issue 22) , All in original printed wraps, very light general wear-only, all issues bright and clean. Scarce.

EUR 1,800.00

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Near complete run of the journal about Americans in Paris in the 1920s and 30s. Features many articles on Hemingway including Hemingway in Florida (Vol. 1., no. 1), the special Sports Issue (Vol 1, no. 2), and Salute to Writers in the WW I Ambulance Corps (Vol 5, no. 2). Other issues focus on writers such as Pound, Dos Passos, Miller, Cowley, Cummings, the Crosbys, and many others. From the editor, "LGJ greets you and comes upon the scene with hopes of fulfilling a mission. LGJ's mission is to trace the steps of Lost Generation people, to stimulate the survivors into further expression, and to strive for the creation of an archival holding worthy of a great era." Also numbered as:Volumes 1 and 5 complete in two numbers. None published 1984-1986. Volume 8, number 2 (winter 1988-89)-volume X (1990) also called issues 21-24.



Serie 1: Nos. 1-50 (all published). 1971-1975. (No. 46 signed by Beuys in pencil). - Together with: - Serie 2: Nos. 1-24 (all published). 1982-1984,but without No. 14 (=Année 2 no 2) - Together with: - Serie 3: Nos. 1-2 (all and last publ). 1987. Altogether a set of 48 physical issues (some were double or triple, the issues 47-50 of the first series are 2 physical issue). Milan, Anvers, 1971-1987. Original issues, 4to, stapled in the spine or paperbound in pictorial wrappers. With numerous illustrations.

EUR 6,000.00

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The complete set of this seminal concrete poetry journal, directed by Paul de Vree & Sarenco. Contribs. in English, Italian, French and German. The journal seeks to promote an opening-up of poetry to audio-visual forms and the media, in order to reach a wider audience. Contribs. include: Paul de Vree, Gianni Bertini, Sarenco, Jean-Fraçois Bory, J.H. Koeman, E. Ferrari, P. Manzoni, Herman de Vries, Joseph Beuys, Baj, Aubertin, Timm Ulrichs, Aldo Albanese, Carlo Alberto Sitta, Richard Kostelanetz, Takahashi Shohachiro, Antonio Vigo, Guillermo Deisler, Joseph Kosuth, Akldo Mondino Stephen Kaltenbach, Ben Vautier, Richard Artschwager, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Vladimir Burda, On Kawara, Elio Mariani, Jochen Gerz, Jan Wojnar, Karel Trinkewitz, Jiri Valoch, Karel Adamus, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Daniel Spoerri, Bernard Heidsieck, Eugenio Miccini, and many others.



4to., die-cut wraps. I Tigli.,1971. Edited by Antonio Armidelli, Eugenio Miccini, Alfredo Picchi,.. Unpaginated catalogue of approx. 150pp., fully illustrated in b&w.

EUR 500.00

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Comprehensive catalogue of pop art manifestations in Florence in the 60's.



An irregular periodical devoted to Fe-Mail-Art.

Vol. 1 no 1, no 2 and Vol. 2 no 1 (all published):1980/81. San Francisco, CA, Lloyd Productions

EUR 400.00

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Edited by Ginny Lloyd. Contributions by Carioca, B. Wyed, G. Lloyd, A. Banana, Scarlatina Lust, B. Gaglione, Sue Fishbein, Irene Dogmatic, Angelika Schmidt, Pat Taverner, Carol S., P.E.Nations,



DOCUMENTI D'ARTE D'OGGI. Raccolta a cura del MAC

Vol. 3. Milano, Libreria A. Salto, Editrice, 1956/1957. Original pictorial wrappers (the protective glassine paper partly torn). Only a thin vertical crease to the spine, otherwise in very good condition. 152 pages; 32,5x32 cm.

EUR 3,600.00

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With original serigraphies, woodcuts, color lithographs etc. by Aagaard Andersen,Enrico Bordoni, Gilllo Dorfles, Carolrama, Capogrossi, Galliano Mazzon, Monnet (also an original collage with newsprint,carton, corrugated board, sandpaper), Munari (Lineography), Mario Nigro,Regina, Varisco, Luigi Veronesi, Mauro Reggiani, and many other reproductions of work and texts. Contents conform Maffei, MAC, p. 196.



DOCUMENTI D'ARTE D'OGGI. Raccolta a cura del MAC

Vol. 2. Milano, Libreria A. Salto, Editrice,1955/1956. Original pictorial wrappers, 32,5x 23 cm; 139 pages. Wrappers intact for the collaged red paper strip, which was the intervention by Munari on the frontwrapper (rarely seen is that the original protective glassine is present, however damaged on the right bottom and left upper corner). Altogether a very good copy, with only light dustsoilage.

EUR 4,000.00

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With original woodcuts, color lithographs etc. by Mauro Reggiani, Carolrama, Bruno Munari, Lucio Fontana (2, with piercing holes), Luigi Veronesi, Simonetta Vigevani Jung, Enrico Baj, Joe Colombo,Gillo Dorfles,Vittorio Verga, Gianni Monnet, Enrico Bordoni, Nino Di Salvatore, Angelo Bozzola, etc., also important texts. Contents conform the description by Maffei, MAC p. 192.



Nos. 1- 8. Noordwijk, MW Press, 1982-1984.Printed as a newspaper (46 x 29 cm: no 5: 33,5 x 25 cm), 20-32 pp. each, except no 5 which has 8 pp.; illustrated, b/w. On newsprint.

EUR 3,000.00

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Artists' journal printed black and white on newsprint stock, founded and edited by Martina Wagener (aka Martina Giezen) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Ten issues were released in total from 1982 to 1989. Published in an edition of 1000 - 2000 starting from No.3 (earlier edition size unknown), with the exception of No.5 which only had 200 copies and No.9 which is unknown. Folded sheets, 41x 29 cm, 20-32 pp. each except for No.5 which has 8 pp. Some issues contain inserted supplements. The magazine featured artists' contributions, interviews and documentation. Text in English. Rare artist journal, due to it's fragility and inconspicuous appearance almost no copies survived. Most copies feature general age wear due to the brittle paper. Issues include: - (1) No.1 1982, 24 pp. Contributions by Robert Smithson, Wolfgang Laib, Barry Flanagan, Robert Filliou, Dieter Roth, Helgi Thorgils Fridjonsson, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Douwe Jan Bakker, Wies Smals, Gerhard Von Graevenitz and others. - (2) No.2. 1982, 26 pp. Contributions by Krijn Giezen, Jean Leering, Harald Szeemann, Jan Dibbets, Marinus Boezem, Gijs Bakker, Rudi van de Wint et al. - (3) No.3 Feb 1983, 20 pp. Edition 1000. Artists' contributions by Günter Brus, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Per Kirkeby, Francois Morellet. Texts and drawings by Johannes Gachnang and Jan Schoonhoven. - (4) No.4 July 1983, 32 pp. Edition 1000. Contributions by Nancy Holt, Robert Smithson, Richard Long, Krijn Giezen, Panamarenko, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Erich Wichman and others. - (5) No.5, August 1983, 33 x 25 cm, 8 pp. Special issue by Panamarenko, edition of 200. - (6) No.6, January 1984, 32 pp plus supplement 8 pp. Edition 2000. Contributions by Remko Scha, Christiaan Bastiaans, Paul van Hoeydonck, Dick Raaijmakers, A Pierre et Marie, Jean le Gac and Sarkis. Supplement by Christiaan Bastiaans. - (7) No.7, June 1984, 20 pp plus supplement 8 pp. Edition 2000. Contributions by Herman de Vries, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Per Kirkeby, Günter Tuzina, Sjoerd Buisman. Supplement by Per Kirkeby. - (8) No.8. Dec 1984, 28 pp. Edition 1000. Projects by Alan Charlton, Wim Gijzen, Andy Goldsworthy, Dick Raaijmakers, Jaap van den Ende.



A small press review magazine.

Numbers 1-14 (also as: Volume 1 number 1 January 1976 - volume 3 number 14), Cherry Valley Editions. 1976-1979 (Lacking number 3, 6 / 7). 28x21,5cm, vol. 3 no 4: 21,5x14

EUR 300.00

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Edited by Charles Plymell, Pamela Beach Plymell and Joshua Norton.



No. 1, 1975 and No. 4, 1979. Not Guilty Press, New York. Edited by Derek Pell.

EUR 200.00

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U. Rammol, Miggs Burroughs, Doktor Bey, Jay Kinney, Tuli Kupferberg, Walter Gurbo, Michael McClure ao.



Settiminale umoristico illustrato.

Nos. 54-158 (=Anno 2-3). Torino, Gennaio 1915 - Dic. 1916. Origina lillustrated selfwrappers; sq. 8vo. Ills. Some with very light soilage, all in good condition, kept in 2 plain folders.

EUR 400.00

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Gerente responsable: Giuseppe Magrini. Richly illustrated politico-satirical periodical. Issues of 12-16 pages each, with ills. by Mazza, Minos, Golia (cover-ills.), Moroni, Sacchetti, Boetto, Scarpelli, Nirsoli, Craffonara, Carlin, Bianchi, a.o. Texts by o.a. Victor von Bravetten, Ibis, Pitigrilli, Oiram, Marco Pipa, Petichat. With several thematic issues (Roma-Trieste-Vienna Express, Wiener Numero, Berliner Zeitung, American Numero, Bal-Can Numero, Mari e Monti Numero, Bulgar Numero, Oriental Numero, Cine-Numero, etc.)



5 issues: Nos. 6-10 (of 10 issues published): Vancouver (CND), 1979/80 Folded sheet. . Number 6: "Censored". Number 7: "There is no justice in law & order". Number 8: "Entertainment is senseless stupidity". Number 9: "Eradicate all religions". Number 10: "Tolerance is just apathy".

EUR 400.00

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Edited by Gerard Jupitter-Larsen.




Issue 1: Exile 1957. Fitzgerald, Georgia, U.S.A.. 248 pages, printed wrappers (all published)

EUR 50.00

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Edited by D,V.Smith, with contributions by Harry Hooton, Lawrence Lipton, Clarence Major, Richard Wirtz Emerson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leslie Woolf Hedley, James Boyer May, Gil Orlovitz, James Schevill, Ruth Forbes Sherry, Felix N. Stefanile,a.o.




Jaargang 1 -7 (all published, comprising Nos. 1-76/77, last). Antwerpen, 1952-1958. With several additions included and the prospectus in No. 1). Added: Kunstmap 1952,1953,1954. Complete set except for no. 45/46 (1955). Rare.

EUR 1,000.00

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With work of Frank-Ivo van Damme, Hilda Coutereels, Frans Luyckx. Steven Tuerlinckx, Antoon Vermeylen., Gerard Gaudeaan, Lucy van Dongen. Literary contribs. by Claude Corban (=Hendrik Manheave), Mark Dangin (=Luc van Clooster), Rudo Durant (=J.F Hellemans), Roland Jooris, Marcel Leemans, Roiger Pylyser, Alosso (=Yvette Ossola).



Vol. 1-5 (all publ.). Hawk's Well Press, NY, 1962-1963. [Size (h/w): vol. 1-3: 11,5 x 8,5 cm; vol. 4-5: 22 x 17 cm.]Original wrappers. Cover of vol. 2 waterstained, overlaying edge of vol 4 has small closed tear.

EUR 600.00

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Edited by Jerome Rothenberg. Contributors include Bly, Breton (Poems of André Breton by David Antin), Neruda, Antin, Borges, Wakoski, Duncan, Hollo, Micheline, Levertov, Creely, Snyder, Lamantia, Merwin, Maclow and others. Very rare complete.



Revista de Poemas de Processo.

Complete Set, 1967 Numbers 1 and 2 of the important Brazilian journal’ Ponto’, edited by Wlademir Dias-Pino. It introduced the visual and concrete poetry movement ‘Poem/Processo (Poem/Process), active from 1967-1972. Both journals are composed of loose leaf sheets with contributions by key figures in Brazilian artistic and poetic avant-garde, including Álvaro and Neide de Sá, Anchieta Fernandes, Moacy Cirne, Dailor Varela, Wlademir Dias-Pino, Jose Luiz Sera, and many others. Condition: Generally very good. No. 1: Spine creased, shelf wear and small tears on sleeve (2 cm on top, 1 cm on bottom along spine). Moderate discoloration of front cover, sheets and brochures with slight toning to edges, otherwise in near fine condition. No. 2: Loose sheets, printed on various stock, kept in original illustrated wrappers (overlays and sides a bit damaged, but front- and back-cover fine)

EUR 3,500.00

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Ponto 1, Revista de Poemas de Processo. Rio de Janeiro, Ponto, not dated (1967). First edition. Softcover, 22.5 × 16.5 cm. Red printed sleeve containing nine loose and unbound booklets printed in b/w throughout. The works, which were highly critical of the military dictatorship, were produced underground at Rua Almirante Alexandrino in Santa Teresa (Rio de Janerio). Texts in Portuguese. Featuring contributions by eleven artists: Wladimir Dias-Pino, Alvaro de Sá, Moacy Cirne, Neide Dias de Sá, Anselmo Santos, George Smith, Ariel Tacla, José Serafini, Nei Leandro de Castro, Dailos Varela and Anchieta Fernandes. Contents of the 9 booklets: 1. Wlademir Dias-Pino, 16 pp. 2. Alvaro de Sá, 8 pp. Collages tempo de poema 1967 and 3 poems. First page with dog ear at lower corner. 3. Rio Grande de S.A. Moacy Cirne, Anchieta Fernandes, Dailor Varela and Leandro de Castro, 8 pp. Slight abrasions to extremities of top sheet. 4. Neide Dias de Sá, 12 pp. 5. Anselmo Santos, folded sheet, 4 pp. 6. George Smith, folded sheet 4 pp. 7. Ariel Tacla, folded sheet 4 pp. 8. José Serafini, folded sheet 4 pp. 9. Alvaro de Sá and Moacy Cirne, folded sheet 4 pp. Ponto 2: 27 loose sheets + 8 smaller ones + 1 envelope and a folded concrete poem by Neid,1967.; contribs. incl.: José Alcides Pinto, Neide Sá, Gutierrez, Joaquim Branco, Clado, Serafini; texts 'Poesia Matematica' (by Ariel Tacla), 'Por que méo da Vanguardia?' (by A. de Sà).



Rivista bimestrale di letteratura.

Nuova series: Anno 1-2, comprising Nos. 1-12 bis, including 4bis, 6bis, 10bis. Firenze, Jan.1954-Dec.1955. Folio; original wrappers.

EUR 300.00

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Dir.: Aldo Capasso, adm.: Gemma Licini, contribs. by Federico De Maria, Pier Luigi Mariani, Amedeo Ugolini, a.o.



Notizario bimestrale di arte contemporanea (musica, spettacoli, nuove espressioni).

Nos. 1-12. Pescara, Nov./dic. 1976-Giugno 1979. Original illustrated wrappers; narrow folio; illustrated.

EUR 400.00

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First 12 issues of this italian journal for contemporary and avant-garde art, music, theatre, architecture, cinema, criticism, directed by Lucia Spadano. Together 11 issues (no. 2/3 is double-issue), richly illustrated; contribs. by Paolo Balmas, Rolando Alfonso, Rino Mele, Maria Torrente, Italo Mussa, Oscar di Paolo, Achille Bonito Oliva, Lucio Spadano a.o.; features on (and cover illustrations depicting work of) Beuys, Kounellis, Mario Merz, Manzoni, Lucrezia de Domizio, Richard Nonas, Maurizio Nannuci, Richard Tuttle, Enzo Cucchi, Daniel Buren, Teatro Gobetti di Torino, Franco Summa, Gilberto Zorio, the Biennales of Venice, Paris, Kassel, etc.



(Hebdomadaire paraissant le jeudi).

Nos. 1-9 (all publ.). Paris, 20 décembre 1962 - avril 1963. 4to; All issues loose as issued, rarely seen, most sets have first issues glued in the spine.

EUR 380.00

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Directed and primarily illustrated by the French satirical caricaturist and cartoonist Siné, at first published by himself, last two issues published by J.J. Pauvert. Numerous illustrations by Siné, Loris, Strelkoff, Sergio, Nuez, Wardon, Landefelt, Bovarini, a.o. Most issues around a topic: No. 1: De Gaulle. No.2: Bonne Année. No. 3: Pieds-Noirs. No. 4: la liberté de la presse avec des illustrations satiriques. No. 5: "Le grand guignol". No. 6: "L' amour". No. 7: "Le pape est mort". No. 8: Du sang à la Une, le rapprochement franco-allemand, le métro Charonne, le procès du Petit-Clamard. No. 9 : Le colonialisme. Le périodique ne contient que des dessins destinés au pouvoir gaulliste, aux religieux, aux militaires, et aux colons.



(Number 1, probably only published). New York, NY, J. 1970. Tabloid., loose leaves, unpaginated. Newsprint, light toning.

EUR 250.00

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Designed and published by Stanley Stellar and John Dowd, Contents include photographs, photomontages, stamp art and drawings, many featuring images of the Rolling Stones and the spectre of Brian Jones, one of them by Elisabeth Staal.



Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Bruxelles, oct.1963 - oct. 1966. Original wrappers (very slightly soiled on the spines, with paper toning but internally good copies). With numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 2,000.00

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Directed by Christian Dotremont (founding member iof COMBRA) with many contributions by him, logogrammes, and other contributions by Thurber, Pierre Alechinsky, Pol Bury, Asger Jorn, Louis Scutenaire, Michel Butor, etc. Christian Dotremont was born in Tevuren in Belgium in 1922. Through all his life Dotremont experimented with the art - wanted to find the importance of art. Incessant he worked with words - pictures and signs looking and uncovering the facets of art. Dotremont couldn't stop playing with words and concepts - twist them in his own filosofic way, and each time end up with a surprising result. Even though he worked with many aspects the most important was always the words. Dotremont was a poet, he expressed his feelings and thoughts to the spectator on the beautiful whiteness of the paper. He created torn signs from written arabesques, which he named 'Logogramms'. Complete sets are scarrce, because much of the stock of No. 2 is said to be lost by Dotremont



Nos. 1- 7 (all published). Iowa City,Iowa. 1971-1972. Mimeographed, on various coloured paper. Illustrated. Side-stapled in pictorial wrappers. (good condition, except for front cover #1 lightly stained and back cover loosening, stain to back cover no 3 and small tear to top edge of front cover no. 7). Varying sizes (25,5x20,5 and 28x21,5 cm).

EUR 1,400.00

► detailed description

Complete set. Edited by Allen Kornblum. Illustrations (and also texts, poetry and prose) by Deb Owen, Mary Ferris, George Mattingly, Tim Hildebrand, Ted Berrigan, Gerard Malanga, Phillip Whalen, Larry Laskar, David Morile,llan Appel, Jim Bateman, John Giorno, Anselm Hollo, Charles Platt, Carter Ratcliff. Covers# 1 by Carmella Yager, #2 and :# 3 by Pat Dooley, Thomas Disch, # 6 by Dave Morice, # 5 and 7 by Allen Kornblum. (Secret Location p. 300



Materiali di azione e ricerca d'avanguardia.

Number 1 (all publ.). Lerici, Roma, 1969. 25x20cm. 180pp. (Original typographical wrappers with slight sunning on the righthand margin).

EUR 300.00

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Typographical cover by Magdalo Musio. Edited by Roberto di Marco, Micehelle Perriera, Gatano Testo, Emilio Grosso. Red.centrale: Nino Massari.



The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing and Beyond.

Vol. 1 (no 4) - Vol. 6 (no 4, last published). (also numbered as Nos. 4-34, and no more published after that). Venice, Cal., Dec/Jan 1977 - Nov./Dec. 1981. 4to (enlarging to folio from nos. 16-25), unbound, in the original pictorial wrappers, numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 4,500.00

► detailed description

Ongoing set of 30 issues missing only no 17 (from the total of 34 published) of this amazing California lifestyle magazine. Edited by Leonard Koren, the central topic was WATER and the art and delights of bathing: amazing colourful covers, abundant photographic illustrations and numerous advertisements made of this periodical a unique trendy/glossy/erotic publication: "Gourmet Bathing is a means for enjoying the world...It's a parody of all other enthusiasms...Then again, Gourmet Bathing is the willingness to be silly." (Charlie Haas). Wet broadened the definition of bathing to include other water-related phenomena such as hot tubs, drinking water ("bathing from the inside"), and waterbeds. Gradually the magazine grew to encompass "gourmet bathing" in a metaphorical sense: an eclectic lifestyle grounded in the boundless appreciation of absurdity. Always around the central topic 'gourmet bathing' the content is of a highly varied nature, with features and contributions on and by: Mud Mama. Interview with Rabyn Blake; Athena Tacha (The process of Aging & several other contribs.); Jack Nicholson; Ed Ruscha;Jane Gaskill (Bathroom Bondage); Bob & Bob; Henry Miller (On turning eighty); Priscilala Presley; Mick Jagger;Anthony Friedkin; Brian Hagiwara; Cheryl Lester; Linda Burnham; Timothy Leary; Candice Berger; Leonard Cohen; Iggy Pop; William Burroughs; Captain Beefheart; Brian Eno; Dennis Cooper (John Kennedy jr. Poems); David Hockney; Elvis Costello, etc.etc.; Contributing photographers included Eric Blum, Moshe Brakha, Guy Fery, Jim Ganzer, Brian Hagiwara, Brian Leatart, Jacques-Henri Latrigue, Dana Levy, Claude Mougin, Beverly Parker, Lisa Powers, Herb Ritts, Matthew Rolston, Raul Vega, Guy Webster, and Penny Wolin. Fine set of this highly desirable magazine, of which without doubt not many survived. (see: Gwen Allen -Artists’Magazines. An alternative space for art, p. 310; Koren: Making Water 2012)