Numbers 1-14. Paris, Sand Project Press, lateron: Northampton/Mass. Mimeographed, stapled in pictorial covers. Added: Nos. 16 and 18. All numbers in excellenty clean condition, unmarked (on a small pencil scratch on cover of no 10 and discard stamp on no 4). Not in Fonds Destribats.

EUR 3,000.00

► detailed description

Rare early Paris editions of this periodical published by the 'Sand Project Press'. The magazine lateron moved to the US (Northampton, Mass) and lasted through 23 issues (but 20 and 21 never published). . Contributions by Ted Berrigan, Tom Raworth, John Stanton, Andrew Crozier, Anne Waldman, Lewis Warh, Ted Greenwald.Ron Padgett, Larry Fagin, Christine Grodzcki, George Tysh, and many others. Covers Carl Schurer, Boltanski, Jeff Nuttall, David Batchelder, Ed Hill, Sarkis, Michael Brownstein, Samuel Buri.



Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes.

Nos. 2-8 (=all published, no. 7 never appeared and No. 1 was a stencilled pamphlet of 2 pages only). Amsterdam (selfpublished), stencilled and stapled (Nos. 2 and 4 with handmade covers). Size: 28x22 cm, except nos. 4 and 6 which are smaller, 22x13,5 cm. No. 8 is stencilled, list of publications. Together with: Numéro hors-série. Décembre 1966, 312 pp.: Lautréamont in Nederland, by Her de Vries (stencilled, green covers, stapled (more or less replacing unpublished No. 7) Then continued as: (Series 2) Nouvelle série: Nos. 1-8 (last publ.). Stencilled sheets, stapled within printed illustrated white boards (except No. 1 which has beige covers imprinted "Courant de Force!!"). Size: 27,5x21,5 cm. All in good condition (no. 7 upper side of frontcover sunned, very light soilage to others). With a signed copy of the text for the opening of the exhibition "Surrealistische Onmoetingen"in Leiden, 1961 (no. 21 of 25 published); a special issue being "De Witte Schelp", maart 1977, for the Exhibition in Galerie Bouma, Amsterdam (Rik Lina, Raúl Perez, Cruzeiro Seixas, Philip West), a (slightly stained) copy of "Op Engelvoeten, à Pas de loup", Eds/Surréalistes Brumes Blondes, 1975 (this would be the unnumbered no. 9 of the journal), and some stencilled pamphlets (detailed below).

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

The only surrealist periodical published in The Netherlands, edited by Her de Vries and Laurens van Krevelen (Laurens Vancrevel). Published by their "Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes" in very small editions (the early issues only in 50 copies). No. 2 with the enclosure Realiteiten in Neder/Hol/land 2. 8 pp. No.6 entitled Afgekloven Opperhoofden, is a polemic against Podium, in particular against Camille Houckaert (= W.F. Hermans) and Remco Campert. No. 8 is the list of publications of the Bureau; Contributions by the editors, Raymond Soriano, Peter Berger, Karel Sebek, Leo Garet, Mario Botas, Georges Gronier, Ted Joans, Arnost Budík (La deuxième "Renaissance Surréaliste " en Tchecoslovaquie), a.o. Illustrations by Paul Louwers, J.H. Moesman, Kristians Tonny, Schlechter Duvall, Rik Lina & Jan. G. Elburg. Wolfgang Cordan, Edouard Jaguer, Jan Elburg, Octavio Paz, a.o. Front-covers by E.F. Granell, Philip West a.o. The added pamphlets are: "Toute und Vie" in French and in Dutch, rememberance to Breton, 28 sept.1966; De Wederopstanding van King Kong, Surreële paasboodschap 1968 (signed by the Surrealistische Groep in Nederland); Le Surréalisme d'abord et toujours"(avril 1969) Onze ogen leven in het wild"(juni 1969). Complete sets are quite rare.



Tribuna Marxista.

Primera Epoca Nos. 1-9; Secunda Epoca Nos. 1, 2, 5 ,6, 7, 8-9 (in one issue); 10-13 (in one issue). Tercera Epoca No. 1 (all published). Mexico, D.F., 1 October 1938 - Mayo de 1941. Together 17 issues. Original wrappers, stapled in the spine (staples rusting), despite inevitable browning due to the paper quality all issues are in reasonable state (one issue repaired in the spine).

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

Near complete set of Léon Trotzky's journal, which he published in Mexico till his assassination in 1940, with the final issue commemorating him. "Organo de la IV Internacional". The first issue opens: "Mexico no debe ir a la guerra imperialista. Declaracion del Cuerpo de Redaccion". Contributions by Léon Trotzky,García Cestero, Diego Rivera, Adolfo Zamora, S.Stanley, Juan Luis Velasquez, G. Munis, Corpena Blanco, Adolfo Zamora, Garcia Trevino, M. Grandizo, J.Gerland, many unsigned or under pseudonym (Casanova). Drawing by Carlo. The issue April/May 1940 is a special issue 'La crisis en el Partido Norteamericano', articulo fundamental de Trotzky. Serie 2 no 10/13: "Despues de esta guerra que…? Hablan la Cuarta Internacional y Léon Trotzky". In the last issue (May 1941) Natalia Sedova Trotzky writes a substantial contribution: "Asi fue, el martes 20 de agosto de 1940, a las siete de la manana". "Llegará la venanza contra los asesinos". Also articles by G.Munis, O. Ficher.



50 Years With Armstrong

Vol. 17, No. 14. Chigaco: Down Beat, July 14, 1950. Tabloid format periodical, printed on cheap paper, 19pp. Folded into magazine wrappers. Light wear at folds, some chipping to delicate edges. Signed by Armstrong and his band.

EUR 1,200.00

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Special issue of this important Jazz magazine celebrating the 50th birthday of Louis Armstrong, who is pictured on the cover. Includes numerous features about and tributes to Armstrong, as well as an Armstrong discography. The front cover has been signed by Armstrong in green ink, as well as by the members of his current band: Earl "Fatha" Hines, Jack Teagarden, Arvell Shaw, Barney Bigard, Sleepy Grider, Cozy Cole and singer Velma Middleton. Additionally, one of Armstrong's chief rivals at the time, trumpeter Henry "Red" Allen, has also signed inside.



(Aduardo Paolozzi, and others)

Flikker Book 1-9 (Complete Flip Book Set). London, Alecto International, 1972. First edition. 64mo. 9 Artists' books, each offset printed and stapled in wraps, all housed in a custom cloth clamshell casette with a printed title label at the spine.

EUR 2,000.00

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A complete set of all nine of the flipbooks published by Alecto in 1972. An early and important exploration of the possibilities of the flipbook form by a stellar assortment of artists in a pop vein. Includes books by Eduardo Paolozzi, Francois Dallegret, Chic Taylor (Landscape), Patrick Procktor, Roy Grayson, Malcolm Carder, Liliane Lijn, Peter Schmidt, Derek Boshier.. (All volumes near fine, showing only slight wear, with a bit of discoloration to no. 7.)



Franklin Furnace Archive

Vol. 1 no 1-5; Vol. 2 no 1-3/4; Vol. 3 no 1-2; Vol. 4 no 1/2,3/4; Vol. 5 no 1-2; Vol. 6 no 1-2 (all published of each volume). Complete set.New York, NY, Franklin Furnace Archive 1980/89. Various formats, see below.

EUR 5,000.00

► detailed description

Edited by Martha Wilson. Rare complete set. Vol. I, no1, First Edition: Tabloid, 12pp. Offset. Artist/Designers: Conrad "Artists’ Books", by Clive Phillpot, Flexidisk (plastic 45 rpm record insert) and other material related to the Chicago show. Vol. I, no2, Dutch Treat: Photographs of artists and info on "De Appel in the Big Apple" performance art festival curated by Wies Smals; plus Franklin Furnace news. Vol. I, no3: Tabloid format on newsprint. Designer: Barbara Kruger Vol. I, no4: Tabloid format, 8pp. Offset. Designer: Carla Liss. Interview with Wies Smals of De Appel. Vol. I, no5: Tabloid format. Designer Richard McGuire, cover photo of Laurie Anderson by Paula Court. Vol. II, no1: Tabloid. Editor: Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos. Cover by Louise Lawler. Update on the Collection/International Mail Art" by Jill Medvedow. Vol. II, no2: 280x215 mm., stapled, 34pp. Offset. Editor Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos. Vol. II, no3/4. L.A./London: Sex, Performance & the 80’s: 280x215 mm., stapled, 53pp. Offset. Vol. III; no1, Special Issue on Artists Books, Archives and Collections: 270x210 mm., stapled, 32pp. Offset. Editors: Buzz Spector and Tony Whitfield. Vol. III, no2, Multiples by Latin American Artists: 280x215 mm., stapled, 46pp. Offset. Vol. IV, #1/ 2, Cubist Prints/Cubist Books: 230x205 mm., softcovers, 128pp. Offset. Design: Erika Rothenberg. Vol. IV, no3/4, Mail Art Then and Now: 270x210 mm., stapled, 56pp. Offset. Curator/Editor Ronny Cohen. Vol. V, no1: Poster (folded: 140x215 mm.). Offset, purple inkVol. Vol. V, no2, The International Flue: Poster. Designer: Carol Sun. Vol. VI, no1, The Concrete Flue: Poster yellow and black. Designer: Carol Sun. Vol. VI, no 2 (and last), The Avant-Garde Book 1900-1945: Curated by Jaroslav Andel. 21,5x14cm., stapled, unpaginated. Offset.



Periodico alternativo di musica rock.

Issues no. 0, and 1 - 4 (all publ.). Milano, 1972. Alltogether 5 issues. Pictorial original wrappers as issued,the first numbers in the form of a JOINT-cigarette. Fully illustrated in many colours. (49 x 17 cm.), all issues, also the zero number, in exceptional good to fine condition.

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Published by Casa Editrice Lo Spinello. Editing: Ines Curatolo and Barnaba Fornasetti. Editor: Marcello Baraghini. Dedicated to rock'n'roll and underground culture. Issues no. 0 and 1 in the shape of a "joint". Remarkable different lay-outs, photo-montages for each issue printed in colours. Contribs.: B. Fornasetti, G. Cerquetti, L. Vassallo... Comics by R. Crumb, R. Hayes, Dave Sheridan, Gotlib... Interviews and articles on Zappa, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, MC5, John Mc Laughlin, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Rory Gallagher, Bob Dylan, Greateful Dead, Alice Cooper, a.o... Some of the contents: issue no.0 contains texts from S.I.M.A. (Servizi Istituto Mass-media Art) inviting to use drugs and calling for legalization; issue no. 1 contains an article on "Erotismo e rock"; issue no. 2 contains an interview with Allen Ginsberg; issue no. 3 an interview with William Burroughs; issue no. 4 contains a large interview with Pete Townshend on purple stock folding-in.



A Quarterly Journal of Art and Letters/ Literature, drama, music, art.

Stella Number. New York, Autumn, 1922. Size h/w: 24,5 x 19 cm; 64 pp. Original pictorial wrappers. Illustrated. Spine and edge of front cover neatly repaired, very light wear and soilage, internally very good and clean. Many photographic illustrations.

EUR 800.00

► detailed description

Edited by Margaret Anderson, Francis Picabia and Ezra Pound. Contributions by Man Ray (Photograph of Stella and Duchamp & Rayograph), Gertrude Stein, Francis Picabia, Guillaume Apollinare (Aesthetic Meditations, II. On painting. The Cubist painters.), Francis Picabia.



No. 1 (all publ.). Utrecht, Grafisch Gezelschap De Luis, 1962. 4to; original wrappers stitched in the spine, with mounted linocut title-piece. Limited edition of 100 copies.

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Dutch surrealist periodical, edited by J.H.Moesman (the only 'officially recognised' Dutch Surrealist), H. van Maarseveen and W.D .Kuik. Contains i.a.: 2 signed lithographs by W.D. Kuik. 2 lithographs by J.H. MOESMAN, a signed aquatint etching by K. van der Sluis, a signed lithograph by Peter Vos and contribs. by T. Sontrop, A. Teister, a.o.; also an advertisement for 'La Brêche' designed by Moesman.



(The original edition and Precursor to Aspen Magazine No. 6A) - MANIPULATIONS. Editor: John Hendricks. New York, Judson Gallery, 1967. One of 500 copies of the precursor to Aspen Magazine No. 6A. Loose materials laid into the original printed folder. A series of works edited by John Hendricks, intact printed envelope (26,5x18,5 cm, cover designed by Ralph Ortiz, in unusually good condition, only light wear and small tears on the opening side and lower edges). Complete with the intact EXPLODE BAG (a paperbag which was meant to be blown-up and exploded) .

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

This (the original publication of Manipulations) is partly different and contained -in addition to the content of the later re-edition in Aspen No. 6A - also 11 photographic images of the events and 12 objects of printed pieces. Objects and documents relating to the 12 Evenings of Manipulations (destruction art activities) performed at Judson Gallery, Oct. 1967 Consists of a number of loose sheets and object-multiples in paper form by B. Hendricks, J. Toche, A. Kaprow, A. Hansen, G. Hendricks, M. Goldstein, S. Rose, C. Schneemann, L. Picard, J. Yalkut, C. Moorman, K. Jacobs, K. Millet, N.J. Paik, T. Limura and others. Later reissued by Aspen, but with many items deleted.



Spreek vrijmoedig over De Sade, maar misbruik nooit zijn naam.

Op Engelvoeten, à pas de loup. Schalkwijk, Editions Surréalistes, 1975. (16 p.), printed in black and red, original wrappers.

EUR 250.00

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Dutch surrealist publication by the only recognised surrealist in The Netherland.Typespecimen of the "Petronius", designed by Moesman. With autogr. signed dedication: "Met de beste wensen voor 1975 t/m 1999, in 2000 zien we wel weer!".


J. H. MOESMAN (Johannes Hendrikus, Utrecht 1909-Houten 1988)

Archival collection.

A collection documenting Life and Work of J.H.Moesman, the only "offcially recognised" Dutch Surrealist (cf Bretton). Contains 38 booklets, exhibition catalogs etc, plus a an extensive collection of photocopied newspaperr articles related to Moesman, etc.; detail and price on request,

Price on request

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(Rock & Roll News)

Nos. 1-14 (all published, also numbered as Vol. 1 no. 1 - Vol. 2 no 2) . San Francisco, August 8,1966-August 1967. Mimeographed sheets in different colour and b/w printing on both sides, the last two issues printed offset (no. 9 and the last number with one colour added). Stapled in left upper corner (only no.2 has been re-stapled,others are all original staples). First issue is in colour photocopy, rest is in original issues as published, excellent condition and clean. ADDED: - a multicoloured psychedelic drawing (unsigned, by Geoff Evans?), - three other related ephemeral pieces, detail see below.

EUR 5,000.00

► detailed description

The legendary "Mojo-Navigator Rock & Roll News" was a music zine by Greg Shaw and David Harris. MOJO was one of the earliest (and most important) music zines, major news source for counterculture and alternative music in San Francisco. It ran for 14 issues and was a precursor to landmark rock magazines. Considered to be the precursor to later alternative journalism (Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone and later fanzines). Issues between 3 and 34 pages, and have become very rare now. The first issue was published August 8, 1966 as a mimeographed newssheet of two pages with concert announcements at the Matrix, Fillmore and Avalon. This issue in colour facsimile. ALL OTHERS ARE ORIGINAL FIRST PRINTS -No. 2, August 16, featured news of The Straight Theatre, and Jim Gurley, local musician from the band Big Brother & The Holding Co. -No. 3, August 23, is three sheets, with news of SF Oracle launch, band news, rumours and gossip, and record reviews (Bob Dyland etc) -No. 4, August 30, is now four sheets, and is mainly devoted to an interview with the Grateful Dead, plus a feature on Country Joe & The Fish by Greg Shaw. -No. 5, September 7, is given over to the second half of The Grateful Dead interview, and a response to the SF Oracle's unsympathetic article on the SF rock scene. - No. 6, September 18, is three sheets, reporting on record releases, New York radio, and upcoming concerts. Report of the publication of "The I.D. Band Book"; news that "the Velvet Underground has released a lousy single on Verve Records - Andy Warhol produced it, Nico sings (hah-hah) on it. It's the musical equivalent of a painted Brillo box which sells for $400"; a report on NY radio; record reviews (incl. "Sunshine Superman"); upcoming dates by The Byrds, Grateful Dead, etc. -No. 7, September 27 is four sheets, and features an interview with SF DJ Tommy Saunders, and Big Brother & The Holding Co., plus ads for upcoming concerts by Country Joe & The Fish, Takoma, and Freedom Highway. -No. 8, October 1966, is six mimeo'd sheets, and features an interview with Janis Joplin and Big Brother & The Holding Co. , plus news on The Doors, a review of The Seeds, and a full page ad "A Prophecy Of A Declaration Of Independence" for the "Love-Pageant" rally in the Haight-Ashbury (a psychedelic celebration held on Oct. 6 to coincide with the outlawing of LSD, and incl. Big Brother, the Dead, and Ken Kesey with his Prankster bus). - No. 9, October 17, is six sheets, and features a Jim Kweskin interview, Dootone Records, new, events, and an original Stanley Mouse handbill announcing The Daily Flash with Country Joe & The Fish at the Avalon, stapled in as last page.(scarcer yellow and grey colour variant). Mick Jagger photo front cover. 3pp. Jim Kweskin interview; Dootone Records; news, reviews, gossip, events. - No. 10, November 8, is nine sheets plus a printed photo cover. It incorporates an two colour Tom Weller handbill for Country Joe & The Fish at the Jabberworck, and a two colour Steve Renick-designed handbill for the 13th Floor Elevators and Moby Grape at the Avalon, and a photo of Jerry Garcia. Also featured was an interview with The Mystery Trend, and news of Bill Graham banning Mojo-Navigator editor Dave Harris from The Fillmore.terming the paper "a rag" and screaming "I'm not mad, you are beneath my anger"; full-page Stanley Mouse ad. for Big Brother & The Holding Co.'s first single on Mainstream Records; Jerry Garcia photo; record reviews - No. 11, November 22, is seven sheets and has part two of The Mystery Trend interview, and an interview with Country Joe & The Fish, who are also on the cover, plus a two colour Tom Weller-designed handbill for the band's upcoming show at the Jabberworck. As well, a photo of Bob Weir, and an Victor Moscoso-designed handill for Country Joe & The Fish, Bug Brother & The Holding Co, and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon, plus letters about the riot on Sunset Strip,the police heavy handedness, and the differences between the scenes in LA and SF. Correspondence between Bill Graham and Chet Helms; photo of Bob Weir - No. 12, December 22, is eight sheets, with a printed photo cover of Ed Saunders, incorporating two Victor Moscoso-designed colour handbills, with The Grateful Dead and Moby Grape at he Avalon, and Country Joe & The Fish at the California Hall. Featured ar ethe conclusions of the Country Joe & The Fish and The Mystery Trends interviews, and the article "The British Blues Scene" by David Harris. -No. 13, April 1967, is 30 page, black and white printed with cover photo of James Gurley from Big Brother & The Holding Co. Featured is a Blues Magoos interview, reviews by Greg Shaw and Gene Sculatti, editorial on the ris of new rock criticism, Mike Daly on Phil Spector, Rick Griffin psychedelic artwork, incorporating a photo by Gene Anthony of The Grateful Dead. - - No. 14, August 1967, is 38 pages, with cover photo of Jimi Hendrix, and an interview with The Doors, coverage of the Monterey festival, article of Eric Clapton, record reviews, news, and a Tom Weller designed psychedelic ad for Country Joe & The Fish. ADDED MATERIAL: 1) an original multi-coloured psychedelic drawing entitled "The Mojo Navigator" (27.5x21.5cm.), uncredited but probably by the magazine's artist, Geoff Evans (who hand-drew similar artwork on denim jackets worn by the editors); 2) a small card with a hand-drawn design by Greg Shaw in purple and green, possibly an early idea for the magazine's logo, stamped with his San Bruno address (thus pre-dating the first issue); 3) an early Mojo-Navigator flyer, featuring a b/w cartoon (Crime/Justice 4) a vintage 10x8 b/w photo of Brian Jones onstage in Cincinnati, 1965, sporting the look that Greg Shaw sought successfully to emulate (caption to verso written out in Shaw's hand).



Jugendeigene Zeitschrift (later: Kalligrammatische & Logografische Literaturrevue).

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Itzehoe, Berlin, 1960-1965. 8vo; original self-wrappers.In box with perspex see-through front.

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Concrete poetry and art periodical published and edited by the brothers Rolf-Gunter and Klaus-Peter Dienst. Heavily influenced by The Beat poets. Nicely produced, from no 4 onw. most numbers printed in two colours. With firstprints and texts by Franz Mon, OM (Martino Oberto), Burroughs (with Cut-Ups, in numbers 5, 6, 7) , H. Arp, E. Borchers, Raoul Hausmann, Bryan Gysin, H. Jandl, G. Luca, D. Wellershof, J. Cocteau (back cover of no. 7 has a full page drawing specially made for Rhinozeros). Number 8 is special issue 'Jean Dubuffet'. Also contributions by Lawrence Durrell, Robert Creeley, Renate Gerhardt, Antonis Risos, Gunter Grass, Katja Hajek, Anselm Hollo, Klaus Roehler, Dieter Hulsmanns, Reuven Wasserman, Herschel Silverman, Herman Jandl, Dieter Wellershoff, Carl Werner, Eva Van Hoboken, Jurgen Ploog, Arno Reinfrank, and Karl Roehler.


SEMINA (Berman, Wallace)

Number 2. Los Angeles [and Jackson Street, San Francisco]: Wallace Berman / Stone Brothers Printing, 1957. Slim octavo; brown sheets, with variously-sized hand-printed papers tipped-in, saddle-stapled into cardboard covers with printed sheet applied to front wrapper; [28pp]; illus. Light wear along spine fold and extremities, faint stress creasing at right edge of rear wrapper, occasional light offsetting from applied papers onto each other, with author's statement lacking from rear panel, but supplied in facsimile.

EUR 4,500.00

► detailed description

Second issue of the most fundamental and groundbreaking periodical in American art and literature of the post-war period, in particular Beat and Underground. It was published as an assemblage and distributed by the visual artist Wallace Berman (1926-1976). Its circulation never exceeded a few hundred copies, it was not for sale but sent to an inner circle of writers and artists which Berman considered his friends and the reflection of his personal identity. 'Semina was a cult magazine' (Robert Duncan); "the magazine depicts the emerging subculture's aesthetics and its values" (Rebecca Solnit). It was thus at the same time an early example of 'mail-art'. Berman himself contributed under the pseudonym Pantale Xantos. Contains: "The bead game" by Hermann Hesse, "Patience" by Paul Eluard, "Poem for Alice" by Jack Anderson, a poem by Mike McClure, a drawing by Jean Cocteau, a poem by Zack Walsh, "Incompatible" by Eric Cashen, a poem and, two photographs by Wallace Berman, "Its Living Now" by J.B. May, "Tomb Of A Cursed Poet" by Charles Baudelaire, "Does a ghost have thighs" by Judson Crews, "Poem" by John Reed, a photograph by Walter Hopps, "From "Cain's Book" 1957" by Alexander Trocchi, "Mine" by Charles Bukowski, a poem by Peder Carr, a drawing by J. Altoon (signed on verso), "Circus" by Marcia Jacobs, a poem by Lynn Trocchi, "Incident" by Idell T. Romero, a photo-composition ("night and day") by Lewis Carroll, a poem by David Meltzer, a poem by Marion Grogan, "The Sylph" by Paul Valery, "Excerpt from work in progress:" by Cameron, "His road" by Rabindranath Tagore, "Art is love is God" by Wallace Berman, "handset with miscellaneous available type & papers". Pasted onto back cover is a facsimile (replacing the missing original) of the manifesto, dated Los Angeles, Dec. 1957, by Wallace Berman on his arrest and conviction and the confiscation of Semina no. 1 because it "displayed lewd matter" in an exhibition at the Ferus Art Gallery. "I will continue to print Semina from locations other than this city of degenerate angels. "


SEMINA (Berman, Wallace)

Number 6. "The Clown: A Poem" by David Meltzer. 335 copies printed. 14 un -numbered sheets,14,5x12 cm, handprinted in black and red on off-white stock, loose in interior pocket, inside white photostock front and back cover, Cover photo(s): Wallace Berman (5 round b/w photo-fragments). Larkspur,Calif.1960. Cover in good condition, very small stain in right margin, small bump in right bottom corner and lower spine lightly loosening,split of ab.3 cm. . On back cover in red: Art is Love is God. Inside front cover a stamp in purple of the American flag.

EUR 8,000.00

► detailed description

Complete copy of the sixth issue of Berman's iconic assemblage zine, dedicated entirely to David Meltzer's 13-part poem "The Clown." Berman illustrated the title leaf and designed the photographic collage on the cover of the portfolio, featuring four images of his Larkspur landlady and Sausalito gallery owner Phyllis surrounding an image of the Semina Gallery.



An occasional magazine of the new poetries.

Nos. 1, 2/3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8/10 (all published)., ALL (except no 1) in DE-LUXE EDITION OF 12 to15 COPIES (total edition was ab. 500). Kersey, 'Church Steps', Spring 1969 - 1982. Original (partly illustrated) wrappers (8vo, expanding to 4to). With the record to number 8/10. Added: 2 letters from the editor (laid into no. 1).

EUR 10,000.00

► detailed description

- No. 1: (24 pages + wrapper). With contributions by Stephen Bann, Thomas A.Clark, Dick Higgins, Anselm Hollo, Robert Lax, Edwin Morgan, B.P.Nichol, Jiri Valoch, Charles Verey, Pedro Xisto, Nicholas Zurbrugg- - No.2 & 3.Spring 1970. The new french poetries-The death of concrete. In-8 [14,5 X 23 cm.] [36] pages and 2 horstexts (incl. cover) signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg. One of 12 copies on handmade paper, this Number 3. Wiith 2 original poems, signed and numbered by Henri Chopin and one by Edwin Morgan.mprimés sur “hand made paper” - No.4. Spring, 1971. The poetry of sound/The sound of poetry In-8 [15,5 X 25 cm.] [36] pages and 1 horstexte. Signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg on wrapper. One of 15 copies on hand made paper” with a signed and numbered serigraphy by Raoul Hausmann. Copy No.2. -No. 5. Winter 1971.The next visuel & photo poetries of Japan In-8 [19,5 X 26 cm.] [36] pages and 3 hors-textes. Cover illustrated by Okasaki Katsuhiko, signed and numbered on back cover by Nicholas Zurbrugg. -One of 15 copies printed on “hand made paper” including a reversible work by Dom Sylvester Houedard, a poem by Ernst Jandl, a lihographs by Maurizio Nannucci, signed and numbered by the artists. This copy No.7. -No. 6. Summer 1974. The treated text In-8 [20X 27 cm.] [70] pages and 3 horstextes. Cover illustrated by a metro ticket picked-up by Gérard Vargas, glued to the front cover. Cover signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg. One of 15 copies on “hand made paper” with a reversible artwork, embroidery by Lourdes Castro of plexiglass, a serigraphy by Hans Richter, a poem by Edgardo Antonio Vigo, signed and numbered by the artists.Copy No.12. -No. 7. Spring 1976 In-8 [18,7 X 25,5 cm.] [56] pages and 3 orig horstextes (incl. cover) Cover illustrated by a photopoem by Kitasono Katué, signed and numbered by Nicholas Zurbrugg on the cover. This one of 15 copies on handmade paper imprimés sur “hand made paper” containing a photo poem in colour by Kitasono Katué, a handwritten poem by Robert Lax, a serigraphy by John Furnival. Signed and numbered by the artists. This copy No.1. -no 8/10 in the DE-LUXE EDITION Numbered 2/15 on special paper, signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg and a signed cut-out color photograph of Lourdes Castro, a signed Humument etching by Tom Phillips and a signed silkscreen print by Barry McCallion.



THIS IS TOMORROW! The Whitechapel Art Gallery, August 9 - September 9, 1956. First edition, first impression. Original ring bound wrappers, titles to front cover in brown and white.17 x 17cm unpaginated spiral bound wrappers. First edition of 1300 copies by Print Partners. Very light creasing with a hint of moist waving to front and back covers, the ring binding perfect condition,and altogether an excellent copy of this fragile production. Catalogue issued to coincide with the EXHIBITION! Section 2 contains Hamilton's iconic picture "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? "

EUR 1,800.00

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Theo Crosby was the driving force behind this landmark exhibition catalogue, devoted to the possibilities of collaboration between architects, painters and sculptors including William Turnbull, Richard Hamilton, Eduardo Paolozzi, The Smithsons, James Stirling and others. Introduction by Lawrence Alloway, Reyner Banham and David Lewis. There was no curator as such. Bryan Robertson was Director of the Witechapel at the time. The organisers allotted gallery space to twelve groups of three to four architects, artists, designers and theorists, to collaborate, asking each group to produce work on the theme of modern life. This iconic show pre-empting the emergence of Pop Art. List of participants in This is Tomorrow: Group 1: Theo Crosby, William Turnbull, Germano Facetti, Edward Wright. Group 2: Richard Hamilton, John McHale, John Voelcker. Group 3: J.D.H. Catleugh, James Hull, Leslie Thornton. Group 4: Anthony Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Emilio Scanavino. Group 5: John Ernest, Anthony Hill, Denis Williams. Group 6: Eduardo Paolozzi, Alison and Peter Smithson, Nigel Henderson. Group 7: Victor Pasmore, Erno Goldfinger, Helen Phillips. Group 8 : James Stirling, Michael Pine, Richard Matthews. Group 9: Mary Martin, John Weeks, Kenneth Martin. Group 10: Robert Adams, Frank Newby, Peter Carter, Colin St.John



PC PETIT CEINTURE (CITYRAMA 2)) (bus happening). 20 Boulevards in Paris on 3 July, 1962. "autobusplan als partitur". Anouncement, 13 x 24 cm, printed recto, verso blank for mailing and address (this copy has been through te mail, with postmark and address). Ref. and reproduced in Happening&Fluxus Koeln,1970

EUR 800.00

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Addressed by Vostell to a friend and postmarked Paris, 1 July, 1962. Printed one side w. bus plan and text in French, English and German. Vostell vous invite mardi le 3 jullet à Paris de vivre un "Happening". Prenez l'autobus n'importe quelle, heures- de la ligne PC…. Allez autour de Paris. Faites attention aux circonstances acoustiques et optiques simultanée, bruits, crism vois, murs d'affiche…etc. / Invites you to a Happening "Take a bus of the PC line on 3 July 1962 and drive around in Paris. Keep a look out for the acustic(al) and the optical impressions. Noise, voices, walls, placards (billboards) torn down - decollage, debris, ruins etc./ ladet Sie ein Dienstag den 3. Juli--etc.