Dagblad ter verbreiding van het wantrouwen.

Year 1 no. 1 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1954. 4to; unbd.; l. folio.(Printed on newsprint, margins worn and small tears; dogeared and browned; last page torn, but replaced by an intact one). Quite rare.

EUR 300.00

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The only issue published of this one-time publication of the generation of the fifties in The Netherlands, with contribs. by Hugo Claus, W.F. Hermans, J.B. Charles, Annie M.G. Schmidt, Viruly, Blokker, F. v.d. Molen, Remco Campert, and of particular interest for the illustrations by Lucebert, Boost, Muller, Fiep Westendorp, etc.



- Amsterdam Balloon Company: 12 page glossy program,, fully illustrated, outlining the aims and background of the Balkloon Company, "Freiraum/Free Space-Espace Libre", the baginning of Ruigoord. -PSI: Journal, magazine for the good new times; 40 pages, in glossy wrappers, fuklly illustrated (no date). - A.B.G. Reizen. 18 pp. Stencilled pamphlet, sewn in the spine,. Together with: -Amsterdams Ballon Gezelschap; Ballon Courant 1e jaargang nr. 1, de Volle Maan, 1979 72 pp. + covers, glued in the spine; mnimeigraphed. Together with: - Reisverslagen (Travel accounts of the Ballon Company): together 4 volumes , one 1/2ouble and nos 3,4,5. , together with - De Keerkring,77; 72 pages, spine-cglued in illustrated wrappers. (Interesting survey of new thibnking and creative living, Nicolaas Kroese,Grootveld,Hillenius, etc.).

EUR 600.00

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Interesting ensemble of Post-Provo developments: -The program has numerous photographs and poublished the program: ""…rooted in a long tradition of happenings by various groups from the magican cantre Amsterdam.From the tumultuous days of Provo onward a liberation of the mind and nature has been spread in words and deeds: Deskundologisch Laboratorium, Insktensekte, C omitee 2000, Bohemin Mystery school…"; Together with the magazine PSI- - The stencilled pamphlet announces the projected travel by balloon of a select group of travllers, the "Amsterdam Ballon Association", and prints with photographs and addresses the partcipiation fee receipts (varying from 10 to 25 guilders): a.o. Johannes van Dam, Hennie van der Louw, de familie Veldhoen, Hillenius, Louis Kley, Michel Stoopman,



Geïllustreerd tijdschrift. Edited by Martin Bril, Edzard Dideric, Rob Scholte, Dirk van Weelden.

Nos. 1-2 (all published). Amsterdam (Eigen Beheer), June-November 1983. 4to, 159; 180 pp; illustrated. With designed covers: Cover of No. 1 is a handcoloured etching by ROB SCHOLTE; cover of No. 2 handmade by Pieter Bijwaard.

EUR 1,200.00

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Dutch artist periodical printed in 100 copies, much searched after for Rob Scholte's cover; interior printed in photocopy with b/w illustrations. Apart from the editors contributions by Rob Schouten, Aldert Mantje, Nartin Bril, René Daniels,Walter Carpaij, Maarten Ploeg a.o. Added a stencilled prospectus.



-No. 1 (Artholes/The Clash), 16 pages, mimeographed, colour added. Amsterdam, Artholes/Mecano Productions. September 1977; 29,5x21 cm. (small price sticker remainder) -No. 2. (Generation Rrock & Roll Issue). 16 pages, mimeographed, colour added. Amsterdam, Artholes/Mecano Productions. December 1977. 1977; 29,5x21 cm. (small price sticker). Front pages torn, in bad condition. remainder) - No. 3 (Artholes, Music in Motion). 16 pages. Amsterdam, Artholes/Mecano Productions.March 1978 Offset printing (silkscreened?)from typewritten text and photographs. 34,5x24,5 cm., sidestapled.Right upper corner has very light damage. Frontpage colour added.

EUR 600.00

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Arty Punk/New Wave magazine, made by Maryan van Tilborg & Humb van Vroonhove. (Subway Sect/ Wire/ Siouxie and the Banhees/ Buzzcocks/Slits/The Fall/penetration/Talkin Reads, a.o.)



Tijdschrift voor hedendaagse kunsten.

Vol. 1 nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Antwerpen, Jan. 1968-Januari 1969. (Also Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 no 1, all publ.). Original wrappers; 4to; illustrated. Very good comple

EUR 400.00

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Flemish periodical for modern art and poetry, issues of 72 pp., with ills. Edited by Werner Spillemaeckers; lay-out: Jan Prinsen; contribs. incl.: Freddy de Vree, Hubert Decleer, Buckinx, du Plessis, W. Jensma, H.-F. Jespers, Ben Klein, Phil Mertens, Filip Tas, R. Witse, Patrick Conrad, Bob de Nijs. The first issue incl. a composition in colour (orig. graphic supplement by G. Vandenbranden)



Years 1-(27). Amsterdam, Geillustreerde Pers, 1965-1992. Folio; a set in the original pictorial wrappers, unbound. Very good condition.

EUR 4,000.00

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The trend-setting monthly in this period in The Netherlands. Fashion, interior decoration, art, design, literature and literary criticism, etc.; contributions by the leading contemporary Dutch authors and artists; particularly important for the photographic ills. by photographers like Ed v.d. Elsken, Paul Huf, Boudewijn Neuteboom, Oscar van Alphen, Kees Scherer, Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Bart van Leeuwen. Other contribs. include J.H. Donner, Hugo Claus, Jan Cremer, Mulisch, Hermans, v.h. Reeve, Renate Rubinstein, Annie M.G. Schmidt, Cees Nooteboom, Wim Hora Adema, Dimitri Frenkel Frank, Harriet Freezer, Wim de Bie, Bert Voeten, Bertus Aafjes, A. de Swaan, etc. (Publication went on till 1995, when the magazine folded; our set lacks the May issue of 1992 only).



Year 1 nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Bussum / Antwerpen, 1928. Original wrappers, unbd. (Cover of no 2 with light staining; blank back cover of no 3 torn).

EUR 500.00

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From an edition limited to 200 copies; edited by Paul van Ostayen, G. Burssens, W.N. Dinger, contribs. by Du Perron, Marsman, etc.; ills. by A.C. Willink, C. Roelofsz, K. Postma, G. Burssens (portrait of van Ostayen). The last part contains 'In Memoriam P. van Ostayen' by Burssens, and includes unpublished work by van Ostayen.



Onafhankelijk Weekblad voor Socialistische Politiek en Cultuur.

Year 1 nos. 1-25 (all); Year 2 nos. 1-38 (all and last publ.). Amsterdam, 30.6.1945 - 21.9.1946. Tabloïd format, original issues, in cloth slipcase, gilt title on spine. Some light foxing.

EUR 500.00

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One of the foremost progressive political, literary and cultural weeklies after the war, directed by G.A. van Oorschot, edited by Albert Helman, J. de Kadt, Arthur Staal, L.J. Zimmerman, Max Nord, W. Romijn. Politico-satirical drawings by Melle, Voskuil, Frits. Contribs. by: S. Carmiggelt, J.C. Bloem, Cola Debrot, Jo Boer, H. van Galen Last, H.A. Gomperts, Jac. van Hattum, W.F. Hermans, G.W. Huygens, E. van Moerkerken, Adriaan Morriën, R. Nieuwenhuis, L.B. Spanjer, S. Tal, J.A. den Uyl, Charles B. Timmer, S. Vestdijk, Bep Vuyk, Ad. v. d. Veen, etc., etc.



Tijdschrift voor teksten.

Nos. 1-91 (all published, nos-1-87 of the first series and nos 88-91 published later, see below)..Amsterdam, 1958-1971 and 1989-1999/2019.. Original wrappers; tall narrow folio (no. 1, 8vo.); till no 35 stencilled. (Only no. 9 is lacking but is supplied in photocopy). No. 75 is the record by Jan Hanlo. All in original first edition and in good condition (except some damage on lower part of front-cover of no. 7) ADDITIONS: nr. 47B (= Gemeen Goed Uitgave nummer 3, december 1976; a small portfolio) - Barbarber 1968: Vouwblad met 3 gedichten. Folded sheet. Edited, numbered, and signed by the three poets: J.Bernlef, G.Brands, K. Schippers, in only 50 copies. - Numbers 88 and 89 (Published 19 years later) Barbarber 88. Oude kuk Reinold Kuipers: c'est notre père. (Amst.), J. Bernlef, G. Brands and K. Schippers, "26 augustus 1989", (4)p., linocut by P.Y. DE VRIES, printed by Ser J.L. Prop in 75 copies, orig. wr., sm. folio. = "Deze uitgave is gemaakt voor Reinold Kuipers, ter gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzeventigste verjaardag (...) Barbarber 89. (Amst.), Barbarber, 1990, bottle of wine (Côtes du Ventoux, Domaine la Reynarde 1988) w. printed colophon label on the back. - Sm. scratch on front label. = Very rare, unopened bottle. "Barbarber 89 verschijnt in een oplage van 144 exemplaren in februari 1990. Elk nummer is door de redactie gesigneerd." Signed by J. BERNLEF, G. BRANDS and K. SCHIPPERS. PLUS: Together with No. 90 (Barbarber Alfabet). Amsterdam, Em.Querido,1990. 3975 pages, bound,with orig.wrapper: by J.Bernlef, G.Brands and K. Schippers; -No. 91. Barbarbar DVD. 1991. and extra edition: BBB-Extra Zending. Published by Demian at the occasion of the exhibition in Antwerp 2018/2019.

EUR 5,000.00

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Edited by J. Bernlef, G. Brands and K. Schippers. Extremely rare complete set (initially from an edition of 100 copies only) of one of the most influential periodicals of literary avant-garde and innovation in The Netherlands, following and continuing the Generation of the Fifties. Experimental and concrete poetry, ready-mades, by o.a. Buddingh, van Geel, Jan Hanlo, Jos Ruting, T.M.F. Steen, Campert, M. Stigter, Bert Voeten, E. Warries, a.o.



Tijdschrift voor Kunst, Kunsttheorie en Kunstgeschiedenis.

Nos. 1-5. Amsterdam, 1984-1985. Original wrappers, first number in reprint-ed., 4to.

EUR 150.00

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Journal for Art, Art Theory & Art History, publ. by students of the Institute of Art History at the Univ. of Amsterdam. Contribs. by Willemijn Stokvis, Gert Meyerink, Jan Kassies, Rudi Fuchs, Judith Belinfante, Edy de Wilde. Publication went on till 1989.



Blad van EVA

Year 1 nos 1-5 (complete).Amsterdam, 1988- May 1989. 35x28 cm, 36 pages each. Discoloration of front and back cover of number 2, number 5 has some folds in the upper right front cover corner.

EUR 1,000.00

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Feminist Erotic photomagazine. Editor: Leonie Geefkens. Contributions by WILLEM DE RIDDER (lay-out), Frederice van Faassen, Peter Giele, Yvonne Kroonenberg, Ellen Schippers, Rob Scholte, Arno Hintjes, Hans van Maanen, Simon Vinkenoog, Joost Zwagerman, Loes Luca, and many more. .



Tweemaandelijkse uitgave.

Year 1 nos. 1-6 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1969-1970. Original wrappers, tall small 4to, 20 x 33 cm. (No. 1 with light damage to upper part of the spine, otherwise a very good, near fine set).

EUR 800.00

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Edited by Remco Campert, Geertjan Lubberhuizen & Rudy Koopmans. Contribs.: W.F. Hermans, H. Claus, H. Verhagen, Willem (B.Holtrop), W. van Malsen, Elsa Botenbauwer, B. van Garrel, S. Vinkenoog, J.B. Charles, Jerzy Kosinski, Ischa Meijer, etc.; photos by Ed v.d. Elsken (most covers and inside several nude pictures), Posthuma de Boer, P. de Lussanet, a.o.



Agenda van: Theater, Muziek, Literatuur, Film, Exposities, Akties, Horeca, Sport, Radio, TV.

Nos. 1-8 (all publ.). Amsterdam, sept-oct./nov. 1980. Original wrappers., together with the rar Zero number: No.0, 3/9 april 1980.

EUR 400.00

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Trendsetting magazine., important for the design by Anthon Beeke. Edited by Jantien Anderiesen, Martijn Kleywegt, a.o.



Nos. 1 and 2 (all published). Amsterdam, 1988/89. 20x13cm., orig.wrappers, unpaginated.

EUR 250.00

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Edited by Paul Groot & Gerald van der Kaap. Offset. Contributors: the editors, with Peter Klashorst, H. Gorter, M. Kremer and others. Design/layout: Linda van Deursen, Armand Mevis.



Onregelmatig verschijnend tijdschrift onder red. van Simon Vinkenoog.

Nos. 1-8 (all publ.). Paris, (June) 1950 - (June) 1951. In original parts (selfwrappers) as published; illustrated. Limited ed. of ab. 200 copies per number. (In good condition, slight browning and closed marginal tears to nos.1 and 8; no. 6 with handwritten ownership name in ink in the right upper corner). A nice set of this mimeographed periodical. Added: broadside prospectus, signed by Ad den Besten (stencilled, inserted in no 6).

EUR 2,200.00

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One of the important periodicals of the generation of the Fifties in the Netherlands; edited and with contributions by Simon Vinkenoog (sole author for nos. 1-3), Hans Andreus, Lodeizen, Remco Campert, Jan Hanlo, Paul Rodenko, Hugo Claus, W.F. Hermans, Ad den Besten, etc.; with ills. by Russell Sully (in no. 1), Jaap Nanninga, Paul Rodenko, Corneille (in no 5,"pour Hugo Claus" and the cover of no. 8), Simon Vinkenoog. The added prospectus is solliciting subscribers for the De Windroos Series ("Aan de lezers van Blurb""; uitgeversmmaatschappij Holland), signed by Ad den Besten.One of the important periodicals of the generation of the Fifties in the Netherlands; edited and with contributions by Simon Vinkenoog (sole author for nos. 1-3), Hans Andreus, Lodeizen, Remco Campert, Jan Hanlo, Paul Rodenko, Hugo Claus, W.F. Hermans, Ad den Besten, etc.; with ills. by Russell Sully (in no. 1), Jaap Nanninga (in no 2), Paul Rodenko, Corneille (in no 5 and the cover of no. 8), Simon Vinkenoog. The added prospectus is solliciting subscribers for the De Windroos Series ("Aan de lezers van Blurb""; uitgeversmmaatschappij Holland), signed by Ad den Besten.



Maandelijks Cahier voor proza, poëzie en critiek.

The complete series vols. 1-7 with all variants in deluxe red cloth box with black title piece by Bindery Phoenix. Braak. Amsterdam, 1950-1951. 4to. Original stapled pictorial wrappers. With text illustrations. The collection consists of: Vol. 1, numbered in pen and dated mei (stamp) 1950, p. 1-24 Vol. 2, numbered and dated in pen 'Juni' 1950, p. 25-48 Vol. 3, with cover illustration by Lucebert; Vol. 3 variant with cover illustration by Karel Appel (executed by Rudy Kousbroek!), numbered and dated in pen 'Juli' 1950, p. 49-76; with handcolouring by Lucebert on p. 53/55/56/57/58/62/65/66/67/68/69/70/73/76 and in both copies corrections by hand on p. 51; with separate proof of the cover of the edition by Appel printed on white paper from the collection of Bert Schierbeek Vol. 4 variant with cover illustration by Lucebert, and autograph addition 'ter recensie' (upper right) plus an uncut copy with the same cover. In these copies p. 80 and 101 have been swapped and printed upside down Vol. 5, p. 105-136, printed in black, green and red, with cover illustration by Lucebert; Vol. 5 variant with cover illustration by Karl-Otto Götz Vol. 6, p. 137-164, with cover illustration by Oscar Scheffel [= Lucebert]; Vol. 6 uncut variant with cover illustration by Hein Boekenoogen (printed in red) Vol. 7, p. 165-184, uncut, with cover illustration by Nico Lijsen. Finger-soiled and some staining, but overall in very good condition.

EUR 6,000.00

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CAMPERT, Remco (Dutch 1929); H.R. KOUSBROEK (Dutch 1929 - 2010) (red.). Very rare and complete set of this scarce periodical, one of the most elusive of the fifties. Literature: Hans Renders. Braak. Een kleine mooie revolutie tussen Cobra en Atonaal Provenance: Collection Gert Jan Hemmink, Amstelveen; Collection K. Lekkerkerker, Amsterdam Notes: With typed and signed postcard by Remco Campert to K. Lekkerkerker, dated Amsterdam 1 juni 1960 concerning the poem 'Gontrand' and about the address of his great-aunt Lucie Snoeck-Broedelet, with autograph card with the envelope from Lucie Snoeck-Broedelet to Lekkerkerker, dated 3 juni '60. Added: Hans Renders. Een kleine mooie revolutie tussen Cobra en Atonaal.



Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes.

Nos. 2-8 (=all published, no. 7 never appeared and No. 1 was a stencilled pamphlet of 2 pages only). Amsterdam (selfpublished), stencilled and stapled (Nos. 2 and 4 with handmade covers). Size: 28x22 cm, except nos. 4 and 6 which are smaller, 22x13,5 cm. No. 8 is stencilled, list of publications. Together with: Numéro hors-série. Décembre 1966, 312 pp.: Lautréamont in Nederland, by Her de Vries (stencilled, green covers, stapled (more or less replacing unpublished No. 7) Then continued as: (Series 2) Nouvelle série: Nos. 1-8 (last publ.). Stencilled sheets, stapled within printed illustrated white boards (except No. 1 which has beige covers imprinted "Courant de Force!!"). Size: 27,5x21,5 cm. All in good condition (no. 7 upper side of frontcover sunned, very light soilage to others). With a signed copy of the text for the opening of the exhibition "Surrealistische Onmoetingen"in Leiden, 1961 (no. 21 of 25 published); a special issue being "De Witte Schelp", maart 1977, for the Exhibition in Galerie Bouma, Amsterdam (Rik Lina, Raúl Perez, Cruzeiro Seixas, Philip West), a (slightly stained) copy of "Op Engelvoeten, à Pas de loup", Eds/Surréalistes Brumes Blondes, 1975 (this would be the unnumbered no. 9 of the journal), and some stencilled pamphlets (detailed below).

EUR 1,800.00

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Artist periodical, and the only surrealist periodical published in The Netherlands, edited by Her de Vries and Laurens van Krevelen (Laurens Vancrevel). Published by their "Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes" in very small editions (the early issues only in 50 copies). No. 2 with the enclosure Realiteiten in Neder/Hol/land 2. 8 pp. No.6 entitled Afgekloven Opperhoofden, is a polemic against Podium, in particular against Camille Houckaert (= W.F. Hermans) and Remco Campert. No. 8 is the list of publications of the Bureau; Contributions by the editors, Raymond Soriano, Peter Berger, Karel Sebek, Leo Garet, Mario Botas, Georges Gronier, Ted Joans, Arnost Budík (La deuxième "Renaissance Surréaliste " en Tchecoslovaquie), a.o. Illustrations by Paul Louwers, J.H. Moesman, Kristians Tonny, Schlechter Duvall, Rik Lina & Jan. G. Elburg. Wolfgang Cordan, Edouard Jaguer, Jan Elburg, Octavio Paz, a.o. Front-covers by E.F. Granell, Philip West a.o. The added pamphlets are: "Toute und Vie" in French and in Dutch, rememberance to Breton, 28 sept.1966; De Wederopstanding van King Kong, Surreële paasboodschap 1968 (signed by the Surrealistische Groep in Nederland); Le Surréalisme d'abord et toujours"(avril 1969) Onze ogen leven in het wild"(juni 1969). Complete sets are quite rare.



Uigave van de stichting bzztôh (teater_)

Nos. 1-291 (=last published). Den Haag, 12 Sept.1972 -2004. Orig.wrappers; 4to and 8vo. (without #184,185,285)

EUR 2,000.00

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Important progressive literary critical magazine, emphasizing on literature and authors in The Netherlands, but also much attention for world literature. Edited by Johan Diepstraten and Phil Muysson. The early issues are mimeographed and extremely rare, produced in Voorburg and Scheveningen. Contributors in the beginning: Jacques Hamelink, Remco Campert, Louis Paul Boon, Drs.P., Charles Timmer, Simon Vinkenoog, Marten Toonder, Bert Schierbeek, Carmiggelt, Bert Bakker, Harry Mulisch, Biesheuvel, Matga Minco, Gerar Reve, Mensje van Keulen, Theun de Vries, Hans Plomp,Wim Hazeu,Lucebert, etc. Prose, poetry, essays, biographical information, interviews, etc.; many thematic issues. The first issues are almost unfindable, a long set is very scarce.



Périodique littéraire et artistique d'avant-garde.

No. 1-3 (all publ.). Antwerp, April 1950 - Feb. 1951. Limited edition of 250. Original wrappers; light stain on fromntcover of no 1, otherwise in very good condition. Rare.

EUR 400.00

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With contributions by Paul van Ostaijen (translated into French), Paul Joostens, Ray van Goethem, Gova, Etienne Schoonhoven, Gust Gils,Philippe Marsault, a.o. Illustrations by Herman Denkens, Roger Kort, Roger Thijs, Jan Vaerten, Paul Joostens, Ray Gilles, Gust Gils, Pol Mara, Emile Panzer,and others.



Geillustreerd Maandblad voor Vrienden van de Fransche Letteren.

Year 1 nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Paris (av. du Chatillon), 15 décembre 1938-2 mai 1939. Tabloïd size, unbound; with illustrations (paper a bit stained; wear on folds and some marginal tears neatly repaired). Kept in cloth portfolio.

EUR 300.00

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Published in Paris and edited by Jacques Gans, with contribs. in French by J.P. Toulet, A. Breton, Fr. Mauriac, Alain Fournier, V. Larbaud, A. Gide (on Eugene Dabit), Louis Gerin (on Paul Léautaud), J.F. Le Jars; translations from French originals by prominent Dutch authors (Baudelaire by A. Morriën), Menno ter Braak, J. Engelman, J. Greshoff, H. Marsman, V. van Vriesland, etc.; the first issue opens with a long article on G. Apollinaire by Gans. Scarce.



Algemeen Sociaal-Cultureel Maandblad voor de Nederlandse Antillen.

Years 1-2 (all publ.). Willemstad Curaçao, 1955-1956/57. Boards; original decorated wrappers preserved.

EUR 270.00

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Dedicated to literature, culture, sociology, etc. of the Dutch Antilles. On all covers woodcut- or lino-cut ills. by P. Erkelens. Contribs.: O. Beaujou, J.W. Ellis, M. Gualbert, H. Hermans, H. Hoetink, C. & R. Römer, etc. First yr. 12 issues, second yr. 8 issues.



Nos. 1-10 (all published). Amsterdam, 1983-1989. In the original illustrated wrappers, (with small burnhole to front cover of no. 2). 4to. (limited edition between 250/450 copies), Rare complete set with the original plates.

EUR 3,500.00

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Edited by Waling Boers, Martin van Vreden, Dirk van Weelden. Together with original serigraphies, some folding out, included in the issues, some unfolded. No. 1: folding screenprint b/w by Frank van den Broek (monogr.FB83) No. 2: screenprint in colour by Peer Veneman (monogr. PV 84),and photocopy by Rob van Koningsbruggen (RvK 84) No. 3: folding screenprint Martin van Vreden, and folding colour copy by Günther Forg (e.a.Forg,985) No. 4: folding screenprint, b/w, by Rob Scholte, entitled "Olympia", but title changed by the artist in "Utopia", signed Rob Scholte 1985 No. 5: screenprint in colour by René Daniels (monogr. RD 86) No. 6: screenprint in colour by Han Schuil, and folded poster by K.Michel. No. 7: screenprint b/w, signed by Jiri Dokoupil; No. 8: folding screenprint b/w, signed, by Ton van Summeren (+1 extra, not folded) No. 9: has no art supplement (which only appeared in a de-luxe version, by Peter Schuyff) No. 10: no art supplement was published.



Litterair Cultureel Maandblad voor Jongeren.

Years 1-2 no 4/5 (all publ.). Leiden/The Hague/Amsterdam, Oct.1945-Jan./Feb. 1947. Original wrappers, with 2 leaflets.

EUR 200.00

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Literary monthly of the post-war generation of the Netherlands, continuing several illegally published periodicals, e.g. Parade der Profeten, Maecenas, 't Spuigat; lateron merged into 'Podium'; ed. by Ad den Besten, W.K. van Loon, J. Praas, P. Rodenko, H.v. Straten, P. van 't Veer, Jan Vermeulen; contribs, include Achterberg, Warren, v.d. Graft, Kouwenaar, etc.



Veertiendaags Orgaan voor Nieuw Nuchter Nederland.

Nos. 1-13 (most probably all published, but lacking no. 4). Rotterdam, Postbox 359, 15 Juni 1945 - 3 Januari 1946. First 2 nos. mimeographed, 12 & 14 pp. Each, 4to, then in newspaper print of 4 pp. each, with lettering in colour (red & green).Tabloïd format. Illustrated.

EUR 650.00

► detailed description

Satirical fortnightly published immediately after the liberation of the Netherlands, in a lay-out inspired by DE GIL. Also its subtitle refers clearly to this pseudo-satirical tabloïd. Unsigned contributions, or with initials. With thematic issues : Annexatie-Nummer (Nederland tot aan de Oeral !!), Zuiveringsnummer, Sexualiteitsnummer, Sinterklaasnummer (Franco Gijzelt Beroepssinterklazen), Oud-Nieuw -Nummer (Alle N.S.B.-ers naar Suriname !).. First eight numbers entitled: CRITERIUM. Slightly browned, with tears at the foldings, but on the whole in good condition.



Tweetalig tijdschrift voor letteren en kunst / Périodique bilingue littéraire et artistique.

Nos. 12,13, 14, 15, 16/17,18,19 (=last published). Houtem, Gent (Belgium). 1963- (1967). Original (pictorial),wrappers, large 8vo. With ills. and photographs. Some covers with very light soilage. Sold as a group of 7 physical issues. Very rare.

EUR 500.00

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Belgian periodical on contemporary art and literature, bilingual in French and Dutch. .A first series of 10 issues appeared from 1955-1956 and this is the second series (except for number 11), which was published from 1962-1967 with ongoing numbering. This publication was close to Réalités Nouvelles and Soleil Noir. Edited by Alosso, Ludwig Alene, John Bultinnck, Pim de Rudder, Camille d'Havé, Bob de Smet, Frans Sierens, Georges van Vrekhem, Jo Verbruggen, Roger Wittewrongel, a.o. No. 12: n.d. (1963). Text by Pierre Restany (in French). Le Nouveau Réalisme et le bapteme de l'objet, depicting works of Hains, César., Spoerri ,Rotella; Jo Verbruggen (in dutch) on Tringuely and Niki de Saint-Phalle, Texts by Maryan, Luc Peire (by Henri Chopin); No. 13: a.o. articles by and on Jean Ray, phonetic poem by Henri Chopin; No. 14: n.d.. J.J.Léveque on Gianni Bertini, features on Aïka, J. Ginberg, Carlos Sansegundo, Yves, Rhaye, Kurt Lewy, Urbin; No. 15: n.d., literary contribs. By Alosso, P.A.Birot, M.Butor, F.Picabia; No. 16/17 n.d. (1963) Jo Verbrugghen on Roel d'Haese and on Antonio Recalcati, features on Roger Raveel; Hommage á Luc Haesaerts; No. 18: n.d. (1965) texts by Jo Verbruggen, Joyce Mansour (trois poémes), Jean-Pierre Duprey (La Fuite Temporelle), A.P. de Mandiargues, Jacques Mueirs, etc. ; No. 19 n.d. (1967). Texts by Henri Chopin, Pierre Bourgeois, Jo Verbrugghen, J.P.Duprey, a.o. (cf. Adams/Breugelmans, Reizende Bladen).



Tweetalig tijdschrift voor letteren en kunst / Périodique bilingue littéraire et artistique.

Nummer 1 (Eerste jaargang, januari 1955). Gentbrugge, 1955. 32 + 4 pages, in illustrated wrappers. Stapled in the spine. (21,2x13,4 cm), excellent copy with only very light soilage.

EUR 300.00

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Editor in chief: Jo Verbrugghen, editors: Fernand Handtpoorter, Herman Patoor, Roni Rankem Frans Sierens, Alain de Caluwe,; artwork by: Jan Burssens (cover design), Étienne Hublau (4 drawings).



(Onregelmatig verschijnende bundeling van in eigen beheer gedrukte bladen).

Numbers 3-10 (of 10 published). Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Boschdijk 298. 1980-1982. Limited editions of 100, later 125 copies. Loose sheets,stapled into illustrated stiff wrappers (24,5x 32 cm); all in good condition, spines a bit worn, in particular number 3, but internally all fine.

EUR 1,500.00

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Artist periodical, containing original (partly signed) artwork and photographs, in various techniques, occasionally loosely inserted or mounted/tipped-in, by Dutch artists, i.a.: Dick Bakker, Ria van Boekholt, Josien Brenneker, Hans van Dijk, Dave Mink, Gedert Schriever, Jeroen Vinken, Frank Vinken, Hans de Wit, Ad Boogers, Teun Hocks, Rik van Iersel, Michelle van Kemenade, Leon Janssen, Maria Kassenaar, Ernst Dinklavoering, Thomas van der Linden, Peter Cox, Gaston Klein, M.van Heyst, a.o.; also some small literary contributions i.a. by Hubertini Savelberg.



(Neo-expressionistisch Tijdschrift.)

No. 1 (Augustus-September 1951); No. 2 (October-November 1951). Mechelen, Herman van San, 1951. Orig.pictorial wrps. (Out of three issues published for the complete set).

EUR 500.00

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Publication started at the initiative of Remy C. van de Kerckhove after his rupture with the periodical 'Tijd en Mens'. Contributions by the editors: Rudolf Meerbergen, Bert Lindekens, Toone Brulin, Remy v.d. Kerckhove, Herman van San, Paul Joostens. The subtitle on the front cover of no. 1 crossed out; no subtitle appears on the second issue. Covers and woodcuts illustrations in the text by Rudolf Meerbergen. Very rare.



Assembling: Laren (NL), Stichting Vrije Muziek 1980. 30x21 cm., loose leaves, unpaginated, in folder. Xerox, original photographs, a 45 rpm record , a sheet of sand-paper, etc. (contained in the -somewhat damaged- original mailing envelope) .

EUR 350.00

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Assembling made by Martin Hoogeboom/Stichting Vrije Muziek, with contributions by Arnold Kreps, Peter Kok, Martin Hoogeboom, Gerard de Haar, Hans Bol, Wittgenstein (condensed edition, by hysterionix,1979)



Onderwater krant.

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Merchtem/Mechelen (Belgium). Sept. 1970-Aug. 1971. Tabloid size, on newsprint, (some issues with price-stickers on the covers).

EUR 500.00

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Belgian pop and underground magazine in the style of Hitweek/Aloha, edited by Jos Vanhamme, with contribs. on Jim Morrison, The Band, Elton John, Rolling Stones and articles like: Pop-Art in het Casino?, Zwerven door Azië, Fuck the Army, Green Revolution. Contribs. by Leopold M. van den Brande, Herwig Verleyen, Stefan v.d. Langenberg, Luc Vereyck, Samuel Clemens, a.o.



Republikeins WeekbLAd, provocerend, immoreel, vol slechte wil. Later: Sartirisch en Vulgair).

Nos. 0, 1-10 (likely all published). Brussel, De Dolle Morgen. (7 Feb. - 26 Sept 1990). Tabloid on newsprint, b/w and red added; 16-24 pages/issue.

EUR 500.00

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Subversive weekly edited by Jac Bucqouy. The first number and the (free) zero number are almost identical. Contributions by Herman Brusselmans, Johan Anthierens, H.J.Claeys, Guido Lauwaert a.o. . Brusselmans with strips ('Het mooiste dagboek ter wereld'. Otherr contribs: Pirana, Charles Bukowski, Jacob Knödel, Marc Baerts, Vuillemin, Choron, Reiser, and Jan Bucqouy himself. Many semi-pornographic contributions and illustrations, photographs etc., Nos. 7-9 with long pornographic strip/cartoons of Rintintin etc. . In No. 10 Boudwijn en Fabiola 'De Sexbom'(Willy Vandersteen).



Year I, no.1 and 2. (all published) Amst., Decipi, 1947, 2 vols., (4) cyclostyled lvs., recto only, stapled, 4to; (4) letterpress lvs, recto and verso, loose in orig. dec. wr. by? - Both issues folded once - Together with : SPLEEN. Internationaal maandblad van en voor scheppende verschoppelingen. No.1. (prob. all published) Ed. N. Augustin. (Amst., N. Augustin), 1950, (4) cyclostyled lvs., 4to. - Folded. AND 4 other issues of similar short-lived but interesting periodicals, i.a. an untitled cyclostyled issue w. collected contributions from the periodical Sense and sentences edited by N. AUGUSTIN (Durgerdam, ±1950, 4to. Folded).

EUR 400.00

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Rare periodical from the literary avant-garde in Amsterdam. Ed. N. Augustin. Second issue contents present in duplicate. Short-lived periodical, with contributions by i.a. Simon Vinkenoog under pseud. Victor Simonsz (a short review of De Avonden), Dolf Toussaint and Wim Simons.




Nos. 1-12. Amsterdam, 1935-1950. First 8 numbers bound in one volme, orig. hcloth.

EUR 200.00

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The Proceedings of the Society, established two years after Van Eeden's death, contain essays (by a.o. F. Coenen, A. van Duinkerken, A. Saalborn, G. Stuiveling, W.H.C. Tenhaeff, H.W. van Tricht, Nico van Suchtelen) and Van Eeden's correspondance with Wilem Kloos, Albert Verwey, Jan Veth, etc. Published irregularly.


EEN. 1

Onafhankelijk kultureel tijdschrift.

Vol. 1 nos. 1-3 (all); vol. 2 nos. 1-2 (all). Assebroek, 1969-1970. Complete; wrappers; 11 x 27 Cm; stencilled.

EUR 350.00

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Belgian artist periodical edited by Pierre Dargem, Hans Johann, Luc Vanhaecke, Werner de Bruyne, Jacques Buytaert (ps), Pierre Darge, Yves Descamps, Fr. Geldof, Rob Goswin (R. Goossens), Myriam Verdin, Herwig Verleyen.



Number 0 (Probably the only published issue). Arnhem (NL), Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Akademie van Arnhem Pers, 1982, 21,5 x16,0 cm., stapled in coloured wrappers, 70 partly folding pages. With numerous ills. And photograhps.

EUR 200.00

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Nicely produced concrete art periodical,published at the Akademie van Arnhem,by Han Janselijn, Robert O'Brien, Jaap van Triest. Contributions by J. vander Wijk, M. van der Heyden, Sigurdur Gudmundsson etc.



Wekelijksch Tijdschrift voor het Gezin (later: Geïllustreerd Volkstijdschrift).

Years 1-21. Haarlem, 1875-1895. Bound, original decorated cloth, gilt lettering, first 7 vols. purple, remainder green; some spines slightly faded, one vol. with a new spine and one spine a bit damaged. Nice set, with numerous illustrations; folio.

EUR 400.00

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Dutch illustrated weekly for the family. Issues of 8pp. each, with woodcut ills. in the text and per issue at least one on full-page; articles on art, literature, history and general interest. Ed. by H. de Veer, H.F.R. Hubrecht, J.H. Rennefeld, E. van der Ven, Ch. Rochussen.



Nos. 1-7 (all published). (Gent, Belgium). March 1966-April 1967. All issues measuring ca. 28x11 cm, spine stapled, folded A-4 size; stencilled; covers on papers of differing colours.

EUR 1,400.00

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Belgian Provo journal, published 7 numbers (March 1966-April 1967). Quite rare. Started as a "magazine of ideas". Founder: Siegfried (Sieg) van de Cruys. Contributors: Erkki Liukku, Armand Sermon, Miel Appelmans, Simon Vinkenoog, Mark Elchardus, Sus van Elzen, Sann Deurinck, Guido Courtois and Guido van Meir. - Issue 2. End of March 1966 : Confiscated, because of the inclusion of a postage stamp with the image of King Boudewijn with the remark that the only legitimate argument for the conservation of the monarchy is the fact that the image of the king revives the hearts of stamp collectors - -Issue 3. May 1966 : has small burn-hole as sign of piro-internationaal. (Outside some brown stains, possibly also purposely made burn stains). -Issue 4 with "New Babylon Game". - Issue 5.December 1966: has on page 36 acap for a toy-pistol. An "explosive"similar to it was included in the Amsterdam Provo edition (which was then confiscated) - Issue 6 with a thumb print and another toy-cap. -Issue 7. April 1967 Confiscated by the police, because of a pornographic print (a hardly visible bare breast and an anticlerical print)



Tijdschrift voor Christelijke Letterkunde.

Vol. 1 nos. 1-6. Baarn, 1937. Original pictorial wrappers.

EUR 150.00

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Periodical devoted to Christian literature with contributions by Gerard den Brabander, Ed. Hoornik, Emile Buysse, Anton v. Duinkerken, Willem de Mérode, Roel Houwink. Ills. by Melle Oldeboerrigter. Publication went on till 1939.



Kwartaalschrift van de Stichting Vrienden van het Amsterdamsch Literair Café de Engelbewaarder.

Nos. 1-25 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1975-1982. Original wrappers. Added: five special editions.

EUR 250.00

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Organ of the society 'Friends of the literary cafe De Engelbewaarder', published quarterly. Edited by Jet Greebe, Rob Grootendorst, Bas Lubberhuizen, Thijs Wierema. Contribs. by and on: Walraven, Nescio, Theo Thijssen, Wilhelmina Drucker, 'De Houten Pomp', Carry van Bruggen, Jan Arends, Pierre Kemp, Arends, Pierre Kemp, a.o. No. 1 in the 2nd ed.; Nos. 2-3 in the 3rd ed.



Jaargang 1 no.2. Rotterdam, 1979. Orig.wrappers.

EUR 200.00

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Redaktie: John Studulski, Lex Rijnhout, Martin Dukker. With Billy Leliveld, André te Wiel, Kees van Buren, Evelyn Dröge. Peter Rotmeijer.Klaas Gubbels, Reginald Sharpe, Piet Rook. Wouter van Heusden. Fotocopy: Jan van Domburg, echte foto: Henk van der Kroon.



Annuaire/Revue mensuelle consacrée aux relations culturelles Franco-Néerlandaises.

Vol. 1-2 (i.e. nos. 1-24, all publ.). La Haye, 1946-1947. Wrappers, kept in slip-case. Added: No: 17 "Les Fausses Confidences, par Marivaux".

EUR 200.00

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Promotes intercultural relations between France and The Netherlands. With contribs. by Sartre, Aragon, and several important Dutch authors in French translation, like Greshof, Vasalis, Slauerhoff, Nijhoff, Marsman, Vestdijk, etc.



Letterkundige Almanak (later: Jaarboek).

Years 1926-1930 (all publ.), in 4 vols., original wrappers.

EUR 200.00

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Literary yearbooks, ed. by D.A.M. Binnendijk & Menno ter Braak, with work of the most prominent authors of the period. Cover-design for 1930 by Rietveld; ills. by van Ravesteyn. Year 1928 was not published.



in handen van allen, die deel hebben aan het Nederlandsche cultuur- en geestesleven.

Year 1. Batavia (Java), Nov. 1940-Dec. 1941. Detached from a rather clumsily made binding, contained in a new cloth box together with a separate issue of no. 9 in orignal wrappers, without spine,and small defect to front cover. The backcover of the handbound copy and last few pages damaged (apparently by gunfire),

EUR 900.00

► detailed description

Expatriate journal published in the Dutch Indies after the capitulation of The Netherlands. Ed. by H.P. Berlage, I.J. Brugmans, R. Nieuwenhuys, a.o. Contribs. by Beb Vuyk, J. de Kadt, W.F. Wertheim, J. Greshof, E. Breton de Nijs (= R. Nieuwenhuijs), W. Walraven, Adriaan van der Veen, W.F. Stutterheim, L. Vroman a.o. This copy is from the library of ROB NIEUWENHUYS, on the reverse of the front cover a pasted clipping from "De Lokomotief" August 21, 1941, i.e. a review on "De Fakkel" , and in the added copy of no. 9 ( Aug. 1, 1941) a few notes and revisions from Rob Nieuwenhuys. Only one more issue was published.



(Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga). Tijdschrift voor zelfstandige Filmkunst (after 1931 subtitle becomes: Onafhankelijk Maandblad voor Filmkunst).

Vol. 1-8 (all published. Amsterdam, J. Clausen (later: Rotterdam, Nijgh & v. Ditmar), 1927/28-1935, together with the continuation: FILMGIDS. Vol. 1 nos. 1-6 (last and all published, on orig. wrappers, light wear). Rotterdam, Jan.-June 1936). A complete collection, entirely in the original wrappers, in very good near fine condition.

EUR 13,000.00

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"Film League". Complete set of the only serious avant-garde film periodical published in the Netherlands; first year (nos. 1-12) entitled 'Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga', published monthly in relation to the programs shown by the league, with very serious articles on the films and their makers; in later years the contents become less strictly connected to the league's monthly program, but are not less serious. Editors: Menno ter Braak (till 1931), Joris Ivens (till 1930), L.J. Jordaan, H. Scholte, C. van Wessem, Knap, J.F. Otten. Contribs. include (apart from the editors, who gave an important share, especially ter Braak en Ivens): El G. de Roos, M.H.K. Franken, M. Sluizer, D.A.M. Binnendijk, N. Rost, A. Muller-Lehning, J. Lenauer, Lou Lichtveld, Jef Last, C.J. Graadt van Roggen, Math. Visser, Ch. Boost, Rico Bulthuis, and numerous important contributors from abroad (often publishing in German, French or English) e.g.: Cavalcanti, Marko Bardach, W. Ruttmann, Fr. Rosenfeld, Symon Gould, S. Silka, V. Huszar, Germaine Dulac, Eisenstein, D. Marion, Rene Clair, Moholy-Nagy, H. Richter, G. van Hecke, Mary Dressler, Ellen Kahn, Erika Mann, etc.; Illustrations include: woodcut by Mirowitch; potraits by Jordaan (Renée Clair, Cavalcanti, Lang, Bataloff); Mitry; photo's by Germaine Krull; photo composite by Paul Schuitema, Moholy-Nagy (Photogram), Man Ray; etc. etc.a few issues on a special theme (Hollywood, Disney, Dutch Cinematography, Film in the Netherlands). Two supplementary plates (by Cavalanti and Mirowitch, and photomontage by S. van Ravesteyn) are present. Year 1 (12 numbers), 1927-Aug.1928, with woodcuts by Cavalanti and Mirowitch in no.1; Photomontage by S.van Ravestein included in no 11in/bw,(same image as the cover which has red added;some repairs to the edges,but front cover in perfect condition). All typographical covers. Year 2 (10 numbers). Oct.1928-Oct.1929. White typographical covers, with (mostly) photograpical (Joris Ivens) or woodcut illustrations. Year 3 (10 numbers). Nov.1929-May 1930. White typographical covers, illustrated as Yr. 2. A small stain on the front cover of no 5 and no 9/10 with light damage to the right edge. Years 4 and 5 (12 numbers each). November 1931-Oct,1932. Covers in colour, designed by and with photomontages of Paul Schuitema.Two issues loose in the spine and 2 issues slightly stained, otherwise all excellent. Year 6 (12 numbers). November 1932-Dec,1933. Photo illustrated covers. Year 7 (12 numbers). January-December 1934. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys. Year 8 (12 numbers). January-December 1935. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys.



Vakblad voor de Cinematografie in Indië.

Year 1 nos.1-13 (15 Juli 1934 - Juni 1935) and Year 5 nos. 50-62 ( Juli 1938 - Juni 1939). Batavia, 1934-1939. Bound in 2 vols., contemp. hcloth, slightly worn; pictorial front & back covers preserved, 4to. No. 59 is a special edition with covers and one page printed on golden and reverse on green stock. In vol. 1 are last 6 nos. stained at lower right corner (without any serious damage or loss of text), no. 61 without front-cover. Illustrated. Vol. 5 with hors-texte plates in colour.

EUR 400.00

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Intteresting magazine on Movie theatres and film distribution in the Dutch East Indies. Directed and edited by A. G. de Jong, with announcements and summaries of new releases, also with a regular survey of movies approved by the censor. The issues are not paginated, therefore hard to collate; it seems that a few pages in no. 51 are not present. It is also hard to establish if the nicely produced 5 supplementary plates are part of the magazine or just inserts.



Maandschrift voor Letteren en Kunst.

Jaargang 1-4 (all publ.). Rotterdam, 1932-1935. Bound in 8 vols., original bindings, spines repaired.

EUR 300.00

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The most important literary and cultural monthly published in The Netherlands in the period between the wars. Directed by and with contributions of: Menno ter Braak, E. du Perron, S. Vestdijk, Maurice Roelants, V.E. van Vriesland, M. Gijssen, Slauerhoff, Marsman, Elsschot, Bloem, etc., etc.



Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). The Hague, N.V. Servire, Dec. 1930 - May 1931. Size (h/w): 23,5 x 17 cm. Original wrappers on red blue or orange stock. Very rare complete!.Apart from a discoloration and small damage tot the right front cover of No. 4 a very nice and clean set.

EUR 1,000.00

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Complete set of this radical avant-garde periodical, edited by Sonja Prins, later together with X. Abril, Masaki Ikeda and N. Macleod. With texts in english, french and german. Postscript to the last issue: 'The first 4 issues have provided a field of operations for many literary forces; henceforth, we will only concern ourselves with literature as an art when it arms the workers against the bourgeoisie'. Contributions by Ezra Pound, J. Bousquet, V.F. Calverton, J. Dos Passos, C. Einstein, C.H. Ford, E. Jolas, Ph. Lamour, V. Maiakovski, P. Nizan, A. Scheer, S. Tretyakov, V. Veressaiev, R. Vitrac, W.C. Williams, L. Zukovsky, C. Duff, I. Jiga, H. Kesten, N. Macleod, E. Reinhardt a.o.



Onafhankelijk tijdschrift voor politiek, economie, cultuur en literatuur.

Vol. 1-7 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1934-1940, with 2 extra issues (1937 "Burgeroorlog in Europa?" by C.J. Koppelstock; 1939 "Henriette Roland Holst 1869-1939" by J.P. van Praag & David de Jong Jr.). Original wrappers (with light duststaining)..

EUR 1,000.00

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Monthly of the Dutch 'avant-garde', important for its progressive spirit and strong anti-fascist attitude. It included work of various authors of the German exile (this section edited by Wolfgang Cordan) like Konrad Merz, Klaus Mann, Willy Brandt. Several issues devoted to one theme, like Disarmement, The Spanish Civil War, Zionism and Arabism, Modern Art, German Fascism, etc. Contribs. include H. v.d. Goes, Nico Rost, Jef Last, H. Roland-Holst, J. Romein, J. Tinbergen, J. Greshof, Th. de Vries, Ed Hoornik, H. de Man, G. den Brabander, Bart de Ligt, F. Masereel. Editors were Chris Blom, Wolfgang Cordan & David de Jong jr. Vol. 1 no. 2 (Hooge Hoeden & Pantserplaten, by A. den Doolard) in 2 editions, with different illusrated front-covers. Added: CRITISCH FUNDAMENT. Literatuuroverzicht. Vol. 1. 1937.



Nos. 1-24 (last publ.) Together with the four pre-publication issues which were numbered as Minus-numbers -5, -4, -3, and -1/-2. Amsterdam, 6 June 1975-Winter 2000-2019. Together 28 issues, in the original pictorial wrappers.

EUR 1,200.00

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Rare complete, Piet Schreuders production. Dutch avant-garde art & literary periodical, ed. by Aart Clerkx, Laurie Langenbach, Franka van der Loo, Piet Schreuders, important for its innovative design. Literary contribs. include W.F. Hermans (prepublication of 'Onder Professoren'), Campert, Heeresma, Komrij, Schippers, Carmiggelt. Design & ills. by A. Clerkx, Piet Schreuder, a.o.



Nos. 1-58 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1964-1971. Original pictorial wrappers;all issues in the original imprint, well preserved set. Added: two copies of UIT GANDALF GOED VOOR U (Amsterdam 1968, 1st and 2nd edition., plates, orig. unif. wr. Frontwr. of second ed. sl. waterstained).

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Dutch countercultural magazine, inspired by the Hippies, the sexual revolution and the Provo movement, published monthly, issues of ab. 50/60 pp. each, with numerous (provo-cative) photographs and ills., very typical for the sixties' , edited by and with contribs. of: Peter Hamelink, Guus Dijkhuizen, S. Carmiggelt, J. v. Hattum, Jef Last, Heere Heeresma, D.H. van Proosdey (Dichterskring), J.W. Holsbergen, Ch.B. Timmer, R. Campert, Guus Vleugel, Bibeb, Willem, Michiel de Ruyter, J. Waasdorp, K. Soudijn, P. Andriesse, L.P. Boon, R. Chapkis, J.A. Deelder, P. Grijs, J.W. Holsbergen, F. Pointl, J. Waasdorp, J. Wolkers. W. Noordhoek, Bertrand. Photos by F. Laufer, P. Boersma, E. v. Moerkerken, D. v.d. Klei, Peter Dicampo, Arn. Steenkamp. Erotic and provocative photography, Ills. by Wolinski, Barbieri, Bertrand (erotic drawings) and many others.



3-maandelijks (lateron: Tweemaandelijks) tijdschrift, uitg. door de Vereniging ter Bevordering van de Avant-Garde Kunst.

Nos. 1-33 (= all publ.). Brasschaat / Antwerpen / Rotterdam. Maart 1955-Feb. 1964. Original (partly) pictorial wrappers, well preserved set, only some sunning and light dustsoilage to a few covers. Number 12 with the rare orig.banderolle/ wraparound (slightly damaged). Tog. 29 physical issues. Complete with the pamphlet "DADA!" (= supplement to no. 12, ab. 25 x 40 cm, folded to 12,5 x 20 cm).

EUR 4,000.00

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Quarterly ( lateron bimonthly) published by the "Society for the Promotion of Avant-Garde Art". Founded by Gust Gils, Hugues Pernath, Paul Snoek, Tone Brulin, Simon Vanloo, Herman Denkens; lateron including H. Sleutelaar, Armando, Cor B. Vaandrager, C. Buddingh, Simon Vinkenoog,a.o.; With contibutions (and /or illustrations) by Asger Jorn, Lucebert, Opland, Gust Gils, Maurice Wyckaert, Paul Snoek, Dan van Severen, Armando, Bob Coolen (vignets), Egbert Munks (photography) , W.F. Hermans, S. Vinkenoog, Remco Campert, Rudy Kousbroek, Heere Heeresma, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Hugo Raes, Sybren Polet, Jan Cremer, Jan Arends, Tone Brulin, Herman Denkens, Vic Estercam, Hugues C. Pernath, Willy Roggeman, Paul Snoek, Rudo Durant, René Gysen, Walter Korun, Serge Vandercam, Maurice Wyckaert, Chris Yperman, Claude Corban, Jan Hanlo, Hans Sleutelaar, Ben Klein, Maurice D`haese, Matta, Ellen Warmond, Hans Andreus, Cees Buddingh, Heere Heeresma, Theo Kemp, Korban, Rudy Kousbroek, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Mischa de Vreede, Hugo Raes, Sybren Polet, Walasse Ting, Paul Rodenko, Jan Walravens, Hans Pieter Verhagen, Freddy de Vree, Jan Arends, Heere Heeresma, Ruud Kuyper, Heinz Neudecker, Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager, Ewald Vanvugt, Jan van der Vegt, Hans Warren, Julien Weverbergh, Enno Develing, Nico Scheepmaker.etc. The "DADA" pamphlet, in a lay-out imitating DADA publications, is almost always lacking.It was intended as a protest against the Dada exhibition held at the Stedelijk Museum during Dec.-Feb.1958-59.



3-maandelijks tijdschrift voor poëzie.

Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Bezige Bij, jan. 1974 - dec. 1976. Original wrappers; illustrated.

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Journal for modern Dutch poetry, ed. by Remco Campert. With contribs. by most contemporary poets both from the Netherlands and Flanders.



Verschijnt eens in de twee maanden.

Nos. 27-43 (=last publ.). Amsterdam, Mei 1978 - Januari 1981. Original ilustrated wrappers. 4to.

EUR 250.00

► detailed description

Periodical by and for borderliners and psychiatric patients, literary and artistic contribs.: Bert Bakker, Helmi Goudswaard, M. Groen, H. Kooijman, A. de Nooij, a.o.



Maandschrift voor Katholieke Reconstructie.

Years 1-17 (all publ.). Utrecht/Bilthoven, 1925-1941. Original pictorial wrappers Added: 10 leaflets, booklets, cards, publ. by "De Gemeenschap", 8 articles clipped from newspapers, special issue Poëzie (April 1927) and 2 monographs (by H. Scholten and H. Kapteijns).

EUR 1,500.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this iliterary and artistic monthly, ed. by J. Engelman, H. Kuitenbrouwer, W. Maas, A. van Duinkerken, L. Lichtveld, a.o.; of major significance for Dutch literature in the period between the World Wars. With cover-designs, book-illustration and ills. (some woodcuts) by Cantré, Maas, van Ravesteyn, Schuitema, Eva Besnyo, van Rees, Wiegersma, Ch. Eyck, Cocteau, Rietveld, etc.; also important literary contributors (Bordewijk, Th. de Vries, Willem Pijper (on music), Gijsen, Marsman, v. Ostaijen, P. Kemp, Slauerhoff, Vestdijk, Streuvels, etc.) and emigrants (Jos.Roth). 5 covers slightly stained; 2 covers with pencilmarks and 4 covers marked 'Proefnummer' (specimen copy).



Jaargang 3. 1918. In parts with orig. wrappers. Good condition.

EUR 150.00

► detailed description



Maandelijks verschijnend.

Jaargang. 1 no. 0, 1-8 (cplt.). Aug. 1975 - zomer 1976; Jg. 2 nos 1-3 (Dec. 1976/Jan. 1977 - Mei 1977). Large folio and tabloid, on newsprint; with numerous illustrations, photographs. The zero-issue with light spine damage, otherwise all numbers in good clean condition,

EUR 800.00

► detailed description

Dutch language progressive (semi-underground) monthly literary magazine, starting with the zero number. Edited by Bert Jansen, with contribs. by Willem van Malsen, Remco Campert, Wim Noorthoek, Martin Schouten, Freek de Jonge, Jan Siebelink, H.J.A. Hofland, Mensje van Keulen, Bernhard Holtrop, Maarten Biesheuvel, Wim Noordhoek, Charles Bukowski, William Levy, Interview with Herman Brood, Egbert Zuiderveld. Monochrome illustrations, cartoons and comics by Bernhard Holtrop a.o.



Driemandelijks cultureel hoogstandje voor energierikse genegenheid (later: Literair tijdschrift met initiatief).

Jaargang 3-21 (Comprising nos. 6-78). Ekeren, Antwerpen, mei 1985-lente 2003. Original pictorial wrappers. Till no. 35 4to, then 8vo. Lacks 7 nos., and 3 nos. damaged or seriously stained. Added: Extranummer "Gratis Kennismaking" jan. 1986 (4 pp.).

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Founded and edited by Guy Commerman, Jim van Leemput, Annemarie Sauer, Dirck Claus, the originally mimeographed publication has grown out into an esthablished literary quarterly. Some issues with illustrated, artistic inserts by Roland Casiman, Marcel Mazy, Jan Meeus, Mark Claus, Patrick Lefevere, a.o. Lacking are 3 no. 2 (7); 4 no. 4 (9); 5 nos 2-3 (15-16); 32; 60-61.



Periodiek verschijnend Orgaan voor Nuchter Nederland.

No. 1-14 (all publ.). Den Haag (Rijkscommissariaat voor Bezet Nederland), n.d., -15 Sept. 1944. Tabloïd format, later newspaper size. Together with the very rare ORIGINAL of the Illegally published "Speciale Extra Editie!" (1 Mei 1944), printed in red and black ink, and added the later reprint (1949) printed in black only. Few numbers foxed and with browned folding creases; no. 14 has an ownership stamp in right upper corner.

EUR 800.00

► detailed description

Fortnightly tabloïd published by the National Socialists ostensibly as a satirical illegal publication, edited by Louis Theyssen, with contribs. by Willem W. Waterman (= W.H.M. van den Hout, better known as Willy van der Heide, after the war the author of a famous series of youth fiction "Bob Evers Serie") & H.A. Seyffardt. Lead articles as: "Welke Hollanders Worden Straks Opgehangen? Waar Blijft Onze Invasie? Wie Krijgen De Baantjes?", and varying text in mast-head as: "Speciale Invasie-Editie. Als de oorlog voorbij is. Alleen echt met dit merk (wacht U voor namaak.". The extra-edition was published by the Dutch resistance in a lay-out imitating the original and was sold openly for several hours in the streets and on newspaper stands before the German authorities became aware of this practical joke. Winkel: 206. (See also: Groeneveld, Zwaard van de geest, p.86).


Het prachtige blad GLAMOER

Ontroerend progressief.

Nos. 1-6 (all publ.). Nijmegen, Maart 1978-1979; with the special supplement: BIZZ. Het Dossier Herman Brood. Nijmegen, 1979. Folio; illustrated; original pictorial wrappers (very light soilage to the cover of the first number, otherwise fine).

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this artist periodical. Edited by Mat Heffels, Hans Hendriks, Willem S. Venema; publ. by Stichting Verwarring' and printed by Stichting Studentenpers Nijmegen'. Lay-out: Bert Hendriks, Jan Diervorst. Contribs. by Herman Brood, Herman Pieter de Boer, Pim de la Parra, Ben Jansen, Hein Fokker, Ton Sipman, Jules Deelder a.o.




Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Amsterdam, (1966) - maart 1968. Sizes differ (8vo, 4to, tabloid). Illustrated self-wrappers. No. 10 in both the censored and uncensored edition. Light soilage

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

A biting satirical anarchist magazine published in direct relationship with Provo. Drawings by Willem, Topor, Malsen, etc., strong anti-monarchist and opposing the marriage of princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg; strongly opposing the Vietnam war (slogan 'Johnson murderer' was censored in no 10; offered here are the uncensored original edition and the censored one; in the first number Queen Juliana was depicted as a public woman, this issue was confiscated but is included in the set).



Uitgave LAK-Literaire Workshop.

Nos. 1-5 (all publ.?). Leiden, Febr.-Dec.1975. Original pictorial wrappers; sq. 8vo; illustrated.

EUR 110.00

► detailed description

Literary journal of young authors in Leiden. Lay-out: V.F. Thunissen; ills. P. Vermeulen. Contributions by W. Witteveen, R. v. Boekel, Roel Kerkhoff, G. Spengelink, a.o.



Number 1, n.d. (ca.1980). Stapled. 21 x 29.5 cm.

EUR 100.00

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"Een afvalblad voor afvallers". Met muziek en poep. Geef jeugd gratis voorbehoedmiddelen.



Anarcho-Syndicalistisch Tijdschrift.

Year 4 (= last publ.). Amsterdam, 1935.Orif wrps.,dustsoiled.

EUR 100.00

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Ed. by Arthur Müller Lehning, publ. by 'Nederlands Syndicalistisch Vakverbond'




Handmade artist periodical, Punk-zine. 28 pages, stapled in handprinted covers, 21x15 cm, with small booklet in the midlespread "Bespraak", 14,5x10 cm., together contained in a handmade cover. Many illustrations; stencilled/photocopied.

EUR 100.00

► detailed description

Punk zine from Groningen (The Netherlands), edited by Emiel (Madoerastraat 12b, Groningen). AFghAN whigs, Disgrace, mOthEr,Trespasserd W, ViCTiMs FaMiLY.



Tijdschrift voor poëzie.

Vol. 1-9 (all publ.). Maastricht, Brussel, Uitgave A.A.M. Stols, 1931-1939. First 6 vols. hcalf over marbled boards, rest in original wrappers; with the Extra Issue published in 1931.

EUR 540.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this monthly (later: bimonthly) for poetry, ed. by A.A.M. Stols, later by: Jo Landheer; contribs. by Roland Holst, Slauerhoff, Vestdijk, Jan Campert, H. Marsman, E. du Perron, etc.; special-issue dedicated to poetry of Flemish workers; after 1940 continued in a series of monographs.



2 unnumbered issues (all published) Amsterdam. undated (ca. 1980?) :23,5x21,5 cm., stapled and 29,5x21 cm., bound by a plastic spine, unpaginated. Silkscreened in colour.

EUR 180.00

► detailed description

Nice, multicoloured artist publication by the artist/publisher W.Nell (Volkerakstraat 59, A'dam) containing handwritten texts and silkscreens.



-HITWEEK; (No. 1) thru the end of year 4 (last publ.). Amsterdam 17 Sept.1965 - 25 April 1969 (all published, 189 issues, complete set) Then continued as -ALOHA. Years 1-5 (all and last publ. Tog.156 issues). . Amsterdam, 9 Mei 1969-26 April 1974. Unbound, original issues as published, tabloïd size, on newsprint. Numerous illustrations and photographs. All issues in good condition. Innovative design and lay-out by Willem de Ridder a.o. With two rare window stickers.

EUR 5,000.00

► detailed description

Complete as offered here a very rare set of the oremost pop- and underground magazine of the '60s and '70s in The Netherlands, with groundbreaking original new design (Willem de Ridder). This has not been on the market as a complete set for many years. Organ of the 'youth rebellion', with strong ties to the Provo-movement and Kabouters / Orange Free State, founded by Willem de Ridder and Peter Muller. founded by Willem de Ridder and Peter Muller. Contribs. Contributions a.o by Anthon Beeke, André van der Louw, Cor Jaring, Evert Geradts, Ewald Vanvught, Ed van der Elsken, Harry Buckinx, Hans Plomp, Herman Pieter de Boer, Hans Verhagen, Jan Cremer, Jan Donkers, Josje Leeger, Koos Zwart, Laurie Langenbach, Lennaert Nijgh, Luud Schimmelpennink, Marijke Koger, Nico Haasbroek, Peter Schröder, Pim Oets, Robert Crumb, Richter Roegholt,Rogier Proper, Frits Boer, Bernard Holtrop, Willem, Simon Vinkenoog, Thom Jaspers, Theo van den Boogaard, Wim de Bie, Wim Noordhoek, Wouter van Oorschot, Yoko Ono and many others. HITWEEK published as follows: - 1st year no. 1 (17 september 1965) - no. 53 (16 september 1966) : - 2nd year no. 1 (23 september 1966) - no. 52 (15 september 1967) ; - 3rd year no 1 (22 september 1967 - no. 52 (13 september 1968) ; - 4th year no. 1 (20 september 1968) - no. 32 (25 april 1969), Amsterdam, 1965-1969, continued as: ALOHA. Years 1-5 (all and last publ.). Amsterdam, 9 Mei 1969-26 April 1974. Each year 26 numbers, except Year 1-2 which has 52 numbers. Unbound, original issues as published, tabloïd size, on newsprint. Numerous illustrations and photographs. All issues in good condition.



Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Oct. 1976-1977. L. folio; ills. (No. 3 is present with 3 variant-covers, silver/aluminum, yellow and red with identical image, light wear to edges, but generally fine).

EUR 700.00

► detailed description

Ed. by Robert Malasch & Carlot Wissing. Photographs, interviews, reports on the Amsterdam avant-garde art scene, galleries, theatre, dance, new trends in fashion, interesting lay-out and advertising. Interviews and features include Sandberg, Aldo van Eyck, Gilbert & George, Paul de Leeuw, Wally Tax, Philip Glass, photographs Kerr, Charlie Wissing, Koen Wessing, etc.



Cultureel opinieblad.

Vol. 1-3 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 8 Nov. 1975-1977. Original wrappers; illustrated.

EUR 230.00

► detailed description

General cultural & literary magazine for the progressive intellectuals in the 'seventies, ed. by M. van Rooy, G. Brands, Betty van Garrel, K. Schippers, H. Sleutelaar, with contribs. by Hermans, Mulisch, Reve, 't Hart, Buddingh, Boon, Schierbeek, Hedy d'Ancona, Constant, Couvée, etc. Important for its covers and layout by Anthon Beeke.



Tijdschrift voor literatuur en politiek.

Years 1-47 (=nos. 1-700). Amsterdam, 1959/60-2005/06. Original wrappers (till no. 197 in the original portfolios); with Prospectus 1959 & 1960.

EUR 1,600.00

► detailed description

One of the most prestigeous literary monthlies of The Netherland, edited by K.L. Poll. Ills. by Peter Vos; contribs. by K. van het Reve, L. Vroman, N. Scheepmaker, D. Hillenius, Renate Rubinstein, R. Nieuwenhuis, etc. First 4 years weekly, lateron monthly.



Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 (Noodnummer). (The Hague), 1967-1968. Tabloid: with illustrations (lightly stained, but a good set).

EUR 450.00

► detailed description

Underground paper published in The Hague. Innovative lay-out; and lots of psychedlic art. Articles on sex, drugs and anti-Vietnam.Member of U.P.S. And connected with IT (International Times). No. 17 confiscated (article Provoliquidation Kommittee Amsterdam signed by Hans Tuynman, as well as Miss Vietnam, full page (Vostell).



(After vol. 3 only as IMPULS). Tijdschrift voor kommunikatie.

Years 1-6 no 2. Niels/Kapellen (Belgium). 1968-1975. Original wrappers; 4to & 8vo.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Literary quarterly ed. by Jef Barthels, M. Bartosik, P. Borman, D. Christaens, M. Dangin (i.e. Luc van Klooster), A. Debie, M. Dupuis, etc. etc.; only one more yr. published, then merged with 'Tafelronde'.



A Magazine of Awareness.

Nos. 1-4/5 (all publ.). Amsterdam, June 1978 - July 1980. Original pictorial wrappers; illustrations & photographs.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Journal of the "Magic Amsterdam" 'avant-garde', edited. by Edward Woods, with assistance of, and guest-editorships by Ira Cohen, Mel Clay, Neeli Cherkovski, Hans Plomp, William Levy, a.o. Articles & photographs by Steef Davidson (on the Nieuwmarkt: Subway Culture in Amsterdam), Mel Clay (The Myth of the Male Orgasm. Window Shopping in Amsterdam Red Light District), Hans Plomp, Rachel Pollack, Ira Cohen, Simon Vinkenoog (on Magic Amsterdam). Marijke Mooy,, Steve Weiss, Jessie Gordon, Bruce Carpenter & Charlz Baba, Rachel Pollack, Magic Mike Taylor.Bert Schierbeek, Tajiri, Marpa, a.o.



Schriftelijke Cursussen I.I.v.H.v.K., Prinsengracht 225, Amsterdam C. "Weet U het ook niet meer? ", "Voor welke cursus hebt u talent ? ". Pamphlet 24,5x32,5, printed in black on beige stock (edges, in particular rirght hand margin ragged, but without loss of text). Together with -Invitation voor X-mas exhibition in Galerie Espace "Gans Zijn aarde is van Zijn heerlijkheid vol".Printed on green stock, 8,2x29,7 cm.

EUR 350.00

► detailed description

Contributions (with photographs) by the teachers of the institute: Lucassen (Cursus pop-art ,bijcursus 'Het naakt in het landschap'), Dibbets (Cursus "hard-edge" (bijcursus Nieuwe Installaties), Ger van Elk (Cursus plastik en polyester (bijcursus "Doctrine van het nieuwe zien").



Tijdschrift voor vormgeving (later: Tijdschrift voor ontwerpen en verbeelding)

Issues 1-39 (=Volumes 1-10, (without nos. 9, 20, 32, 33), Delft, Jan/Feb. 1982 - 1991), Continued as: Volumes 11-14. Delft, 1992-1995. All in the orig. pictorial wrappers, at first sq. 8vo, lateron folio. All in fine condition, nos. 16 and 19 with owners stamp on cover.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

The beginning of the best and most influential Dutch periodical on all aspects of design design. Started by Thijs Asselbergs, Hans Kamphuis, Jan Pesman, Peter-Paul van Wissen; with numerous illustrations and photographs.



Opgericht 1967.

Nos. 1-4 (all published), Amsterdam, 1 Maart 1967, December 1977-1978. Tabloid-size; Rare complete with the first issue which was confiscated and is extremely rare,this issue with some damage to spine, edges and over the centerfold.

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Edited by Dutch artist/ writer Jan Cremer, at that time working in New York, published by Peter Loeb. This magazine is by and about Jan Cremer, depicting his work and publishing his texts. No. 1 Hoofdredacteur: Jan Cremer Produktie: Willem de Ridder Off-set, 44 × 31 Een uitgave van Jan Cremer & Hans Sleutelaar, Rotterdam No. 2 features his famous 'Dutch Landscapes' (Hollandse Landschappen, exhibited in Arnhem and Leeuwarden); No. 3 features his expedition in Greenland (photographs and film 'The Long White Trail'); No. 4: 'Jan Cremers Logboek', texts and photographs by and on 'Jan Cremer' and friend(s). The first issue was confiscated immediately upon publication charged with indecent assault by the writer Cees Nooteboom for the article 'Het Drama Liesbeth List'.



Nos 1-43 (all published). Hilversum, International Musicals, July 1965 - May-June 1973. Original illustrated stapled wrappers (31,5x23,5 cm). Nos 1-7 have the issue numbers handwritten in ink on the front cover, as well as owner's signature on page 2 or 3. no 14 has some spine damage, but overall a nice set.

EUR 1,200.00

► detailed description

Superb Dutch Jazz magazine with important collaborators. Photographs by Nico van der Stam, Koen Wessing, Hans Katan, Ed van der Elsken a.o.; contibutors include Misja Mengelberg, Philip Freriks, Rudy R.Koopmans, Willem Breuker, Jan Heerma van Voss, a.o.



van den Moderne Kunst Kring (later: van den Nieuwen Kring)

Nos. 1-32 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Bergen, March 1916-June 1917. Wrappers. 17 x 21 Cm. Ills. (Last number is double 31/32; the first number is contained in a bound volume, plain contemporary boards, comprising nios. 1-12, thus nos. 2-12 are duplicated in the set). Except for light soilage to no. 25 a very fine set.

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

Rare complete set of this important Dutch Expressionist periodical, published by the Society of Artists 'Moderne Kunstkring', edited by C.A. Wijnschenk Dom and Pieter Talma. Contains altogether 14 orig. wood- and linocuts by Dutch expressionist artists ('Bergense School') i.e.: J.G. Weynand, M.J. Lau, Matth Wiegman, H.F. ten Holt, J. Rädecker. Incl. 2 suppl. plates: litho by M.J. Lau (in no 5) and in no 14: J. van Domselaer 'Proeve van Stijlkunst' (=musical score).



Edited by Kees van KOOTEN en Wim de BIE.

Nos. 1-4 (18 DEC.1982; 22 JAN 1983; 19 FEB.1983; 19 MAART 1983), Together with: Juiner Nieuwsblad,20 Feb. 1983 (Together 5 issues, all publ.). Tabloid, b/w and red. Added: "Goedgejeurd door het Simplistisch Verbund", special issue of VPRO-Television Guide, illustrated with photographs of Kooten and de Bie.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie were the inventors of and actors in a very popular TV program in The Netherlands. They published (a.o.) this "newspaper for the imaginary township "Groot Juinen": "Nieuwsblad voor Groot-Juinen (w.o. Zeulen, Deil, Ter Waksel, Juinerbroek, Den Eng, Remmerden, Slaepstede, Trichterhuizen, en De Mars". Texts and images by themselves. Rare complete !



(Originally published as KAF). Literair avant-garde tijdschrift.

Nos. 1-16, incl. Nr. 12 1/2 (Index). Leiden, jan-feb. 1958- november 1963, and New series No. 1-3 (all?). All in the original illustrated wrappers (except no 1-2 without wrappers), a good clean set; of 20 numbers. Most wrappers beige with illustrations inside and outside in black, after no 9 coloured card, some printed in colour. Complete (or almost complete) set , quite rare.

EUR 2,500.00

► detailed description

Founded by Herman Cohen Jehoram, with contributions by Rudi Fuchs, Paul Verhoeven, Kees Broos, Ben d'Armagnac, Peter Berger, Alex van Caspel, Rob Cassuto, Wim Hazeu, John Leefmans, Tromp Meesters, Laurens Vancrevel, Kees Holierhoek, Tjeerd Segaar, Pim de Vroomen, M.J.Koornstra (Reizende Bladen 67). Nr. 12 1/2 is the index to all issues. Illustrations by Paul Luning, Paul Verhoeven, Niek Biegman, Hans Locher, Rudi Fuchs (No.13)



Number 001 - 1997(all published). Amsterdams Instituut voor Schilderkunst, 1997 - [90] pp. Orig.pictorial wrappers.- 15 x 21 cm.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

The only issue published of this artistic erotic -pornographic magazine, edited by Peter Klashorst with Joost Zwagerman, Atte Jongstra, F. Starik, Jurriaan van Hall a.o.; the name of the magazin is a pun on the sex magazine 'Candy'.



Literair periodiek.

Years 6-15 (=last publ.). Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague, 1964/65-1976/77. Original pictorial wrappers.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Periodical typical for the 60's and 70's in The Netherlands. Ed. by P. Berger, J. Boelens, A. Bontridder, O. Dijk, Wim Hazeu, J.W. Overeem, W.M. Roggeman, H. Scholten, J. v.d. Vegt, E. v. Vliet, H. v.d. Waarsenburg. Contribs.: A. Marja, P. de Wispelaere, S. Vinkenoog, Saul van Messel (J. Meijer), Louis-Paul Boon, H. Andreus, Jan Hanlo, Gust Gils, Th. de Vries, J. Noordzij, H. Heeresma, a.o.Lay-out front covers by Willem Hussem, Edwin Engles & Toon Rooymans. Several thematic issues.



Literair Pamflet.

Nos. 1-6/7 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1950-1956. Original pictorial wrappers, folio; illustrated.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Dutch avant-garde magazine, ed. by Ludwig Kunz & L.P.J. Braat, with contribs. by H. & Th. Mann, Duhamel, M. Brod, Tr. Tzara, Jack Lindsay, Henry Miller, a.o.; one issue dedicated to negro poetry, another issue to Red Indian poetry; no 6/7 is a special on Filmills. throughout, a.o. by Karel Appel, Corneille, Masereel.



Maandboek voor iedereen.

Nos. 1-4 (all). Sept.-Dec. 1967. Oblong folio; unbd., in pictorial wrappers; with numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Glossy underground magazine.with important photography. Issues of 42 pp. covers each; art-direction: Jan Mulder, Niek Hiemstra; contribs. of Duco van Weerlee, Bert Vuijsje. Ch. Vlek (photogr.), Ed. Visser, S. Vinkenoog, Ewald Vanvugt, Joop Slagter, Wim Noordhoek, Eva Mulder, Cor Jaring, P. Dicampos, Ph. Mechanicus, J.Vrijman (photogr.), Jojanneke Claassen, Frits Boer, Robert Ebell etc.



(Voortzetting van "Bok" en "Diagram").

Vol. 1-4 (all publ.). Den Haag, Antwerpen, 1966-1969. Original wrappers (incl. 'Boekafleveringen')

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Ed. by Pierre H. Dubois, René Gysen, W. Roggeman, J. Weverbergh, P. de Wispelaere. Contribs. by Dirk de Witte, Nico Rost, Jeroen Brouwers, Simon Vinkenoog, etc.



Literair-kultureel tijdschrift.

Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1977-1980. Issues of 40-52 pp., printed in offset 4to and glued in the spine, between illustrated covers.

EUR 450.00

► detailed description

Artist periodical edited by Jan Willem Bos, Alfred van Cleef, Rik Planting, Daniël Levenbach, René Oey. Literary contributions by Simon Vinkenoog, Bernlef, Schouten, Heeresma, Jan Cremer, Gerard Reve, etc. Artwork by Jan van Burg, Mark de Zanger, Cora Vogtschmid, Patrick Auerhaan (photographs). Added: a personalised invitation for subscription laid into the last number.



Vol.1-7 (all and last publ.). Amsterdam, 1989/90-1996. Original wrappers. With precursor: MUSEUMJOURNAAL. (Twee-)Maandelijkse publikatie voor moderne kunst. Vol. 1-34 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1955/56-1989. Original wrappers. Front wrappers after 1986 frequently with faint traces of removed library stickers. Altogether however a nice set.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Complete set in original wrappers of the most important periodical for contemporary art in the Netherlands, created by 3 museums (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbe Museum, Museum Kröller-Muller) it expanded to the organ of almost all the museums of modern art in The Netherlands. Edited by V.W. van Gogh, A.M. Hammacher, W.J.H.B. Sandberg, E.L.L. de Wilde, a.o.; covers by Karel Appel, Roy Lichtenstein, Yves Klein, E. Joosten, a.o.



Kunstcentrum 'Badhuis' Gorinchem.

Numbers 1-41 (=Year 1-9 no 2, all publ.). Gorinchem, Kunstcentrum Badhuis, 1975-1983. Unbound as issued, mostly still in the original glassine envelopes in which they were mailed. Stapled card- wrappers, 15 x 10,5/ 10,5 x 15 cm., each containing 16 - 24 pp., text in Dutch, English & German, richly illustrated with photographs, mostly b/w, occasionally in colour. - Added: KUNSTPUBLIKATIE. A magazine by artists. (Year 1-2 no 1, Nos. 1-3, orig. wrappers. all publ.). =Exhibitions of Ad Dekkers, (1: Ryszard Winiarski, About Polish Avant Garde in the 20th century; 2. Sjoerd Buisman, Epihyte Project Venezuela; 3. Jan Smejkal, 8 hour drawings (frontcover a bit foxed). With handwritten dedication. -Added: 8 invitations to exhibitions.

EUR 2,400.00

► detailed description

The complete set of exhibition catalogues and monographic bulletins by the avant-garde art-center '"Kunstcentrum Badhuis" in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, focusing on conceptual and concrete art, in particular the Zero (Nul) Group. The initiator (and editor of these bulletins) was Antoinette Hilgemann-Stigter, with Ewerdt Hilgemann and Jan Hoekstra (to whom this set originally belonged). #1: Ad Dekkers; # 2: Visuele poëzie; #3: M. Boezem; #4: Kees Franse; #5: Symposion Gorinchem: #6: herman de vries: at random; #7: Rational Concepts; #8: Winiarski; #9: Winiarski: Kunst als Proces; #10: S. Buisman; #11: Signalement; #12: A. de Keijzer; #13: Sieraden; #14: L. Nussberg; #15/16: Rationale Koncepte; #17: Calderara; (Bianco/giallo; printed in yellow); #18: S. Hansma; #19: Albani; #20: Textiel als Architektuur;# 21: Signalement. 9 Rotterdammers; #22:Sykora; #23: K. Giezen; #24: (A retrospect) 5 jaar Badhuis; #25: Van Dijk/Joseph; #26: D. Stroobant; #27: M. Smits; #28: U. Poth; #29/30: Boezem; #31: J. v. Munster; #32: J. Smejkal; #33: E. Hilgemann; # 34: D. Postema; # 35: J. Valoch; #36: h. de vries.from here; #37: K. Malich; #38: E. Hilgemann; #39: F. Morellet,; #40: Herinneringen; #41: R.P. Lohse. Rare as complete as this.



Uitg. ter aanmoediging en verspreiding der Schoone Kunsten.

Vol. 1-20 (all). 's Gravenhage, 1840/41-1859, then New Series: vol. 1-18 (all). Leyden, 1860-1877, then Series 3: vol. 1-14 (all & last). Leyden, 1879-1910. Folio; bound in various bindings, contemp. green h.cloth or brown h. leather over marbled boards and original red decorative gilt cloth. Some bindings repaired; one spine loosening. With more than 750 hors-texte plates. Lacks 4 vols.(i.e. vols. 6, 18 ; Ser. 3 vols.2 and 4)

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

The most important art periodical published in The Netherlands prior to 'Oud Holland'; publ. by the 'Maatschappij voor Schoone Kunsten'. Also important literary contributions (Hofdijk, Ten Cate, Bosboom Toussaint, J.A. Alberdingh Thijm, C. Vosmaer, J. ten Brink, G. Keller, K. van Lennep, etc.). The hors-texte plates are mostly lithographs and steel-and wood engravings after J. Bosboom, J.A. Canta, J.B. Jongkind, W. Roelofs, J.H. Weissenbruch, Alma Tadema, Ch. Rochussen, A. Schelfhout and in last series photogravures after L. Apol, O. Eerelman, J. Israels, Th. Schwartze, G.H. Breitner, H.W. Mesdag, Jacob & Wilem Maris, J. H. Wijsmüller a.o. Year 7 (1846) is in 2nd ed. In vol. 19 only 2 plates (of 24) present, from 5 other volumes a total of 8 plates is lacking. Some plates with a stamp, brown spotted or slightly waterstained and one vol. well thumbed, but still on the whole a fine set. Somccomplete very rare now.



Edited by Pieter Brattinga.

Collection of all 35 pieces (complete and in unusual good condition) published by Steendrukkerij de Jong, Hilversum, between 1955 and 1974. Original wrappers, portfolio-wrappers, foldings, and one box. Sq. 4to., 25 x 25 Cm. Text in Dutch, English, French and German. comprising: all 27 proper Quadrat-Prints, plus 5 folding cards (text + image), the Sonsbeek folder and 2 anniversary volumes. Rare collection in absolutely excellent, near mint condition.

EUR 6,000.00

► detailed description

A landmark of fine Dutch design. A series of publications initiated by Pieter Brattinga, focusing on printing-art and characterised by a great diversity in concept, design, context and typography. In 1955 the name ‘Kwadraatblad’ (Quadrat Prints) was introduced with the folded lithographs measuring 25x25 cm., by Cor Klaasen, Jan Sleper, Ed van der Elsken/Lucie Kurpershoek,Friso Henstra. These were followed by the famous ‘Clocks of Chagall’ an, original work by Marc Chagall illustrating a text by Bernard Majorick in November 1956. Also present is the rare Photolitho for Sonsbeek Pavillion by Rietveld and the 2 Anniversary Books of the Steendrukkerij (50th and 60th Anniversary). Brattinga assigned a cultural task to the quadrat prints: they were devoted to technologically much advenced experiments in the field of design, art, architecture, music and literature and evolved to a wellknown avant-garde annual journal. In 1974 the succesful series came to an end with ‘Typographic analysis’ by A. Magelhaes. The prints and booklets were available free of charge as promotional matter for clients and friends. Due to this only few complete sets have survived and have become quite rare, particularly in near mint condition as here, and with the added parts. This collection checked against the bibliography by Geneviève Waldmann: ‘The activities of Pieter Brattinga’ (‘s Gravenhage, 1989) comprises the following titles: - DE KLOKKEN VAN CHAGALL (The clocks of Chagall). Booklet. 1957. With a lithograph of Marc Chagall. Author B. Majorick; design Otto Treumann Plain cover, spine very lightly sunned - THE SICK LION AND THE FOX. 1957. With litho by Cees Timmer - BUCKMINSTER FULLER. Loose-leaf booklet. 1958. Together 4 leaves + wrapper, design Otto Treumann - NU XX (in the middle of the XXth century). Booklet. 1959. Text and design by W. Sandberg. 1959 - MART KEMPERS. Portfolio of 3 lithographs. ca. 1959 - MUZIEK EN TECHNIEK (Music and Technics). 1960. Text by the composer Ton de Leeuw. Design Harry Sierman / - PLAYING CARDS, looseleaf, 1960/61. By Anne H. Mulder, design: H.P. Doebele - SCHRIJF-TAAL (Written language). 1961. Portfolio of handwritten poems by international poets, loose-leaf. Ed.: Simon Vinkenoog; design Ton Raateland - GENESIS OF A COMPOSITION, booklet. 1961. With a reproduction of a mural painting (foldout) by Jan Bons; author B. Marjorick - ORGANICS. Booklet. 1961. Author William Katavolos; design Pieter Brattinga. 1961. The philosopher designer William Katavolos writes about “Organics” in design” - UNREADABLE BOOK, folded portfolio with loose-leaf. 1964. Design: Bruno Munari. 1964 (Note: This book folded in the original wrapping paper designed and imprinted by Brattinga; left bottom corner of the wrap has a minuscule defect, but otherwise near mint and the book itself mint, as is seldom seen) - SCHRIJF-TAAL ii (Written language ii). 1963. Portfolio containing 19 leaves. Ed. - S. Vinkenoog, design Ton Raateland - SCHRIJF-TAAL iii (Written language iii). No date. Portfolio with loose-leaf. Contemporary poetry collected by Simon Vinkenoog, with the handwriting of poets - DAILY MIRROR, portfolio with loose-leaf printed by Diter Rot on newsprint. 1965. Design Diter Rot. (the cardboard portfolio in good condition,with only the left overlaying flap neatly enforced from the inside, the printed pages inside internally mint) - PHILOMENE, book illustrated by Pim van Boxsel. 1966. Design Pieter Brattinga. (‘The marvelous adventures of Philomene’ told in drawings by Pim van Boxsel) - NEW ALPHABET. 1967. Booklet. Text and design by W. Crouwel. ‘Proposal for a new type that, more than the traditional types, is suited for the composing system with the CRT’ - COUNTERPROPOSAL by Gerard Unger in response to ‘New Alphabet’ 1967 - SCHRÖDER HOUSE. Booklet with foldouts. 1963. Text by G. Rietveld. Design and photography Pieter Brattinga. With architectural drawings and handwritten notes by Rietveld. - EXTRA SCHRIJFTAAL (Extra written language). 1967. Cover with double-page spread. With 3 lithographs by Henry Miller; design Pieter Brattinga / - NU 2. Booklet, edited and designed by W. Sandberg. 1968 - ALPHABET. Booklet. 1969. Author Thimoty Epps in response to ‘New Alphabet’. Design John Stegmeijer / - ALPHABET. Portfolio with looseleaf, by Anthon Beeke in response to ‘New Alphabet’. 1970. Photography by Geert Kooiman; on the inside cover a photo essay by Ed van der Elsken - WIM SPREEUWERS. Untitled. 1970. Folded portfolio with box constructions - MUSIC PAPER. Portfolio with loose-leaf ‘music-paper’, 1970. Text and design Paul v. Reeuwijk. - HOUSE. 1971. Booklet with photographs by Les Levine. Design Pieter Brattinga - CIJFER (Figure). 1971. Box with cash receipts, symbolising a trip around the world. Design Pieter Brattinga. (copy no. 0549) - A TOPOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF A PRINTED SURFACE. 1974. Concept Aloisio Magalhaes; design Pieter Brattinga. TOGETHER WITH: - Folder on white card (photolitho) for SONSBEEK PAVILLION BY GERRIT RIETVELD. 1956. Author: Jan Elburg; design Jurriaan Schrofer (format 21 x 25 Cm; a bit yellowed) with the book added. - All 5 folding cards (complete, 1955-1956) lithographed Cards (25 x 25 Cm) by: Mart Kempers (Uuur U, rare), Jan Sleper, Cor Klaassen, Friso Henstra, Lucie Kurpershoek-Visser) - TWO BOOKS published on the occasion of the 50th and 60th Anniversary of Steendrukkerij (the printer) De Jong. - 7 INVITATIONS (12,5x12,5 cm each, folding) to openings/vernissages of Exhibition in the Canteen of the Printshop: 23/1-4/3,1965 (Kelly):- 16/8-22/9, 1965 (Wim Schippers) 26/2-6/4,1966 (Colour abd Cube); 11/12-11/2,1966 (Vases); 11/6-30/8,1966 (Topor Panic); 18/6-30/7, 1971 Roland van den Berghe). -27/3/27/5,1965 (Ikko Tanaka).



Literaris tijdschrift der 60ers (Literair tijdschrift der 60ers).

Vol. 1- 10 number 2 (and 3-4) (=all published and complete). Lier, Berchem-Antwerpen, October 1962 - April 1973. Original illustrated wrappers. (Stencilled and glued or stapled to the spine) ADDED: VERY RARE FINAL ISSUE, JANUARY 1976 with titlepage shared with the periodical 'Ko-Ko'. (Ko-Ko II no. 3) identical to LABRIS Vol. 10 no 3-4. Original illustrated wrappers. This first 4 issues of Yr 1 have been integrated in one volume, with the front cover of no 1 preserved. With handwrittem spine-title, some notes in the poem "Zoja"in no 1; 6 pages (p.29-34) of Van Essche's contribution in no 1 are replaced by a copy. Complete set of the utmost rarity, belonged to Leon van Essche. Some interesting additions in a box, see below.

EUR 12,000.00

► detailed description

The complete set of one of the key journals of concrete and visual poetry (subtitled "sabril, sarbil, libras,larbis,lirbas,sibral"), published in Belgium with international contributors, under the direction of (and with contributions by): Max Kazan, Leon van Essche, Marcel van Maele, Hugo Neefs, Pierre Anthonissen, Jozef Bierkens, Frans Denissen, Edmond Devoghelaere, Louis Dieltjes, Jan Geerts, Paul J. Lembrechts, Michel Leclerc, Ivo Vroom ,Wilfried Wijnants, Hans Clavin, Arrigo Lora Totino, Philip Ward, OM, Jiri Valoch, Marcel Broodthaers (8 no 1.2;10 no 2). Contributions are in Dutch, French, German and English. Each volume consists of 4 numbers, varying in length from 60-100 pages., each year with a different designed frontcover (designed by Wes Ganzevoort, Walter Goossens, Leon van Essche, W.C. Hoenraat, Wilfried Wijnants). The contents is stencilled typewritten text, often in varying compositions and lay-outs as visual poetry. Also drawings and occasionally photographic illustrations. Volume 5 no 3/4 (218 page + covers) is probably the most important number. It is an "Anthology of avant-guard poetry" including practically all the great names of international avant-garde poetry (Heidsieck, Finlay, Chopin, Furnival, daLevy, Snyder, Sanders, Cobbing, Orlovsky, Bukowski,etc.), compiled with the help of Douglas Blazek, D.Miles, Dom Sylvester Houédard, H.di Campos, Cavan McCarthy, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Ernst Jandl, Pierre Garnier, E.M. De Melo e Castro, M.Horovitz. A set like this is extremely rare. (See i.a.: Adams/ Breugelmans, Reizende Bladen, p.23). The final issue opens with the information that Labris will be stopped and all remaining funds have been transferred to the benefit of Ko-Ko, which is issuing the Farewell-number of Labris at the same time; the issue opens with a Farewell article of the Labris-editors. Added: Prospectus for Year 8, with overview of all Labirint editions, and brief history (by Hugo Neefs, Michel Leclerc, Leon van Erssche). Also a number of sup[plements LABRISLOS: Periodieke bijdrage,1968-1970, 130 pages.



Vlaamsch socialistisch maandschrift.

Vol. 1-2 no 2. Brussels, 1939-1940. First year bound; only one more issue was published.

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Flemish socialist monthly edited by H. de Man. Contributions by W.H. Vliegen, K. Vorrink, W. Banning, Herman Vos, Edgard Delvo.


LEPEL (Adriaan Peel)

(helemaal geen echt tijdschrift)

Nos. 1-9 (all publ., in 7 issues, 4/5 and 8/9 were double). Antwerp, 1963-1966, mimoegraphed, oblong, handwritten covers stapled in tghe spine, oblong. Edited of 50 copies, with collages,tipped-to page orig photoghraphs, various collaged materiakls.The platic spoon (lepeltje) that was affixed to the cover of the last number ihas not been preserved.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this Antwerp one-man literary and artist periodical written and self-published by ADRIAAN PEEL. A playful and critically observing chronicle of the Antwerp Avant-Garde in the early sixties: attention for the literary world in Belgium and Antwerp (e.g. Labris, Vree, . the local happening scene, but also developments in The Netherlands (Provo) and dutch authors (Jan Cremer whose book cover is mocked by a photograph of Peel on a motorcycle). Visually attractive because of the illustrations, tipped-to page original photographs (fullpage by Eddy Ausloos orig. b/w photocomposition and textcollages. The last double-issue dedicated to the Antwerp police (Politie Festival) and Happenings, contains a plastic pouch with washing powder, visuaslly attractived full-page text-collages and a small unidentified round photograph (E.Ausloos?).



Voor een strijdend socialisme.

Vol. 1-4. Amsterdam, 1965-1968. Wrappers, tabloïd format; (3 issues in vol.3 are missing).

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Organ of the left-wing socialists, edited by Jan Blok, W. Brinkman, H. Drenth, Ton Regtien, H. Neudecker, Th. van Tijn, W. Tieleman. Influential in Provo-times and Provo-related.



No. 1 (all publ.). Utrecht, Grafisch Gezelschap De Luis, 1962. 4to; original wrappers stitched in the spine, with mounted linocut title-piece. Limited edition of 100 copies.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Dutch surrealist periodical, edited by J.H.Moesman (the only 'officially recognised' Dutch Surrealist), H. van Maarseveen and W.D .Kuik. Contains i.a.: 2 signed lithographs by W.D. Kuik. 2 lithographs by J.H. Moesman, a signed aquatint etching by K. van der Sluis, a signed lithograph by Peter Vos and contribs. by T. Sontrop, A. Teister, a.o.; also an advertisement for 'La Brêche' designed by Moesman.



Maandblad van het Haags Provotariaat.

Nos. 2-3 (from 3 published). (Den Haag) 1966-1967 - number 2, 27 oktober 1966. 21,5 x 14 cm, 40 pp.(with name of previous owner in handwriting). - number 3: 42,5 x 30 cm, 12 pp.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Werkgroep "Haagse Happening". Contrib. Robert van Gemert, Barney (drawings), Anton Venselaar, Dolf Hartsuiker, A.van der Weele. J. de la Rie, Peter Walraven, with satirical drawings, photomontages, etc.


LYNX ( Maastricht)

Tijdschrift voor provocerend denken.

Issues 2 - 6 (out of 6 issues published). Maastricht, 1966-1967. 30 x 11 cm (except # 4: 27,5 x 11 cm) , 40 - 60 pp. Stencilled. Good condition,.

EUR 800.00

► detailed description

Provo journal for Maastricht, (identical size and layout as Provo itself), edited by Wim van Beers, Roelof Bos, Yves van Kempen, Jaap J. Rosier, etc.; published for Maastricht, it had an editorial office in Amsterdam. Number 4: Peace issue; Number 5 (LSD) is Psychedlic Issue; with a cellophane insert with white powder (LSD?) preserved. Numerous cartoons. Number 6 "Sick Art". Kommunuikatie bericht aan De Jong. Complete with the insert.



Vol. 1-26 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1924-1950. 4to; bound set, original cloth. Ills.

EUR 2,000.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this major Dutch art periodical, ed. by M.F. Hennus, Corn. Veth, H.F.E. Visser, a.o.; includes 'Bulletin Vereeniging v. Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst / Bulletin of the Dutch. Soc. of Friends of Asiatic Art'). "Well-illustrated, fairly scholarly articles on all phases and periods of art. Much oriental art is contained in the earlier volumes". (Chamberlin 2273); Arntzen/Rainwater Q228; Prause p.341.



Maandblad voor mensen.

Year 1 nos. 1-12 (cplt.). Amsterdam, Jules Perel, Oct. 1948 - Sept. 1949. Original pictorial wrappers, with light wear, but good set of this rare first year.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

The first year of this significant periodical of the post-war period in the Netherlands (the so-called 'Vijftigers'). It was designed as a Dutch version of "The New Yorker" Edited by C. Boost, E. Elias, Henri Knap, Frits van der Molen & C. B. Zijlstra. Covers deigned by: Wim Bijmoer, Hugh Jans, Joseph Ferdinand Doeve, Charles Boost, Joël (= Jan Bons), a.o. Illustrations by: C.A. Bantzinger, Bertram (= B.A.Th. Weiss), a.o. Contributions by: Fiep Westendorp, S. Carmiggelt, Evert Werkman, Remco Campert, Bert Voeten, Manuel van Loggem, Ed. Hoornik, and many other. Publication went on till January 1953. Added: A thematic issue of Vrij Nederland June 1979 on the history of Mandril.



Maandblad voor mensen.

Years 1-4 (5) (all publ.). Amsterdam, Jules Perel, oct. 1948 - jan. 1953. Tog. 43 issues, in the coloured illustrated wrappers, 4to. Profusely illustrated. Scarce!

EUR 2,500.00

► detailed description

The complete set of one of the most significant periodicals of the post-war period in the Netherlands (the so-called 'Vijftigers'). It was designed as a Dutch version of "The New Yorker". Editors were C. Boost, E. Elias, Henri Knap, F.v.d. Molen, H. Jans, E. Messer, A. Duif, B.J.F. Steinmetz, C.B. Zijlstra; covers designed by Wim Bijmoer, Doeve, Hugh Jans, Wim Heesen, Ducro (=J.B. Kuijper), a.o.; The very important list of contributors includes : Remco Campert, H. Andreus, H.v.d. Bergh, G. den Brabander, H. Brugsma, , S. Carmiggelt, L.P.J. Braat, Anna Blaman, M. Dendermonde, Alex Cohen, J. Gans, E. Hoornik, M. van Loggem, Marga Minco, H. Mulisch, Ad. Morriën, H. van Norden, M. v.d. Plas, G.K. van het Reve, Annie M.G. Schmidt, B. Voeten, E. Warmond, etc. etc.; Important illustrators: Lucebert, P. Citroen, J. Bieruma-Oosting, W. Bijmoer, , Melle, Opland, Ted Schaap, Fiep Westendorp, J.P. Vroom, etc.



Uitgave Werkgroep Manifest.

Introductory issue (red cover, 16 pages), followed by Manifests, each measuring 60 x 42 cm, folded; printed on white paper on one side only. Amsterdam, no dates (ca.1968). Were used as murals. - Demokratie ? - Vakbonden of iets anders ? - Spanje, - Wie, wat waar.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Kontaktadres: C. Heijnis. Mostly unsigned contributions, some signed by leon van der heijden, Han S. , J.K. en W.QW. . Werkgroep Manifest, Nieuwe Herengracht 25.



New York. [1944?] and July 1945. Unnumbered issue and number 7. Large quarto. Mimeographed text, stapled into (silk-screened) oversize pictorial wrappers. Illustrated, including a color screen-print as the title-leaf for the first issue. Wrappers reinforced on the overlapping edges and expertly restaured. Fine copies, taking into account the fragility of the publication.

EUR 750.00

► detailed description

Edited by Claire Nicolas [White], Sylvia Nicolas, B. Jolas, Fabio, C(laudia) Marck a.o., S. Alexeieff, and others. Cover design of No. 7 by Ludmilla A. An uncommon and virtually handmade periodical by immigrants or expatriates (some of the contributions are in French).; OCLC reports that it suspended publication after an eighth number. Niccolo Tucci makes an early appearance. Other contribs. by Fabio, Milton Robertson, Adriaan van der Veen, K. Greshoff, Claire Nicolas, Charles Duits. Drawings by Fabio, Duni a.o. (Hoffmann et al., p. 368)



No. 1 (most probably all publ.). Rotterdam, 1950. (16) pp., 8 original linocuts printed on various stock. Original wrappers. 4to.

EUR 350.00

► detailed description

Artist periodical with emphasis on the Rotterdam art world, published by "Het Atelier" in "Kunstcentrum 't Venster". Contributions by B. Snoek, E. Lopes Cardozo, H. de Vos, D. den Dikkenboer, G. Romijn, W. Elenbaas, G. van der Weerd, W. van der Weerd and E. Elenbaas. According to the loosely inserted letter of introduction the printrun was very small and illustrations were handprinted. Rare.



A collection of 54 weekly programs on music, films and theater published between 1976-1979 by Melkweg, together with: -Newsletter. Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg 1977. Jan.12/Jan.16: 295x210 mm., stapled, 8pp. Split fountain color printing, togethr with: -Program Poster. Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg (1977). 80x27,5 mm., color silkscreen.

EUR 700.00

► detailed description

295x210 mm., recto/verso split fountain color printing and/or mimeographed (?).



Vol. 1-4 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1962/63-1966. Bound.

EUR 150.00

► detailed description

Edited by Kees Fens, H.U. Jessurun d'Oliveira, J.J. Overstegen; literary criticism following the method of structural analysis.



Satyrisch tijdschrift (subtitle changes)

Complete collection of 35 issues published [comprising Nos. 1-34 plus extra Jan.1945., Amsterdam, D.A.V.I.D., 15 Nov. 1944 - 29 Juni] , as follows: - First year,nos. [1-3] illegally published with misleading numbering asYear 5 nos 7, 8, 9-12 (15 Nov.1944-22 Nov. 1944) followed by: - Extra Nummer, 20 Jan.1945 and - Year 6 no. 1-3. Amsterdam, 19 Jan. 1945- 21 April 1945 continued as; - Year 6 (New Series Year 1, Eerste Daglicht Nummer [First legally published]) Nos. 7-14; Amsterdam, 10 Mei 1945 - 24 Aug.1945 continued as: (Year. 2 ) Nos. 15-30 . 7 Sept.1945- 6 Mei 1946 (from 30 issues published) continued as: ( Year 3) Nos 1-4. 10 Mei 1946 -29 Juni 1946 (4 issues published to the end of publication) Set in the original issues as published, some light foxing or occasional dampstains due to the newsprint paper, some edgewear, but in general a very good set in the original issues, unbound. ADDED: rare compilation book "Metro Mozaïek". N.d., Uitgeverij David. With orig.wrapper (sl,damaged). TOGETHER wih: Poster on Orange paper, printed in black, measuring 42,5x30 cm., with text "Zijt Gij vijand's slaaf ? Meldt U dan! Zoo niet, dan niet!". Depicting a German soldier with a whip threatening a workman, and in the background the potrait of Queen Wilhelmina. Printed by Metro. (folded, and with very light waving to one corner, in fact a very good copy.

EUR 3,000.00

► detailed description

Complete set. Edited by Jan-Gerhard and Marten Toonder. This rare satirical periodical published in The Netherlands during and immediately after the war, originated from the underground movement. Yr.6 no. 1 was still illegally published and no.7 (= Eerste daglicht-nummer) is the first "legal" issue, published after the liberation. Editor in chief was Jan Gerhard Toonder, and most important in Metro was the contribution of his brother Marten Toonder, with several full-page (and also smaller) politico-satirical drawings, satirizing the former underground-press, the internment politics, the military authorities, etc. Metro was founded in Oct.1944 by J.C. Pellicaan and D.D.B. van Veen, both former collaborators of the illegal "Vrij Nederland". To mislead the Germans but also "to irritate van Randwijk", the first number published had the faked numbering Year 5 no.7 (suggesting that it was founded even before "Vrij Nederland".) Publication went on till Yr.3 no.4. Apart from M.Toonder we also find drawings by H.G.Kresse, Fiep Westendorp, H.Kabos, René Zwartjes, a.o.; other collaborators were J.G.Toonder, P.Beihuizen, Geert Lubberhuizen. DAVID stands for "De Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij". Winkel: 421.In total 35 issues were published. In the Index of the reprint another extra-number is included, which was never distributed officially, This is not included in the set offered. A few issues with small stamp "leesvereniging".



Spreek vrijmoedig over De Sade, maar misbruik nooit zijn naam.

Op Engelvoeten, à pas de loup. Schalkwijk, Editions Surréalistes, 1975. (16 p.), printed in black and red, original wrappers.

EUR 250.00

► detailed description

Dutch surrealist publication by the only recognised surrealist in The Netherland.Typespecimen of the "Petronius", designed by Moesman. With autogr. signed dedication: "Met de beste wensen voor 1975 t/m 1999, in 2000 zien we wel weer!".



Psychedelisch bulletin (en tijdschrift voor bewustzijnsverandering en drugs. Cosmic Circuit).

Nos. 1-11 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1968-1969. 4to; mimeographed; (Nos. 3 and following have illustrated front covers; , nos. 4 and 9 handcoloured; Number 11 is Speciaal Surrealistisch Nummer. Set in good condition except for some toning and light staining, but all in original first printing.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

The first Dutch publication to deal with psychedelics and drugs in an informative way, which laid without doubt the basis for this countries' later liberal and tolerant attitudes in this respect. Editor was Hans Geluk, with contribs. by Hans Plomp, Alexander Koppenol, Richard Huebner, Herman Cohen, Rik Lina, etc. articles about effects provoked by drugs, history of drugs, translations of articles from the foreign specialised, medical and psychiatric press, etc.with psychedelics and drugs in an informative way, which laid without doubt the basis for this countries' later liberal and tolerant attitudes in this respect. Close to the Provo movement. Editor was Hans Geluk, with contribs. by Hans Plomp, Alexander Koppenol, Richard Huebner, Herman Cohen, Rik Lina, etc. articles about effects provoked by drugs, history of drugs, translations of articles from the foreign specialised, medical and psychiatric press, etc . Number 11 is Cosmic Circuit: Zwart zon/Bloem in opstand. Surrealistische manifestatie in Scheveningen,oktober 1969.



Zondagsblad gewijd aan Wetenschap, Kunst en Letteren.

Year 1-8 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1893-1900; then Nieuwe Reeks: Year (1) - (4) (= all and last publ.). Amsterdam (De Roode Bibliotheek), 1917-1920/21. Original cloth or boards (a few bindings slightly stained or soiled, two bindings repaired). 4to.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Complete set of this important weekly. Edited by Gerhards Rijnders. Contribs. by F.Domela Nieuwenhuis, Alex. Cohen, Henk Eikeboom, F.M.Wibaut, Allard Pierson, N.J.C. Schermerhorn, Peter Kropotkin, Elisée Reclus, Oscar Wilde, Fr.Engels, Sidney Webb; ills. by Raemdonck & Jordaan.




Vol. 1-21 (all publ.). Rotterdam, 1937-1971. Clothbound in 11 vols. With Index 1/20. Ills. (One xerox).

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Bulletin of the Museum Boymans van Beuningen; richly illustrated. Not published during 1938-1950. Added: 'Stichting Museum Boymans. Verslag' (=Reports of the Museum), years 1939-1943, in 2 nos., wrps, and Boymans Bijdragen. Essays by (ex) members of the staff, with English summaries (215 pp.). Bound.



Algemeen Informatief Maandblad.

Jaargang 1 nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Hoboken, Maart-Mei 1966. Unbd., 28 x 37 Cm., ills.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Belgian avant-garde journal. Issues of 12-16 pp. each, text on 3 columns; contribs. by Tony Rombouts (Van happening over happening naar milky ways), Jan Christiaens, Jan Diels, Freddy de Vree, Lode d'Hertefelt, Kervijn de Scaever, H.-F. Jespers, W. Roland, Gust Gils, Julien Vandies (Over Simon Vinkenoog), een interviw met Herman about REVO (the Belgian version of PROVO , in Number 3 a large feature about Remco Campert, etc.



Vol. 1-7 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1926/27-1932/33.. Orig. wrappers. Light soilage and some browning at the edges but otherwise a good set.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Edited by Paul F. Sanders and Willem Pijper. Contributions by Mengelberg, Sem Dresden, Willem Pijper, J. Conradi, Wouter Paap, Matthys Vermeulen, Hans Holländer.



(Weekblad van den ouden Heer Smits).

Vol. 1-4 (all publ.) Rotterdam, Arnhem, Amsterdam, 1856-1859. Continued as: New Series Vol. (1) - 49 no 9 (all and last publ.). Arnhem, The Hague, 1860-1908. Original and new boards. Numerous illustrations.

EUR 2,500.00

► detailed description

Liberal weekly ed. by M.P.Lindo, later: G. Keller, Fr. Mulder, Carel Vosmaer, N.F.A.G. Campbell, Tideman, H. Louis, Israëls; with contribs. by the best Dutch authors on literature, arts, politics, etc., such as R.C. Bakhuizen van den Brink, J.J. Cremer, Marcellus Emants, C. Busken Huet, a.o. Year 1857 with 24 lithographs, from 1860 onw. each issue contains a satirical supplementary fullpage lithograph mainly by: J.M. Schmidt Crans (till 1896); Willem van Konijnenburg (who was the regular illustrator from 1896-1901) and in later years Jan Linse. Other illustrators were Carel Vosmaer, Henricus (=Hendrik Jansen), Alexander Verhuell, Theo van Hoytema, Jan Sluyters, Jan Rotgans & Jan Rinke. The collection comprises 2429 plates (lithographs), incl.: "Album van den Ned. Spectator", plates 1-13 (all publ.), 1869-1872, by J. Israëls, Jan Weissenbruch, A. Allebé, Ch. Rochussen, a.o. 2 Years (= 1905 (in reduced size) & 1908), and 86 issues & supplementary plates from 3 vols. are in photoreprint.


NEWS. (N.E.W.S.)

(Uitg. De Harmonie, Amsterdam).

6 numbers (Nos. 1-4 unnumbered, Nos. 5 & 6 numbered, all publ.). Amsterdam, 1976. Loose-leaves, with original envelopes. (Contents fine, envelopes a bit worn on the edges as they have actually been through the mail).

EUR 1,500.00

► detailed description

Limited ed. of 200 copies loose-leaves in mailing envelopes, by Jeroen Henneman and Marthe Röling. . Publication supported by Markus Raetz. Comprises 176 leaves in black & white, with ills., drawings, literary contribs., photographs, etc. by these two artists. One issue (as far as we could tell this is the unnumbered no.3), consisting of 30 leaves, is an illustrated contribution by Henneman on the design of a "city-lightning object" (Metten Koornstra), photographs by Dirk Ayelt Kooiman,Jaap de Graaf, Waldo Dettling, Cor van Weele. No. 2 contains a text and work by D.A.K. (Dirk Ayelt Kooiman).



Years 1-3 (all publ.). Hilversum, 1934-1936. Bound, red cloth, pictorial wrappers preserved; 4to.

EUR 250.00

► detailed description

Complete set, with the pamphlet 'Antisemitisch? Antidemocratisch? Reactionair? Fascisme?' bound in year 1935. Edited by J. Derks, A. den Doolaard, Gabriel Smit, a.o., with contribs. by J. Schreurs, Th. de Vries, Ed. Hoornik, G. den Brabander, etc.; covers designed by O. van Rees, J. Nicolaas, Ch. Eyck, K. Thole, a.o.



Maandschrift voor Letteren, Kunst, Wetenschap en Wijsbegeerte.

Years 1-9. Amsterdam, W. Versluys, 1885/86-1894. Bound in 10 vols. , partly modern hcloth, vols. 1 & 8 with front-covers. Vol. 9 (in orig. wrappers, repaired) lacks no 4.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

The significant first years of the most influential literary and art-critical monthly in The Netherlands, founded by the New Generation of 1880: Frederik van Eeden, F. van der Goes, Willem Kloos, Willem Paap en Albert Verwey. Year 10 was never published, after which the publication resumed with a new series and a new editorial board.



Werk van de internationale avant-garde.

Vol. 1-2 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Bezige Bij, 1965-1966. Paperback, mint condition. Illustrated.

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Continuation of the review Nul = 0 of the Dutch Nul-group, and close to Zero and the nouveau réalistes. Editors: Armando, Henk Peeters, Hans Sleutelaar, Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager, Hans Verhagen with Zero-artists: Schoonhoven, Manzoni, Uecker, Mack, Fontana, Kusama, Klein. Photographs by Philip Mechanicus, Egbert Munks, Wim van der Linden a.o. Complete in 2 vols. of 180 pp. & 206 pp. each.



Politiek-Satiriek Weekblad, Zondagsblad van 'Het Volk'.

Years 1-30 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1907-1936, with precursor: HET VOLK. Zondagsblad. Years 1-5 (all). Amsterdam, July 1902-Dec.1906. A very good set, bound, mostly original publ. cloth (vols. 1-17 & 22-26), rest new cloth. 4to & folio. Rare entirely complete set. Added: Prenten van Albert Hahn Sr. Edited by A. Hahn Jr., Becht, Amsterdam, 1928.

EUR 3,000.00

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Politico-satirical drawings (mostly full-page) are by Albert Hahn (the mainstay of the publication till his death in 1918), Kees van Dongen, Th. Bottema, N. Bodenheim, Jan Rinke, Ton van Tast, Jan Visser, Jordaan, J. Rotgans, Funke Küpper, G. van Raemsdonck, L. Raemaekers, C. Brandenburg, Schotel, Godefroy, etc.; many of these drawings have become very well-known (e.g. the railroad-strike). In the editorial columns we find contribs. by Wibaut, H. Heijermans, and in the first 5 years (Het Volk) many by Jacob Israël de Haan.



(Tijdschrift voor structurele literatuur).

Nos. 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 7, 8, 9 (of 9 issues published, also numbered as Years 1-3). Sint Niklaas, 1961-1965. In original wrappers; roy. 8vo. and 8vo; illustrated.

EUR 1,000.00

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Published by Paradox-Press, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Director: Dirk Claus. Eds.: Roger Dacremont, D. Claus, Fr. Neels, F. de Vree; contributing eds. in the USA, Germany, France, England and The Netherlands. Interesting typography; orig. graphic supplements by Mark Claus, Gust Romijn, Peter Royen. Contribs.: H. Richter, G. Grass, Klaus Volker, Ivo Michiels, Tony Rombouts, Joh. Daisne, M. Butor, Max Kazan, Adr. de Roover, Hugo Claus, F. de Vree, etc.



tijdschrift van de akademie voor beeldende kunsten arnhem

Nrs. 1-13 . Arnhem, November 1974 - 1978. 29,6 x 21 cm. Original wrappers.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Coordinated by Paul Budel. Contibutors: Vincent Baake, Frans Bastet, Lies van Beek, Jaska de Bree, Ed Bruinvis, Hans v.d.Griend, Winston Huisman, Peter van Prooien, Joke Robaard, Gerbrand Veenstra, Hendrik J. Vos and many others.



Avantgardecahier voor visuele vormgeving.

Nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Amsterdam/Rotterdam (Brusse), 1946-1947. 4to; original wrappers; illustrated. Nice clean set.

EUR 300.00

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"Open Eye"; "L'Oeil ouvert". Complete set of the first postwar avant-garde publication in The Netherlands, ed. by Wim Brusse, Jaffé, Kloos, Rietveld, Sandberg, Mart Stam. Covers designed by Sandberg. Texts in Dutch, French and English.



3-maandelijks jeugdtijdschrift voor kunst, wetenschap en arbeidersbeweging.

Vol. 1-9 no. 1 (of 4). Amsterdam, 1922- Sept. 1930. Wrappers, first 2 years in original portfolio, year 7 bound (modern boards) & 9 no. 1 repaired. 4to; illustrated.

EUR 350.00

► detailed description

Quarterly of the Dutch socialist youth-movement, ed. by "Arbeiders-Jeugdcentrale". Ed.-in-chief: Koos Vorrink. Including the orig. woodcut by Jac.J.Ottens and the orig. lithograph by W. Schuhmacher; other contribs. include Albert Hahn jr., A.M. de Jong, Maurits Dekker, Jef Last, S. de Wolff, J.R. Miranda, W. Jos. De Gruyter (Moderne Gebruikskunst), etc. Wrps. designed by Fré Cohen.



No. Nul (zero) - 12 (13 issues). January - 28 July 1982. Published by Coöperative Vereniging De Opstoot u.a., Amsterdam. Newsprint, folded once. 12 - 16 pp per issue.

EUR 700.00

► detailed description

Dutch - Belgian satirical fortnightly edited by Lex van Almelo, Jos Collingnon and Hans van Laarhoven. Contributions by Werry Crone, Theodoor Holman, Harrie Jekkers, Kamagurka, Pierre Kartner, Koos Meinderts, Len Munnik, Willem, Max Koot, Willem van Manen and many others. With illustrations. Rare complete with the zero number.



Maandblad voor jonge mensen.

Nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Hilversum, April-May 1961. 4to; unbound, original pictorial wrapper (light wear, good copies). .

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Monthly for the young generation. Photographs by Ronald Sweering, Johan van der Keuken; interviews with Harry Mulisch, Esteban Lopez; contribs. by Joke Fehmers, Rico Bulthuis, H.J. Oolbekkink, a.o.



Weekblad tegen het publiek.

Nos. 1-8/9 (all publ.). Amsterdam, v. Oorschot, 6 Jan. - 17 Maart 1950. Original wrappers,unbound.

EUR 150.00

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Complete set of the orig.imprint of this critical one-man's weekly, edited and written by Jacques Gans, the first 3 issues reproduced from his autographed copy. In his contribs. Gans opposes a.o. the official Indonesia politics of the Dutch government; in the last issue an article on Alex. Cohen's journal 'De Paradox'.



Litterair tijdschrift.

nos. 7/9 en 12/13(=last). Utrecht 1945.

EUR 200.00

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Clandestinely printed in limited edition.



Nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (complete, all published). Amsterdam, n.d. (ca. 1970)-1971. 16-20 pages, colour printing, 42 x 30 cm; in very good, near mint condition. Complete set, scarce.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Elaborately produced pop and underground paper, initially published in the Amsterdam Popmusic and Hippie-Center "Paradiso", but number 4 published independently as FOX and number 5 as THE DAILY LIAR. Editor: J.V.Ricard Vesga, with Bob Rivera, Dennis Maguire, Lil Pehrsson, Dick Breebaart; contributions by Balthazar Venet, Hans Bruggeman, P.R.Lawson, Jan Swagerman, Eva Bouman, Brother Rap Lee, Michael Chapman, Jan Swagerman, Steve Fadidson, etc; No. 1, Year 1: Consciousness; No.2 publishes Declaration of Independence of Orange FreeState (Amsterdam Elfencity,1970). No.3: Full colour issue.the quality of the paper is better than rthe quality of the paper. 20 pages; No. 4: "Fozxhole". Fanny Fox Cookbook (Cannabis recipees); No. 5: "Fox Fux", The Great Rock N'Roll Rip Off; Kabouters National Liberation, Wet Dreams; Dolle Minas; Suburban Monastery Death, by D.A.Levy



Nos. 1-19 (of 20 publ.). 's Gravenhage, 6 Nov. 1897-15 Oct. 1898. Original wrappers; sm.8vo. Tog. 14 issues.

EUR 200.00

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An important group of 14 issues of a Dutch anarchist periodical, ed. by Alexander Cohen. The set lacks nos. 9, 11, 13, 14 and 16.



Maandblad voor mannen.

Nos. 1-15 (all publ.). Antwerpen, 1968-1969. 4to; unbound, original pictorial wrappers; illustrations & photographs. Rare complete.

EUR 500.00

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A Belgian version of 'Playboy magazine', with very good contributors, i.a. Jeroen Brouwers, Lous-Paul Boon ("Fenomenale Feminoteek" published here complete), Nic. van Bruggen, Jan Cremer, interviews with Hugo Claus, Ramses Shaffy, Liesbeth List. Ed. by Nic. van Bruggen W.J. Lagrilliere, later by L.P.Boon and Carlos U. Vergaelen.



Maandschrift voor Beeldende Kunst.

Vol. 1-4 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1946-1949. Original pictorial wrappers,a bit dustsoiled..

EUR 300.00

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Monthly for the visual arts. Includes 'Bulletin der Vereniging van Vrienden van Aziatische Kunst'. Contribs. by A. van Schendel, C. de Groot, L.P.J. Braat, J. Kok, Hermine van Guldener, H.L.C. Jaffé, a.o.



Jong, kreatief, informatief, plasties en elektries tijdschrift.

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Mechelen, 1970-1971. Original pictorial wrappers; 8vo., obl. 4to and 4to.

EUR 250.00

► detailed description

Literary and artistic journal. Ed. Wim Geerts, Luc v. Hoeylandt, D. Gooris. First issues 16 pp., expanding to ab. 30 pp.; stencilled. The double-issue 8/9 contains orig. graphics by M. Broukaart, J. de Winter, L. Dutoy, W. Geerts, G. Gooris, E. Goyvaerts, W. van Eeckhout, F. van Zaelen, and poetry.



Tweemaandelijks literair tijdschrift / Literair Maandblad.

Years 1-23 (=all publ.). Amsterdam, 's Graveland, 1944-1969, including 'Nationale Snipperdag' and the extra-issue to yr. 22. Bound set (first 6 years original bindings}, covers preserved, except vol. 20 & 21 in the original issues. Some cover cut short but no loss of text internally.

EUR 900.00

► detailed description

Complete set; the first year was illegally published during the occupation. The journal merged with 'Columbus'. Edited by and with contribs. of (including many first-eds.): G. Borgers, W.H. Nagel, P. Rodenko, F. Sierksma, S. Vestdijk, H. Andreus, R. Campert, G. Kouwenaar, Sybren Polet, H. Mulisch, Louis Paul Boon, W.F. Hermans, Hugo Raes, Hugo Claus, etc., etc.



Maandschrift der jonge gedachte in Vlaanderen.

Years 1-3 no 2 (all publ.). Gent, 1923-1925. Bound in 3 vols., incl. the front & back covers of the first issue of each year (all covers were identical). Fine set, hcloth.

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Ed. by Wies Moens, Eug. Lemmens, Fern. van Goethem, with contribs. by Teirlinck, Marnix Gijsen, Gerard Walschap, Pol de Mont, Felix Timmermans, E. de Bock, A. Demedts, etc. Ills. by Servrancks, Prosper de Troyer, Gerard Rutten, etc.



Nos. 1-2 (all). Gent, n.d. - 1971. Unbd., 28 x 37 Cm., illustrated.

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Two issues of 4 pages each, printed in black and red. Edited, published and written by Jan D'Haese. Ills. signed KH.



(Tweewekelijks) Tijdschrift uitg. door de V.Z.W. 'Proces'.

Number 1-5 (all published). Willebroek 1963-1964. (no 3/4 double isue). 4to. Stenciled sheets stapled together. Backstrips loose or missing. Topboards with light damage, pasted-on mailing labels removed. Continued(in regular typeset print) as: Jaargang 1 no 1 - 2 no 30 (all publ.). Brussel, 1 Jan.1965-20 April 1966. Unbd., original issues, 22 x 28 Cm., enlarging to 27,5 x 39 after no 14. Ills.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Artist periodical, edited by Hubert Dethier, F. Gijssels, J. Peleman and J. Steenackers, L.Flam. Continuation edited by R. Vos. Mostly political articles. Contribs. by J. Ceulemans, C. Abarca, E. Glinne, K. de Schaever, R. Siebens,L.Flam, H. Antonissen, J.Geeraerts, F. Daelemans, E. van Ruysbeeka, F. Decrits, D. Ellegiers, H.F. Jespers, F. Decrits, a.o. A rare complete combined run of both series of this periodical (see Adams/Breugelmans, Reizende Blade, p. 82).



Maandblad van de nieuwe generatie.

Vol. 1-2 (all publ.). Rotterdam, 1955/56-1956/57. In parts, as published; first year printed in 8vo; second year mimeographed in 4to. Together 20 physical issues.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Edited by Esteban Lopez, H. Sleutelaar, C.B. Vaandrager, a.o. Contributions by Harry Mulish, Cees Nooteboom, Simon Vinkenoog, W.F. Hermans, Hugo Claus a.o. Vol. 2 nos. 5-12 entitled 'Vertooning'.



Number 1 and number 2. (All published) . Hoevelaken, February-March 1971. Original pictorial wrappers; 44 and 50 pages, with illustrations.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Artist periodical from The Netherlands, redaction Nico van Alphen. With contributions by Tim Krabbé, Hans Gruyters, Mensje van Keulen, Peter Andriesse, Anna Beeke (photographs), Willem (cartoons), Joop Troost (cover and cartoons), etc.



Numbers 1, 1977 and 2, 1978, (16 pp.each, in orig.pictorial wrappers;, together with "WOUDSTRA'S WEEKLY " Number 3 (8 pages and Numbers 4-5 (17 Mei 1984),32 pages. (Published by Frits Woudstra, Enschede). Together with a beige original mailing envelope (edges a bit worn) for Rahiti. Rare copies of an obscure artist magazine, with several small publicity pieces added.

EUR 250.00

► detailed description

Published by Frits M.Woudstra, artist and musician(b. Enschede 1956). Rahiti Magazine includes "Le Gazette No. 5". It is connected to Piet Schreuders "Furore". Contributions by Fedde Spoel and Sipke Huismans



Numbers 1-15 with supplements and posters (all published, with presursor and additions). Rotterdam, 1979-1983. -WITH:Precursor: Marcel Megawatt Blad -ADDED: De Avonturen van Red Rat (a continuation in the form of cartoon strips). All in generally good condition, some ragged edges, or light staining. -ADDED:Jubileum edition - K.K. Dubio en de Rondos - Ze zijn er weer ...Kom nou toch jongens, Facisme bestaat allang niet meer. Hitler is al jaren dood - Rotterdam, Raket, 1982 - 305 pp. - paper wrappers - 21 x 30 cm. With added poster "Toen en nu"(rare). -ADDED: unnumbered, undated number,30 pages,stamped kk.dubio.(An additional number (16?): Geis. 1 (?) together with - Geis gaat op Reis, 32 pages + wrappers. Details of the issues below.

EUR 5,000.00

► detailed description

Dutch Anarchist-PUNK periodical, started as newsbulletin for the Rotterdam New Wave Groups, merely one sheet recto/verso. It soon grows out to a full-fledged periodical for Rotterdam Punk, and for Punk in The Netherlands. At first printed (mimeographed) on grey paper in black, soon with photographic illustrations,sometimes with colours in screenprint / stencil / spray technique added. Edited by (Kunst Kollektief) Dubio, and De Rondos, Geis, Aram, Chris de Wit, Teddy Boymans. With the rare precursor/poster: Marcel Megawatt Blad Magazine. Raket, Rotterdam. 1979. 41.9 x 58.5 Cm. Folds out to a two-sided printed poster. Folded in eight. No 6 in cooperation with Kaasee. Featuring: Rondo's ( "I don't like the Rastaman"), Toiletz, ZeroZero, Bunkers, Bunk Music. Donut Music, Filth, Stealer, Kobus van Lankeren, Suburban Punk,attention broadens to Punk outside Rotterdam (Amsterdam, Galerie Anus), Zaandam (sick productions, Gernevieve Van Hooghaut Jonghe, The Hague (Ketchup), Haarlem (World War Rockers), Ash-Tray, Jezus and the Gospelfuckers, Tändstickorshocks, RodeWig, Squats, Jules Deelder, coöperation with Kaasee (Gordelweg 117 Rotterdam). Details of the set: No. 1. 1979, April. One sheet. 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 2, 1979. May. One sheet 62x46,5 cm (folded to 31,5x23,5); -No. 3. 1979. Juni. One sheet 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 4. 1979. September. 29,5x21 cm. 20 pages, on grey paper, sidestapled. Together with the poster (black on yellow paper, depicting a human figure as target for shooting lessons;this copy has apparently been used for that purpose as there are numerous bullet holes. -No. 5. 1979 Oktober. 34 pages, sidestapled. Together with poster 60x41,5, folded twice; pin-holes in the four corners. - No. 6. 1980. Januari (sic!). 29,5x21 cm. 54 pages sidestapled , with the poster and Shell supplemented); . - No. 7. 1979 December. 29,5x21cm.46 pages sidestapled together with Supplement: Rock against Religion (RAR Organ des Zentralkomitees) 36 pages, sidestapled. POSTER: Rock against Religion. In samenwerking met Kaasee. 41x46,5 cm, folded twice. Photomontage of Nazi-soldiers, Priest, Businessman, falling church-buildings. (Some brown spotting over over middlefold, otherwise in very good condition). -No. 8: 1980. January. Together with the Poster b/w. 60x54 cm., folded twice. And with Bijlage: Marcel Megawat, 10 pp, stapled; -No. 9: Februari 1980 with Bijlage "Rotterdam Graffiti"1. ;-No. 10. 1980 Maart. 29,5x21 cm."Jubileum Raket" 70 pages + 1 loose sheet. Partly in colour.Plus: BijlageRotterdam Graffiti Deel 2. 30 pages. Partly in colour. Plus: Poster printed in red. 43x30,5 cm. (Het Bibelebonsche Rijk). Together with the original kraft mailing envelope, with illustration in black; a bit damaged -No. 11. April/Mei 1980. 29,5x21cm. 76 pages, sidestapled; +Bijlage 22 pages, with Orange Cover, "Verhaal in romanvorm: Trix = The Pix" with caricature of Princess Beatrix in the nude, with piggy policemen.;Ëindexamenskritpie SKA", "graffiti Den Haag" -No. 12. Juni 1980. 29,5x21 cm 100 pages, + Supplement,28 pages (Waarlijk helpe ons God almachtig) (Coronation of Beatrix issue) + 2 posters (42 x 29 cm each. "Schuldig aan"and "Gefallen für Deutschland"). Together with the kraft mailing envelope (a bit damaged) and with the puzzle and the flexidisk -No. 13. September 1980. 29,5x21 cm. With kraft envelope.108 pages. (on backpage: "Bericht van het Verkiezingsfront"). Includes the postcard/photograph "Pearls for the swines", and the poster and Dossier -No. 14. November 1980 (VerzetsRaket). 112 pages + Supplements: Jeugdcultuur & Punk&Verzet. 50 pages, sidestapled (the added badge is not present) + Supplement: De Avonturen van Red Rat. Deel éen.36 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: Over platen maken en hun verspreiding. 24 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: The selling of Limburg. 16 pages, sidestapled. (On the final page announcement: No Hope stops). Together with kraft mailing envelope, rather damaged. ADDED" Unnumbered and undated pamphlets and loose publications: -"The Rondos Song Texts". Printed on a poster, front red/white and blue, with Yellow Hammer and Sickle; Reverse side prints the texts of Rondos Songs. Folded to 8,5x28,5 cm. -"Een beetje vent wordt geen agent"(if you are only a bit of a man you do not become policeman), 40 pages, sidestapled. Not dated; signed Aram. - - Supplement Poster "De Westerse Beschaming,deel 9", Avonturen van Red Rat Addition 4: JUBILEUM-EDITION. Uitgave en copyright Raket, Rotterdam, 1982. oblong, 305 pages + 5 advertising pages; glued in the spine. Frontwrapper (probably)missing. - Vandaag of Morgen. Destroy Fascism.14 pages. - Poster "Which side will you be on", Fight back; White Power - TOGETHER WITH: DE AVONTUREN VAN Red Rat. Deel 1/2, deel 3/4, deel 5/6, deel 7/8, deel 9/10 (complete as published by Uitgeverij "lont", original opictorial wrappers; 1981-1983. Added: Deel 11/12. Revival, published by De Papieren Tijger. 2009. - Thus altogether a magnificent collection, Rare.A very complete offering.




Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1961-1969. Original wrappers. Clean and well preserved set.

EUR 800.00

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Directed by Hugo Claus, Ivo Michiels, H. Mulisch, S. Vinkenoog. Contribs by W.F. Hermans, L.P. Boon, W.L. Brugmans, Jan Hanlo, C. Nooteboom, etc. A complete set of the foremost periodical (in paperback-size) for Dutch literature in the sixties, with a special issue (no 11/12) on Fluxus, pop-art, Neo-Dadaism, living paintings, etc. Stanley Brouwn, pp. 166 - 172, several photos of him, and Original Contribution " (Brouwntoy). Others: Ben Vautier, Debord, PAIK, Filliou, Williams, Koepcke, Spoerri, Maciunas, Higgins, La Monte Young, Kaprow, Oldenburg, Warhol, Schneemann, Cage, Gutai Group, Guy Debord, Lebel, Mac Low, Rauschenberg, Spoerri etc.



Driemaandelijks tijdschrift voor literatuur.

Vol. 1-6 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1967-1973. With Index 1967/72. Orig. wrappers, with continuation: RASTER. Tijdschrift in boekvorm. Nos.1-14. Amsterdam, 1977-1980. Orig. wrappers.

EUR 200.00

► detailed description

Edited by H.C. ten Berge, J.Bernlef, Jacq. Firmin Vogelaar. Incl. special issues: Vestdijk; Linguistiek en Literatuur; Essays over hedendaagse poezie; Literatuur in Diskussie; W.F. Hermans; F.C. Terborgh; Afscheidsnummer; Avant-Garde.



Uitgegegeven ter gelegenheid van het Holland-Festival door door de tien Realisten. No. 1. Amsterdam, 18 juni 1949. Newspaper size, 4 pp. Together with No. 3: (subtitle changes): Uitgegeven ter Gelegenheid van de Tentoonstelling "Realisten uit zeven landen". No. 3 (= last pbl.). Amsterdam, 1 November 1951. Newspaper size. 4 pp.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

No. 1 published in connection with the exhibition 'Het Hollandse Landschap' (The Dutch Landscape) in protest of the multitude of foreign productions and activities during the 'Holland-Festival'. Contribs. by W.J. de Gruyer, J. Greshoff, H. Fiedler, R. Escher, S. Carmiggelt, J.M. Prange, A. Koolhaas, P. Balma. No. 3 with contribs. by Jan Engelman about Cézanne 's influence on modern painting ( Je ne me suis pas réalisé), Frits Kuiper (Realisme of Abstractie), Frederick Franck (10 jaar schilderkunst in Amerika), Th. Kurpershoek (Roulette of Kunst), a.o. Added: Catalogue of the exhibition (4 pp.).



Vol. 1-30. Amsterdam, 1974-2003. Original wrappers; 4to and 8vo.

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Edited by Paul Beers, T. van Deel, J. Donkers, D.A. Kooiman, P. Verstegen, F. Kellendonk. Full set of these years lacking vols.26 no 5 only. Orig. literary contribs. by K. van het Reve, J. Brouwers, G. Krol, Leo Vroman, Ton Anbeek, a.o. Typography, cover-ills., photography by Jacques Jansen, Jeroen Henneman, Koen Wessing, Willem Diepraam, Ed. v.d. Elsken.



Litterair Tijdschrift.

Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Utrecht, Aug.-Dec.1945. Bound h.cloth,title on spine; front wrapper of the first number included. Light foxing, good condition; together with Nos. 2-5 in the original wrappers (margins a bit worn, lightly dustsoiled and some foxing, spine stapled (staplesles rusty), otherwise a good complete set with issues in the original wrappers added.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Edited and with contribs. by Ad den Besten, Guillaume v.d. Graft, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Jan Praas, Jan Vermeulen, Paul Rodenko, a.o.; ills. by Wouter Spitzers, Joost Baljeu, Piet Wildschut, Hans Aalderink.


RUIMTEN (Räume, Spaces, Espaces)

Letterkundig inter-universitair tijdschrift (subtitle changes into: Letterkundig / Literair plastisch tijdschrift, and later: Tijdschrift voor aktuele literatuur en beeldende kunsten).

Nos. 1-31 (all publ.). Hoboken-Antwerpen, 1962-1969. Original illustrated wrappers; 4to. till no 5, later issues 8vo. Very good condition. No. 7/8 includes the folding screenprinted mini-poster for Paris Biennale 63,Groupe des Alluchromistes Belges. Added: Offprint of "Omtrent Mara", by M. de Maeyer (from no. 9/10).

EUR 3,000.00

► detailed description

Belgian periodical, close to concrete art and conceptual poetry movements (Literaire Kring Ruimten, Gent). Editors: Luc Wenseleers, Ludo Abicht, Frans Boenders, Herman de Coninck, Jo Stevens, C, Willy Desaeyere, Freddy Sörensen, Roeland van Suetens. Prose and poetry by o.a.: Jan de Roek, Jo Stevens, Rosette Keirsmaeckers, Herman de Coninck, Wenseleers, Ludo Abicht, Jef Geeraerts, Bernlef, Paul de Vree, Henri Chopin, Ivo Michiels, Simon Vinkenoog, Remco Campert. Theun de Vries, Micronite Mary & Luc Wenseleers on Pop-Art, Pablo Neruda (transl), Cuban poets, etc. Covers by Antoine Dries, Pol Mara, Octave Landuyt, Illustrations by Joostens, Filip Tas, Antoine Dries (Photography), Pol Mara, Octave Landuyt, Martial Raysse, Roger Wittevrongel, Octave Landuyt; Filip Tas, Antoine Dries (Photography Added: a few letters on stationary of the journal (in an added offprint of no. 17) and handwritten dedication by Luc Wenseleers on 3 of the issues.



Gewijd aan het kulturele leven in Nederland.

Years 1-4 no 1 (all publ.). 's Gravenhage, 1942-1945. First year bound in original binding, with wrappers, rest in original illustrated wrappers. 4to.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Complete set of the organ (at first bi-monthly, then becoming monthly) of the 'Nederlandsche Kultuurkamer', the German imposed 'Chamber of Culture', of which artists and writers were required to become members. The last issue was publ. in Jan. 1945. Contribs, include J. Creyghton, Max Blokzeil, T. Goedewaagen, Henri Bruning, De Ranitz, Roel Houwink, a.o.



International review of literature and art/ Revue internationale de littérature et d'art/ Internationale Zeitschrift f.Literatur und Kunst/ Internationaal tijdschrift voor letteren en kunst.

Nos. (1)-(2), all published, Leiden, 1945-1946. Original wrappers; with illustrations.

EUR 350.00

► detailed description

Shortlived attempt to create an international periodical in The Netherlands and to link up with current literary trends abroad. Ed. by Anthony Bosman, with E.W.Martin and J. de Laprade. The first number still published under the occupation (de Jong, no. 1001). Contribs. by Stephen Spender, Ivan Goll, Pierre-Jean Jouve, Paul Eluard, Frans Hellens,C. Buddingh, E.W.Martin (English writing in wartime), F.C.Lorca, S. Vestdijk, etc.; reproductions of work by Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Ch.Toorop, Graham Sutherland, Edward Burra, etc.




Nos. 1-91. Amsterdam, 1968- Nov. 1979. [Nos. 1-26/27 & 61-91 bound in 6 vols. (most ex-library) with wrappers; rest in orig. wrappers.] Illustrated. 4to. Added two memorative issues: nos. 129/130 "15 Jaar!", 1983 & 165 "Jubileumnummer 20 jaar Skrien", 1989 (69 pp.).

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

First ten years of the Dutch avant-garde film magazine. The first 18 issues were stencilled, then published on glossy paper. Ed. by Annette Apon, Ruud Bishoff, Carel Donck, Jan Röfekamp, Edgar Burcksen, Stephan Geerling, Léon de Winter, Gerrard Verhage, Paulien Terreehorst, Karel Dibbets, a.o. This collection includes the separate edition of No. 32 "de enige echte" by Bishoff when he was leaving the ed.-board after a conflict with other members.




Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). Anvers, Editions Ça Ira, 1961-1965. Original wrappers; edition limited to 100 copies for the complete set. Untrimmed, fine; with handwritten dedication to Franz Hellens on 5 title-pages.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Nicely presented periodical by Paul Neuhuys, with contribs. by Willy Koninckx, Willy Prins, Michel de Ghelderode, Eug.Fromentin, Franz Hellens, Paul Dewalhens, a.o.; special issue on Young Flemish Poets, another on 'Jeune poésie française'; each frontcover illustrated by a drawing.



Nederlands Periodiek.

Serie 1: Nos. 1-10 (all). With Index 1/10; Serie 2: Nos. 1-10 (all). With Index 1/10; Serie 3: Nos. 1-7 (all and last publ.). Willemstad, Curaçao, Sept. 1940-1954. Note:Ser 3 no 2 is missing and 1 issue in photocopy (Ser 3 no 7, Charles Eyck/Luc Tournier). tog. 24 physical issues (2 were double), with original wrappers. Added an off-print from West-Indische Gids "Tien Jjaar De Stoep (1940-1950, by H. Godthelp".

EUR 500.00

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Literary periodical of Dutch authors in the Dutch West Indies, exiles during the war. Founded by Chris Engels, ed. by F.J. van der Molen, Luc Tournier. Contribs. by J. Greshoff, Adr. v.d. Veen, S. Koster, H. Gomperts, Siegfr. v. Praag, Leo Vroman, Terborgh, Marsman (nagelaten werk), Marnix Gijsen, P.C. Boutens. The first series consists of 10 issues (in 9), series 2 has 10 issues, the third series has 7 issues (in 6). This series lacks nos. 2 and 7.



Algemeen Maandschrift voor Vlaanderen.

Year 1 nos 1-4 (all publ.). Antwerpen, Flandria, 15 juli - 15 oct. 1918. Original wrappers; 4to.; light foxing and spines a bit soiled, otherwise good condition,

EUR 800.00

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Complete set of this important Flemish periodical, edited by Lode Baekelmans, A. Claus, Eug. de Bock, Herman Vos, a.o. Contributions by Pol de Mont, Alf. de Cock, L. Brulez, and the very important contribution by Paul v. Ostayen, 'Expressionisme in Vlaanderen' in nos. 2-4. IIllustrations after Floris Jespers, Oscar Jespers, Paul Joostens, a.o.



Literair tijdschrift (driemaandelijks letterkundig tijdschrift/literair tijdschrift).

Nos. 1-14 (all publ.). Hoboken/Geel/Antwerpen, 1961-1971, original pictorial wrappers; 8vo, sm.8vo. & obl. folio; together with: BAAL.(Literair tijdschrift). Nos. 1, 2,(3),(4), (all publ.). Wilrijk, Antwerpen, (1962) - mei 1964; together with: HET NIEUW TWEEMAANDELIJKS TIJDSCHRIFT. Nos. 1, 2, 3/4 (all publ.). Geel, 1964-1965; together with, and identical to: TNT. Driemaandelijks letterkundig tijdschrift. Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Geel, 1965-1967; together with: BAALKRANT/STUIPNIEUWS.No. (1). (all publ.). (ca. 1964). Aside from some dustsoilage a well preserved set.

EUR 1,500.00

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Complete collection of these four inter-related Flemish literary periodicals, which merged into each other, separated again, and eventually ended up under the original title. Ed.: Tony Rombouts, Roger Baert, Bobb Bern (i.e. R.Balthazar), W.Cranshoff (i.e. W.Verhaert), Redgy Dergeloo, Jan Diels, J.Rahm (i.e. J.Roosen), W.Verstraeten, R. Witse (i.e. W.Houbrechts), Erich Heidbüchel, etc.; the issues 3 and 4 of 'Baal' are identical to nos. 5-6 of 'Stuip'; the issues 1-4 of 'TNT' are identical to nos. 9-12 of 'Stuip'. Several issues have an interesting typography and/or include original graphic work by artists like W.v.d.Velde, Rudy Meekers, Wessel Ganzevoort and Eddy Ausloos (16 linocuts). Included in the collection are several of the circular letters from the administration to the subscribers (explaining the various name-changes) and publicity-leaflets.



A set of the most important period: 56 numbers, between volumes 8 and 22 (out of a total of 24 volumes published): the period in which Henry CHOPIN was in the editorial board. 12 complete volumes (i.e. vols. 8, 9 11,12,13,14, 17, 19 , 20, 22) and 5 incomplete volumes (vols. 10,15,16,18).

EUR 3,000.00

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One of the rarest and most important Belgian literary journals. Focusing on the avant-garde, it became increasingly important for visual poetry and sound poetry. The offered numbers important because they comprise the period when HENRI CHOPIN was in the editorial board (FROM VOL. 9 TILL VOL. 22). Despite the fact that it was initially published only in the Dutch language, the journal attracted highly important international contributors, both literary as artistic. The following issues are present: 8: 1, 2, 3, 4/ 9: 1, 2/3, 4 / 10: 2, 4 / 11: 1, 2/3, 4/ 12: 1, 2, 3, 4/ 13: 1/2, 3/4 / 14: 1, 2, 3/4, 5/6 / 15: 1, 3/4 / 16: 2/3, 4/ 17: 1, 2/3, 4; 18: 1, 4 19: 1/2, 3/4 20: 1/2, 3/4; 22: 1/2, 3/4.


TALENT Magazine.

Visueel Vakblad.

Nos. 1-4 (all publ.?). Amsterdam, Nov. 1978 - March 1980. Original illustrated wrappers; 4to.

EUR 250.00

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Mainly devoted to the study of comics (the editors: 'journal devoted to lines in the broadest sense..'). Edited by Evert Geradts, Har van Fulpen, Joosje Noordhoek, Piet Schreuders. Contribs, incl.: interview with Robert Crumb; article on the Fleischer brothers; the history of the drawn pin-up; Rodolphe Töpffer (article by Gerrit Komrij) and strips by Crumb, Kamagurka, Fred Hemmes, Emerson, Marc Smeets, Zorin, Gasquet, a.o.



Historisch tijdschrift - Postkrant voor Nederland.

Nos. 1-37 (all) "Het Kleine Werk", Koningstr, Amsterdam. 18 Sept. 1976-13 Nov. 1982. L. folio, folded to 16 pages, and folding out to poster sizet unbound (except. no 30/31 which is 4to). Ills. (most issues were sent through the mail). Printed on recycled paperd. Rare as a set, with the supplements to practically all issues still inserted (2 are loose,unidentified) and the letter to subscribers that publication is stopped. Editie 13/14, 21 maart 1977 complete with the Magnifying Glass..

EUR 1,400.00

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Irregular publication, in the aftermath of 'Provo' and "Kabouters" with artistic and literary contributions and critical articles, satirical drawings, photographs. Topics related to disarmament, ecology, the monarchy, etc. Printed by Rob Stolk on his offsetpress. Edited by Duco M. van Weerlee, R. Stolk, T.J. Bouman, H. Brinker (Hansje Brinker, a fictitious name), S. Davidson, J. de Jong. Contributions by R.J. Grootveld, Evert Rutgers, L. Putman, D. Tuijnman, and others from the circle of Provo.



Periodiek voor de leden van het Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke letteren., Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke Letteren, 1983-2013, 127 vols., in parts as issued, ills., orig. wr., 4to. = Comprises: year 1, no.1-10 (complete); II, no.1-5 and 7-12; III, no.1-9; IV, no.1-11 (in 7 parts); V, no.1-11 (in 9 parts); VI, no.9/10; VII, no.2, 6 and 10; VIII, no.8-12; IX, no.1/2-4 and 7-12 (in 8 parts); X, no.1, 2, 10 and 11; XI, 2, 3, April/May/June and July (in 4 parts); XII, Jan. and Febr.; 2002, Sept. and Dec.; 2003, Jan., Febr., March, May and June; 2004, April-June, Sept., Nov. and Dec.; 2005, Jan.; 2006, Nov. and Dec.; 2008, Jan.-May, Nov.; 2009, Nov. and Dec.; 2010, Jan., April-June, Sept.-Dec.; 2011, Jan.-June and Sept.-Dec.; 2012, Jan.-June, "Speciale Zomeraflevering", Oct. and Nov.; 2013, Jan.-March. Together with a few unspecified issues (i.a. "Johan B.W. Polak 1928-1992"), a special issue "Album door het Genootschap voor Tegennatuurlijke letteren aangeboden door Harry G.M. Prick op 17 december 1983 (...)", and some related documents.

EUR 1,500.00

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=Substantial set of this extremely rare periodical, published in a very small (±25) number of copies for the members of the"Society for 'counter-natural' letters". Extremely rare periodical (still in progress), published in a limited edition of 25 copies for members of the society only. Publication of a select group of homosexual lovers of literature and art with a strong tendency to dandyism and ethical thinking. Even among the members of the society only a few complete runs exist. Contains publications by i.a. P. van Capelleveen, P. Coret, T. Leenhouts, A. Litzroth, N. Maas, J. Polak, D.J. Simaleavich and P. Snijders.



Literair Tijdschrift (Maandbad)

Vol. 1-2 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1964-1965. Original clothbound and wrappers.

EUR 250.00

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Ed. by Theo Kars, B. van Houten. Keller. Vol. 1 in special limited edition( No. 14/20), with dedication by Kars.



Nummer 1 (all publ.). Antwerpen, Uitg. Contramine & Ksylos, 1975. Original wrappers (a bit soiled and yellowed); together with the prospectus/and invitation for the launching reception).

EUR 300.00

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No. 169 of 260 copies. Contribs.: F. Auwera, W. v.d. Velde, Michel Oukhow, Eddy Ausloos (suite of 16 linocuts), Jef Geraerts, Tony Rombouts, etc.



Tijdschrift van de nieuwe generatie.

Nos. 1-23 (=Years 1-5, all published). Mechelen, Aalst, Anderlecht, Antwerpen (De Sikkel), Sept./Oct.1949-June 1955. Orig. pictorial wrappers (some soilage, foxing or discoloration to some issues, in particular the covers of 9/10, 15 and 23; no. 16 with the cover of Podium; 4 pin-holes to the cover of no 1)

EUR 3,000.00

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Important periodical of the Belgian avant-garde group of the Fifties. Edited (and with contribs.) by (a.o.) Hans Andreus, Louis Paul Boon, Staf de Bruyckere, Hugo Claus,Lucebert, Rodenko, Maurice D'Haese, Hans van Ascker, Remy C. Van de Kerckhove, Freddy de Vree, Jan Walravens, Hugo Walschap, Marcel Wauters, Florent Welles, a.o.; translated work by Tristan Tzara, W.H.Auden, Marianne Moore, W-C Williams, Wallace Stevens, Bataille, Ungaretti, etc.; in no. 13: Claus, April in Paris/ Dali; Simon Vinkenoog; no. 16 variantcover Podium, december 1952 with identical content; in no. 18/19 feature: De Wereld van de Plastiek (contribs. by Klee, Gropius, Max Bill, Gio Ponti, Gaston Bertrand, Pierre Alechinsky, ); no. 14 with drawing on cover by Corneille; in no. 21/22 B. Brecht: Rat and die bildenden Kuenstler. With ills. and covers by Ray Gilles (2), Jan Vaerten (3), Rudolf Meerbergen (4), Pierre Alechinsky (5), Pol Mara (6), Ben Shahn (7), Stella Van der Auwera (8), Hugo Claus (9/10), Jan Cox (11/12), Tajiri (15), Paul van Ostaijen passport (17), Max Bill (18/19), Siryu Morita (20), Asger Jorn (21/22), Wilfredo Lam (23).



Driemaandelijks literair-kritisch en informatief tijdschriftl

Jaargang 1-3 (comprising Nos. 1-11/12). Uitgave Contramine, Antwerpen. Oct/Dec. 1973- Maart 1977. Orig.wrappers; 16,5x21,5 cm. Mimeographed; Stapled in the spine. (Typographical covers, the last three screenprinted in colour).

EUR 450.00

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Edited by Tony Rombouts & Maris Bayar. Contributions by Ben Klein, Mer Spillemaekers,Eddy Ausloos, Dirk Claus,



Tijdschrift voor Literatuur.

Vol. 1-12. Amsterdam, 1980-1991. Original pictorial wrappers.

EUR 300.00

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Ed.: M. Fondse, P. Verstegen. Contribs. by Biesheuvel, Buddingh, H. Plomp, Maarten 't Hart, K. v.h. Reve. Ills. by J. Vegter, Peter Vos, a.o. Thematic issues on Israel, Canada, Hungary, Greece, etc.



(from no. 2 onw.: TABOE.). Blad voor jonge mensen.

Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Twen/Uitgeverij Amstelpers. 1960-1961. 26,5 x 34 cm.. 4to., original illustrated wrappers with illustrations and photographs. Set in good clean condition with only light edge- and spine wear.

EUR 400.00

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TWEN Nummer 1:Wie Dit Leest Wordt Gek - TABOE Nummer 2 :Maar 't Went Wel - TABOE Nummer 3 :Samen Wonen Kijk Kijk Kijk Maar - TABOE Nummer 4: Ssst Ssstdijk Soestdijk. Directed by André v.d. Louw, R. Ferdinandusse, a.o.; with contribs. by R. Campert, H. Claus, C. Nooteboom, S. Vinkenoog, Lucebert, Bibeb, Mischa de Vreede, W.F. Hermans, Hans Andreus, Jack Kerouac, Peter Schumacher, Aya Zikken a.o.. ; Oscar van Alphen, Ed van der Elsken, Ata Kando, Joan van der Keuken, Henri Cartier Bresson en Elliot Erwitt (Magnum), Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Leonard Freed en anderen. Omslagen Ed van der Elsken, Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Peter Ruting en Shunk-Kender. Illustraties door oa. Frank Lodeizen, Oey Tjeng Sit, Tomi Ungerer.etc. Covers, ills. and photographs by Oscar van Alphen, Ed van der Elsken, Ata Kando, Joan van der Keuken, Henri Cartier Bresson en Elliot Erwitt (Magnum), Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Leonard Freed, , Peter Ruting en Shunk-Kender. Frank Lodeizen, a.o.



Tweemaandelijks tijdschrift voor wetenschappelijk amusement (Utopia. Bi-monthly for scientific entertainment),

A unique ensemble: COMPLETE SET . Numbers 1-10. 1975-1978 1975 - 1977. Together with the 2 Thematic supplements (all published). Variously produced issues in different formats and paper. Complete sets are quite rare because of the small edition of the first issues, TOGETHER WITH: The original DESIGNS for the issues 1, 3, 5, 6 and the special issue on J.M. JUJOL, together on ±55 lvs., mostly w. mounted letterpress articles, illustrations and original drawings. (Note:- Mounted letterpress articles partly loose(ning). = With numerous manuscript directions for the printer in blank margins. The original drawings comprise two comics and a drawing by CHIEL (VAN DER STELT) ("Mr. Fluxus comments...", "Fluxus heeft druk werk", "Utopia gaat gewoon door!", pen and felt-tip pen, 1x dated "'76"), an anonymous drawing "Maarten Pedroli's Tofplof automaat" and various designs of the frog that was used for the frontwrapper of Utopia 5.

EUR 3,500.00

► detailed description

Redactie / edited by: Hans Oldewarris, Hans Kamphuis, Jan Pesman, Peter de Winter. Variously produced issues in various formats and paper. An important and very remarkable periodical on innovative and creative design. Nr. 1. "Various articles with supplement : Guitar with electronics" Oktober 1975. Edition: 300 Nr. 2. Stefan Schlesinger and Van Houten, 3-d.postcards, supplement "Een I.Q. kleurentelevisie" . Various articles. On the cover a bathing cap designed by architect H. Th. Wijdeveld in the 1920s. March 1976. Edition: 300 Nr. 3. Prijsvraag voor een restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. Op de omslag het winnende ontwerp van Jan Benthem / Competition for a restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. On the cover the winning entry by Jan Benthem. May 1976. Edition: 500 Nr. 4. From the archives of Hergé and Speer, Joe Colombo, Cthulhu-mythology. September 1976. With the cigarette-paperbook attached. Edfion: 500 N r. 5. Superimposed plates. January 1977. dition: 750 Nr. 6. Dutch pavilions at World Exhibitions, The car as ornament. Nr. 7. Water towers and solar energy. 1977. Edition of 1500 copies. Druk Twigt B.V. Gouda. In transparent plastic tube. (5 sheets of 30x90 cm,printed on one side in blue, rolled into the tube; later these were cut again and stapled together). Nr. 8. Schrijfmachines / Typewriters. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by W.F. Hermans, Rudy Kousbroek, Piet Grijs. Complete with the Samples of Carbon-paper (inside) and Correction-foil. Nr. 9. Televisie / Television. (With complete script of Utopia TV-program on the future developments of television. Nr. 10. (also numbered as Jrg. 3 ( september1978 American Paperback Cover Art. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by Hans Oldewarris, Mark Schaffer, Piet Schreuders, Ed Schilders, Thomas L. Bonn, Huib Opstal. Edition: 2000 ex. TOGETHER WITH: - Utopia - special. (1) Speciale uitgave Architekt JUJOL 1879 – 1949 Samenstelling / compiled by Rein Saariste, Dolf Dobbelaar, Joris molenaar, Paul de Vroom. bouwplaat / Cardbord model: Kees Christiaanse. Limited ed. in cardboard box. 500 copies.November 1976 - Utopia - special 2. DWL-brochure met voorstel tot het vestigen van een werkgemeenschap in het watertorencomplex op het voormalige Drinkwaterleidingterrein in Rotterdam /DWL-brochure with the proposal to set up a working community in the watertowercomplex in Rotterdam. Samenstelling / Compiled by Hans Oldewarris, Peter de Winter, Victor Mani, Hans Werlemann. (This volume very rare as it was only given to the town council members at that time in Rotterdam. Just 150 copies)



Algemeen literair maandblad.

Jaargang 1 Nos. 1-12 (cplt.); Jaargang 2 Nos. 2-8, 10-11. Asten (Het Venster), Juli 1931 - Jan. 1933. 4to, later 8vo; unbound, original pictorial wrappers(lightly dustsoiled).

EUR 300.00

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Flemish literary periodical founded by Louis de Bourbon, J. Gin (W. Witkamp), H. van der Grinten, M. Arnet (N. Etman). Contributions by A. Campaert, J.H. Eekhoit, A.J.P. van Oosten, G. Smit, P. Vlemminx; contains special issue: Cynische portretten van G. den Brabander. Nicely printed, well-designed covers; a rare periodical. Added to the set: 3 books published by 'Het Venster' by Paul Vlemminx (covers of these soiled).



Avangardistische Tijdschrift (Literair, Cultureel, Actueel).

Nos. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and "De nieuwe sleur/Verbeeldt No. 1 (all published). Stichting Cult, Groningen, januari 1982 - maart 1984. 4to, orig. Illustrated wrappers, lightly rubbed, very good condition. Rare.

EUR 400.00

► detailed description

Edited by Alfred Boogaard, Jan Wynsen Bruinsma, Rene Cuperus, Albert van Doorn, Wierd Duk, Chris Glerum, Jacques Hermus, Gerlof Leistra Year 1 nr. 1. April 1982. Titel: under the surface. Doel: verbeelding van de werkelijkheid. 52 pp. : Groninger Museum, van stof tot discussie. Year 1 nr. 2: 48 pp. : Art in residence. Vertalen is onmogelijk. Ziektekiemen, avantgardistisch theater. Kunst. Adolf Loos, ornament is misdaad. Year 1 nr. 3, oktober 1982: 52 pp..: Het bestaan. Potemkin. Zsa Zsa. Anton Brand. Gedichten. Gabriela en de Meeuw. Echo/dood ’82. Elly Strik. Year 1 nr. 4, december 1982: 44 pp. graffiti. Werkman & De Ploeg. Kunstbijlage GKG. PM in Groningen? T.V. Vormgeving. rijk geïllustreerd. Kwaliteit: in nette staat. Number 0 (Nulnummer). Groningen, Januari 1982, Plain green cover, Land art. 44 pp. Y r 1 nr. 5: mrt-april 1983. 44 pp. Die Wiederkehr der Dinge. Kunstkatern: on installations. Cyriel gedichten. Postal moderne. Hand vanuit Hölderlin’s toren: interview Kester Freriks. Construction II. De nieuwe sleur verbeeldt, nr. 1: maart ’84. 46 pp. Edited by k, J. Eriksz, Chris Glerum, Chris van Houts, Gerlof Leistra, G. van Schoonhoven, L.J. Stiller, Elzo Smid, Heinrich Stiller, V. de Velde, Nico van Vliet, Dirk van Weelden: Jack Kerouac, Maarten Biesheuvel, Bob & Brill, Ab Visser, Alfred Bos, Johnny Lydon,



Numbers 3 and 5. Breda (NL), November 1977-1978. Unbound, as issued.

EUR 250.00

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Edited by Tom Homburg, Ko Liggers, R. van Vught. No. 3, "Paris Krant": 27,5x21,5 cm. stapled, unpaginated. Letterset, offset, foldout silkscreen. Collage. Edition of 150 numbered copies. No. 5, "Atomium '58": 60x43 cm. folded sheet in envelope. Offset.



Maandschrift voor Vlaamsche Letterkunde.

Years 1-5 (all publ.). Bussum/Gent, 1903-1907.). 2 vols. original cloth, 2 vols. original calf., 1 vol. in original wrappers.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Ed. by H. Teirlinck, A. Vermeylen, S. Streuvels, V. de Meijere, K. v.d. Woestijne, a.o.; more or less continuing "Van Nu en Straks"; of great importance to Flemish Literature.



Socialistisch weekblad voor vrijheid en cultuur.

Vol. 1-8 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 19 mei 1945-27 sept. 1952. H. cloth bindings till vol. 7; vol. 8 original wrappers; Folio.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

A full set of one of the most remarkable weeklies published in The Netherlands after the war, continuing 'De Vonk' (which had been published illegally during the German occupation. Left-wing intellectuals contributed to this highly critical periodical, which opposed the official government's politics after the liberation. It took a strong stand in such matters as the trials against the war criminals and their prosecution: it opposed strongly the death-sentences passed on to them (in a country where capital punishment had been abandoned since 1870) and the retaliation measures taken against former Nazi's in Dutch prisons after the war; it also strongly opposed the politics with regard to the East Indies and the Indonesian liberation movements, and was outspoken against the Dutch military actions (this led to a prosecution of the journal on account of a satirical drawing on the cover of no 21 in 1947, against the military actions in Atjeh). The journal was directed by H. Roland Holst, Jef Last, P.J. Meertens, Frits Kief, Ton Rot, Nel Bakker, W. Romijn, Wim Storm. Of the numerous important contributors Arthur Lehning needs to be specially mentioned because his important number of contributions all appeared anonymously. Other contribs. include many of the best names in Dutch literature and journalism: A. Marja, J. de Kadt, A.C. Bakels, Sam de Wolf, Albert Hahn jr., G. v.h. Reve, Constandse, H. Wielek. Ills. and satirical drawings by: H. Opland, Voskuil, Frits (= Melle), Jagtenberg, Toontje, Wim v. Wieringen, F. Masereel. (On this weekly refer to: Jan Rogier, Aspecten van het weekblad 'De Vlam' in "Voor Arthur Lehning", Baarn, 1979).



Maandschrift voor Kunst en Cultuur.

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.?). Antwerpen, 1948-1949. Wrappers.

EUR 300.00

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Flemish literary periodical of socialist signature, ed. by Emmanuel Laureys. Contribs. by: L.P. Boon, M. Braet, Fr. Buyens, J. Daisne, W. Elsschot, Th. de Vries, a.o. Tog. 6 physical issues, the last number as triple-issue 8/10 "Album, 1 Mei 1949" (pictorial wrapper, 104 pp.). Rare.



Year 4 No. 12, 14, 17; Year 5 no.1, 3-7 (= last illegally published issue). Amsterdam, Apr.1944 - Apr. 1945. Added: green leaflet, dated 29 April 1945 announcing the legal continuation. 8vo & folio.

EUR 250.00

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Years 1944-1945. Tog. 111 unnumbered stencils. Amsterdam, 21 Sep.1944-13 May 1945 (= last publ.). Added: Extra Bijlage, dated 24 Oct. 1944; Proclamation, dated May 1945 "De Vrije Katheder treedt hierbij uit de benauwende beperking van de illegaliteit" and Extra Bulletin No. 2, dated May 7, 1945 (about the approaching liberation and warning against premature demonstrations); Extra Bulletin, dated Sept. 9, 1945. Publ. started on Sept. 6, 1944. Added: Politiek en militair overzicht. Nos. 4-12. Amsterdam, 13 Jan.-12 Mrt. 1945, with 1 unnumbered (ca. Nov. 1944) Militair en Politiek Overzicht.

EUR 450.00

► detailed description

These newsbulletins aimed at spreading actual information and had the character of a newspaper rather than an ideological platform as was the objective of "De Vrije Katheder" proper. Winkel: 1014.



Complete run of the post-war period of this important literary and general cultural periodical, which started under the German occupation as a clandestinely published illegal publication of intellectuals and artists. Until year 5 no 7 publication had been underground, our collection starts with year 5 no 8 (= Eerste bevrijdingsnummer) and continues till Year 9 no 9 (=last publ.). Amsterdam, May 1945 - May 1950. (Yr. 5 nos. 10-54 bound, orig. hcloth; yrs. 6-7 bound, plain cloth, with pictorial covers, rest in original wrappers; some underlinings and handwritten notes in yrs. 8-9.) Yr. 5 includes special issue "Er moet veel strijd gestreden zijn …". Oblong, later 4to.

EUR 900.00

► detailed description

Complete run of the post-war period of this important literary and general cultural periodical, which started under the German occupation as a clandestinely published illegal publication of intellectuals and artists. Until year 5 no 7 publication had been underground. Contribs. include P.E. Eldering, Th. de Vries, H.P.L. Wiessing, J. Braat, M. Flothuis, A. de Froe, F. Mellink, L. Mok, A. Romein-Verschoor, M. de Swaan, A.F. Willebrands jr., Henriëtte Boas, Jan Romein, etc. Illustrations and cover by Lex Metz.



Religieus en politiek onafhankelijk orgaan voor de Nederlandsche kunstenaars, waarin opgenomen "De Brandarisbrief".

Four issues plus 1 extra-edition: illegally published: Year 1944: 1 Dec.; Year 1945: 1 Maart, 1 April, & April-Issue. Added: Extra Nummer Manifest aan het Nederlandse volk, Juli 1944. Together with the post-war continuation: Year 4: Nos. 1-18 (= last publ.). Amsterdam, 5 Mei, 1945 - 14 Mrt. 1946. Added: Manifest Aan de Kunstenaars van Nederland (27 pp.), and Mededelingen (Ned. Federatie van Beroepsverenigingen van Kunstenaars). No. 1, Maart 1946 (4 pp.).

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Organ of the Artists' resistance group of Gerrit Jan van der Veen, which was functional in the production of false identity cards and responsible for the raid on the Registry Office. Winkel: 1019.Tog. 4 issues, 8 pp. each, plus 1 extra: illegally published. Together with the very rare post-war continuation, with contribs. by Paul F. Sanders, L.P.J. Braat, Hildo Krop, Sandberg, Nico Rost. Some headlines: "Zuiverings-Tumult", "Kunst en Overheid", "Waarheen met de omroep?", "De Opera te Amsterdam".



Wekelijksch Colportage-Orgaan van N.V.V. en S.D.A.P., uit. Bureau van Actie en Propaganda tegen Fascisme en Communisme.

Numbers 1 - 117 (August 1933 - November 1935). Lacking 4 issues: 38, 74, 109, 112 and 5 issues are in photocopy (i.e.: 21, 22, 24, 26 and 59). Tabloïd, newsprint;

EUR 500.00

► detailed description

Weekly of the Dutch Social Democratic party, directed against upcoming Fascism and Communism, and promoting the 'Plan van den Arbeid' (an employment creation programme). Ed.-in-chief: Meijer Sluyzer, with K. Vorrink, H. Vos, W. Rengelink. Issues of 12 pp., front and usually back-page with a full-size caricature by Funke Küller, G. van Raemsdonck, Huib de Ru, Jan Rot, Melle, Skorpio, Georg Klein, Van Veen, Melgors, Fré Cohen, a.o.



Een klein Maandschrift voor de Vrienden van het Boek.

Years 1-2 (all publ.). Apeldoorn, 1912/13-1913/14. Bound, plain boards, then continued as: New Series DE WITTE MIER. Maandschrift v. d. Vrienden van Boek en Prent. Years 1-3 (all and last publ.). Maastricht, Boosten en Stols, 1924-1926. Original wrappers.

EUR 300.00

► detailed description

Dutch journal for booklovers and book-collectors, ed. by Jan Greshof, with J. van Krimpen and A.A.M. Stols. Articles on fine printing, binding, history of books and prints, etc.



Nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1966/67-1970. Original wrappers; 4to;

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Dutch language edition of Wallace Wood's New York 'Witzend', published by the 'Real Free Press' which had outlets in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp. With contribs. by prominent American comics artists: Wallace Wood, Steve Ditko, Bill Pearson, Grass Green, Jaf, Warren Sattler, a.o.; with 4 page prospectus of 'The Real Free Press' (distributor of 'Provo' magazine in 1965).



Maandblad voor de Nieuwe Nederlandse Letterkunde.

Years 1-3 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1945/46-1948/49. Original wrappers; together 22 issues.

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Ed. by Koos Schuur, Nico Verhoeven, Bert Voeten, Gerard Diels, Jan G. Elburg, Ferd. Langen (i.e. E. Pannekoek), Hans Redeker, a.o.; with contribs. of Vestdijk, Engelman, Achterberg, Kouwenaar, H. Haasse, a.o.; one of the major literary journals after the war.



Tijdschrift voor Literatuur en Kommunikatie.

Nos. 1-116. Sint-Amandsberg, Kortrijk, Gent, 1963-1984. Original wrappers; small 8vo and oblong. Set lacks 7 nos.

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Also numbered as years 1-20; subtitled originally 'Avant-gardistisch Tijdschrift in Boekvorm'. Thus the begining of this significant Belgian progressive literary periodical. Contributions both literary and avant-garde artistic. Secretariat: Carlos de Vriese. Orig. Yang Group Gent. Edited by D. de Bru, J.E. Daele, L. Michael, R. Serras, M. Storme, P.D. Tanguy, D. van Ryssel, Joris Denoo, Roland Jooris, Jules Welling, a.o. Added: Yang-Monografie by Paul de Wispelaere. Lacking nos. 27, 37, 38,, 73, 79, 91, 112



Nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1978. Original wrappers, 4to; illustrated.

EUR 300.00

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Artist periodical. Edited by B. v.d. Waarden, E. Relik, P. Siclone, A.v.Weinum; design: C. Köpper, Linden. No 2 contains a story in picture postcards.



Magazine voor mannen.

Years 1-4 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1979-1982/83, with 2 specimen issues. 4to; original wrappers. Illustrations & photographs.

EUR 500.00

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Trend-setting glossy periodical, ed. by Joop Swart, with innovative design and contribs. by important Dutch artists and photographers (e.g. Paul Huf) and authors (e.g. Eelke de Jong, Aad Nuis, W.L. Brugsma, Wim Bary, Hannes Meinkema, Izzy Abraham), deals with (male-) fashion, autocars, art, creative photography, etc.


ZIEN Magazine.

-Number 5. 1982/86. Hunger and Thirst Issue: 300x295 mm.,stapled, 30pp. Offset. R. Mapplethorpe, Gilbert & George, L. van Halen, H. Lewis et al. -Number 9 (last issue): 300x295 mm., softcovers, 54pp. Offset B&W and color. Catalogue Issue: ZIEN at the MoMA: A Distanced View. Illustrations by Marie Bourget, Gea Kalksma, Klaus vom Bruch, Astrid Klein.

EUR 100.00

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Stichting Pretentieus. Edited by Gerald van der Kaap,



Tijdschrift in Aandelen voor Poezie, Beeldende Kunst en Brieven.

Nummer 3, 5/6, 7, 9/10--31/32. Haarlem, juli. 1989-1998. Original pictorial wrappers in various techniques. Illustrated, some tipped- in. Format 14,8 x 21 cm. Added: 4 invitations for presentations & exhibitions. As well as 6 unnumbered issues: Om Zeep, Hebben en zijn, Het blauwe uur, Glück Auf, Een keizer op kamers, Met huid en haar.

EUR 1,000.00

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An artist journal on poetry directed and edited by George Moormann and Jo Klaps (design). The innovative design and typography of each issue relates to its theme so that each number is a unique publication. On the cover of nr. 14 is a rubber to erase a tipped-in pencil-drawing by Kees Oosterbaan; no. 21/22 Poëzie als kinderspel is a box with 30 loose poetry-cards, a manual and 2 buttons; no. 26 De tas van Paul Rodenko with a push button on the wrapper; no. 27/28 contains poems by George Moormann on 20 folded loose sheets kept in a transparent case; nr. 29 Het bloed van Adonis are 80 pages kept together with 2 nuts & bouts; nr. 31/32 Tabula Rasa attached at the front-cover a purse with graphity powder in order to make the almost invisible text more legible.



Onafhankelijk weekblad voor politiek en cultuur, met Zondag-Magazine.

Year 1 (cplt., 52 nos.); Year 2 nos. 1-17 (=all and last publ.) together with Christmas-issue. Brussel, Manteau, 24 Dec. 1944 - 28 April 1946. Original issues, unbd.; folio; with illustrations. Added: folding illustrated Calendar-sheet for 1945.

EUR 700.00

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Complete set of the principal literary-political weekly in Flanders after the war. Contributors include Louis-Paul Boon, Toussaint van Boelaere, Raymond Brulez, P. Van Aken, R. Herreman, H. Lampo, K. Jonckheere, G. De Muynck, Johan Daisne, S. Vestdijk, G. Walschap, etc.; apart from the literary importance this weekly offers a good survey of art, culture and political life after the war General editor was Paul-Gustave van Hecke)



Satire voor blijmoedigen (subtitle varies with every issue: satire voor necrofielen, goddelijke satire, satire voor en na, etc.).

Jaargang 1-3 (Comprising nos. 1-124, most probably all published). Brussel, N.V. De Vrije Pers, 13 januari 1982-24 mei 1984. Tabloid, 12 pp. Illustrated.

EUR 600.00

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Belgian satirical weekly, edited by Johan Anthierens following the style and tradition of L e Canard Enchaîné "… wij worden een preuts satirisch blad, naar het voorbeeld van "Le Canard Enchaîné.", with contributions by Herman Brusselmans & Tom Lanoye. In no. 15 a preliminary publication from Het Verdriet van België by Hugo Claus.Cartoons and illustrations (in colour & b/w) by a.o.: Quirit, Luk van de Vijver, ZAK (= Jacques Moeraert), Jan Vanriet.