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Périodique trimestriel (Revue sous Bandelettes).

A significant collection of 26 numbers between Nos 1 and 32, in 22 volumes (+ one special issue of nr. 5 with handwritten dedication ) published between 1968 and 1985. Various formats, printed in b/w and colour, richly illustrated. The following numbers are included: No. 1, 4, 5 ,5 special, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,+supplt, 12, 13, 14, 15 ,16, 17/18 ,19,20 , 21, 25, 26, 29/30, 31/32.

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Belgian artist periodical, (in total 38 numbers published). founded by André Morlain, directed by José Goemaere (Lot/Brabant, Belgique), with André Vandegeerde, Marie-Claire Gouat, Robert Kayser, André Morlain, contributions by Charles Autrand, Jean-François Bory, Pierre Boujut, Stanislas Defize, Pierre Gallissaires, José Goemaere, Marie-Claire Gouat, Horus, Robert Kayser, Théodore Koenig, Nefertiti, Lucifer, Jean-Marie Le Sidaner, André Miguel, Jean-Claude Moineau, André Morlain, Pierre-Yves, Christian Prigent, La tatane à toutoune, Albin Tzaut, Michel Vachey, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Nicole Verheyden - Nr. 1. Bruxelles: self published, n.d. Small quarto, 34 pages, illustrated throughout. Wrappers illustrated by Gilbert Herreyns. - Nr. 4. AMemNOnPHIS fait une place aux Soleils. Bruxelles: self published, octobre 1969. Square quarto, 42 pages. illustrated throughout. Front cover by Jose Goemaere. - Nr. 5. Aménophis pour voir LEU mONdd à travers lev MONDD. Bruxelles: self published, janvier 1970. Square quarto, 44 pages, illustrated throughout + inserted photogravure by Francois Massal. Front cover by Robert Kayser. The sheet covering the image in place. - Special: Nr. 5. Aménophis pour voir LEU mONdd à travers lev MONDD. Another copy of issue 5 with only 22 pages loosely inserted in the original covers. The pages seem to be proof prints for issue 5. The cover of this issue with original (different) handwriting by the contributors being a presentation copy for Francois Di Dio: ‘Cet Exemplaire est une incarnation de L”ERREUR nous le DIDIONS a Francois du soleil NOIR. Art pour Art Pur. Notre pharaons reincarne sous l’angle (Noir)’ - Nr. 6. Mai 70. AMEnauFILS. Bruxelles/Paris: Amenophis/Charles Autrand, 1970. Square quarto, 38 pages, illustrated throughout, with original hand colored collage + tipped in thin plastic glove. Illustrated wrappers by Marie Claire Gouat. - Nr. 7. Bruxelles/Paris: Amenophis/ Charles Autrand, Jean-Francois Bory, Aout 1970. Illustrated portfolio illustrated by Robert Kayzer, containing 2 folded posters. Poster 1: ‘La Cocote des Arts’ (68 x 54 cm unfolded, printed in red) by Marie-Claire Gouat, Robert Kayzer, Nicolas Poster 2 (61 x 53 cm unfolded, printed in blue) ‘Trop Milles millions de milliards de trop pas de vis universel trop simple trop de O zeros” Texte Morlain Graph Kayzer. - Nr. 8. Poster. J.F.Bory;, printed in black on white paper, 56,5x45,5 cm. folded 3 times [septembre 1970) - Nr. 9. Bruxelles : Amenophis, octobre 1970. Square quarto, un paginated, 44 pages of which two fold-outs. - Contributions by Thierry Agullo, Charles Autrant, Gianni Bertini, Etienne Bertozzi, Daniel Biga, Robert Kayzer, Dr Leon, Werner Lambersy, André Miguel, Cécile Miguel, Norge, Clemente Padin, Michele Perfetti, Jean-Marie Le Sidaner, Christian Tobas, Jean-François Bory, Jochen Gerz, Roland Flexner, Marie-Claire Gouat, Jean-Claude Moineau, André Morlain, Jean-Pierre Verheggen, Chimele Vernon, Nicolas & Inconnu. - Nr. 10. Poster. Littérature Policière, Série Noire. J.C.Moineau; adressed and mailed to Gianni Bertini. 10 décembre 1970. (With two staple-holes; this has possibly been originally stapled to another piece, which we do not have) - Nr. 11. 2 Posters, Azerty, mars 1971 & C'Est une histoire..,Ivan Alechin. Together with: Supplément au n° 11. Rotterdam: Kunstcentrum ‘t Venster, September 1970. Bruxelles / Paris / Milano: Amenophis / Charles Autrand/ Jean Michel, 1970. Square quarto, 14 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. . Published on the occasion of an art manifestation held in ‘t Venster (Rotterdam), from September 5 25, 1970. - Nr. 12. Made in Italy, 1971. Bruxelles: Amenophis, 1971. Yellow printed envelope containing 12 mimeographed contributions printed on different colored stock. - . Contributions by Salvatore Passarella, Sergio Dangelo, Nicolas, Besozzi and Emilio Cremonesi a.o. (This copy belonged to Gianni Bertini and was mailed to him) - Nr. 13. Decmbre 1971. One sheet, 61x43 cm., folded to 22x15,5 cm., b/w. Together with supplement: a brown envelope "Cette enveloppe contient des graines d;Utopie"; adressed to Gianni Berrtini - Nr. 14. Mars 1973. Bruxelles/ Paris: Amenophis, 1973. Tall quarto, un paginated, (42 pages), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. (portrait d’apres nature d’un enzyme glouton). Wrappers lightly foxed towards edges. - Nr. 15. Bruxelles: Amenophis, fevrier 76. Quarto, 44 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by Eliane Maurissen. - Nr. 16. si ce héros ne vous plait pas Amenohis peut vous en offrir un autre. Bruxelles: Amenophis, decembre 76. Quarto, 60 pages (+ a 28 pages insert by Justine Envermer), illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by R. Kayser. - Nrs. 17-18. Special Nourriture. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Mars 1979. Quarto, 96 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers (le saucisson utilize en couverture a ete grassement prete pa la firme Van den Bouf) - . - Nrs. 19. Le Pied. Bruxelles: Amenophis, novembre/ decembre, 1980. Quarto, 60 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. - - Nr. 20. Autopsy I. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juillet / Aout-Septembre, 1980. Quarto, 48 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. - . - Nrs. 21. Autopsy II. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juillet, 1980. Quarto, 66 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. This issue with an original signed and numbered (77/100) lithograph by Pierre Pourbaix. - Nr. 25. On lui a tout pris et elle ne se révolte pas. Bruxelles: Amenophis, Juin, 1983. Quarto, 58 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. Wrappers by Roland Topor. Second half of this volume damped and some waving pages toward the end.- - Nr. 26. Le hareng mystique. Bruxelles: Amenophis, novembre, 1983. Small quarto, 84 pages, Illustrated throughout + one original 'montagemanuel d'une bande magnetique' by Jean Francois Lacroix. Illustrated wrappers. - Nrs. 29-30. Le Trou. Bruxelles: Aménophis, mars - juin, 1985. Folio, 80 pages, illustrated throughout, Illustrated wrappers. - Nrs. 31-32. La dérive des continents. Bruxelles: Aménophis, 1985. Folio, 80 pages, illustrated throughout, Illustrated wrappers. Contributions by Arbizzani, Barzin, Bertola, Bragard, Burgaud, Chaty, Colaux, Collignon, Colot, Compere, Criel, Darbellay, De Taeye, Devil, Gasmi, Gouat, Joos, Kayser, Lefevre, Mastin, Mawet, Morlain, Nupi, Orester, Petchanatz, M&G Piqueray, Pochet, Puttemans, Reszohazy, Tania, Trentini, Vancluysen and Vinche. Added: Supplement A (no date) Poster "Oproject for the World"No 5. Tobas. - A more detailed list with the contributors to the individual issues on request.



Vol. 1 no 1 - vol. 27 no 4 (=last published). Lugano, Switzerland, 1956 - Sept / Nov. 1984. Set in the original illustrated wrappers with volume 13 no 3 in the regular and in the rare variant version. (Vol. 23 and 27 are partly bound) Overall condition good to very good, with only sporadic and unobtrusive library markings on the wrappers.

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An excellent, unbound set in ORIGINAL WRAPPERS. One of the best surveys of mainstreams in contemporary art'. Edited by James Fitzsimmons. Of Volume 1 (called 'European art today' ) we have in this set only 9 of the 12 issues (Nos.2 and 3 are missing). Otherwise all volumes/years are complete in original wrappers, except vols. 23 and 27 whch are partly bound.. The cover of vol. 13 no 3 designed by Mel Ramos is present in both versions, one with a gorilla and the scarcer one with a kangaroo.



Tijdschrift voor hedendaagse kunst in Europa.

Nos. 1-53 (all publ.). Antwerpen, 1983/84-1994. Original pictorial wrappers; 4to.

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Glossy magazine of contemporary art in Flanders Its aim was to present the latest art to a broad readership of art-lovers and buyers with contribs. in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian. Edited by and contribs. of: Flor Bex, Leo v. Damme, Georges Roque, Saskia Bos, Wim v. Mulders, Catherine Strasser, a.o.



Art Contemporain.

Nos. 1-13 (all publ.) Paris, Automne 1992-sept/oct.1996. Original pictorial boards.; complete with No. 12 bis.

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Text in French & English. .Edited by Frank Perrin, Armelle Leturq, Fr.-Claire Prodhon, Jerôme Sans, Pascal Pique, Terry R. Myers. Thematic issues: No. 1: 'Stratégies d'Exposition'. No. 2: 'Epidemic'. No. 3: 'Dispositifs Contemporains'. No. 4: 'Champs d'Utopies'. No. 5: Dérives d'Hexagone'. No. 6: 'Économies & Système de l'Art. Contr. incl.: Larry Clarck, L. Cottingham, Thomas Wulffen, Robert Fleck, Roberto Ohrt, Philippe Régnier, René Viau, Luk Lambrecht, Sarah Rossiter, Vincent Labaume, a.o. " No. 7: Décalages/Discrepancies; No. 8: Des Laboratoires; No. 9:: Nouvelle Montricités'No. 10: Des Féminités. No. 11:Extreme Beautés; No. 12. Guérillas; No. 12 bis Moblilisation générale.No. 13: La Fête!. The Bloc is not concerned with groups, collectives and felicitous, amnesic congeries. Quite to the contrary, it offers a cross-fertilization of individuals and events, a certain notion of condensation. Nothing else than a sounding board for contemporary sensibiblity...".



Maandelijks Cahier voor proza, poëzie en critiek.

The complete series vols. 1-7 with all variants in deluxe red cloth box with black title piece by Bindery Phoenix. Braak. Amsterdam, 1950-1951. 4to. Original stapled pictorial wrappers. With text illustrations. The collection consists of: Vol. 1, numbered in pen and dated mei (stamp) 1950, p. 1-24 Vol. 2, numbered and dated in pen 'Juni' 1950, p. 25-48 Vol. 3, with cover illustration by Lucebert; Vol. 3 variant with cover illustration by Karel Appel (executed by Rudy Kousbroek!), numbered and dated in pen 'Juli' 1950, p. 49-76; with handcolouring by Lucebert on p. 53/55/56/57/58/62/65/66/67/68/69/70/73/76 and in both copies corrections by hand on p. 51; with separate proof of the cover of the edition by Appel printed on white paper from the collection of Bert Schierbeek Vol. 4 variant with cover illustration by Lucebert, and autograph addition 'ter recensie' (upper right) plus an uncut copy with the same cover. In these copies p. 80 and 101 have been swapped and printed upside down Vol. 5, p. 105-136, printed in black, green and red, with cover illustration by Lucebert; Vol. 5 variant with cover illustration by Karl-Otto Götz Vol. 6, p. 137-164, with cover illustration by Oscar Scheffel [= Lucebert]; Vol. 6 uncut variant with cover illustration by Hein Boekenoogen (printed in red) Vol. 7, p. 165-184, uncut, with cover illustration by Nico Lijsen. Finger-soiled and some staining, but overall in very good condition.

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CAMPERT, Remco (Dutch 1929); H.R. KOUSBROEK (Dutch 1929 - 2010) (red.). Very rare and complete set of this scarce periodical, one of the most elusive of the fifties. Literature: Hans Renders. Braak. Een kleine mooie revolutie tussen Cobra en Atonaal Provenance: Collection Gert Jan Hemmink, Amstelveen; Collection K. Lekkerkerker, Amsterdam Notes: With typed and signed postcard by Remco Campert to K. Lekkerkerker, dated Amsterdam 1 juni 1960 concerning the poem 'Gontrand' and about the address of his great-aunt Lucie Snoeck-Broedelet, with autograph card with the envelope from Lucie Snoeck-Broedelet to Lekkerkerker, dated 3 juni '60. Added: Hans Renders. Een kleine mooie revolutie tussen Cobra en Atonaal.



SLUGGIN' FER JESUS [San Francisco]: Rough Trade. [1981] . Poster; 43x32,5. b/w, printed on recto only. Spectacular poster promoting this EP, issued originally in Belgium. Designated “Trade One 12” but it’s really 121.

EUR 300.00

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Nos. 1-10 (all published). Amsterdam, 1983-1989. In the original illustrated wrappers, (with small burnhole to front cover of no. 2). 4to. (limited edition between 250/450 copies), Rare complete set with the original plates.

EUR 3,500.00

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Edited by Waling Boers, Martin van Vreden, Dirk van Weelden. Together with original serigraphies, some folding out, included in the issues, some unfolded. No. 1: folding screenprint b/w by Frank van den Broek (monogr.FB83) No. 2: screenprint in colour by Peer Veneman (monogr. PV 84),and photocopy by Rob van Koningsbruggen (RvK 84) No. 3: folding screenprint Martin van Vreden, and folding colour copy by Günther Forg (e.a.Forg,985) No. 4: folding screenprint, b/w, by Rob Scholte, entitled "Olympia", but title changed by the artist in "Utopia", signed Rob Scholte 1985 No. 5: screenprint in colour by René Daniels (monogr. RD 86) No. 6: screenprint in colour by Han Schuil, and folded poster by K.Michel. No. 7: screenprint b/w, signed by Jiri Dokoupil; No. 8: folding screenprint b/w, signed, by Ton van Summeren (+1 extra, not folded) No. 9: has no art supplement (which only appeared in a de-luxe version, by Peter Schuyff) No. 10: no art supplement was published.



A collection of 30 issues: Commonpress is an Artist's magazine with a unique editorial premise. Every issue has a different editor. It grew out of mail art, and many of the editors were acrtive mail artists. At the time of it's seven-year retrospective in 1984 the magazine listed fifty-nine issues and editors (though a few issues had still to appear). Commonpress magazine began in Poland and subsequently spread geographically with the postal system from Brazil to Australia to the United States and beyond." (From: In Numbers). The numbering is verry erratic. See:Geza Pernecky,Assembling Magazines page 167 Between nos. 1 and 64 there were 15 never published

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en 20271




Nos. 1-20 (with a variant of No. 3). London, 1965-2018. (First 5 issues 34,5x 27 cm with screenprinted wrappers, then becoming 31x22,5cm.; also nos 6 and 13 with screenprinted wrappers, the others have printed pictorial wrappers). Complete collection of all issues thusfar published . Very light rubbing to the first ones, closed tear of 1 cm on cover of no 2, very light soilage to nos. 6 & 7, but as a set the condition is very good to near mint). Number 3 is present in TWO copies: both have a tipped-in envelope (with 3 Light modulators), and each a different ORIGINAL drawing by Peter Upward (one of 33,2x 52,5 cm, executed in green and pink wax-crayon over an aquamarine background, and the other 33,2x52,5 cm an abstract composition executed in blue, pink and orange wax-crayon on a white surface) and a moveable device (Poem Blanc/Blank Poem etc.), both have screenprinted covers in blue and pink (one a bit rubbed leaving light damage). Number 13 has a screenprint by Glenys Johnson "Agent Orange" and has the original artwork by Anish Kapoor in it (probably limited to 100 copies). Artist magazine self-published by Stephen Willats and with a full list of contents of all the issues.

EUR 5,000.00

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Published and edited by Stephen Willats. "The magazine is concerned with developing conceptual models". Control Magazine acts as a vehicle for proposals and explanations of art practice between artists seeking to create a meaningful engagement with contemporary society…....has documented the work of many artists, both from the UK and abroad and encouraged a wide discussion of artist’s practice". Contribs. include Logie Barrow, Roy Ascott, Mark Boyle, Anthony Benjamin, Peter Stroud, Joe Tilson, Victor Burgin, Derrick Woodham, Eric Brown, Adrian Berg, Douglas Sandle, Don Mason, Kevin Lole, John Stezaker, Peter Smith, Anish Kapoor, Tony Bevan, Mary Kelly, Lili Fischer, Dan Graham, Helen Chadwick, Martha Rosler, Lawrence Weiner, Les Levine, Michael Gibbs, Endre Tot, etc.; also collectives and galleries, special issues (e.g. Coginition Control, Midland Group Gallery, Norringham, 1972;No. 10: Extending the social function of art; No. 11: Self Organisation, the expression of counter consciousness; No.14: Symposium Art Creating Society Oxford, 1989; Art and intervention at Wilma Gold, London, 2003) . Further details on request.



Nos. 1-3 (all published). Köln, 1985-1989. 40x26 cm., (No. 3: 30x24,5 cm.), stapled, 76pp, 84pp and 108pp.

EUR 1,200.00

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Published by the Monika Sprüth Galerie in Cologne, which focussed strongly on female artists and feminist art. Edited by Monika Sprüth, Jutta Koether, Karen Marta, photography and illustrations in b/w and colour. Includes: Barbara Kruger, Annette Messager, Cindy Sherman, Susan Hiller, Ulrike Rosenbach, Nancy Spero, Meret Oppenheim, Rosemarie Trockel, Jenny Holzer, Dorine Mignot, Eva Meyer, Louise Bourgeois, Barbara Bloom, Hanne Darboven, Sophie Calle a.o.



Revue trimestrielle.

Nos. 1-12/13 (all publ.). Paris, déc. 1973 - automne 1977. Original pictorial wrappers, kept in a fine box designed by Pierre Mercier; numerous illustrations. Together with another copy of No. 1. déc. 1973: De-luxe, No. 36/100, with signed serigraphies by Bellegarde, Nave and Sandorfi.

EUR 1,800.00

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Edited by: Patrice Delbourg, Olivier Kaeppelin, Martine Cagnot, Raphaël Pividal, and with contributions of: William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Jean-Marie Gibbal, Martine Cagnot, André Velter, Yves Buin, Mac Cullers, Georges Perec,a.o. Photography: Jacques Monory, Marisa Duhalde, Marie Breton, Luc Girard. Informative and well illustrated magazine featuring many contemporary artists (e.g. Bellegarde, Naves, Sandorfi, Gafgen, Messac, Schmosser, Stempfel, Gasiorowski, Kijno, Biasi, Monory, Aillaud, Delay, Babou, Van Velde, Bailly, Lüthi etc.).



(An Artists Magazine).

Numbers 1 - 5 (all publ.). Köln, Juli 1974 -1975. Quarto, original pictorial wrappers. Pictorial covers, a very nice set, as new. Rare complete.

EUR 2,500.00

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Edited by Werner Lippert, with original contributions by the artists. No.1 : Front cover courtesy Paula Cooper. Contributions by Hans HAACKE with text about the refusal of his project'74 'Manets Spargelstilleben' by the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, which was shown later in the gallery of Paul Maenz. Urs LÜTHI: 'The Numbergirl 1973', Daniel BUREN: 2 pages with vertical yellow bands printed on vellum. Duane MICHAELS: 'portrait of Andy Warhol, 1973'. Joseph KOSUTH: (Notizen) 'Über eine anthroplogisierte kunst' and Jean le GAC – ‘Les Anecdotes, 1974’. + loosely laid in one page text ‘Zusatz sur Projekt 74 Ausgabe'. - Number 2: Bernar VENET: Analysis of the graphic representation of the Function y =x etc.; Anne + Patrick POIRIER: Dodici Vedute etc. + Tempio C Dell' Acropoli etc.; A. DIAS: The Illustration of Art; Karl BLOSSFELD: 5 photographs; Art & Language, Joseph Kosuth, Iole de Freitas.- Number 3: Robert BARRY: 25 Words and 5 Blank Pages 1974; Terry ATKINSON: Article concerning Kosuth's Anthropologized Art"; Hanne DARBOVEN: Manuscript for a Film 1970-74; Ralph GIBSON: From Days at Sea 1974; Roman OPALKA: Details and Voyage Notes; Sol LEWITT: Drawings 1974. - Number 4: Devoted to David ASEKEVOLD: Complete Documentation of his Works 1968 - 1974. - Number 5: G. PENONE: Five pressures w. constant spatial characteristics etc…; Rune MIELDS: Line drawings on transparent sheets; Hans Peter FELDMANN: Pin Up Girls (photographs); Lewis BALTZ: Installations (photographs); G. ZORIO: Energy as Absence / Energy as Presence (photos on transparent sheets w. red line drawings).



(Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga). Tijdschrift voor zelfstandige Filmkunst (after 1931 subtitle becomes: Onafhankelijk Maandblad voor Filmkunst).

Vol. 1-8 (all published. Amsterdam, J. Clausen (later: Rotterdam, Nijgh & v. Ditmar), 1927/28-1935, together with the continuation: FILMGIDS. Vol. 1 nos. 1-6 (last and all published, on orig. wrappers, light wear). Rotterdam, Jan.-June 1936). A complete collection, entirely in the original wrappers, in very good near fine condition.

EUR 13,000.00

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"Film League". Complete set of the only serious avant-garde film periodical published in the Netherlands; first year (nos. 1-12) entitled 'Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga', published monthly in relation to the programs shown by the league, with very serious articles on the films and their makers; in later years the contents become less strictly connected to the league's monthly program, but are not less serious. Editors: Menno ter Braak (till 1931), Joris Ivens (till 1930), L.J. Jordaan, H. Scholte, C. van Wessem, Knap, J.F. Otten. Contribs. include (apart from the editors, who gave an important share, especially ter Braak en Ivens): El G. de Roos, M.H.K. Franken, M. Sluizer, D.A.M. Binnendijk, N. Rost, A. Muller-Lehning, J. Lenauer, Lou Lichtveld, Jef Last, C.J. Graadt van Roggen, Math. Visser, Ch. Boost, Rico Bulthuis, and numerous important contributors from abroad (often publishing in German, French or English) e.g.: Cavalcanti, Marko Bardach, W. Ruttmann, Fr. Rosenfeld, Symon Gould, S. Silka, V. Huszar, Germaine Dulac, Eisenstein, D. Marion, Rene Clair, Moholy-Nagy, H. Richter, G. van Hecke, Mary Dressler, Ellen Kahn, Erika Mann, etc.; Illustrations include: woodcut by Mirowitch; potraits by Jordaan (Renée Clair, Cavalcanti, Lang, Bataloff); Mitry; photo's by Germaine Krull; photo composite by Paul Schuitema, Moholy-Nagy (Photogram), Man Ray; etc. etc.a few issues on a special theme (Hollywood, Disney, Dutch Cinematography, Film in the Netherlands). Two supplementary plates (by Cavalanti and Mirowitch, and photomontage by S. van Ravesteyn) are present. Year 1 (12 numbers), 1927-Aug.1928, with woodcuts by Cavalanti and Mirowitch in no.1; Photomontage by S.van Ravestein included in no 11in/bw,(same image as the cover which has red added;some repairs to the edges,but front cover in perfect condition). All typographical covers. Year 2 (10 numbers). Oct.1928-Oct.1929. White typographical covers, with (mostly) photograpical (Joris Ivens) or woodcut illustrations. Year 3 (10 numbers). Nov.1929-May 1930. White typographical covers, illustrated as Yr. 2. A small stain on the front cover of no 5 and no 9/10 with light damage to the right edge. Years 4 and 5 (12 numbers each). November 1931-Oct,1932. Covers in colour, designed by and with photomontages of Paul Schuitema.Two issues loose in the spine and 2 issues slightly stained, otherwise all excellent. Year 6 (12 numbers). November 1932-Dec,1933. Photo illustrated covers. Year 7 (12 numbers). January-December 1934. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys. Year 8 (12 numbers). January-December 1935. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys.



Numbers 1-10 (1977 - 1979) All published, complete run of this pioneering punk fanzine from Chicago. R are complete, in particuler with number 1, which was 4 sheets only, stapled. Later issues expanding to 32 pages. Printed b/w only, with numerous graphics and photographs.

EUR 3,700.00

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The Gabba Gabba Gazette was produced in 1977 - 1979 by Mary Alice Ramel. This zine chronicled the early punk/new wave scene of La Mere Vipere. Staff: Mary Alice Ramel - Editor, Jeanne Bukowski - Assistant Editor, Noe Boudreau - Writer Gabba Gabba Gazette is thought to be the first punk zine to emerge in Chicago. It covered the Ramones and the scene surrounding the first punk club, LaMere Vipere.



Nos. 1-58 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1964-1971. Original pictorial wrappers;all issues in the original imprint, well preserved set. Added: two copies of UIT GANDALF GOED VOOR U (Amsterdam 1968, 1st and 2nd edition., plates, orig. unif. wr. Frontwr. of second ed. sl. waterstained).

EUR 4,000.00

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Dutch countercultural magazine, inspired by the Hippies, the sexual revolution and the Provo movement, published monthly, issues of ab. 50/60 pp. each, with numerous (provo-cative) photographs and ills., very typical for the sixties' , edited by and with contribs. of: Peter Hamelink, Guus Dijkhuizen, S. Carmiggelt, J. v. Hattum, Jef Last, Heere Heeresma, D.H. van Proosdey (Dichterskring), J.W. Holsbergen, Ch.B. Timmer, R. Campert, Guus Vleugel, Bibeb, Willem, Michiel de Ruyter, J. Waasdorp, K. Soudijn, P. Andriesse, L.P. Boon, R. Chapkis, J.A. Deelder, P. Grijs, J.W. Holsbergen, F. Pointl, J. Waasdorp, J. Wolkers. W. Noordhoek, Bertrand. Photos by F. Laufer, P. Boersma, E. v. Moerkerken, D. v.d. Klei, Peter Dicampo, Arn. Steenkamp. Erotic and provocative photography, Ills. by Wolinski, Barbieri, Bertrand (erotic drawings) and many others.



Nos. 1-6 (all published). Citadelle Press, London, May 1968 - 1969. Printed on various coloured stock, 30-34 pages per number, stapled into colourful pictorial wrappers; numerous ills. Mystical Scene Magazine. (Nos. 1-2: Fear Not- You are now entering Gandalf's Garden; No.3: A New World grows beneath the snows; No. 4: the inner zodiac wheels between the leaves; No. 5: beyond the brain& blown mind lies Gandal's Garden). Except for some very light soilage to covers in fine condition. Very rare. Added: CD: The complete Gandalf's Garden (signed by Muz Murray).

EUR 2,000.00

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Editors (Gandalf's Gardeners): Muz Murray. Field editor: Alex Lowsiewkee; Head Gardener: Gerry Snelling; Graphics: Pip Bassett, Francois Vasseur, June Cramer, Sue Soar, Ken Hayes, Geoffrey Carton, John Hurford, Carol Blain, Jay Amler, Pat Kyle, Steven Ridgeway, John Power, etc. ; Photography: Chris Ridley, Robin Chapman, Colin Bord, Andy Coventry, Selene, etc. Contributors include Peter Finch, John Mitchell, John Peel, Marc Bolan, Nicki Wood, Geoffrey Ashe, Barney Bubbles, Dave Cumliffe, Viv Broughton, etc. A monthly venture; later: Published as often as possible for people with love. And will appear again when the weather is right. It is the lifestyle of those who produce it. We hope it is yours. (The Voice of the Overground; Overground Free Press).



The Magazine of High Society.

Numbers 1-76. Summer 1974 - December 1981. In the original coloured wrappers, overall condition is excellent with some issues "like new" and others with only minor reading wear. Front and back covers all intact and fine (except for a rubberstamp on no.16 and an old mailing label on no 55;small ink mark on no 60; one spine split). The first in the premiere edition, First state with $1.00 price and "premiere issue" on the cover (grey and blue-green colored pictorial wrappers) A very rare ongoing set of the earliest period.

EUR 6,500.00

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Editor: Ed Dwyer. From the announcement-letter (May 16, 1974): "The Trans-High Corporation of New York announced today the publication of a new magazine.... It offers extensive and sophisticated coverage of the pleasure and psychochemical culture.... articles ranging from the ecology of cannabis paper to an investigative report on a nine-ton pot bust. ...A regular feature of High Times is a comprehensive Wall Street Journal-type listing of psychochemical prices around the world (=in fact 'High Witness News'). ..Also featured are medical and legal columns written by leading experts as well as eclectic reviews of films, records and books. ... psychochemicals have become the cause of psychological and sociological problems; to alleviate these problems, the first step is to take a more thorough look. This is the purpose of High Times." Contribs. by Richard Ashley, Bruce Eisner, Albert Goldman, Michael Horowitz, Ron Rosenbaum, John Wilcock, Deanne Stillman, a.o. Also interviews with (o.a.) the Dalai Lama, Albert Hofmann, Dr. Norman Zinberg, Andy Warhol, Peter Beard, Fran Lebowitz, Keith Richard, Marianne Faithfull, etc. In addition to the controversial drug coverage and in-depth countercultural articles, there is a sizeable amount of early punk rock coverage thanks to Tom Forcade's early interest in the Sex Pistols and punk music as the "next big thing". Forcade even provided funding for John Holmstrom's Punk magazine at one point. While High Times continues to this day, the focus here was on music related coverage and therefore this particular run ends in 1981 where the musical interest also begins to taper off.



Journal of the International Society of Copier Artists, Ltd.

Vol. 1-21 no. 4 (= Final Issue; all published). New York, April 1982 - June 2003. Tog. 84 issues; sizes vary; spiral bound and in folder, or loose in special boxes for some issues. Tog. ca 2700 prints or items, all signed by the artist. Limited edition of 100 to 200 copies.

EUR 10,000.00

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The International Society of Copier Artists (I.S.C.A) was a non-profit group founded by Louise Neaderland in 1981, intended to promote the work of copier artists and to advocate for the recognition of copier art as a legitimate form. Complete set of this unique periodical of which each issue consists of an assemblage of photocopied-prints, turned into original artwork by various techniques (colouring, collage etc.), numbered and signed, by artists who use the photocopier as a creative tool, including colour copying. Directed by Louise Neaderland. Contribs.include Anne Gilman, Susan Gold, Ralph Neaderlan, Keiichi Nakamura, Eiichi Matsuhashi, Lisa Reichenberger, etc.; final issue: "War and Peace". The I.S.C.A. Quarterly was published from 1982-2003. Typically, issues were produced in limited editions of 200 copies, with an average of 45 pages of original copier art supplied by I.S.C.A. members. Over the years the form of the Quarterly mutated from a collection of unbound pages to a spiral bound journal with an Annual Bookworks Edition composed of a box of books made by I.S.C.A. members. The work produced for the Quarterly ranged widely in focus from social and political issues to personal and emotional themes. The final issue (Volume 21, #4) was published in June 2003.



The magazine of the psychedelic community.

Vol. 1 nos. 1- 5 (all published). New York, 1966-1967. Size (h/w): 28,5 x 26,7 cm. Stapled in original illustrated wrappers. (very mild soilage to all numbers, No. 1 frontcover with near invisibly repaired closed tear ; No. 3 backcover has small ad cut out.but otherwise quite good). Rare complete

EUR 2,200.00

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Edited by Linn House, managing editor: Peter Weinberg. Contributing ediotrs: Peter Stafford, Ira Einhorn. Staff artist: Linda Jarvis.I ssues of 24-32 pages, printed in offset in vartious colours, fully illustrated. Part of the Underground Press Syndicate. Number 5 is the "American Indian Issue" and contains a letter referring to issue no. 4. Contains articles and reports on drugs, be-ins, etc. with correspondents in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beirut, Berkeley, Nashville, later also Bombay, Amsterdam, Cleveland, etc.



Opgericht 1967.

Nos. 1-4 (all published), Amsterdam, 1 Maart 1967, December 1977-1978. Tabloid-size; Rare complete with the first issue which was confiscated and is extremely rare,this issue with some damage to spine, edges and over the centerfold.

EUR 4,000.00

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Edited by Dutch artist/ writer Jan Cremer, at that time working in New York, published by Peter Loeb. This magazine is by and about Jan Cremer, depicting his work and publishing his texts. No. 1 Hoofdredacteur: Jan Cremer Produktie: Willem de Ridder Off-set, 44 × 31 Een uitgave van Jan Cremer & Hans Sleutelaar, Rotterdam No. 2 features his famous 'Dutch Landscapes' (Hollandse Landschappen, exhibited in Arnhem and Leeuwarden); No. 3 features his expedition in Greenland (photographs and film 'The Long White Trail'); No. 4: 'Jan Cremers Logboek', texts and photographs by and on 'Jan Cremer' and friend(s). The first issue was confiscated immediately upon publication charged with indecent assault by the writer Cees Nooteboom for the article 'Het Drama Liesbeth List'.



Numbers 1-16 (Volumes 1-4). 16 Issues, The complete set plus related ephemera. Los Angeles: Ricky Jay / W & V Dailey, 1994-2000. First Edition. 4to. Self-wrappers. Letterpress printed by Patrick Reagh on Rives Heavyweight paper. Sixteen issues plus assorted related ephemera, including most of the original mailing envelopes. Fine condition.

EUR 4,000.00

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Complete run in the original imprint of Ricky Jay's exceptionally-produced periodical of "conjurers, cheats, hoaxters, pranksters, jokesters, impostors, pretenders, side-show showmen, armless calligraphers, mechanical marvels, [and] popular entertainments." bizzare, and eccentric individuals. The circus, the side shows, the freaks, the daredevils, the magicians, the London Fairs, Bartholomew Fair and their collection of off beat eccentrics. With the likes of P.T. Barnum and his collection of eccentrics, and the side shows, the Magicians, with the likes of Isaac Fawkes, Robert Houdin, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, the Herrmann's, Harry Houdini, etc. Profusely illustrated with drawings and posters, many in full color. A quarterly publication, written by Jay, drawn entirely from his own personal collection, and sumptuously printed by Patrick Reagh, JAY'S JOURNAL sought to be "[a]n anomaly devoted to anomalies." As he later wrote in the afterword to 2001 trade reprint of the journal: "The major catalyst [...] was the pursuit of a higher standard of illustration, type, and paper than the mainstream publishers of my earlier work were able to provide. I wished to do justice to materials collected over long years [...] The idea of a [...] fine-press book intrigued me less than a periodical with high production values - a magazine printed letterpress on mold-made paper, with tipped-in color illustrations" (163). A luxurious production devoted to the curious and issued in decidedly small runs, individual issues are uncommon and sets scarce. The provenance of this set would be the first original subscriber. The set includes annual renewal forms, original mailings envelopes, and an illustrated letterpress broadside announcement published by the Quantuck Lane Press of an exhibition of Jay's collection of magic-related broadsides from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.



Nos. 1-64 (all publ.). Autumn 1964 - 1984. Original pictorial wrappers (nos. 49-64 with inobtrusive small library stamp).

EUR 3,500.00

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Ed. by George Hitchcock, with contribs. by Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, M. McClure, Robert Bly, W.S. Merwin, Ed. Roditi, Anne Sexton, Paul Blackburn, Antin, Atwood, Levine, Ammons, Merwin, Simic, Knott, Tate, Roditi, Berry, Pillin, Blazek, Carver, Valaoriti s, Beiles, Sexton, Snyder, "found poems" and translations. One of the major literary and artistic periodicals of the period. "…particularly hospitable to surrealist, imagist and political poems…… welcomes vehement or ribald articles on the subject of modern poetry…" See Anderson/Kinzie, p. 707; Secret location p. 283.



Edited by Pieter Brattinga.

Collection of all 35 pieces (complete and in unusual good condition) published by Steendrukkerij de Jong, Hilversum, between 1955 and 1974. Original wrappers, portfolio-wrappers, foldings, and one box. Sq. 4to., 25 x 25 Cm. Text in Dutch, English, French and German. comprising: all 27 proper Quadrat-Prints, plus 5 folding cards (text + image), the Sonsbeek folder and 2 anniversary volumes. Rare collection in absolutely excellent, near mint condition.

EUR 6,000.00

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A landmark of fine Dutch design. A series of publications initiated by Pieter Brattinga, focusing on printing-art and characterised by a great diversity in concept, design, context and typography. In 1955 the name ‘Kwadraatblad’ (Quadrat Prints) was introduced with the folded lithographs measuring 25x25 cm., by Cor Klaasen, Jan Sleper, Ed van der Elsken/Lucie Kurpershoek,Friso Henstra. These were followed by the famous ‘Clocks of Chagall’ an, original work by Marc Chagall illustrating a text by Bernard Majorick in November 1956. Also present is the rare Photolitho for Sonsbeek Pavillion by Rietveld and the 2 Anniversary Books of the Steendrukkerij (50th and 60th Anniversary). Brattinga assigned a cultural task to the quadrat prints: they were devoted to technologically much advenced experiments in the field of design, art, architecture, music and literature and evolved to a wellknown avant-garde annual journal. In 1974 the succesful series came to an end with ‘Typographic analysis’ by A. Magelhaes. The prints and booklets were available free of charge as promotional matter for clients and friends. Due to this only few complete sets have survived and have become quite rare, particularly in near mint condition as here, and with the added parts. This collection checked against the bibliography by Geneviève Waldmann: ‘The activities of Pieter Brattinga’ (‘s Gravenhage, 1989) comprises the following titles: - DE KLOKKEN VAN CHAGALL (The clocks of Chagall). Booklet. 1957. With a lithograph of Marc Chagall. Author B. Majorick; design Otto Treumann Plain cover, spine very lightly sunned - THE SICK LION AND THE FOX. 1957. With litho by Cees Timmer - BUCKMINSTER FULLER. Loose-leaf booklet. 1958. Together 4 leaves + wrapper, design Otto Treumann - NU XX (in the middle of the XXth century). Booklet. 1959. Text and design by W. Sandberg. 1959 - MART KEMPERS. Portfolio of 3 lithographs. ca. 1959 - MUZIEK EN TECHNIEK (Music and Technics). 1960. Text by the composer Ton de Leeuw. Design Harry Sierman / - PLAYING CARDS, looseleaf, 1960/61. By Anne H. Mulder, design: H.P. Doebele - SCHRIJF-TAAL (Written language). 1961. Portfolio of handwritten poems by international poets, loose-leaf. Ed.: Simon Vinkenoog; design Ton Raateland - GENESIS OF A COMPOSITION, booklet. 1961. With a reproduction of a mural painting (foldout) by Jan Bons; author B. Marjorick - ORGANICS. Booklet. 1961. Author William Katavolos; design Pieter Brattinga. 1961. The philosopher designer William Katavolos writes about “Organics” in design” - UNREADABLE BOOK, folded portfolio with loose-leaf. 1964. Design: Bruno Munari. 1964 (Note: This book folded in the original wrapping paper designed and imprinted by Brattinga; left bottom corner of the wrap has a minuscule defect, but otherwise near mint and the book itself mint, as is seldom seen) - SCHRIJF-TAAL ii (Written language ii). 1963. Portfolio containing 19 leaves. Ed. - S. Vinkenoog, design Ton Raateland - SCHRIJF-TAAL iii (Written language iii). No date. Portfolio with loose-leaf. Contemporary poetry collected by Simon Vinkenoog, with the handwriting of poets - DAILY MIRROR, portfolio with loose-leaf printed by Diter Rot on newsprint. 1965. Design Diter Rot. (the cardboard portfolio in good condition,with only the left overlaying flap neatly enforced from the inside, the printed pages inside internally mint) - PHILOMENE, book illustrated by Pim van Boxsel. 1966. Design Pieter Brattinga. (‘The marvelous adventures of Philomene’ told in drawings by Pim van Boxsel) - NEW ALPHABET. 1967. Booklet. Text and design by W. Crouwel. ‘Proposal for a new type that, more than the traditional types, is suited for the composing system with the CRT’ - COUNTERPROPOSAL by Gerard Unger in response to ‘New Alphabet’ 1967 - SCHRÖDER HOUSE. Booklet with foldouts. 1963. Text by G. Rietveld. Design and photography Pieter Brattinga. With architectural drawings and handwritten notes by Rietveld. - EXTRA SCHRIJFTAAL (Extra written language). 1967. Cover with double-page spread. With 3 lithographs by Henry Miller; design Pieter Brattinga / - NU 2. Booklet, edited and designed by W. Sandberg. 1968 - ALPHABET. Booklet. 1969. Author Thimoty Epps in response to ‘New Alphabet’. Design John Stegmeijer / - ALPHABET. Portfolio with looseleaf, by Anthon Beeke in response to ‘New Alphabet’. 1970. Photography by Geert Kooiman; on the inside cover a photo essay by Ed van der Elsken - WIM SPREEUWERS. Untitled. 1970. Folded portfolio with box constructions - MUSIC PAPER. Portfolio with loose-leaf ‘music-paper’, 1970. Text and design Paul v. Reeuwijk. - HOUSE. 1971. Booklet with photographs by Les Levine. Design Pieter Brattinga - CIJFER (Figure). 1971. Box with cash receipts, symbolising a trip around the world. Design Pieter Brattinga. (copy no. 0549) - A TOPOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF A PRINTED SURFACE. 1974. Concept Aloisio Magalhaes; design Pieter Brattinga. TOGETHER WITH: - Folder on white card (photolitho) for SONSBEEK PAVILLION BY GERRIT RIETVELD. 1956. Author: Jan Elburg; design Jurriaan Schrofer (format 21 x 25 Cm; a bit yellowed) with the book added. - All 5 folding cards (complete, 1955-1956) lithographed Cards (25 x 25 Cm) by: Mart Kempers (Uuur U, rare), Jan Sleper, Cor Klaassen, Friso Henstra, Lucie Kurpershoek-Visser) - TWO BOOKS published on the occasion of the 50th and 60th Anniversary of Steendrukkerij (the printer) De Jong. - 7 INVITATIONS (12,5x12,5 cm each, folding) to openings/vernissages of Exhibition in the Canteen of the Printshop: 23/1-4/3,1965 (Kelly):- 16/8-22/9, 1965 (Wim Schippers) 26/2-6/4,1966 (Colour abd Cube); 11/12-11/2,1966 (Vases); 11/6-30/8,1966 (Topor Panic); 18/6-30/7, 1971 Roland van den Berghe). -27/3/27/5,1965 (Ikko Tanaka).



Nos. 1-5 (all publ.) Lans-en-Vercors, France, Winter 1961-1962. Size (h/w): 18,2 x 12,4 cm. Original wrappers.

EUR 800.00

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Magazine for experimental poetry and prose in the early sixties, and an important Beat periodical. Edited by novelist Harry Mathews and poets John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch and Jimmy Schuyler, all of whom contributed to its pages. Other contributors were Frank O'Hara, LeRoi Jones, Edwin Denby, Diane DiPrima, Ted Berrigan, William Burroughs, Gerard Malanga, Barbara Guest and Daisy Aldan. Outstanding was a special issue devoted to the neglected art of literary collaboration, a historical survey which included translations of Japanese, Chinese, Provençal and French surrealist poets. Nos. 3/4 were combined to a double issue. No. 5 is extremely scarce.



Organe québécois de la pensée magique, du rock international, et du gay sçavoir.

No. 1 [octobre 1970] thru No. 78 [Eté 1978]. Quebec, Mainmise, 1970-1978. Nos 1 à 20 and number 'Best of La dope'”, [1972], 21 numbers in-8 [11,5 X 18,5 cm] ab.224/240 pages,illustsrated, Nos 21 à 52, 32 numbers [20 X 27,5 cm.] comprising 64 pages each, illustrated,stapled; Nos. 53 à 78, 26 numbers [29 X 37 cm]. Each 48 pages, illustrated. All numbers with a different illustrated over. Added: Le petit supplément illustré” Nos 1- 9. 1975. [Complete ?] 9 numbers [36X 27cm.] 176 pp of comics with coninuing pagination.

EUR 5,000.00

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Founded by Jean Basile and Georges Khalm, member of the Underground Press Syndicate (publié par Pénélope, distribué par les Messageries du Jour). Complete collection of this periodical of the counter-culture movement of Quebec, advocating and reporting on alternative lifestyles and utopian ideology. Abundantly illustrated a.o. by Robert Crumb, R. Cobb, Guynard, M. Pouliot, Baloune etc, Articles and contributions by Pénélope & Linda Gaboriau, Christian Allegre, Jean Basile Bezroudnoff, Kenneth Chalk, Georges Kahl, Denis Vanier, Raymon Lavallée, Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, L. Clark Steven, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, a manifest of homosexual liberation (Carl Wittman), etc. Special issues on all the topics of the time: drugs, free sex, free schools, ecological issues, the media, womens liberation, etc. All in good condition except for some flaws to the covers of numbers 21-28-31-37-47-49 and 52 and ballpen mark on number 40. Number 4 has the folding Quebec-Marijuana-banner which was a supplement.




Nos. 1-74. San Francisco, MRR, first number not dated (ca. Sept/October 1982) - July 1989. Unbound, as issued, 27,2 x 21 cm, about 56-124 pages/issue, printed on newsprint b/w, stapled in the spine. Endemic browning, some ragged edges and minor spine damage, a few numbers with closed tears, chipped corners. Altogether an excellent clean set with only minor damage to two numbers as detailed at the bottom of the footnote.

EUR 6,000.00

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Published (originally) by Jeff Bale, Jeff Berlin, Mark Berlin, Roseann Berlin, Jello Biafra, Bob Black, Booth, Eric Bradner, Mickey Creep, Peter Dimaria, Jim Donovan, Ray Farrell, Fletch, Henry Hample, Dave Rave (photographs) etc.; from the actual MRR website we quote: History of MRR- Maximumrocknroll is a widely distributed monthly fanzine dedicated to supporting the underground punk rock scene. MRR's 20-year plus history and large, obsessed all-volunteer staff has made its punk rock coverage the most consistently up-to-date and reliable around. Several major media conglomerates control most music produced today. In contrast, MRR reinforces the values of the punk underground by remaining independent and not-for-profit. Maximumrocknroll started in 1977 as a punk rock radio show - one of the first and best of all time. "Tim (Yo) and the Gang" played the latest punk and hardcore sounds from across the world, the U.S., and from their home in the bristling SF Bay Area punk scene. "The gang" included personalities like Jeff Bale, Ruth Schwartz, and Jello Biafra. Punk antiheroes regularly visited as guest DJs, and the roster of touring bands interviewed on the show reads like the track list on a classic old comp. The show was notable for the immediacy of the music, a dedication to international coverage (rare at the time), and for explicitly interjecting progressive politics into the dialogue of punk. The show became hugely successful in the underground, and eventually was broadcast from stations across the U.S. and abroad. Maximumrocknroll, in its zine form, first appeared in 1982 as the newsprint booklet in Not So Quiet On the Western Front, a comp LP released on then-Dead Kennedys' label Alternative Tentacles. The comp included 47 Nevada and Northern California bands, many of whom went on to ruin thousands of impressionable kids for productive civic life by releasing some of the best punk records ever….. The Maximumrocknroll columns section has served as the punk scene's gossipy party line for decades…. By remaining stable on the one hand, flipping the bird with the other, MRR's controversial personality has affected-or infected-the history of punk rock for all time. Added: Collectors Issue Number 8. Noted Damages: no 2 has a tear in first 2 pages without loss of text or image, no.10 has half of an inside page missing and a corner torn of another page.



A collection of 54 weekly programs on music, films and theater published between 1976-1979 by Melkweg, together with: -Newsletter. Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg 1977. Jan.12/Jan.16: 295x210 mm., stapled, 8pp. Split fountain color printing, togethr with: -Program Poster. Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg (1977). 80x27,5 mm., color silkscreen.

EUR 700.00

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295x210 mm., recto/verso split fountain color printing and/or mimeographed (?).



Satyrisch tijdschrift (subtitle changes)

Complete collection of 35 issues published [comprising Nos. 1-34 plus extra Jan.1945., Amsterdam, D.A.V.I.D., 15 Nov. 1944 - 29 Juni] , as follows: - First year,nos. [1-3] illegally published with misleading numbering asYear 5 nos 7, 8, 9-12 (15 Nov.1944-22 Nov. 1944) followed by: - Extra Nummer, 20 Jan.1945 and - Year 6 no. 1-3. Amsterdam, 19 Jan. 1945- 21 April 1945 continued as; - Year 6 (New Series Year 1, Eerste Daglicht Nummer [First legally published]) Nos. 7-14; Amsterdam, 10 Mei 1945 - 24 Aug.1945 continued as: (Year. 2 ) Nos. 15-30 . 7 Sept.1945- 6 Mei 1946 (from 30 issues published) continued as: ( Year 3) Nos 1-4. 10 Mei 1946 -29 Juni 1946 (4 issues published to the end of publication) Set in the original issues as published, some light foxing or occasional dampstains due to the newsprint paper, some edgewear, but in general a very good set in the original issues, unbound. ADDED: rare compilation book "Metro Mozaïek". N.d., Uitgeverij David. With orig.wrapper (sl,damaged). TOGETHER wih: Poster on Orange paper, printed in black, measuring 42,5x30 cm., with text "Zijt Gij vijand's slaaf ? Meldt U dan! Zoo niet, dan niet!". Depicting a German soldier with a whip threatening a workman, and in the background the potrait of Queen Wilhelmina. Printed by Metro. (folded, and with very light waving to one corner, in fact a very good copy.

EUR 3,000.00

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Complete set. Edited by Jan-Gerhard and Marten Toonder. This rare satirical periodical published in The Netherlands during and immediately after the war, originated from the underground movement. Yr.6 no. 1 was still illegally published and no.7 (= Eerste daglicht-nummer) is the first "legal" issue, published after the liberation. Editor in chief was Jan Gerhard Toonder, and most important in Metro was the contribution of his brother Marten Toonder, with several full-page (and also smaller) politico-satirical drawings, satirizing the former underground-press, the internment politics, the military authorities, etc. Metro was founded in Oct.1944 by J.C. Pellicaan and D.D.B. van Veen, both former collaborators of the illegal "Vrij Nederland". To mislead the Germans but also "to irritate van Randwijk", the first number published had the faked numbering Year 5 no.7 (suggesting that it was founded even before "Vrij Nederland".) Publication went on till Yr.3 no.4. Apart from M.Toonder we also find drawings by H.G.Kresse, Fiep Westendorp, H.Kabos, René Zwartjes, a.o.; other collaborators were J.G.Toonder, P.Beihuizen, Geert Lubberhuizen. DAVID stands for "De Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij". Winkel: 421.In total 35 issues were published. In the Index of the reprint another extra-number is included, which was never distributed officially, This is not included in the set offered. A few issues with small stamp "leesvereniging".



(Rock & Roll News)

Nos. 1-14 (all published, also numbered as Vol. 1 no. 1 - Vol. 2 no 2) . San Francisco, August 8,1966-August 1967. Mimeographed sheets in different colour and b/w printing on both sides, the last two issues printed offset (no. 9 and the last number with one colour added). Stapled in left upper corner (only no.2 has been re-stapled,others are all original staples). First issue is in colour photocopy, rest is in original issues as published, excellent condition and clean. ADDED: - a multicoloured psychedelic drawing (unsigned, by Geoff Evans?), - three other related ephemeral pieces, detail see below.

EUR 4,500.00

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The legendary "Mojo-Navigator Rock & Roll News" was a music zine by Greg Shaw and David Harris. Covers the local alternative music scene. Considered to be the precursor to later alternative journalism (Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone and later fanzines). Issues between 3 and 34 pages. The first issue was published August 8, 1966 as a mimeographed newssheet of two pages with concert announcements at the Matrix, Fillmore and Avalon. This issue in colour facsimile. ALL OTHERS ARE ORIGINAL FIRST PRINTS -No. 2, August 16, featured news of The Straight Theatre, and Jim Gurley, local musician from the band Big Brother & The Holding Co. -No. 3, August 23, is three sheets, with news of SF Oracle launch, band news, rumours and gossip, and record reviews (Bob Dyland etc) -No. 4, August 30, is now four sheets, and is mainly devoted to an interview with the Grateful Dead, plus a feature on Country Joe & The Fish by Greg Shaw. -No. 5, September 7, is given over to the second half of The Grateful Dead interview, and a response to the SF Oracle's unsympathetic article on the SF rock scene. - No. 6, September 18, is three sheets, reporting on record releases, New York radio, and upcoming concerts. Report of the publication of "The I.D. Band Book"; news that "the Velvet Underground has released a lousy single on Verve Records - Andy Warhol produced it, Nico sings (hah-hah) on it. It's the musical equivalent of a painted Brillo box which sells for $400"; a report on NY radio; record reviews (incl. "Sunshine Superman"); upcoming dates by The Byrds, Grateful Dead, etc. -No. 7, September 27 is four sheets, and features an interview with SF DJ Tommy Saunders, and Big Brother & The Holding Co., plus ads for upcoming concerts by Country Joe & The Fish, Takoma, and Freedom Highway. -No. 8, October 1966, is six mimeo'd sheets, and features an interview with Janis Joplin and Big Brother & The Holding Co. , plus news on The Doors, a review of The Seeds, and a full page ad "A Prophecy Of A Declaration Of Independence" for the "Love-Pageant" rally in the Haight-Ashbury (a psychedelic celebration held on Oct. 6 to coincide with the outlawing of LSD, and incl. Big Brother, the Dead, and Ken Kesey with his Prankster bus). - No. 9, October 17, is six sheets, and features a Jim Kweskin interview, Dootone Records, new, events, and an original Stanley Mouse handbill announcing The Daily Flash with Country Joe & The Fish at the Avalon, stapled in as last page.(scarcer yellow and grey colour variant). Mick Jagger photo front cover. 3pp. Jim Kweskin interview; Dootone Records; news, reviews, gossip, events. - No. 10, November 8, is nine sheets plus a printed photo cover. It incorporates an two colour Tom Weller handbill for Country Joe & The Fish at the Jabberworck, and a two colour Steve Renick-designed handbill for the 13th Floor Elevators and Moby Grape at the Avalon, and a photo of Jerry Garcia. Also featured was an interview with The Mystery Trend, and news of Bill Graham banning Mojo-Navigator editor Dave Harris from The Fillmore.terming the paper "a rag" and screaming "I'm not mad, you are beneath my anger"; full-page Stanley Mouse ad. for Big Brother & The Holding Co.'s first single on Mainstream Records; Jerry Garcia photo; record reviews - No. 11, November 22, is seven sheets and has part two of The Mystery Trend interview, and an interview with Country Joe & The Fish, who are also on the cover, plus a two colour Tom Weller-designed handbill for the band's upcoming show at the Jabberworck. As well, a photo of Bob Weir, and an Victor Moscoso-designed handill for Country Joe & The Fish, Bug Brother & The Holding Co, and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon, plus letters about the riot on Sunset Strip,the police heavy handedness, and the differences between the scenes in LA and SF. Correspondence between Bill Graham and Chet Helms; photo of Bob Weir - No. 12, December 22, is eight sheets, with a printed photo cover of Ed Saunders, incorporating two Victor Moscoso-designed colour handbills, with The Grateful Dead and Moby Grape at he Avalon, and Country Joe & The Fish at the California Hall. Featured ar ethe conclusions of the Country Joe & The Fish and The Mystery Trends interviews, and the article "The British Blues Scene" by David Harris. -No. 13, April 1967, is 30 page, black and white printed with cover photo of James Gurley from Big Brother & The Holding Co. Featured is a Blues Magoos interview, reviews by Greg Shaw and Gene Sculatti, editorial on the ris of new rock criticism, Mike Daly on Phil Spector, Rick Griffin psychedelic artwork, incorporating a photo by Gene Anthony of The Grateful Dead. - - No. 14, August 1967, is 38 pages, with cover photo of Jimi Hendrix, and an interview with The Doors, coverage of the Monterey festival, article of Eric Clapton, record reviews, news, and a Tom Weller designed psychedelic ad for Country Joe & The Fish. ADDED MATERIAL: 1) an original multi-coloured psychedelic drawing entitled "The Mojo Navigator" (27.5x21.5cm.), uncredited but probably by the magazine's artist, Geoff Evans (who hand-drew similar artwork on denim jackets worn by the editors); 2) a small card with a hand-drawn design by Greg Shaw in purple and green, possibly an early idea for the magazine's logo, stamped with his San Bruno address (thus pre-dating the first issue); 3) an early Mojo-Navigator flyer, featuring a b/w cartoon (Crime/Justice 4) a vintage 10x8 b/w photo of Brian Jones onstage in Cincinnati, 1965, sporting the look that Greg Shaw sought successfully to emulate (caption to verso written out in Shaw's hand).



No. 1 - [14/15] unnumbered double issue. Los Angeles: NO, 1978-1985. Complete run. [Title change as of fourth issue: "No Mag"]. In 15 physical issues, ca. 30-75 pp. each, two including flexi-disc sound recordings: no. 8 featuring Wild Kingdom; no. 9 featuring Geza X. Small folio. Newsprint. Very good. Illus. self wraps.

EUR 8,000.00

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Tabloid-style fanzine (later issues 34,5x27 cm) which chronicled the L.A. underground, with a particular emphasis on some of the more morbid aspects of the Hollywood punk/ underground scene, featuring the punk-rock bands and artists, as well as fashion and design. Published and edited by Bruce Kalberg. in homage to its predecessor in the LA punk scene, Slash. Kalberg says he intended to make his title somewhat edgier. NO MAG sought to be "the most evil, nihilistic magazine ever". Photo Editor: Frank Gargani. Contributors: Photography: Ed Colver, Bob Seidemann, Jules Bates, Will Shatter, Melanie Nissen, Rooh Steif, David Arnoff, Alison Brown, Ed Colver, Karen Filter, Peggy Photo, etc.; -- Graphics: Fred Tomaselli, Raymond Pettibon, May Zone, Mark Vallen, Bruce Kalberg, etc. ; -- Articles: Penelope Spheeris, Jill Young, Robert Lloyd, Mark Wheaton, Michael St.Pierre etc. Rare complete set in excellent condition.



Numbers 1-25 (all under this title). Kassel, 1986-1992. Continued as: NO NEWS. Numbers 26-40 and 1 'Extra-gabe' (together 41 vols, all and last published). Kassel, 1992-1998. In a great variety of presentations, originally in folders, lateron becoming an object periodical, with various ready-mades, objects and supplements. From an edition of originally 150 copies reduced to 60 or 75 for 'No News'.

EUR 5,000.00

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Edited by J. O. Olbrich and W. Luth. Each number/volume of this periodical was realised in cooperation with an artist, e.g.: Hainke, Stake, van Scooten, Jappe, Williams, Heckert, Heidsieck, Arts, Noel, Monro, Schnyder, Baroni, Norros, McLean, Koch, Resch, Böhmler, Die Zwei, Selg, Rindlichs bacher, Andryczuk, Ay-O, Dahn, Figueiredo, Franzobel, Hildebrandt, Spoerri and others. The numbers 16 and 25 with signed contributions by various artists. Detailed list of artists and contents of the issues on request.



The Newsletter/Journal about Events, Posters & The Arts of Happenings.

Numbers 1-9 (all publ.), The Poster Project Ltd. 1991/1995. First six issues broadsheet, folded twice; last three tabloid, folded once. Each 8pp.-24pp. Color offset. Signed by W. Wilson on the first issue.

EUR 2,400.00

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Edited by Wes Wilson. The Journal of Rock Art, Poetry and Creative Thought. The first journal devoted to the psychedelic poster artists "The Newsletter Journal for Event Posters and the Arts of Happenings", later issues subtitled: “The Newsletter/Journal About Events Posters & The Arts of Happenings”): Sopectacular designs. The first journal devoted to the psychedelic poster artists und underground comics. Contributions by Wes Wilson, Eric King, Jacaeber Kastor, Walter Medeiros, Ben Edmonds, John Platt, Dick Wentworth, Paul Getchell, Robert Crumb, and others.



Weekly Review of the Los Angeles Renaissance.

Almost complete collection, comprising a total of 93 issues: - 8 (out of 15 published) are OPEN CITY PRESS appeared in San Francisco - 85 (out of 92 published) appeared in Los Angeles as OPEN CITY. The set includes 78 issues with Bukowski contributions (72 of which are his column, "Notes of a Dirty Old Man"). San Francisco and Los Angeles, 1961-1968. Printed on newsprint. All issues folded at least once, as issued, in generally good condition (normal endemic browning, a few issues with ragged edges, light damage or light dampstaining). Sizes: at first tabloid, printed in b/w with only occasionally colour added, after issue 52,May 1968, the size doubles to 57x44 cm., and most front and last pages are in colour.

EUR 8,000.00

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A substantial, nearly-complete, run of "Open City," (at first published as "Open City Press" in San Francisco). Underground weekly noted for its coverage of radical politics, rock music, psychedelic culture and the "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" column by Charles Bukowski, first published here. Editor and founder: John Bryan (whose signature is on 17 copies) with art director Joan Barr, and contributing editors Alex Apostolides, Bob Garcia, Robert Igriega, Bill Margolis, John Wilcock etc. Member of the Underground Press Syndicate. Many issues have spectacular lay-out, artwork and photocompositions. "John Charles Bryan (November 12, 1934 - February 1, 2007), was a journalist who quit the San Francisco Chronicle in 1964 to found the brief-lived San Francisco bohemian tabloid weekly Open City Press, publishing 15 issues from Nov. 18, 1964 to March 17-23, 1965. Open City Press was a local forerunner of the Berkeley Barb, providing coverage of the Free Speech Movement. It was a one-man operation. In the beginning Bryan bought a case of metal monotype and hand-set his own copy, pulling proofs to paste up for cheap offset reproduction." (cf: Wikipedia). Bukowski's contributions started in Vol. 1 no 6 with the story "If I could only be asleep". After closure of Open City Press Bryan relocated to Southern California. After a stint working for Art Kunkin as managing editor of the Los Angeles Free Press, he launched Open City in Los Angeles, starting the volume numbering with vol. 2, no. 1 (May 5-11, 1967). In March 1968 he was prosecuted on an obscenity charge for printing an image of a nude woman in a record company advertisement for Leon Russell. Six months later, in September 1968, there was a second obscenity bust over the short story "Skinny Dynamite" by Jack Micheline, about the sexual antics of an underage girl, in a literary supplement to Open City edited by Charles Bukowski. The cost of Bryan's legal defense and a $1000 fine on the first charge eventually put the shoestring operation out of business. Issues present in this collection are: "Open City Press." [San Francisco, 1964-1965, numbered as Volume 1 ]: The announcement for issue 1, and Vol. 1 issues 3-7, 10 and 11(published from November 1964-Feb.23.1965, out of the total number of 15 issues published). Then continued as "Open City". [Los Angeles, 1967 - 1968: Volume 2 ]: Issues 1-4, 6-20, 23-25, 27, 28, 30-33, 35-43, 45, 47, 49-50, 52-83, 87-91 [66 is mis-numbered 65 on cover; 90 is mis-numbered 89]. All (except no. 18) have Bukowski contributions. Number 20, First National Edition. The Pot Scene. Number 52, May 1968, is the "First Anniversary Issue", with Renaissance, first issue,included, (this copy signed by John Bryan), with contributions by Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Lenore Kandel, Anais Nin, Carol Berge, Anselm Hollow, Bob Kaufman, a.o. Other contributors were (a.o.): Simon Vinkenoog (on Provo), Phil Proctor, Liza Williams, Derek Taylor, R. Crumb, Robert Barrows (The Beard). Bill Spater, James Howell, etc.



(partly in DE-LUXE edition) A magnificent collection comprising Numbers 1-44 (in 32 physical units, as some were double or triple issues), founded and published by HENRI CHOPIN from 1958 till 1974, plus the concluding number 45 published in Bourges, 1979. This is the most important collection of Concrete and Visual Poetry ever published. Detailed as follows: - CINQUIEME SAISON: Nos. 1-19. Paris, printemps 1958 - automne 1963. Original illustrated wrappers (only lacking no 5). , 8vo, later sq. 8vo.; fine; complete with the gramophone record belonging to no 14/15. Together with All three Supplements 20 Octobre 1961, 20 Janvier 1962, 3 Mai 1963 (signification de l’art) - OU: Nos. 20-44 (= last published). Sceaux (France), from no 34 Ingatestone (Essex,Great Britain. 1964 - 1974. In the original illustrated and decorated wrappers and portfolios. THE NUMBERS 20/21, 22, 23/24, 25, 26/27, 33, 36/37, 38/39 are in the DE-LUXE EDITION and no. 34 is one of the lettered edition B-J. - and additional :13 letters and a postcard from Gianni Bertini to Chopin, dating 1974/75/76 concerning their works and collaboration. “

EUR 40,000.00

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Cinquième Saison” was at first edited Raymond Syte, after the first 2 numbers it was taken over by Henri Chopin and continued under his editorship. With contributions by Chopin, Syte (under various pseudonyms), Michel Seuphor, Pierre-Albert Birot, Guillevic, Jean Follain, Luc Estang, Saint-Helm, Jacques Spacagna, Bernard Heidsieck, Paul de Vree, Ime Pan, V. Feyder, M. Cahn, Arthur Petronio, etcetera. Artistical contributions by: Bertini, Key Sato, Chavignier, Paul Arma, Hundertwasser etc. - No. 1 (printemps 1958): Directeur: Raymond Syte, with Chopin (Petites Suites). - No. 2 (aout 1958): with Chopin (Vouloir) and Jacques Spacagna (Peu pressés). - No. 3 (décembre 1958, entitled 'La Poésie Jazzante') contains Chopin's first 'audio-poème' (La Pêche). - No. 4 (mars 1959) Henri Chopin becomes the sole responsible editor-in-chief. On white paper, untrimmed. - No. 5 (été 1959): Chopin Piece politique, Claude Pelieu, Gaston Puel. (This issue now missing) - No. 6 (Automne 1959) contains Poème-concret 'La Peur' pour trois voix et bandes magnétiques. - No. 7 (hiver 1959/60): Chopin adds Arthur Pétronio and Pierre-Albert Birot. - No. 8 (printemps 1960): 'Poésie ouverte' . - No. 9 (été 1960): the number of pages doubles; for lack of money Chopin published this and the next issue with cooperative support from his authors "Au plus près 1". - No. 10 (automne 1960): "Au plus près 2". First issue to contain illustrations (Rousselot, Pierre-Albert Birot, Edmond Humeau, Sain Helm, Michel Seuphor, Ernest Haumesser). Monogram of Arthur Petronio. - No. 11 (printemps 1961): Contains Jean-Jacques Lévêque: Labyrinthe. Mythologie personelle. With illustration by Hundertwasser; (Covers of nos. 11-13 and supplements designed by Ernest Haumesser). - No. 12 (été 1961): first issue with collaboration by Smadja; nos 11 & 12 contain first publications of Sol Air. - No. 13 (automne/hiver 1961): Chopin 'Sur-dada 1961'. Luc Peire, composition graphique. - No. 14/15 (printemps/été 1962): enlarged size (19 x 19 cm), cover by Luc Peire & Henri Chopin. Article by Chopin, Lovano and Seuphor: 'Introduction sur les arts nouveaux'. The first number to be published with a gramophone record ('Flutes de sang' by G. Murail & 'Mélismes' by M. Delannoy). - No. 16 (automne 1962): Cover by Key Sato & H. Chopin, reproducing works of various Japanese artist (Numéro franco-japonais). Stamp of Petronio. - No. 17 (hiver 1962-63): Cover by Chavignier. 'Numéro d'échange entre la Belgique et la France'. WithMonogram of Artur Petronio - No. 18 (printemps 1963): Cover by Léo Breuer. Dessins et textes de Gaston Chaissac; Michel Seuphor: L'éphémère est éternel (written and with stage settings by Piet Mondrian in 1926); etc. - No. 19 (été/automne 1963): Cover by S. Rodillon. Contributions by Paul de Vree, Jean Arp (unpublished poem 'Motus Motus'). De nouvelle dimensions sonores et visuelles (Hansjorg Gisiger; Tjerk Wicky/Luc Peire: Filme Pêche de Nuit; M. Arnould, etc. Monogram of Arthur Petronio, also inside. Together with: - Supplément (1) 20 oct. 1961: Poèmes-objets. - Supplément (2) 20 janvier 1962: Poésie objective. Exposition 'Galerie La Jeune Parque, Lyon' de J.J. Lévêque, G. Guillot, H. Chopin, J. Pérol.- and the very rare Supplement : Signification de l’art du Mai 1962, by Seuphor and Chopin. From here onward with change of name: --OU Nos. 20-44. Sceaux/later Ingatestone. 1964-1974, partly in DE-LUXE with many additional supplements, as detailed below, and the No. 45 (last published) which is a reprospective published in Bourges,1979. -n°20/21. 1964 : DE-LUXE. Couverture originale de Gianni Bertini. Dim : 27 x 27 cm. 1/10 exempl. de luxe une gravure originale de Guitet (signée) et un bois de Bertini (signé) dans un étui-chemise gris. Contributions de Bertini, Guitet, Gysin, Dupuy, Janicot, Berthier. Inclu un disque 33 tours : face A : Heisieck Poème-partition et Gysin I am, Machine-Poem, face B : Gysin Machine-Poem et Chopin Vibrespace Audio Poème. De plus : - l'exempl. est signé par Chopin - Gysin et Heidsieck sour leur nom au colophon. - l'exempl. est dédicacé au libraire et éditeur Jean Petithory par Bertini avec un jeu de mots sur OU. Joint : Bulletin de souscription - n°22. s.l.n.d. [1964]: DE-LUXE. Couverture originale de Paul-Armand Gette. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe sur Arches avec une lithographie originale de Gette et une gravure originale de Berni dans un étui toile où est inscrit OU au pochoir. Contributions de Berni, Sharkey, Furnival, Altmann, Houédard, Heidsieck, F. St.-Thibault, Chopin, Burka, Morgan, Pelieu, Finlay, Haussman. Joint : Bulletin de sousciption - n°23/24 . 1965 : DE-LUXE. Couverture originale de Kosice. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe : Etui contenant l'exempl. + une suite contenant un photomontage original de Kocise et une lithographie signée de Rotella. Contributions de Man Ray (Rayograph), Bertini, J-L. Philippe, Rochber Gybduf (lire : ROtella, CHopin, BERtini, GYsin, B. heidsieck, DUFrêne), P.A. Gette, B. Heidsieck. Recueil (19 x 19 cm, 16 pp) : contributions de Caniaris, P. Clerc, P. de Vree, G. Foreau, Janicot, Lattanzi, Rotella. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), Face A : Dufrêne Crirythmes 1958 et 1964, Rotella 7 Poèmes phonétiques 1949 à 1963, Heidsieck Poème-partition "J" 1963, face B : Heidsieck Le Quatrième Plan 1963, Brion Gysin 3 Permutations 1960, Chopin Audio-poème "l'energie du sommeil" 1965. - n°25 . 1965 : DE-LUXE. Couverture illustrée (auteur anonyme). Dim : 26 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe avec une lithographie originale de Chopin et une néo-gravure en relief de Krasno dans un étui toile. Ce numéro a été réalisé à l'occasion des Scéances de Poésies de la Quatrième Bienale de Paris. Contributions de Dufrêne, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jean-J. Lévêque, Gabriel Paris, Dora Feilane, Chopin, Serge Béguier, Bertini, Fr. Saint-Thibault, Laura Sheleen, John Giorno, Brion Gysin, Heidsieck, Les Aëlys, P.A. Gette, Alain Jouffroy, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Rodolfo Krasno. - n°26/27. 1965 : DE-LUXE. Couverture originale illustrée de Burka. Dim : 27 x 27 cm Le homard Cosmographique. 1/10 exempl. de luxe dans un étui in 4 oblong sur lequel est collé une empreinte-photo de Béguier et contenant le n° sur Arches + la suite comprenant une aquatinte de Roberto Altmann et une sérigraphie de Furnival. Contributions de Edmund Alleyn, Roberto Altmann, Serge Béguier, Bertini, Jan Burka, Henri Chopin, John Furnival, Ilse et Pierre Garnier, Hirsal Grögereva, Jiri Kolar, Kosice, Hansjörg Mayer, Rancillac, C. Frederick, Reutersward, Rotella, Ben. Disque 45 tours (17 cm) face A : Raoul Hausmann Poèmes phonétiques 1918, Face B : Bernard Heidsieck Poèmes-partitions 65, Chopin Audio-poèmes 1962 et 1963. - n°28/29. 1966 : Couverture originale illustrée de Henri Chopin. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/475 exempl. numérotés. Contributions de François Dufrêne, Spacagna, Julien Blaine, Cozette De Charmoy, Melo e Castro (Objet poématique, Chopin raconte que l'artiste est venu les apporter lui-même pour éviter la censure), Adriano Spatola, Yaacov Agam, Alain Arias-Misson, Fr. Saint-Thibault, Laura Sheleen, Jean Boudet, F. Dufrêne, Paul de Vree. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A : Dufrêne 12'35. triptycrirythme 1966 et Paul de Vree veronika 1953, Face B : Paul de Vree Ogenblik 1948, Kleine Caroli 1963, Vertigo Gli 1963, Een Roos a Rose 1964 et Chopin Sol Air, ballet des espaces 1961. - n°30-31. 1967 : Couverture originale de Ben Vautier. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/475 exempl. numérotés. 9 poèmes + 1 badge poétique de Yaacov Agam, 1 dépliant-relief-objet de John Furnival (signé et daté 1967), 1 dessin d' Aude Jessemin, 1 graphie de Luc Peire, 2 poèmes futuristes polonais d'Anatol Stern, 1 poème graphique 2 couleurs de Luigi Ferro. + joint le bulletin de souscription. Disque 33 tours (25 cm) de Chopin Le corps, 22' pour Vivre pour vivre II, 1957, enregistrement exclusivement vocal 1966. - n°32. 1967 6 pages agrafées publiées à l'occasion de l'exposition Lumière et Mouvement, de Dufrêne, Chopin et Wolman au Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Dim : 21 x 27 cm Textes La Guerre - deux périodes de Blaine, Chopin et Muller, Crirythme en six de Dufrêne (correction manuscrite de Chopin), La Mégapneumie de Wolman. - n°33. 1968 : DE-LUXE. Couverture originale de Bernard Aubertin. Dim : 19,5 x 19 cm. 36 pages. 1/10 exempl. de luxe sur Arches avec un dessous d'affiche de Dufrêsne, un collage d'Heidsieck, un poème graphique (dactylopoème) de Chopin, un scotch de Wolman dans une boite de toile noire. Contributions de Albert Birot La Grande Vie, Jean Claude Moineau Manifeste significations, Henri Chopin Lettre ouverte aux musiciens aphones. Disque 45 tours (17 cm), face A : B. Heidsieck : Biopsie V 66, Quel Age Avez-Vous?, Dufrêne : Crirythme 67 Dédié à H. Chopin, face B : Gil J. Wolman : Mégapneumes 67, La Mémoire, Chopin : Audio-poème 67, le Ventre de Bertini. Joint : Bulletin de souscription - n°34/35. 1969 : Edition 1/10. Couverture originale cartonnée rouge estampée à froid de Gisiger. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl numérotés de B à J dans un étui de toile rouge avec en plus une gravure estampée à froid de Gisiger signée, l'offset de Balch-Burroughs-Gysin-Sommerville signé par Chopin et mis à part l'offset de Balch-Burroughs-Gysin-Sommerville et le poster de Degottex, tous les posters sont sur papier de luxe. Contributions de Balch, Burroughs, Gysin, Chopin, Bob Cobbing, P.A. Gette (affiche 68 Le mur - the wall, sur papier fort), Degottex (affiche en sérigraphie Il faut du noir pour sortir du rouge), Hugh Davies,Gomez de Liano, M. Seuphor. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A: Dufrêne Haut-satur 1967, face B : Bob Cobbing Marvo movie natter 1968, Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire 1968, Chopin : Mes bronches 1966. Exempl. dédicacé et signé par Chopin. Joint : Bulletin de souscription - n°36/37. 1970 : DE-LUXE. Couverture originale en plastique rouge de Gianni Bertini Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe avec une sculpture magnétique de Alice Hutchins et un chapeau sonore de Anna Lockwood conservé dans une boite de toile rouge avec une fenêtre laissant apparaitre un sein de la couverture sculpture de G. Bertini. De plus, les posters de Neuhuys, Moineau et Chopin sont sur papier de luxe. Contributions de Raoul Hausmann, Novak, Stefan Themerson, A. Hutchins, A. Lockwood, Tom Phillips, Paul Neuhuys, Moineau, Matusow, R. Hausmann, Paul de Vree, H. Chopin, Michel Seuphor, Brigitte Chopin (fille d'Henri). Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A : Ladislas Novak La stucture phonétique de la langue tchèque 1969, Hugh Davies Shozyg 1 & 2, , face B : Sten Hanson Don't hesitate do it, do it right now - The glorious desertion 1969, Chopin Les grenouilles d'Aristophane 1967, Heidsieck Ravaillac, tu connais ? 1969. - n°38/39. 1971: . Couverture originale de Henri Chopin. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe comprenant une sérigraphie de Marcelle Cahn et une de Marcel Janco, le tout dans une boite noire avec un bois marqué review en rouge. Contributions de Chopin (Affiche en sérigraphie sur un texte de Burroughs + Affiche en sérigraphie sur un texte de Phases), Cahn, Cozette de Charmoy, Jean Degottex (Affiche en sérigraphie Feu la culture), Gisiger, Raoul Hausmann, Marcel Janco, Marcel Mariën, Richard Orton. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A, Chopin : le rire est debout 1969, B.E. Johnson : (Among) II, 1970. Face B, Hanson : Railroad poem et Révolution 1970, J. Bekaert : The day after 1969. - n°40/41. 1972 : Couverture originale de plastique noire de Hansjörg Gisiger (Portrait d'Ernest). Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/475 exempl. numérotés. Contributions de Lacasse, Gerz, Hutchins, Themerson, Norguet, C. de Charmoy, Chopin. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A : da Silva Audio-poem 1971, William Burroughs Valentine Day Reading 1965, face B : Brion Gysin Poems 1960-62, Heidsieck Passe-Partout no 4 1970, Chopin Le soleil est mécanique. La couverture est un peu défraichie. - n°42/43/44. 1974 : Couverture originale de Axel Knipschild. Dim : 27 x 27 cm 1/10 exempl. de luxe avec un collage de Maccheroni (Sens interdits) et la suite de Tom Phillips sur beau papier signée et numérotée + objet en bois sur lequel est inscrit OU n°42/43/44 signé par Chopin le tout dans un étui de toile rouge. Contributions M. Corfou, T. Phillips, M. Janco, A. Lora-Totino, Chopin, N. Zurbrugg, Jo Verbrugghen, Henri Maccheron(affiche signée), R. Aaron et l'Association. Le fac-similé de la lettre de Roussel annoncé au colophon n'est jamais paru dans aucun des tirages. Disque 33 tours (25 cm), face A : W. Burroughs Reading 1965, Ake Hodell Numro Ba Besch, 1970, face B : Amirkhanian Each 'LL 1971, Novak Two poems 1958-62, Rimbaud Le Vrai Sonnet des Voyelles, Chopin Les mandibules du "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" 1971. Exempl. dédicacé au libraire et éditeur Jean Petithory. Joint : 5 sérigraphies de différentes tailles de Tom Phillips signées et dédicacées à Henri Chopin.



Revue de la fin du monde.

Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Basel, 1958-1977. Original pictorial wrappers, 4to & sq. 4to (front-cover no. 6 with browning on the right half). Otherwise all good or fine; the Hundertwasser in mint condition. With photographs, inserts and IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: original graphic supplements, posters, programs, invitations etc., as detailed below.

EUR 8,000.00

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Edited by Carl Laszlo. Complete sets are rare due to the large intervals between publication dates. - No. 1: 1957, No. 2: 1958. - No. 3: "Hommage au Dalaï-Lama, incl. a large original 3-colour lithograph (28 x 117 cm) by Hundertwasser: "Die Flucht des Dalai Lama", colour lithograph, inscribed in the stone, dated Hundertwasser 1959, one of ca. 1.800 prints, cut in the middle and stuck together on the back, long version, 27,5 x 117,5 cm, stamp on the back, laid folded in the magazine Panderma 3. Revue de la fin de l'homme, Basel 1959, Mint condition. -.No. 5-6: Special issues on Schroeder-Sonnenstern and Vasarely incl. each a serigraph by the artist; -No. 7/8 incl. serigraphies by Vasarely, Müller-Brittnau and a lino-cut by Köth. -No. 9: :"Götterdämmerung". incl. lino-cuts by Van Dyken and Lalo(small closed tear at the lower end). - -No. 10/11: devoted to work of Grützke and Marcello Morandini, incl. a serigraphy by Morandini & an off-set print by Grützke (light wear to top) Both signed -No. 12: Special issue 'Freedom for Timothy Leary', incl. 2 photolithos by Gritzner and Bartha -No. 13: Special Issue "Eva Wipf". Contribs. incl. Arp, Man Ray, Cocteau, Hausmann, Picabia, and many other important names in modern art. ADDED: - 4 posters for Performances (Basler Surrealistengruppe, 30.Jan.1957, Albansaal; Ionesco/6 Einakter von C. Laszlo, 12.Juni 1957, Komödie Basel; Théatre Fauteuil; März/April, Alleyn etc.; Théatre Fauteuil, 29. April, Chansons Christian Sarrel; - 3 signed serigraphies, unidentified as to belonging to which of the issues; - 1 large folding poster b/w, with text (1954) and image by Vasarely - Publicity leaflets for Numbers 1, 2, 5 and the special issue for the Dalai-Lama, Hundertwasser - 4 printed Manifests by Laszlo (Manifest gegen den Avantgardismus; Gespenster; Linke Nazis gegen Zionismus; Bevor Neo-Dada war, war Dada da) - 8 invitations to (or programs of) Exhibitions and Manifestations (Festival de la Fin du Monde; Theatre Fauteuil,Musik des Mittelalters etc.; Ionesco, Cocteau, Laszlo; Des Geometers Hochzeit; etc.) - facsimile of letter to Lehmanns Verlag, 13.3.1966.



Art contemporain/Contemporary Art.

Nos. 1-125 (all published sofar, publication suspended). Montreal,1975 - January 2007. Original pictorial wrappers. Plus Duane Michels special issue. (No.55 frontcover and first pages waterdamaged, No. 3, 11 and 16 in xerox-copies).

EUR 3,500.00

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Parachute was founded by René Blouin and Chantal Pontbriand, who met at Véhicule, one of the first artist-run centres in Canada, (together with A Space and the Western Front) and the Research Group in Arts Administration. It became one of the leading journals on contemporary and modern art dealing with architecture, artists books, curating, music, painting, photography, artists projects, sculpture, theatre, video. Contribtions (in French and English) by: George Bogardi, Chantal Darcy, France Morin, Roland Poulin, Marc Dachy, Philip Fry, Robert Racine, Andrew Forster, Marine Meilleur, a.o.



(Cahier de littérature appliquée, Art et Liberté))

(No. 1). Le Caire, n.d. (15 février 1947). 4to; original pictorial wrappers; illustrated. (No. 2). Le Caire, avril 1950, Original wrappers (17 x 24,5 cm); (Cahier de Littérature appliquée, 68 pp). [Destribats, 502] Together with: - Encore l'inconnu. Avril 1959. Le Caire (Imprimerie Alaa Eddine el Chiaty). 20 pages + illustrated wrappers (16,5 x 23,5 cm) with hors-texte (folding out) lithograph by Samy Ali. Numerous illustrations and photographs. Texts in French and in Arabic. - Hommage à Georges Henein. Dernier Cahier de littérature appliquée. La Part du Sabe, Le Caire, Juillet 1974. 130 pp and photograph; original wrappers.

EUR 2,500.00

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"Textes poétiques et critiques, achévé d'imprimer au Caire le 15 février 1947", edited by the movement 'Art et Liberté', directed by Georges Henein and Ramses Younane: periodical of the Surrealist Group in Egypt, with illustrations by Fouad Kamel, Samir Rafi, Hassan el Telmisani, Ramsès Younane; literary contribs. by Henein, Jabès, Luca, Lundkvist, Henri Michaux, Henri Pastoureau, etc. No. 2 Rédaction: Charles Lucet, Edmond Jabès, Yves Regnbier, Georges Henein, Jean Grenier, with texts by Ikbal e, Alaily, Roger Arnaldez, Yves Bonnefoy, René Char, Henri Michaux, etc. -Encore línconnu witrh frontipiece hgoto by Chafik Chammas. Texts (in French and Arabic) and illustrations ( many photographs) Sonia Younane, Khadiga Riaz, Ramses Younane, Georges Henein, Roland Vogel, Hamdi Khamis, Alexandre Hornstein,Kouad Kamel, Mounir Hafez, George Andrews (in English), Esther Ménaché, Hassan Hassan, Philippe dÁrschot, Serge Vandercam.



Fôlha de arte e critica.

Series 1: Ano 1-11 (comprising nos. 1-53/54, all publ.) continued as: Series 2: Ano 12 (comprising nos.1-2, all publ.). Coimbra, Presença, 10 March 1927 - February 1940. First Series: Large folio (38.3 x 29.5 cm.); Second Series: (24 x 19 cm.). Bound in three grey full-cloth bindings with lettering in black on spine and front. The numbers of the first series in self covers; the two numbers of the second series in original printed wrappers. Slight soiling to covers and light browning to some leaves, but overall this set is in excellent condition. Printed on different types of luxury paper of varying colour, in black and white with occasionally colour added.

EUR 18,000.00

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Complete run of the most important periodical for Portuguese Modernism, succcessor to Orpheu. Directed by José Régio, João Gaspar Simões and Branquinho da Fonseca (lateron replaced by Casais Monteiro). With innovative avant-garde typography and page-make-up. Published works by the leading figures in Portuguese literature, including Mário Sá-Carneiro, Fernando Pessoa, José Régio, Casais Monteiro, João Gaspar Simões, António de Sousa, Saul Dias, Branquinho da Fonseca, Almada Negreiros, Raul Leal, Alberto de Serpa, Irene Lisboa, José Régio and Miguel Torga. It introduced Gide and Proust to Portuguese readers and started serious critical essays on cinema and contemporary music. It focused on the art of Cubists, Futurists, Primitivists and Expressionists. Graphic contributions by Almada Negreiros, Júlio, Mário Elói, Dórdio Gomes, João Carlos, Sara Afonso, Arlindo Vicente, Paulo, Ventura Porfírio and Bernardo Marques. (Cf.: Pires, Dicionário das revistas literárias do séc. XX, pp. 244-8; Dicionario da Imprensa periodica lit. Portuguesa do seculo XX); Revistas literárias do século XX em Portugal, pp. 382–437) .



Blätter für neue Literatur (later: Ein schriftlicher Vorgang); later:Jahrbuch für Mitteilungssysteme).

Heft 1-27 (all publ.). Bochum, Düsseldorf, Bulkowski, March 1966-1977. Unbd., original issues printed on various coloured stock , size 30 x 21 cm, later for numbers 13-20 changing to 21 x 15 cm.printed as Photocopies, Letterpress, Offset, Original works (collage etc). with all decorated original wrappers and supplements preserved, stapled in the spine or archival binders. Set in mint condition; illustrated.

EUR 4,500.00

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Complete set of this important example of the anarchist and leftist "mini-presses" of the sixties. Strong ties with Leftist movements worldwide, of which Bulkowski acted as the German language spokesman and reporter. Issues are usually around one topic:: No.5 Anarchie und Humor (Provo), No. 8 Texts of the Hippies ; No. 6 Beat-Beat with texts of the Beats; No. 10 Ideal Werbetext; No. 11/12 with orig. Plastic coloured artwork of Thomas Bayrle; No. 18 inspired on the Situationists; No 20 in orig.brown envelope. Numbers 13-21 on quarto size photocopied and combined together with original documents. They are interesting for content, typography and lay-out. Contributors include: Thomas Bayrle (Original color silkscreens on plastic foils), Horst Bingel, Paul Schallück, G. Zwerenz, Max v.d. Grün, N. Born, P. Faecke, D. Hoffmann, G. Kunert, K. Marti, Simon Vinkenoog (Provo), , Peter Chotjewitz, G. Guben, Reimar Lenz, Dietrich Albrecht (Fluxus), Hans-Peter Alvermann,Claus Boehmler, Rolf-Dieter Brinkmann, Stig Brogger, Stanley Brouwn, Henning Christiansen (Fluxus), Hans Peter Feldmann, Robert Filliou, Jochen Gerz, Ludwig Gosewitz (Fluxus), ans Imhoff , H. Kaminski, Tuli Kupferberg, F. Mayroecker + E. Jandl , Franz Mon , Maurizio Nannucci , A.R. Penck , J. Ploog , Chris Reinecke (LIDL) , Ralf-Reiner Rygulla, Wolfg. Schmidt, Tomas Schmit (Fluxus), Klaus Staeck / Eric Thygesen, Miroljub Todorovic , Vangelis Tsakiridis, Iannis Xenakis and numerous others.




Nummer 1 - 10 (all publ., of which 6 numbers in De-Luxe edition). Düsseldorf. Profil und Galerie Kunst im Salon. 1978 - 1983. Orig. Pictorial wrappers. 21 x 15 cm. In very good condition, except for some occasion light toning and some browning on the spines. In this set 6 numbers are from the de-luxe, numbered 37/50 (the regular edition was 500 copies). The de-luxe numbers contain original signed graphics (as detailed below, all measuring approx. 20x15 cm or smaller). A ltogether there are 26 added originals, all signed by the artists and numbered 37/50. The set is composed as follows: Numbers 1 and 2 (regular editions) Number 3 (although not a numbered de-luxe edition contains on inside cover 3 an original signed pencil-drawing by Klaus Rinke). Number 4 (de-luxe 37/50) with 3 signed originals: Halina Jaworski (Polaroid), Mario Reis (Radierung in Pergamintüte), Yoshio Shirakawa (Stempel und Text in Wachskreide auf Abrissblatt); (Frontcover has a few spots in the right upper part). Number 5 (de-luxe 37/50) with 5 signed originals: Franco Campana (Radierung), Otto Piene (mit Filzstift ummalter Offsetdruck, 59/80), Klaus Ritterbusch (Kolorierter Offsetdruck), Keiji Uematsu (Blesitiftzeichnung und Offset), Van den Valentyn (Text), Number 6 (de luxe 37/50) with 3 signed originals: W. E. Herbst (Linolschnitt), Barbara Petri (Kolorierter Offsetdruck), Johannes Lenhart (Materialcollage), Number 7 (de luxe 37/50) with 2 originals: Christoph Ingenhoven(Siebdruck), Tomas Schmitt (Künstlerbuch); Number 8 (de luxe 37/50) with 6 originals: Heinz Scharbert (Radierung), Tatsuo Tsuda (Übermalte Materialcollage), Bernard Bazile (Foto), Wolfgang Döring (mit Wachskreide kolorierter Offsetdruck auf transparentem Pergamin), Hildegard Schöneck (Zeichnung, Buntstift), Erwin Heerich (Offsetdruck); Number 9 (de luxe 37/50) with 6 originals: Rüdiger Kramer (Radierung), Helmut Sundhaußen (Siebdruck), Hella Lütgen (kolorierter Offsetdruck), Johannes Erdmann (Radierung), Paul Wienand (Aquarell), Wolfgang Stickel (kolorierter Offsetdruck). Number 10 (regular edition). With contributions by Joseph Beuys, Theo Lambertin, Günther Uecker, Fritz Schwegler, Erika Kiffl.

EUR 2,500.00

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Edited by Hans Georg Ruckes, editorial board Fr.Becker, W.Döring, Harald K.Hülsmanb. Helga Meister,Stephan v.Wiese, With contributions by Joseph Beuys, Theo Lambertin, Günther Uecker, Fritz Schwegler, Erika Kiffl., Dubbick, Hülsmann, Piene, Uematsu, Petri, Ingenhofen, Döring, Kratzer, Lambertin, Winkler, Thiede, Klaus Rinke, Nishikawa, Overdiek, Peetzinka, Pesch and others. Number 4 is special: Kunstpomade. Haar-Scharf (Kunst im Salon).



Alternativ Zeitung

No 1 (2 versions, orange and green cover), 2, 3. UPN-Sippe, Nürnberg 1970. 4to; numerous ills;ab. 16 pages per issue.

EUR 600.00

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Published by "Sippenpresse", a German countercultural hippie publishing venture. Promoting the use of marijuana, close to "Hotcha", and close to the Dutch Provos (" Holländische Provos stürmen leere Häuser") and the squatters movement. Kontakt-adresse die Kommune von Raymond Martin in Nürnberg. "Wir sind diejenigen vor denen uns unsere Eltern gewarnt haben". Am 13. Dezember 1972 fand in Jobstgreuth eine Hausdurchsuchung bei der Landkommune UPN-Sippe von circa 20 Kriminalbeamten statt. „Einen richterlichen Hausdurchsuchungsbefehl hatte man keinen, brauchte ihn auch nicht, da die Gefahr im Vorzug schien“.Beschlagnahmt wurden Kundenkarteien, Geschäftsbriefe, persönliche Korrespondenz und die Kommunemitglieder mussten eine körperliche Untersuchung über sich ergehen lassen. Nach der Meinung von Martin war diese Hausdurchsuchung „für die deutsche Untergrundpresse und Kommunebewegung (…) ein warnendes Zeichen“, da die Alternativpresse und die verschiedenen Lebensgemeinschaften Anfangs der 1970er Jahre im Aufbau begriffen und bei der Bevölkerung sowie staatlichen Behörden auf Unverständnis gestoßen waren.



Die Zeitschrift zwischen Basel und New York.

Nos. 1-5/6 (all publ.). Basel, Edition C.L.A.G., 1982-1988. Size (h/w): 29,6 x 20,9 cm. With an original silverprint, copyrighted with a stamp on verso in each issue: Original blindstamped metallic wrappers, near mint condition.

EUR 4,000.00

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Edited by Carl Laszlo, René Matti and Michael Heitmann. With contributions by Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Les Levine, Manon, Taylor Mead, Peter Orlovsky, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe a.o. In each issue an original silverprint, copyrighted with a stamp on verso: -No. 1 portrait of William S. Burroughs by Robert Mapplethorpe; -No. 2 photograph by Manon; -No. 3 portrait of Taylor Mead, 1971 by Gerard Malanga; Texts in German, Malanga's writings are in English.The photo of Taylor Mead by Malanga inserted. Covering Malanga's extended works, his diary from 60's, poetry, portraits, nudes to voyeuristic photos, also incl. the Burroughs interview by Malanga -No. 4 portrait of William S. Burroughs by Victor Bockris; - No. 5/6 Eric H. Olson: Fotokomposition, 1985 in the Olson's Photokomposition (8 pages,partly colour)



Numbers 1-15 with supplements and posters (all published, with presursor and additions). Rotterdam, 1979-1983. -WITH:Precursor: Marcel Megawatt Blad -ADDED: De Avonturen van Red Rat (a continuation in the form of cartoon strips). All in generally good condition, some ragged edges, or light staining. -ADDED:Jubileum edition - K.K. Dubio en de Rondos - Ze zijn er weer ...Kom nou toch jongens, Facisme bestaat allang niet meer. Hitler is al jaren dood - Rotterdam, Raket, 1982 - 305 pp. - paper wrappers - 21 x 30 cm. With added poster "Toen en nu"(rare). -ADDED: unnumbered, undated number,30 pages,stamped kk.dubio.(An additional number (16?): Geis. 1 (?) together with - Geis gaat op Reis, 32 pages + wrappers. Details of the issues below.

EUR 5,000.00

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Dutch Anarchist-PUNK periodical, started as newsbulletin for the Rotterdam New Wave Groups, merely one sheet recto/verso. It soon grows out to a full-fledged periodical for Rotterdam Punk, and for Punk in The Netherlands. At first printed (mimeographed) on grey paper in black, soon with photographic illustrations,sometimes with colours in screenprint / stencil / spray technique added. Edited by (Kunst Kollektief) Dubio, and De Rondos, Geis, Aram, Chris de Wit, Teddy Boymans. With the rare precursor/poster: Marcel Megawatt Blad Magazine. Raket, Rotterdam. 1979. 41.9 x 58.5 Cm. Folds out to a two-sided printed poster. Folded in eight. No 6 in cooperation with Kaasee. Featuring: Rondo's ( "I don't like the Rastaman"), Toiletz, ZeroZero, Bunkers, Bunk Music. Donut Music, Filth, Stealer, Kobus van Lankeren, Suburban Punk,attention broadens to Punk outside Rotterdam (Amsterdam, Galerie Anus), Zaandam (sick productions, Gernevieve Van Hooghaut Jonghe, The Hague (Ketchup), Haarlem (World War Rockers), Ash-Tray, Jezus and the Gospelfuckers, Tändstickorshocks, RodeWig, Squats, Jules Deelder, coöperation with Kaasee (Gordelweg 117 Rotterdam). Details of the set: No. 1. 1979, April. One sheet. 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 2, 1979. May. One sheet 62x46,5 cm (folded to 31,5x23,5); -No. 3. 1979. Juni. One sheet 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 4. 1979. September. 29,5x21 cm. 20 pages, on grey paper, sidestapled. Together with the poster (black on yellow paper, depicting a human figure as target for shooting lessons;this copy has apparently been used for that purpose as there are numerous bullet holes. -No. 5. 1979 Oktober. 34 pages, sidestapled. Together with poster 60x41,5, folded twice; pin-holes in the four corners. - No. 6. 1980. Januari (sic!). 29,5x21 cm. 54 pages sidestapled , with the poster and Shell supplemented); . - No. 7. 1979 December. 29,5x21cm.46 pages sidestapled together with Supplement: Rock against Religion (RAR Organ des Zentralkomitees) 36 pages, sidestapled. POSTER: Rock against Religion. In samenwerking met Kaasee. 41x46,5 cm, folded twice. Photomontage of Nazi-soldiers, Priest, Businessman, falling church-buildings. (Some brown spotting over over middlefold, otherwise in very good condition). -No. 8: 1980. January. Together with the Poster b/w. 60x54 cm., folded twice. And with Bijlage: Marcel Megawat, 10 pp, stapled; -No. 9: Februari 1980 with Bijlage "Rotterdam Graffiti"1. ;-No. 10. 1980 Maart. 29,5x21 cm."Jubileum Raket" 70 pages + 1 loose sheet. Partly in colour.Plus: BijlageRotterdam Graffiti Deel 2. 30 pages. Partly in colour. Plus: Poster printed in red. 43x30,5 cm. (Het Bibelebonsche Rijk). Together with the original kraft mailing envelope, with illustration in black; a bit damaged -No. 11. April/Mei 1980. 29,5x21cm. 76 pages, sidestapled; +Bijlage 22 pages, with Orange Cover, "Verhaal in romanvorm: Trix = The Pix" with caricature of Princess Beatrix in the nude, with piggy policemen.;Ëindexamenskritpie SKA", "graffiti Den Haag" -No. 12. Juni 1980. 29,5x21 cm 100 pages, + Supplement,28 pages (Waarlijk helpe ons God almachtig) (Coronation of Beatrix issue) + 2 posters (42 x 29 cm each. "Schuldig aan"and "Gefallen für Deutschland"). Together with the kraft mailing envelope (a bit damaged) and with the puzzle and the flexidisk -No. 13. September 1980. 29,5x21 cm. With kraft envelope.108 pages. (on backpage: "Bericht van het Verkiezingsfront"). Includes the postcard/photograph "Pearls for the swines", and the poster and Dossier -No. 14. November 1980 (VerzetsRaket). 112 pages + Supplements: Jeugdcultuur & Punk&Verzet. 50 pages, sidestapled (the added badge is not present) + Supplement: De Avonturen van Red Rat. Deel éen.36 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: Over platen maken en hun verspreiding. 24 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: The selling of Limburg. 16 pages, sidestapled. (On the final page announcement: No Hope stops). Together with kraft mailing envelope, rather damaged. ADDED" Unnumbered and undated pamphlets and loose publications: -"The Rondos Song Texts". Printed on a poster, front red/white and blue, with Yellow Hammer and Sickle; Reverse side prints the texts of Rondos Songs. Folded to 8,5x28,5 cm. -"Een beetje vent wordt geen agent"(if you are only a bit of a man you do not become policeman), 40 pages, sidestapled. Not dated; signed Aram. - - Supplement Poster "De Westerse Beschaming,deel 9", Avonturen van Red Rat Addition 4: JUBILEUM-EDITION. Uitgave en copyright Raket, Rotterdam, 1982. oblong, 305 pages + 5 advertising pages; glued in the spine. Frontwrapper (probably)missing. - Vandaag of Morgen. Destroy Fascism.14 pages. - Poster "Which side will you be on", Fight back; White Power - TOGETHER WITH: DE AVONTUREN VAN Red Rat. Deel 1/2, deel 3/4, deel 5/6, deel 7/8, deel 9/10 (complete as published by Uitgeverij "lont", original opictorial wrappers; 1981-1983. Added: Deel 11/12. Revival, published by De Papieren Tijger. 2009. - Thus altogether a magnificent collection, Rare.A very complete offering.



Volumes 1-7 (all publ.).Verlaggalerie Leaman, Düsseldorf, 1975-1983. Original pictorial vinyl ringbinders, containing only original artworks by avant-garde artists of the Gallery, and also many Fluxus related artists. All are looseleaves arranged between dividers with the names of the artists. A few SIGNED in pen or pencil, see below. Contains works on paper, card, photographs or other materials (e.g. broken mirrors pieces, plastic objects, dried leaves, collages,photocopies etc, 32x26 cm. Some of the plastic binders a bit soiled by offsetting xerox-toner, internally very good and clean (except for incidental very light foxing due to paper quality). - At the end of volume 1, pasted onto the inside back cover, is a white sheet of paper (25,5x8,5 cm), with SIGNATURES in pen or pencil, of Uecker, Rainer Ruthenbeck, Megert, Mölzer, Thomkins, Michael Gibbs, Ulises Carrion, with a stamp 19/100. - Volume 3 in a special edition with an extra frontispiece photograph by alex kayser - zak & kingbee, SIGNED IN FELT by each participating artist (Schleber, Schwegler, Gudmunsson, Kayser, Heerich, Spoerri, Nannucci, Hagenberg). The set from an edition of 500 copies,later 1000.

EUR 13,000.00

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The complete set of these assemblages of visual poetry, objects, photographs, collages, mixed-media. Some SIGNED IN PEN OR PENCIL BY THE ARTISTS ( see below) -Vol. 1. (1975). Photographically illustrated inside cover with names of the artists: 44 leaves (unnumbered) of artworks by: Michael Gibbs, Leo Erb, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Christian Megert , Ulyses Carrion, Milan Mölzer, Günther Uecker. His contribution consists of 3 sheets of burlap and photofoil, SIGNED in pencil. Added an envelope with some small trimmed sheets of paper,11x22 cm, unopened, but artist not identified. On the inside back cover a white sheet of paper with the SIGNATURES of Uecker, Rainer Ruthenbeck, Megert, Mölzer, Thomkins, Michael Gibbs, Ulises Carrion -Vol. 2 (1976). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Arnulf Rainer. 46 sheets of varying sizes and materials, plus a plastic bag containing a dried wax-like substance. Contributors Francisco Pino, Adolf Luther, Norbert Kricke, George Brecht, Hubertus Gojowczyk, Alan Czarnowski, Stephan Kukowski, Vera Röhm, Rolf Bendgens, Geza Perneczky, Arnulf Rainer. -Vol. 3 (1977). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Titlepage by Alex Kayser. 54 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Alexander Schleber, Fritz Schwegler, S. Gudmundsson, Alex Kayser, Erwin Heerich, Daniel Spoerri, Maurizio Nannucci, Helfried Hagenberg. -Vol. 4 (1978). Edited by Milan Mölzer and Stephan Missmahl. Titlepage byAlex Kayser, 64 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Reinhard Omir, Ulrich Erben, Axel Heibel, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Paul van Dijk, Francois Morellet, Hermann De Vries, Claudio Parmiggiani. An unidentified unsigned drawing on the colophon-page. -Vol. 5 (1980).Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page byiFranklin Berger, 64 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Christian Boltanski, Emmett Williams, Jan Voss, Robert Filliou, John Armleder, Takako Saito, Jaqueline Monnier, Irma Blank, Hreinn Fridfinsson, Zofia Kulik & Przemys Kwiek. -Vol. 6 (1981). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Vera Rohem & Dieter Rohs, 59 unnumbered sheets with contributions byi Nam June Paik (SIGNED IN PEN BY THE ARTIST), Alison Knowles, Trevor Winkfield, Bob Cobbing, Luciano Ori, Michael Druks, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Bill Griffiths, Gerhard Rühm (one sheet with ADDED TEXT ("inzwischen verbessert") and SIGNATURE by the artist. -Vol. 7 (1983). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Gary Hincks, 56 unnumbered sheets with contributions by John Furnival, Sausan Hiller, Dick Higgins, Setve Wheatley, Rüri, Gilbert & George, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Jeff Nuttal, Agnes Denes, Arrigo Lora Totino. (See: Gwen Allen - Artists' Magazines. An alternative space for art, p . 290].



RIPPER fanzine. Numbers 1-8 (all publ.) . San Jose,Ca. 1980 - 1982. All eight issues including the impossible-to-find debut issue published as South Bay Ripper. Some foxing/spotting to cover of No. 1.

EUR 1,800.00

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Complete run of this short-lived and highly influential Bay Area punk magazine. Editor/publisher: Tim Tonooka, Contributors,art and photos: Camille Iguana, Thom Lukas, Kat, Scarlot Aroma, Kyn Rousseau, Andrew English, Janet Planet, Kevin Animal, Patty Anderson, Earnest Endeavors, Ruick Rabble, Phil Tiger, Tim Tonooka, John Crawford, and others. - Unter Tones, Kerry Loewen, Peter Bloom, Saucers, Black Flag, DOA Spectators, Social Untrets, The Undead, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, The Fix, Bad Brains, etc.



Bi-monthly portfolio.

New York: The Letter Edged in Black Press, 1968. A set of Volume 1-6, in six 6 portfolios (all-issued) containing 73 artist's multiples, each housed in artist designed envelope, with each portfolio housed inside original cardboard mailing folder printed with the press address. Edited by William Copley. See: Gwen Allen, Artists'Magazines,p297 Note: Set is complete including the rare original reel to reel tapes by Terry Riley and La Monte Young and the Yoko Ono piece contains the original broken ceramic pieces.

EUR 6,000.00

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Six folders of 73 loose multiples and printed matter; each in artist designed envelope. Each envelope is housed inside original cardboard mailing folder printed with the press address. The contents are in very good to excellent shape, also the folders in fine condition, and the mailing folders in excellent condition (only small stain on outside of no2). Because many of the objects are printed pieces of paper of odd sizes that are often folded to fit into the folded artist designed envelope, some "condition problems" naturally occur. Often objects sit next to other odd materials, so some creasing, wrinkling, impressions, etc. were unavoidable. List of contents on demand.



New York's outrageous good fortune.

Nos. 1-8, (all published). December 9, 1960 - June 14, 1962. Unbound, as issued; endemic browning, but altogether in good condition. (No. 1 is 4 pp. on off-white paper, 35.5 x 28.1 cm; nos. 2-8 are 8 pp. each on pale gray paper with page size 30.5 x 22.9 cm,folded in quarters from sheets about 61 x 46 cm). In each issue a few illustrations. Added is a printed brown paper (mailing) envelope for the whole set that could well be the only one still extant. (The envelope lacks its flap and was opened roughly on one side with consequent tears and creases repaired with tape).

EUR 4,000.00

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Edited by Anita Ventura (critic and painter, designer of posters for Leo Castelli Gallery) and Sidney Geist (sculptor). (also as: the New York Sunday supplement, subtitle varies). Featuring and illustrating work of Brancusi, Matsumi Kamemitsu, Resnik Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Cajori, Tom Doyle, Yves Klein, Milton Resnick, Arshile Gorky, Franz Kline, etc. No. 2 has excerpts from a WBAI interview with the editors, "Scrap's First Tape" [a pun on Samuel Beckett's great monologue "Krapp's Last Tape"]. In no. 3 Paul Brach writes on Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns reviews the printed version of Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. No. 4 contains Sidney Geist, A Critique of Criticism, "moodily dare": IFP, and the essay written at the occasion of the Rothko Exhibition curated by Peter Selz (Museum of Modern Art).No. 7 includes a supplement on pink paper 'Pandemonium'. No. 8 features two reviews of Harold Rosenberg's Arshile Gorky: the Man, the Time, the Idea.



The magazine

Nos. 1 (October 1978) through 4 (1981) (all published). New York: Smegmania Productions, Iglust Productions, etc., 1978 - 1981. A complete set in four issues, (No.1 :28 pages incl green cover; No. 2: 24 pages incl.cover in blue and red; No. 3: 28 pages wrappers, plus additions " Hot Dog, You Bet!" 45 rpm flexi-disc", an unpeeled set of "Smegma: the Magazine" stickers and paper Insert Hot Dog with Cavellini sticker; No 4: 24 pages, b/w cover wirth 2 additional paper inserts "Page torn from the Bible" and "Moot Point"). Accompanied by a complete set of supplemental Smegma-related print productions including: - A Supple Mint, nos. 1 (1978) through 3 (1980); - Smegma Calendars for 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982; - eleven (11) Smegma flyers produced by Lust and Igloo between 1978 and 1981 to advertise forthcoming issues of the magazine; as well as - an extra dis-bound copy of the Smegmatronics "Hot Dog, You Bet!" 45 rpm flexi-disc and additional unpeeled set of "Smegma: the Magazine" stickers (both also present as called for in issue no. 3 of the magazine). Various sizes, 12 mo. to tall 4to. Near fine. Self wrappers, stapled. Three calendars ring-bound. Related print ephemera in fine condition. Most probably the complete set of all published.

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Neo-dada underground music and art magazine published by Smegmanagers: Torridzone Igloo (Alexander Hirka), Scarlatina Lust, Contributors were Jim Howley, John Potter, Lester Burg, Spaz Turner, Joan Scholvin, Tuli Kupferberg, Buster Cleveland, Bart Plantenga, Tod Jorgensen, disloKate Klammer, E.F.HiggingsIII, Joanne Mayhew-Young. One of the first montage-style punkzines. Includes some original drawings by Tuli Kupferberg (of the Fugs) etc., with collage and mail-art. The set is accompanied by a complete set of supplemental Smegma-related print productions consisting of: - A Supple Mint, nos. 1 (1978) through 3 (1980): [8; 12; 14 pages; 21,5x17,5 cm; photocopied with colour added by hand] ; - Smegma Calendars for 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982 ; [24 pages, 21,5x17,5 cm; 13 pages, 35,5x21,5cm; 13 pages, 35.5x21,5cm; 13 pages,12x10 cm]. The Calender pages each month done by other one of the contributors, with sheets of different colour per month. held together by metal rings to allow to turn the monthly pages (last page of 1980 detached from one ring, but otherwise intact). - eleven (11) Smegma flyers produced by Lust and Igloo between 1978 and 1981 to advertise forthcoming issues of the magazine ; as well as an - extra dis-bound copy of the Smegatronics "Hot Dog, You Bet!" 45 rpm flexi-disc and additional unpeeled set of "Smegma: the Magazine" stickers (both also present as called for in issue no. 3 of the magazine). --Contributors were Jim Howley, John Potter, Lester Burg, Spaz Turner, Joan Scholvin, Tuli Kupferberg, Buster Cleveland, Bart Plantenga, Tod Jorgensen, disloKate Klammer, E.F.HiggingsIII, Joanne Mayhew-Young, a.o Rare. NOT in "In Numbers" and not in "Allen".



Vierteljahresschrift für Dichtung und Graphik (also: Vierteljahresschrift für Originalgraphik und Dichtung).

Nos. 1-133 (=all publ.). Zürich, 1958-1992. Folio; original loose issues; nos 1-94 kept in 10 plain blck portfolios. Rare complete set.

EUR 3,000.00

► detailed description

Ed. by S. Knebel & F. Rellstab; contains hundreds of original graphics by all the leading artists. Woodcuts a.o. by Faesi, Liemann, Vennekamp, Waldschmidt, Staeck, I. Reiner, Rössing, Fuchs, Rohse, Meckel, Grieshaber, and artists-issues no. 25 (Grieshaber, 8 woodcuts), 48 (Hansen-Bahia (12 woodcuts); 51 (Durer, with 7 woodcuts by Grieshaber); 58 (Griechenland, with 7 woodcuts by Grieshaber). Contribs. by Artmann, Bachmann, Celan, Eich, Dürrenmatt, Enzensberger, Walse, Kaschnitz, Bobrowski, Fuchs, Grass, Kunert, a.o.



Numbers 1-13 (all publ.). Miami, FL. August 1981 - 1985. All issues 28x21,5 cm. (b/w), nos 2-5 in reduced size 21,5x18 cm. (b/w,wrappers coloured paper). Complete run of all 13 issues of this elusive Florida fanzine. The early issues, particularly issue #1, are elusive.

EUR 2,800.00

► detailed description

Punk rag published by Barry Soltz (a/k/a Boz) covering the South Florida early punk scene on into hardcore and eventually national acts and filmmakers. Powered by SmugMug. Editor: Boz, contributors: Olivier, Wendle Holiday, Cathy Sheekey, Craig Snyder (also cover photo and Logos), Stillano, Adam Klein. Orig price sticker to no.8. "One of the longest-running punk zines to come out of Miami. Contents include interviews, reviews of local restaurants, shows, and albums."



Nos. 1-6 (all publ.). punk fanzine, Boston, 1981 - 1982 All six original issues of this short-lived, Boston-based punk mag! With one small exception (issue #1 has a 3" closed tear on the back cover), all issues have been stored in polypropylene sleeve and are in excellent condition complete with flexis.

EUR 1,000.00

► detailed description

Set composed as follows: No.1: Psychedelic Furs, Slits, Snakefinger and Brian Brain plus a Trademarks flexi. No.2: Pete Shelly, NRBQ plus a Creamers/Moving Parts flexi. No.3: Willie "Loco" Alexander, Mission of Burma, Individuals, Eddie & the Hot Rods plus a Yellow/Renaldo & The Loaf flexi. No.4: 1/2 Japanese, Lyres, John Cale, Armand Schaubroeck, Richard Meltzer and Ira Kaplan plus a Mutants/Half Japanese flexi. No.5: Dead Kennedys with Flipper/Angry Samoans/DK's flexi. No.6: Flesh Eaters with Tex & The Horseheads/Meat Puppets/Flesh Eaters flexi.


TECHNE (Tèchne)

Vol. 1-10 (consisting of 7 physical volumes: 1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10). Each volume is an assembling of loose contributions by various artists ,stapled twice in the left margin, with overlaying edges (ca. 34x25,4 cm.). Condition of this set is excellent. - Vol. 1: ottobre 1969. Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini,1969. Black front cover with the banderol stapled on; (condition near fine). - Vol. 2: dicembre 1969. Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini, 1969. Redazione: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Egidio Mucci, Gianni Broi. Red front cover, with the banderol; blank back cover. ( condition excellent ) - Vol. 3/4: Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini, 1970. Green front cover (detached from staples, with very small loss of paper), with the banderol printed, back cover blank;. Loose insert: large poster-size,folded 4 times: "Giuseppe Manigrosso,Techne 13 febbraio, Firenze, (a clean intact copyn with only some toning over the folds)"; and a signed contribution by De Vree; (condition very good) - Vol. 5/6: Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini, 1970. Yellow front cover, back cover printed in blue. With contribution Arcelli loosely laid in. Added: programma 'Arte per Arte', maggio/giugno 1970. (condition: excellent) - Vol. 7/8: Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini, 1970. Redazione: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Egidio Mucci, Gianni Broi, Giusi Coppini. Grey front cover, back cover printed in grey. With folded large size poster ("Montepulciano cripta del Gesu.etc"). And 4 other inserts (loose). (condition: back cover loosening from the staples, otherwise excellent) - Vol. 9/10: giugnio 1972. Antologia a cura di Eugenio Miccini, 1970. Violet front cover and blank back cover (pasted around stapled pages).(Condition excellent)

EUR 8,000.00

► detailed description

TECHNÉ,an assembling published in Florence, was handmade from artists submissions (like "Geiger" which was published in Torino) , but with notably more political engagement. It was edited by Eugenio Miccini. Each number comprises ab. 60 sheets contributed by various artists and poets such as: Adriano Spatola, Sarenco, Bussotti, Gianni Bertini, Bernard Aubertin, Betto, Jean-François Bory, Giovanni Broi, John Cage, Luciano Caruso, Lino Centi, Gilo Dorfles, Josef M.FigueresWalter Fusi, Isgrò, Fabbio Mauri, Eugenio Miccini, Giovan Battista Nazzaro, Michele Perfetti, Oberto, Poggiali, Gabri Rossi, Renato Spagnoli, Giuseppe Chiari, Timm Ulrichs, Franco Vaccari, André Vandegeerd, Pierre Vandrepote, etc. There were 3 more volumes published (11/13, 14/16, 17/19), not offered here, in smaller size, and entirely printed (not containing loose contributions). These later volumes are offset printed,, sewn in card wrappers (22x16cm) and of less interest.



Philadelphia's New Music Magazine.

Nos. 1-19 (all publ.) Philadelphia, PA. 1980 - 1985. ( 31x23 cm for nos. 1-7, then nos. 8-15 enlarging to 39x29 cm., later issues epanding to tabloids 43x 29. B/w printing, with colour red added starting no 15.) At first 20 pp/issue, expanding to 40 pp issue. Numerous photographs. Flexi-disks added to Nos. 15 and 18. The complete set, rare. Some occasional wear to newsprint issues but all complete including both flexi-discs

EUR 4,200.00

► detailed description

Legendary Philadelphia Punk Magazine. Publisher: Steven Fritz, editor (s): Jason Keeh, Julian Kernes, Carol Schutzbank, Sandra Davis, Sanra Garcia., production mgr. Julian Kernes, Contributors: Dave Brookman (also Photography), Frank Chemielewski, Sean Dunnill, Ernie, Griffin a.o.'photography Judy Rosario, Helen Schwartz, Lisa Cortez, Ricky Ercoli, Lisa Haun, Debbi Holcombem Susan Carson, Gary Chun, Wayne Cozzilino, Les Flint, and others. No. 16/17 double Black Flag; No. 7 Punkfest.


UNICORNIO (Bicórnio, Tricórnio,Tetracórnio, Pentacórnio)

Antologia de inéditos de autores portugueses contemporâneos, organizada por José–Augusto França.

Numbers 1-5 (each with changing title, subsequently: Unicórnio, Bicórnio, Tricórnio, Tetracórnio, Pentacórnio). Lisbon, Imprensa Libânio da Silva, May 1951- December 1956. Bound in blue morocco (binding signed Victor Santos), raised bands and gilt lettering on spine and front, top rouged, other edges untrimmed. (26 x 20 cm.). The very nice original illustrated front and back-wrappers of all issues bound in. Illustrations (lino- and woodcuts) in the text, 3 illustrations tipped into text and 9 hors-textes. The first number is duplicated with an untrimmed (lightly foxed) separate number containing the 3 hors-textes which were not included in the bound volume. This set belonged to Luiz Pacheco (Lisbon,1925-), and has several annotations by him. "Unicornio" includes extensive annotations with blue pencil, including a few designs in his hand. "Tetracórnio" is one of 30 copies on special paper, signed and numbered in blue ink "Nº 29 J–A França" in bottom margin of verso of title page. The bound volume is offered TOGETHER WITH additional de-luxe copies off numbers 2 and 3. Each issue 19 x 24 cm in illustrated covers, untrimmed and both in excellent condition as follows: No. 2: Bicornio, Lisboa, Abril 1952; Apparently one of the de-luxe edition limited to 30 copies. The cover is a jute-over-stiff cardboard wrapper, ornated on the front by a handmade silkscreened copy of an original painting by Fernando Lemos and illustrated by 3 hors-textes by Antonio Pedro and linocuts by Fernando Azevedo. No.3: Tricornio. Lisboa, 15 Nov. 1952; Cover is ornated by a handmade silkscreened copy of an original painting by Roberto de Araujo, 3 hors-textes by Almada Negreiros and vignettes by Fernando Lemos. The 3 hors-texts in number 1 are "Nu", fotografia de fernando Lemos; a drawing by F. Azevedo and a drawing by Vespeira.

EUR 4,500.00

► detailed description

This journal, directed and edited by José-Augusto França, aimed at offering an anthology of Portuguese avant-garde, and had close ties to Surrealism. Complete sets are quite rare. (No. 1: 64 pp, and 3 plates; No. 2: 64 pp.and 3 plates; No. 3: 64 pp. and 3 plates; No. 4: 72 pp.and 3 illustrations tipped into text; No. 5: 70 pp.) This periodical was privately printed in an unjustified edition of probably not more than 200 copies, in order to escape the attention of the censors as it included much material that would displease the Salazar regime. The aim of the editor was to unite prose, poetry and essayistic work of all avant-garde directions. The journal thus became a true anthology of Portuguese avant-gardes and its collaborators included modernists and postmodernists from the generation of Presença, as well as neo-realists, together with surrealists. Contributors included: Adolfo Casais Monteiro, António Pedro, José Augusto França, Fernando Azevedo, Jorge de Sena (among his several pieces is one on D.H. Lawrence, with a translation of the poem "Democracy"), Eduardo Lourenço, Alexandre O'Neill, and José Blanc de Portugal. There are also contributions by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, António Sérgio, Delfim Santos, José Régio, Vitorino Nemésio, Almada Negreiros, Hernâni Cidade, Joel Serrão, Miguel Torga, Fernando Pessoa (a previously unpublished essay in Tricórnio, "O Orpheu e a literatura portuguesa"), David Mourão–Ferreira, Eugénio de Andrade, Fernando Namora, Ferreira de Castro, João Pedro de Andrade, José Osório de Oliveira, Luiz Francisco Rebello, Mário Dionísio, Tomás Ribas, Urbano Tavares Rodrigues, Ruy Cinatti, Tomás Kim, Fernando Lemos, Oscar Lopes, Alberto de Lacerda, and others. In the fifth number França wrote a final note announcing the termination of the review, saying that it had failed due to excessive ambition and lack of contributors. Artistically this review is significant with covers by Fernando Azevedo, Fernando Lemos (in particular nos. 2 and 3, which have extremely stunning silkscreened designs, as described above), Vespeira, also vignettes, woodcuts and linocuts by Almada Negreiros, Fernando Lemos, António Pedro, Roberto de Araujo, a.o. [Provenance: The bohemian critic, polemicist, writer of fiction and publisher Luiz Pacheco, collaborated in A afixação proibida, the first Portuguese surrealist manifesto. See Ana da Silva in Machado, Dicionário de literatura portuguesa; Jorge Colaço in Biblos, III, 1338–40; and Dicionário cronologico de autores portugueses, V, 42.]



Tweemaandelijks tijdschrift voor wetenschappelijk amusement (Utopia. Bi-monthly for scientific entertainment),

A unique ensemble: COMPLETE SET . Numbers 1-10. 1975-1978 1975 - 1977. Together with the 2 Thematic supplements (all published). Variously produced issues in different formats and paper. Complete sets are quite rare because of the small edition of the first issues, TOGETHER WITH: The original DESIGNS for the issues 1, 3, 5, 6 and the special issue on J.M. JUJOL, together on ±55 lvs., mostly w. mounted letterpress articles, illustrations and original drawings. (Note:- Mounted letterpress articles partly loose(ning). = With numerous manuscript directions for the printer in blank margins. The original drawings comprise two comics and a drawing by CHIEL (VAN DER STELT) ("Mr. Fluxus comments...", "Fluxus heeft druk werk", "Utopia gaat gewoon door!", pen and felt-tip pen, 1x dated "'76"), an anonymous drawing "Maarten Pedroli's Tofplof automaat" and various designs of the frog that was used for the frontwrapper of Utopia 5.

EUR 3,500.00

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Redactie / edited by: Hans Oldewarris, Hans Kamphuis, Jan Pesman, Peter de Winter. Variously produced issues in various formats and paper. An important and very remarkable periodical on innovative and creative design. Nr. 1. "Various articles with supplement : Guitar with electronics" Oktober 1975. Edition: 300 Nr. 2. Stefan Schlesinger and Van Houten, 3-d.postcards, supplement "Een I.Q. kleurentelevisie" . Various articles. On the cover a bathing cap designed by architect H. Th. Wijdeveld in the 1920s. March 1976. Edition: 300 Nr. 3. Prijsvraag voor een restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. Op de omslag het winnende ontwerp van Jan Benthem / Competition for a restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan. On the cover the winning entry by Jan Benthem. May 1976. Edition: 500 Nr. 4. From the archives of Hergé and Speer, Joe Colombo, Cthulhu-mythology. September 1976. With the cigarette-paperbook attached. Edfion: 500 N r. 5. Superimposed plates. January 1977. dition: 750 Nr. 6. Dutch pavilions at World Exhibitions, The car as ornament. Nr. 7. Water towers and solar energy. 1977. Edition of 1500 copies. Druk Twigt B.V. Gouda. In transparent plastic tube. (5 sheets of 30x90 cm,printed on one side in blue, rolled into the tube; later these were cut again and stapled together). Nr. 8. Schrijfmachines / Typewriters. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by W.F. Hermans, Rudy Kousbroek, Piet Grijs. Complete with the Samples of Carbon-paper (inside) and Correction-foil. Nr. 9. Televisie / Television. (With complete script of Utopia TV-program on the future developments of television. Nr. 10. (also numbered as Jrg. 3 ( september1978 American Paperback Cover Art. Met bijdragen van / with contributions by Hans Oldewarris, Mark Schaffer, Piet Schreuders, Ed Schilders, Thomas L. Bonn, Huib Opstal. Edition: 2000 ex. TOGETHER WITH: - Utopia - special. (1) Speciale uitgave Architekt JUJOL 1879 – 1949 Samenstelling / compiled by Rein Saariste, Dolf Dobbelaar, Joris molenaar, Paul de Vroom. bouwplaat / Cardbord model: Kees Christiaanse. Limited ed. in cardboard box. 500 copies.November 1976 - Utopia - special 2. DWL-brochure met voorstel tot het vestigen van een werkgemeenschap in het watertorencomplex op het voormalige Drinkwaterleidingterrein in Rotterdam /DWL-brochure with the proposal to set up a working community in the watertowercomplex in Rotterdam. Samenstelling / Compiled by Hans Oldewarris, Peter de Winter, Victor Mani, Hans Werlemann. (This volume very rare as it was only given to the town council members at that time in Rotterdam. Just 150 copies)



Rivista di letteratura diretta da Luciano Anceschi.

(Series 1:) Anno 1-5 (complete in 26 numbers). Milano, Rusconi e Paolazzi Editori, 1956-1961. Continued as: (Series 2:) Nos. 1-40 (all publ.). Milano, Feltrinelli, 1962-1972. Continued as: (Series 3-9: ) Together 64 numbers (all and last published). Milano, edizioni del Verri; Mucchi editore. Marzo 1973 - settembre/dicembre 1995. All in the original pictorial wrappers, in perfect state of conservation. With Autograph dedication by Anceschi to Eugenio Montale on the inside cover of Number 1.

EUR 4,000.00

► detailed description

Complete collection of this famous art and literary periodical founded in Milano by Luciano Anceshi (who died in 1995, after which the publication came to an end). Named after the café "verri"in Milano where young intellectuals like Nanni Balestrini, Antonio Porta, Giuseppe Pontiggia, Eduardo Sanguinetti, Elio Pagliarani, Alfredo Giusliani and others gathered. It became the organ of the 'neoavantgardia' of the sixties, and the exponent of the "Gruppo 63" (which was created after the conference in Palermo in 1963). An exceptional complete ensemble of all the various stages of this publication.



Collage by Ira Cohen

Collage with b/w photograph by Ira Cohen of a masked Simon Vinkenoog pasted on a fragment of an Amsterdam city-map and piece of cardboard. Signed and dated (August 1977) by Ira Cohen. 22:15 cm. TOGETHER WITH a complete set of INS AND OUTS. A Magazine of Awareness.Nos. 1-4/5 (all publ.). Amsterdam, June 1978 - July 1980. Original pictorial wrappers; illustrations & photographs.

EUR 2,200.00

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The photograph was used as header-image for Vinkenoogs’ column ‘Magic Amsterdam’ in ‘Ins and Outs. A Magazine of Awareness’ (1978-1980). Journal of the "Magic Amsterdam" 'avant-garde', edited by Edward Woods, with assistance of, and guest-editorships by Ira Cohen, Mel Clay, Neeli Cherkovski, Hans Plomp, William Levy, a.o. Articles & photographs by Steef Davidson (on the Nieuwmarkt: Subway Culture in Amsterdam), Mel Clay (The Myth of the Male Orgasm. Window Shopping in Amsterdam Red Light District), Hans Plomp, Rachel Pollack, Ira Cohen, Simon Vinkenoog (on Magic Amsterdam). Marijke Mooy,, Steve Weiss, Jessie Gordon, Bruce Carpenter & Charlz Baba, Rachel Pollack, Magic Mike Taylor.Bert Schierbeek, Tajiri, Marpa, a.o.



Nos. 1-5/6. New Paltz,NY / London. September-December 1974 -June 1976. Folio; original wrappers, made from heavy wallpaper, different for each number. (Ltd. ed. of 200 copies, resp. 260 copies ). Cover of no 4 lightly shaven,spine of no 1 with small defect and faint library stamp, otherwise in excellent condition.

EUR 1,800.00

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Rare (near) set: Artistic & literary quarterly, published co-operativerly by the contributings editors. First number compiled by Anthony Howell and Fiona Templeton, contibuting editors: Richard Bernas, Susan Bonvin, David Coxhead, Andrew Eden, Susan Hiller, Anthony Howell, Anthony McCall, Richard Quarrell, Bill Shephard, Amikam Toren, Susan Hiller, Anthony Howell, Anthony McCall, Richard Quarrell, Bill Shepherd, Amikam Toren, and John Welch. a.o. A variety of contributions e.g. Fiona Templeton; Lynne Tillman; Susan Hiller ("More excerpts from 'Dream Mapping' "); Carolee Schneemann ("Recent Work"); Carla Liss; John Sharkey; Anthony Howell ("Depression Poem"); Allen Fisher; Paul Buck; Annabel Nicolson; Daniel Dahl; Susan Bonvin; Harley Gabel (musical scores); Anthony McCall; and David Coxhead. As far as our information goes there was only a 7th number published. The ISSN is 0307-5834.



The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing and Beyond.

Vol. 1 (no 5) - Vol. 6 (no 4, last published). (also numbered as Nos. 5-34, and no more published after that). Venice, Cal., Feb./March 1977 - Nov./Dec. 1981. 4to (enlarging to folio from nos. 16-25), unbound, in the original pictorial wrappers, numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 4,500.00

► detailed description

A rare set of 29 issues (only no 17 is lacking) of this amazing California lifestyle magazine. Edited by Leonard Koren, the central topic was WATER and the art and delights of bathing: amazing colourful covers, abundant photographic illustrations and numerous advertisements made of this periodical a unique trendy/glossy/erotic publication: "Gourmet Bathing is a means for enjoying the world...It's a parody of all other enthusiasms...Then again, Gourmet Bathing is the willingness to be silly." (Charlie Haas). Always around the central topic 'gourmet bathing' the content is of a highly varied nature, with features and contributions on and by: Mud Mama. Interview with Rabyn Blake; Athena Tacha (The process of Aging & several other contribs.); Jack Nicholson; Ed Ruscha;Jane Gaskill (Bathroom Bondage); Bob & Bob; Henry Miller (On turning eighty); Priscilala Presley; Mick Jagger;Anthony Friedkin; Brian Hagiwara; Cheryl Lester; Linda Burnham; Timothy Leary; Candice Berger; Leonard Cohen; Iggy Pop; William Burroughs; Captain Beefheart; Brian Eno; Dennis Cooper (John Kennedy jr. Poems); David Hockney; Elvis Costello, etc.etc.; fine set of this highly desirable magazine, of which without doubt not many survived.



Magazine (Zeitschrift für Jazz und Anderes. Hrsg. Galerie Seide)

YARDBIRD. Nos. 1-6. Hannover 1959-1961 (all under this title). In the original wrappers. Continued as: DER EGOIST. Nos. 7-17 (all publ.), Frankfurt, n.d. (1965?)-1970. In the original stiff wrappers. Continued as: DER NEUE EGOIST. Nos. 1-2 (all publ.). Frankfurt/Hannover, (n.d.,1975-1976). In gold-coloured orig. wrappers. Most issues, except No.17, in the edition with the graphic supplement, see detail below. The whole set in good condition for this fragile publication. All ca. 32,5 x 23,5 cm.

EUR 5,000.00

► detailed description

An art and art promotional publication of Galerie Seide. Published almost single-handedly by the Gallerist Seide (resulting in numerous errors and anomalies in the numbering). Early issues handmade, lateron larger editions. Full set of these publications ,printed and produced under Seides supervision, mimeographed and printed in offset, at first in Hannover. After his move to Frankfurt the journal was produced in a larger, more commercial edition. The last issue (17) published by Melzer Verlag, but immediately there after publication was discontinued. We are not certain that the art supplement to this number was ever published. The first series (Yardbird) with orig. artwork on the covers and supplements (Zinklithografien) by Igael Tumarkin, Carl Buchheister, Günter Drehbusch, Helmut Scholz (loose in no. 4, signed), Raimund Girke (2 of 3 in no 5.) Arnulf Rainer (in no. 6, signed), Hermann Goepfert, Robert Michel. Thomas Bayrle, etc. Articles on contemporary art and artists, also on Jazz (Peter Kasten). The successor "Der Egoist" later "Neue Egoist" was printed in offset, and bound in white stiff card wrappers with an illustration - No. 7. 1965. 44 pp, in typographic wrappers. incl.several illustrated pages. With signed lithography (56/200) by Raimund Girke. Contribs. By Werner Schreib, HJ Precht, Peter Iden, J.A.Thwaites, etc. - No. 8. n.d. (1966). 32 + XX pages, in illustrated stiff wrappers. With graphic supplement by Ygael Tumarkin also monograph 8 on Tumarkin - No. 9 , 1966. 22 + XX pages. With graphic supplement by Hermann Goepfert (by Produktionsgruppe X Nummer 23/500 der I. Auflage, signed and with stamp on verso). - No. 10. n.d. (1967). 50 page in illustrated stiff wrappers. With montage by Robert Michel & Ella Bergmann. Egozentrisches Manifest by Timm Ulrichs. - - No. 11. März 1967. 3.Jahrgang Heft 1. With a serigraphy by Jef Verheyen - No. 12. September 1967. 3.Jahrgang Heft 2. Hommage à Albert Schulze Vellinghausen. With orig.serigraphy by Raimund Girke - No.13. Nov. 1967. Hommage à Lucio Fontana. Hrsg. Adam Seide. 7 pages in stiff boards. "Weiße Manifest" von L. Fontana with portrait; Contributions by Heinz Mack, Herman Goepfert, Wieland Schmied, Kurt Leonhard, Otto Piene, - No. 14. 1968 (1.Quartal, 4.Jahrgang, should be 9 th year). 46 pages in illustrated card wrappers. With Graphic supplement by Christian Megert. Devoted to art in Switzerland. Contribs.: J.A.Thwaites,Tuli Kupferberg, Peter Handke.Willoughby Sharp, etc. - No. 15.1968 (2.Quartal 1968). 50 pages in illustrated card wrappers. With Lithography by Herman de Vries. Issue devoted to Art in The Netherlands, contr.many important dutch authors in translation, Provo documentation, etc - No. 16. (1.Heft 10.Jahrgang). 30 pages in illustrated card wrappers. Mostly dedicated to Thomas Bayrle. With Lithography by Bayrle. - No. 17. (Heft 1/1970,11.Jahgang). 64 pages in illustrated card wrappers. Mostly dedicated to Werner Schreib (but the graphic supplement by him not present ,if published). The first commercially publishedissue (by Melzer Verlag), at the same time the last till continuation as - Neue Egoist No. 1 with signed lithograph by Leiv Warren Donnan - Neue Egoist No. 2 withsigned lithograph by Thomas Bayrle.