Tweemaandelijks literair tijdschrift / Literair Maandblad.

Years 1-23 (=all publ.). Amsterdam, 's Graveland, 1944-1969, including 'Nationale Snipperdag' and the extra-issue to yr. 22. Bound set (first 6 years original bindings}, covers preserved, except vol. 20 & 21 in the original issues. Some cover cut short but no loss of text internally.
Complete set; the first year was illegally published during the occupation. The journal merged with 'Columbus'. Edited by and with contribs. of (including many first-eds.): G. Borgers, W.H. Nagel, P. Rodenko, F. Sierksma, S. Vestdijk, H. Andreus, R. Campert, G. Kouwenaar, Sybren Polet, H. Mulisch, Louis Paul Boon, W.F. Hermans, Hugo Raes, Hugo Claus, etc., etc.