Mensile di arte figurative.

Anno 1 no 1 - Anno 2 no 17. Milano, June 1952-Dec.1953. Tabloïd, printed on newsprint, paper, rather brittle with endemic browning, unbound; folded, with wear over the folds (occasionally light loss of text) and ragged margins. (Lacking nos. 3 & 16). With numerous photo illustrations (b/w).
Directed by Rafaele De Grada, with collab. by Corrado Maltese, Mario De Micheli, Giuseppe Di Vittorio, D. Morosini, L. Ferrante, Paolo Ricci, A. Del Guercio, E. Treccani, Luciano Pistoi, G. Rubinato, Gabriele Mucchi, Guttuso, Vespignani, etc. Attention for the work of Picasso and Eluard in translation; Anno 2 no 9/10 is a special on the Mostra di Picasso Roma-Milano, 1953 (this issue with wear in the spine, browned over the middle fold and a small loss of text). Publication became bi-monthly and more irregular lateron, and ceased April/May 1956.

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