Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1961-1969. Original wrappers. Clean and well preserved set.
Directed by Hugo Claus, Ivo Michiels, H. Mulisch, S. Vinkenoog. Contribs by W.F. Hermans, L.P. Boon, W.L. Brugmans, Jan Hanlo, C. Nooteboom, etc. A complete set of the foremost periodical (in paperback-size) for Dutch literature in the sixties, with a special issue (no 11/12) on Fluxus, pop-art, Neo-Dadaism, living paintings, etc. Stanley Brouwn, pp. 166 - 172, several photos of him, and Original Contribution " (Brouwntoy). Others: Ben Vautier, Debord, PAIK, Filliou, Williams, Koepcke, Spoerri, Maciunas, Higgins, La Monte Young, Kaprow, Oldenburg, Warhol, Schneemann, Cage, Gutai Group, Guy Debord, Lebel, Mac Low, Rauschenberg, Spoerri etc.