Nos. 1-13 (all publ.). Amsterdam, 1961-1969. Original wrappers. Clean and well preserved set.

EUR 800.00

Directed by Hugo Claus, Ivo Michiels, H. Mulisch, S. Vinkenoog. Contribs by W.F. Hermans, L.P. Boon, W.L. Brugmans, Jan Hanlo, C. Nooteboom, etc. A complete set of the foremost periodical (in paperback-size) for Dutch literature in the sixties, with a special issue (no 11/12) on Fluxus, pop-art, Neo-Dadaism, living paintings, etc. Stanley Brouwn, pp. 166 - 172, several photos of him, and Original Contribution " (Brouwntoy). Others: Ben Vautier, Debord, PAIK, Filliou, Williams, Koepcke, Spoerri, Maciunas, Higgins, La Monte Young, Kaprow, Oldenburg, Warhol, Schneemann, Cage, Gutai Group, Guy Debord, Lebel, Mac Low, Rauschenberg, Spoerri etc.