Nos. 1-4. Buenos Aires, Editorial TOR, abril 1926 -septiembre 1926. (Nos. 1-3: 20,5 x 20,5 cm; no. 4: 17,5 x 12 cm). Typographical covers, stapled.

EUR 500.00

Issues of 24 pages (No. 4 has 62 pages plus advertising section, which is more or less the general catalogue of books published by Editorial Tor. Director: Julio Fingerit, with collaboration of Elias Castelnuovo, Leonidas Barletta, J. Fingerit, Bertrand Russell, F. Ortiga Anckermann, Winvood Reade, Pescatore di Perle, etc. (Lafleur/Provenzano p.108, 159; in totalthere were 9 numbers published). Rare.