International review of literature and art/ Revue internationale de littérature et d'art/ Internationale Zeitschrift f.Literatur und Kunst/ Internationaal tijdschrift voor letteren en kunst.

Nos. (1)-(2), all published, Leiden, 1945-1946. Original wrappers; with illustrations.
Shortlived attempt to create an international periodical in The Netherlands and to link up with current literary trends abroad. Ed. by Anthony Bosman, with E.W.Martin and J. de Laprade. The first number still published under the occupation (de Jong, no. 1001). Contribs. by Stephen Spender, Ivan Goll, Pierre-Jean Jouve, Paul Eluard, Frans Hellens,C. Buddingh, E.W.Martin (English writing in wartime), F.C.Lorca, S. Vestdijk, etc.; reproductions of work by Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Ch.Toorop, Graham Sutherland, Edward Burra, etc.

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