Nos. 1-91. Amsterdam, 1968- Nov. 1979. [Nos. 1-26/27 & 61-91 bound in 6 vols. (most ex-library) with wrappers; rest in orig. wrappers.] Illustrated. 4to. Added two memorative issues: nos. 129/130 "15 Jaar!", 1983 & 165 "Jubileumnummer 20 jaar Skrien", 1989 (69 pp.).
First ten years of the Dutch avant-garde film magazine. The first 18 issues were stencilled, then published on glossy paper. Ed. by Annette Apon, Ruud Bishoff, Carel Donck, Jan Röfekamp, Edgar Burcksen, Stephan Geerling, Léon de Winter, Gerrard Verhage, Paulien Terreehorst, Karel Dibbets, a.o. This collection includes the separate edition of No. 32
"de enige echte" by Bishoff when he was leaving the ed.-board after a conflict with other members.