The magazine

Nos. 1 (October 1978) through 4 (1981) (all published). New York: Smegmania Productions, Iglust Productions, etc., 1978 - 1981. A complete set in four issues, (No.1 :28 pages incl green cover; No. 2: 24 pages incl.cover in blue and red; No. 3: 28 pages wrappers, plus additions " Hot Dog, You Bet!" 45 rpm flexi-disc", an unpeeled set of "Smegma: the Magazine" stickers and paper Insert Hot Dog with Cavellini sticker; No 4: 24 pages, b/w cover wirth 2 additional paper inserts "Page torn from the Bible" and "Moot Point").

EUR 1,400.00

'Small Miracle Edited by Greater Manhattan Artists'. Contribs. by Joan Scholvin, John Potter, Jim Howley, Spaz Turner. Numerous photo-collage illustrations. No. 1 pink frontcover, No. 2 pink/blue. No. 3 green (with sticker Free record Inside) ; No. 4 b/w photographic cover.