Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Bruxelles, oct.1963 - oct. 1966. Original wrappers (very slightly soiled on the spines, but internally good copies). With numerous illustrations and photographs.

EUR 2,000.00

Directed by Christian Dotremont (founding member iof COMBRA) with many contributions by him, logogrammes, and other contributions by Thurber, Pierre Alechinsky, Pol Bury, Asger Jorn, Louis Scutenaire, Michel Butor, etc. Christian Dotremont was born in Tevuren in Belgium in 1922. Through all his life Dotremont experimented with the art - wanted to find the importance of art. Incessant he worked with words - pictures and signs looking and uncovering the facets of art. Dotremont couldn't stop playing with words and concepts - twist them in his own filosofic way, and each time end up with a surprising result. Even though he worked with many aspects the most important was always the words. Dotremont was a poet, he expressed his feelings and thoughts to the spectator on the beautiful whiteness of the paper. He created torn signs from written arabesques, which he named 'Logogramms'. Complete sets are scarrce, because much of the stock of No. 2 is said to be lost by Dotremont