Literair tijdschrift (driemaandelijks letterkundig tijdschrift/literair tijdschrift).

Nos. 1-14 (all publ.). Hoboken/Geel/Antwerpen, 1961-1971, original pictorial wrappers; 8vo, sm.8vo. & obl. folio;
together with: BAAL.(Literair tijdschrift). Nos. 1, 2,(3 = Stuip 5),(4 = Stuip 6), (all publ.). Wilrijk, Antwerpen, (1962) - mei 1964;
together with: HET NIEUW TWEEMAANDELIJKS TIJDSCHRIFT. Nos. 1, 2, 3/4 (all publ.). Geel, 1964-1965;
together with, and identical to: TNT. Driemaandelijks letterkundig tijdschrift. Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). Geel, 1965-1967;
together with: BAALKRANT/STUIPNIEUWS.No. (1). (all publ.). (ca. 1964).
Aside from some dustsoilage a well preserved set.

EUR 1,000.00

Complete collection of these four inter-related Flemish literary periodicals, which merged into each other, separated again, and eventually ended up under the original title. Ed.: Tony Rombouts, Roger Baert, Bobb Bern (i.e. R.Balthazar), W.Cranshoff (i.e. W.Verhaert), Redgy Dergeloo, Jan Diels, J.Rahm (i.e. J.Roosen), W.Verstraeten, R. Witse (i.e. W.Houbrechts), Erich Heidbüchel, etc.; the issues 3 and 4 of 'Baal' are identical to nos. 5-6 of 'Stuip'; the issues 1-4 of 'TNT' are identical to nos. 9-12 of 'Stuip'. Several issues have an interesting typography and/or include, original graphic work by artists like W.v.d.Velde, Rudy Meekers, Wessel Ganzevoort and Eddy Ausloos (16 linocuts). Included in the collection are some of the circular letters from the administration to the subscribers (explaining the various name-changes) and publicity-leaflets.

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