Nos. 1-224. Roma, Giugno 1939 - Settembre 1943, then discontinued as a result of the war and resumed in 1946 as year 8-14 (published weekly). Milano, 1946-1952. Original pictorial wrappers, 27 x 36 cms.
Altogether a set comprising the period 1939-1952. Illustrated weekly directed by Arnoldo & Alberto Mondadori and after the war by Arturo Tofanelli. No. 1 (the starting point of this set) is the first of a new series which followed a first attempt for this publication by Raoul Radice in 1937, and is consequently dated Anno 3 (series 2 no. 1) and no. 224 is dated Anno 7 (September 1943). A magazine with a high actual news-content and important photographic illustrations of the news-topics of the day. Columns on theatre, cinema, science, art, sport, culture. Tog. 585 issues (only 3 were found missing), of 28-32 pp. each, expanding to 56 pp.; post-war issues 12-36 pp. Covers of the numbers 50-80 (published in 1940), are in colour; from no. 76 onwards with the imprint
Edizio Italiana, in which period the covers have a strong propagandistic character. The first 6 nos. of the post-war period have in the title the imprint
Nuovo. A small number of issues are oxidized or loosening at the staples; on the whole however a perfect set.