A magazine of the New Literature.

Nos. 6-22 (=last published), lacking 11 & 17-20. Leeds, Blackburn, London, 1965-1970. Mimeographed, stapled, 4to and large 4to; unbound, kept loose in folder. Fine copies. Together with: 13 issues of Tlaloc-Broadsheets, Loc-Sheets and News & Notes.

EUR 800.00

Concrete-poetry publication, edited by Cavan McCarthy, a.o.; nos. 12 & 14 are at the same time 'How 6' and 'How 7', ed. by Andrew Lloyd. Contributions by J. Valoch, Anselm Hollo, Dom S. Houédard, E. Jandl, J.J.Sharkey, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Gael Turnbull, L.Novak, John Furnival, Alain Arias-Misson, Cavan McCarthy, Peter Finch, d.a.levy , Jim Burns, Michael Gibbs, Alvaro de Sa, etc. (No. 10 Special Canadian Issue).