Nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Beuningen (Stichting Brummense Uitgeverij van Luxe Werkjes), 1975 - (1976). Hcloth, marbled boards, in-folio. Illustrations & photographs. 108, 122, 242 pp. Limited edition of 150 copies.
In mint condition.
Transit. Tijdschrift aan de Muur,
Red. Hans Brand, Jan Brand, Maarten Beks, Nathalie Bouvy, Pierre Borgue, Geurt van Dijk, André Miguel, Urias Nooteboom, Wim Scheepens, uitgever De Moriaan; Gemeentelijke Tentoonstellingsdienst ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1977, A4 format, ringbound, 69 pp. (VERY RARE)
Luxurious publication, featuring conceptual art and visual poetry from all European countries. Edited by Maarten Beks, Pierre Borgue, Nathalie Bouvy, Hans Brand, Jan Brand, Geurt van Dijk, Urias Nooteboom, Wim Scheepens, Hans Witte; contribs. by , André Miguel, Peter v.d. Feltz, Ad Gerritsen, G. v.h. Reve, Raymond Abellio, Gilberte Aigrisse, Armando, John Baldessari, Anna Banana, Ben, Christian Boltanski, Pierre Borgue, Ulisses Carion, Luciano Castelli, Pierre Dhainaut, Leonor Fini, Michael Gibbs, Paul Grégoire, J.Pierre Jossua, J. Klauke, Kurt Kren, Richard Lond, André Miguel, Luigio Ontani, Arnulf Rainer, Henri Raynal, Gerard Reve, Stefan Verwey, Herman de Vries, etc., etc.; thematic issues: No. 1 'Taal Beeld Taal / Langage Image Langage / Sprache Image Sprache / Language Image Language'; No. 2 'Mirror / Spiegel / Miroir'; No. 3 'Translation, Transformation'. All issues richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, inserts, tipped-in ills., etc. texts in Dutch, English, French and German.
= The exhibition catalog (Tijdschrift aan de Muur) contains an introduction and 69 contributions (mostly photo-portraits) of international concrete artists.

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