Journal of the Arts, Culture and Society.

Nos. 1-39. Kampala (Uganda), 1961-1969. Original, pictorial wrappers (lacking: nos. 6-7, 15, 27, 38) generally in good clean condition (except for a stain on no.8 and occasionally a bit dusty). Typographic covers, from no.10 onward illustrated with bright colours and nicely designed. Added: No.46 on the Pan-African Congress (Oct/Dec.1974)

EUR 1,000.00

Editor: Rajat Neogy,with Christ.Okigbo, Ali Mazrui, Raymond Apthorpe, a.o. Important English language magazine from Africa with contributions (poetry, prose, criticism) reflecting the typical style and issues of the sixties' by African, American and European mostly black authors. Contributors include: M. Luther King, C. Wilson, James Baldwin, Tom Aboya, N. Mitchison, R. Hughes, John Butler, Dharam Ghai, John Pepper Clark, Gerald Moore, Bai Kisogie (pseud. of a Namibian exile in the USA), John Henrik Clarke, Emm. Hansen, Skip Gates, Ali Mazrui, Julius Nyerere, George Mangakis, a.o.