Journal of the Arts, Culture and Society.

Nos. 1-39. Kampala (Uganda), 1961-1969. Original, pictorial wrappers (lacking: nos. 6-7, 15, 27, 38) generally in good clean condition (except for a stain on no.8 and occasionally a bit dusty). Typographic covers, from no.10 onward illustrated with bright colours and nicely designed. Added: No.46 on the Pan-African Congress (Oct/Dec.1974)

EUR 800.00

Editor: Rajat Neogy,with Christ.Okigbo, Ali Mazrui, Raymond Apthorpe, a.o a seminal intellectual periodical featuring African writers and artists of the transition period to independence . Important English language magazine from Africa with contributions (poetry, prose, criticism) reflecting the typical style and issues of the sixties' by African, American and European mostly black authors. Contributors include: M. Luther King, C. Wilson, James Baldwin, Tom Aboya, N. Mitchison, R. Hughes, John Butler, Dharam Ghai, John Pepper Clark, Gerald Moore, Bai Kisogie (pseud. of a Namibian exile in the USA), John Henrik Clarke, Emm. Hansen, Skip Gates, Ali Mazrui, Julius Nyerere, George Mangakis, a.o.