Rivista trimestrale di lettere e arti.

Nos. 1-41 (vols. 1-12). Roma, Jan/March 1967 - July/Sept. 1978. In the original cardboard wrappers, untrimmed. The corrugated cardboard covers lightlydustsoiled, otherwise in excellent condition).

EUR 1,500.00

A quarterly of contemporary and vanguard Italian and international art, literature, theatre, criticism, ed. by Filippo Maria Ferro, Claudio, Anna Salvatore, Paolo Russo, Marcello Avenali, Em. Greco, Filippo Panseca, Alb. Sughi (also ills. by these authors); issues of 200-220 pp each, bound in corrugated cardboard, different for each issue. Also articles on pre-war avantgarde (Futurism / Dada / Constructivism / Stijl), with examples of the works of A. Breton, S. Beckett, James Joyce, Fernando Pessoa, A. Blok, Th. van Doesburg, Alfred Jarry, Gramsci, F.T. Marinetti, Musil, D'Annunzio, Apollinaire, Klee, P. Neruda, G. Severini, O. Tamburi, Ferlinghetti, etc., etc. No. 2 is 'Il Manifesto dei Provos', No. 15 is 'Manifesto degli Scumidi (=Society for Cutting Up Men)'; one binding restaured, otherwise in good condition.

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