Years 1944-1945. Tog. 111 unnumbered stencils. Amsterdam, 21 Sep.1944-13 May 1945 (= last publ.). Added: Extra Bijlage, dated 24 Oct. 1944; Proclamation, dated May 1945
"De Vrije Katheder treedt hierbij uit de benauwende beperking van de illegaliteit" and
Extra Bulletin No. 2, dated May 7, 1945 (about the approaching liberation and warning against premature demonstrations);
Extra Bulletin, dated Sept. 9, 1945. Publ. started on Sept. 6, 1944. Added: Politiek en militair overzicht. Nos. 4-12. Amsterdam, 13 Jan.-12 Mrt. 1945, with 1 unnumbered (ca. Nov. 1944) Militair en Politiek Overzicht.
These newsbulletins aimed at spreading actual information and had the character of a newspaper rather than an ideological platform as was the objective of "De Vrije Katheder" proper. Winkel: 1014.