The graphic arts and public affairs journal of Local One, Amalgamated Lithographers of America.

Vol. 1-10 no. 3 ( all published, comprising nos.1-39). New York, 1965-1975. Original pictorial wrappers, various sizes; numerous illustrations.

EUR 1,000.00

Interesting survey of U.S. grapic art in the sixties and seventes.
Remarkable production which could not be subscribed to but was distributed to the membership of Local One and 'to the community of free minds', leaders of opinion, educators and users of the graphic arts. The final issue contains both "An irreverent history of jigsaw puzzles", also an article on Roman Vishniac's photomicroscopy. Editorial chair: Edward Swayduck, editor: Eobert Sherrill, art director: Robert Hallock.