Revista trimestral Argentina.

Invitation for a manifestation on October 25, 1968, presented in one folio cardboard cover containing two folio leaves folded three times to the dimension 11,8 x 22,6 cm, with three round holes on the front, showing "verde amarillo rojo" printed on the first inside leaf.
Text on inside of cardboard cover: "Edgardo Antonio Vigo del movimento Diagonal Cero lo invita a ver el 25 octubre 1968, "Manojo de Semaforos" Primera No - Presentacion Blanca". Text on outside of cardboard cover: "No - Imagen Poetica + No - Imagen Plastica = Si - Imagen Real" Inside a leaf with "verde amarillo rojo" and "Manifesto". The third leaf is a stencilled page of a text on the first "Presentacion Blanca".