Tijdschrift in Aandelen voor Poezie, Beeldende Kunst en Brieven.

Nummer 3, 5/6, 7, 9/10--31/32. Haarlem, juli. 1989-1998. Original pictorial wrappers in various techniques. Illustrated, some tipped- in. Format 14,8 x 21 cm. Added: 4 invitations for presentations & exhibitions. As well as 6 unnumbered issues: Om Zeep, Hebben en zijn, Het blauwe uur, Glück Auf, Een keizer op kamers, Met huid en haar.
An artist journal on poetry directed and edited by George Moormann and Jo Klaps (design). The innovative design and typography of each issue relates to its theme so that each number is a unique publication. On the cover of nr. 14 is a rubber to erase a tipped-in pencil-drawing by Kees Oosterbaan; nummer 16/17. Speciaal bewaarnummer. 1992 Haarlem, De Zingende Zaag. Dubbelnummer in sigarenkistje met elf kunstbijdragen. no. 21/22
Poëzie als kinderspel is a box with 30 loose poetry-cards, a manual and 2 buttons; no. 26
De tas van Paul Rodenko with a push button on the wrapper; no. 27/28 contains poems by George Moormann on 20 folded loose sheets kept in a transparent case; nr. 29
Het bloed van Adonis are 80 pages kept together with 2 nuts & bouts; nr. 31/32
Tabula Rasa attached at the front-cover a purse with graphity powder in order to make the almost invisible text more legible.