Eine Revue alles Interessanten.

Jahrgang 1-2 (= Heft 1-24). Wien, 23 Dec. 1870-1 Dec. 1871. From no. 19 onwards entitled Lästerschule. Bound, contemp. h. cloth., a few pages lacking to five issues.

EUR 500.00

Editor: F. Schlesinger. Issues of 16 pp. each, with text in two columns. Contribs. signed by pseudonyms like: Boni, Nemesis, Novus, Flaneur, Astorga, Aretino, Albino, Alamontade, Brutus, etc. Number 4 was confiscated because of libel, a 2nd edition was published with: Erkenntniss. Im Namen Sr. Majestät des Kaisers!. The following pages are lacking: no. 1 pp. 13-16; 2 pp. 29-32; 5 pp.79-80; 12 pp. 200-201; 14 pp. 235-238. Only one more year was published. Not mentioned in Diesch & Kirchner.