No. 1-30 (all publ., no. 23 and 26 in photocopy.). Buenos Aires, spring 1950 - spring 1960. No. 1-19/20 26,8 x 37 cm., no. 21-30 14 x 19 cm. With an index for nos. 1-20. Original wrappers and some kept in original publishers portfolio. (Frontcover of no 1 with handwritten dedication)

EUR 1,200.00

Edited by Raúl Gustavo Aguirre, Jorge Enrique Móbili, Wolf Roitman. With articles and poems on and contributions by Raúl Gustavo Aguirre, Jorge Enrique Mobili, Wolf Roitman, Mario Trejo, Tristan Tzara, Dylan Thomas, Paul Éluard, René Char, Henry Michaux, Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro, André Breton, Cesar Vallejo, Edgar Bayley, Pierre Reverdy, Temblor de Cielo, Hans Arp, Milton de Lima Sousa, Rodolfo Alonso, Odiseas Elytis, Jorge Carrol, Francis Picabia, Jacques Prévert, Braulio Arenas, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Rimbaud, Juan L. Ortiz, Oliverio Girondo, James Joyce, Francisco Urondo, Osmar Luis Bondoni, Clara Fernández Moreno, Miguel Brascó a.o. No. 11/12 is dedicated to René Char, no. 16/17 has a special section on René Ménard. With handwritten dedication by one of the editors on the front cover of no. 1. [Lafleur, Provenzano, Alonso p. 217, 234]

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