Editor: E.L.T. Mesens.

Nos. 1-20 (all publ.). London, April 1938 - June 1940; Original wrappers preserved, 4to., illustrated. Light dustsoilage to most numbers on the outside, but internally fine; light sunning to edges of cover of no 7; cover of no 12 is very lightly stained; light sunning to spine of no 15/16; cover of no. 17 with small stains of red ink; no 18/20 with very light staining on the leftside of the frontcover. The set as a whole in good to very good condition.

EUR 3,000.00

The London Gallery, directed by Mesens since 1938, was the publisher of the only avant garde publication in England at that time, and brought Surrealism to England. Nos. 4/5 (The Impact of Machines Yves Tanguy), No. 6 (De Chirico and Diego Rivera with Breton, Manifest), Nos. 8/9 (Living art in England), and Nos. 15/16 (Picasso in English collections) are double issues, Nos. 18/20 is a triple-issue (the last published, done by the Surrealist Group in England). This number has "La Guerre" by De Chirico on the cover and 2 woodengravings in two colours by S.W.Hayter (engr. Buckland-Wright) and John Banting, plus 5 wood/lino-engravings (Len Lye, in the text; John Buckland-Wright, full page). The journal contained the exhibition-catalogues of the Gallery, and all important names of the international contemporary surrealist literary and art movement are represented. (Magritte, Breton, Miró, Marcel Marien, Max Ernst, Van Velde, Picasso, Read, Melville, Penrose, Scutenaire, Agar, Gabo, John Heartfield, Jennings, Maddox, Piet Mondrian, Ben Nicholson, Tanguy, De Chirico, etc. )