Revue (Bi-) Mensuelle Syndicaliste Communiste. (After 1930: … Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire).

Année 1-15 (= nos. 1-301). Paris, 1925-1939. First 2 years and 23 issues from 5 vols. in photoreprint. Newly bound in red cloth, mostly with the original wrappers (one issue with a clipping), complete for the pre-war period.

EUR 600.00

Monthly founded by Pierre Monatte, published in issues varying from 16-32 pp. each. Publication went on till August 1939 (= Years 1-15, nos. 1-301) and was interrupted during the war to be resumed only in april 1947 (= Year 16 no. 302). Contribs. include: M. Yvon, A. Rosmer, Victor Serge, Daniel Guérin, Robert Louzon, Roger Hagnauer, Maurice Chamelland, L. Mercier, G. Walusinski, U. Thevenon, Martinet Péra, Collinet, Erich Muhsam, R. Rolland, H. Roland-Holst, Rosa Luxembourg, George Orwell (about his time in Barcelona during the Civil War), L. Trotzky ("Mon Exil" in no. 79).