Volume 1 nos 1-8 (all published). New York, March 1970 - January 1971. 4to; original pictorial selfwrappers. Well-preserved set with inevitable light oxidation of the staples (causing some staining), and light paperspotting (due to the quality of the paper). TOGETHER WITH THE POSTER (Impeach Nixon).
Complete set of the shortlived and highly subversive successor to 'Ramparts', of which "the booze ran out in early '69" as the editor Warren Hinckle (Editorial Director of Ramparts) states in his editorial in the first issue. Along with him Sidney E. Zion is editor and Baebara Stauffacher Salomon is the Art Director. The provocative content of Scanlan's Magazine addresses a wide range of issues that were troubling even less radical Americans: the Vietnam crisis, the CIA, the Black Panthers, Altamont, drugs and marijuana growing, the Mafia, Ecology (Eco-Pornography) and the condition of American journalism ("decadent, rudderless,exploitive and generally stinky as the society".). Contributors include Hunter S.Thompson, Gavin Arthur, Joseph Kahn, Ralph Steadman (ills.), George Kimball, R.Crumb (front-cover of No.6), San Francisco Film Basterads (by Arnold Passman), etc.; Number 2: Tan Am Base Vietnam, You've read too much about atrocities (the flex-disc contained in this issue is missing); Number 3: Russia's Underground Political Pornography; Number 4: Impeach Nixon; Number 8 'The suppressed issue: guerilla war in the USA' was refused by several printers and had to be produced outside the US.

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