No. 1-35 (Nos.10-12, 20 were never published). Saint-Maur, November 1991 - September 1995. Folded sheets. Size (h/w): 29,7 x 21 cm. The collection includes No. 3' (bis), the second number by Gette with photographs to accompany No.3 with text). All issues were mailed with postmark.

EUR 700.00

Mail-art publication, edited by Pierre Leguillon with collaboration of Estelle Bernardin, Boris Casrlier, Cecilia Kebaili, John Briens, a.o. Each sheet is designed by an artist amongst which: Gette, Obrist,Signer, Bouabre, Hybert, Messager, Feldman, Koo Jeong-a, Rainer Oldendorf, Thomas Hirschhorn, a.o. Clipping in no. 25 (possibly intentionally done by the artist)