Nos. a, ac, bc, bd, cd. La Plata, 1971-1973. Loose-leaves (sizes vary), kept in original dec. envelopes; sq. 4to (28, 2 x 25,5 cm.). Illustrated.

EUR 5,000.00

Five (out of 13) numbers of this periodical ,edited by Edgardo Antonio Vigo. Important visual-poetry and avant-garde publication from Argentina, more or less the successor to DIAGONAL CERO which was published from 1962-1969 by Vigo. Each envelope contains several (partly colored) prints, leaflets, pamphlets, collages; sometimes with punched holes. Visual poetry, conceptual art, political staments by (a.o.) Clemente Padin, Ginzburg, Edgardo A. Vigo (a.o.: comic-strip & "La Calle: escenario del arte actual); J.C. Romero, D. Higgins, K. Groh, J. Blaine, F. Vaccari, A. Alloatti, Pauline Smith. No. cd entitled 'Arte Argentino de Vanguardia'.

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