Kunst und Kultur der Vergangenheit. Zeitschrift für Sammler und Kunstfreunde.

Years 1-13 (all publ.). 1922-1943, published as follows: Band 1-13 (Years 1-7, also numbered as nos. 1-72). Wien, Kristall-Verlag, later: Verlag des Belvedere, 1922-1928. Then changing numbering: -- Jahrgang (Years) 8 - 13 no 8 (last and all published). Amalthea Verlag, Zürich, Leipzig, Wien, 1929-1938/43. Illustrated, with numerous hors-text plates. A good set, lightly dustsoiled, bound till year 10 (1931) in 23 uniform, hcloth bindings, rest in original wrappers.

EUR 1,500.00

Complete collection, including the supplementary parts "Forum" (which were published in vols. 5-9/10 (1923-1926). Luxuriously produced art periodical, edited by Edmund Wilhelm Braun & Wilhelm Suida, later: Alfred Stix. Chamberlin 2193. Arntzen/Rainwater Q105: Material of interest to collectors and news of sales and the art world, as well as scholarly articles (some still important) dealing mostly with medieval and renaissance art. With the exception of a few plates (which may have been omitted ) ostensibly complete for the plates. Note that the year 1933 was not published.