Nos. 1-10 (=last publ.). Berlin, April - Dec. 1971. Folio; newsprint; illustrated. Lacks no. 7.
Radical left oriented journal of which most issues were forbidden and confiscated (note in no 9: '.. Von 8 Fizz-Ausgaben wurden bislang 7 verboten'). The journal was part of the International Undergroud Press Syndicate (UPS),and had strong ties to Agit 883. Responsible editors: Johannes Most (Politics), E. Mühsam (Serials), H. Wehner (Sport & Porno), graphic and design: M. Ernst, stellvertr. A. Dürer. With full-page illustrated front-pages, caricatures, photocompositions, double-page posters (of Leila Khaled, RAF, Bakuni, Abbie & Anita Hoffmann (Y.I.P. Family), etc., mostly printed in colour, or on colored stock. Contribs. incl.: 'Der Mahler-Prozess', 'The murder of Fred Hampton', 'Stadtguerilla hier und jetzt', the IRA, etc. Also articles on pop-music.