Monatsschrift, begr. von B. Schuster.

Jahrgang 1-33 no. 5. Stuttgart/Berlin, 1901/02-Feb. 1941. (Also numbered as Band 1-56, 1901-1915 & Jahrgang 15-33, 1922/23-1940/41). Till 1914 in the original publ. cloth bindings, then bound, hcloth or original cloth till year 1930, with the exception 1914/II, 1915 & Jan.-Sept. 1926, which are in original wrappers, just like the remaining years (some are loosening); supplements in the original cloth portfolios (filed alphabetically. 4to; with numerous illustrations, make the impression of being complete, but detailed checking of this set has been impossible).

EUR 2,000.00

Exceptionally long ongoing series with the supplements; these include plates, portraits, facsimiles, musical notations, etc.; a rather popular musical monthly, ed. by B. Schuster, later by J. Günther & H. Gerigk. Plates and supplements are often difficult identifiable, which makes an absolutely accurate collation impossible. This set however makes the impression of (near) completeness for the supplements.Only 3 issues (= year 28 no. 10; 29 no. 7 & 32 no. 7), and not all the (half-) yearly indices are present. Publication was interrupted from 1915-1921, and went on till 1943. (Fellinger, 1558).