Journal of the International Society of Copier Artists, Ltd.

Vol. 1-21 no. 4 (= Final Issue; all published). New York, April 1982 - June 2003. Tog. 84 issues; sizes vary; spiral bound and in folder, or loose in special boxes for some issues. Tog. ca 2700 prints or items, all signed by the artist.
Limited edition of 100 to 200 copies.

EUR 10,000.00

The International Society of Copier Artists (I.S.C.A) was a non-profit group founded by Louise Neaderland in 1981, intended to promote the work of copier artists and to advocate for the recognition of copier art as a legitimate form.
Complete set of this unique periodical of which each issue consists of an assemblage of photocopied-prints, turned into original artwork by various techniques (colouring, collage etc.), numbered and signed, by artists who use the photocopier as a creative tool, including colour copying. Directed by Louise Neaderland. Contribs.include Anne Gilman, Susan Gold, Ralph Neaderlan, Keiichi Nakamura, Eiichi Matsuhashi, Lisa Reichenberger, etc.; final issue: "War and Peace".
The I.S.C.A. Quarterly was published from 1982-2003. Typically, issues were produced in limited editions of 200 copies, with an average of 45 pages of original copier art supplied by I.S.C.A. members. Over the years the form of the Quarterly mutated from a collection of unbound pages to a spiral bound journal with an Annual Bookworks Edition composed of a box of books made by I.S.C.A. members. The work produced for the Quarterly ranged widely in focus from social and political issues to personal and emotional themes. The final issue (Volume 21, #4) was published in June 2003.

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