THE TIGER'S EYE on Arts and Letters

Nos. 1-9 (all publ.). Westport, Connecticut, 1947-1949. Size (h/w): 26 x 18,3 cm. With many illustrations (partly tipped-in), photographs, elaborately printed on different stock. Original illustrated wrappers.
Designed by Ruth Stephan (who also was Editor); art-editor (and design for covers): John Stephan; typography by Sven Jansen, printed by the Elm Tree Press. Deals with modern avant-garde literature and art; issues of about 140/150 pp. each. Reproduces work by Ernst, Lam, Tanguy, Magritte, Klee, S.W. Hayter, Calder, Dhagall, Picasso, De Chirico, Miro, Tanguy, W. Kandinsky, etc.; contains literary contributions by T.S. Eliot, W.C. Williams, Stephen Spender, K. Seligmann, Michaux, Rexroth, Motherwell, Bataille, Borgès, Neruda, Genet, Artaud, a.o.