Published by New York City LEMAR as a public service, to disseminate information toward the legalization of Marijuana.

Nos. 1-2 (all published). New York: Lemar, 30 January 1965- 15 March 1965. Quarto. Mimeographed stapled self-wrappers. A very good set. Number 1 near fine, Number 2 slighly faded around the edges, couple of minuscule tears and faintlyt dog eared leaft upper corner,, but a very nice copy.

EUR 4,500.00

Edited by Ed. Sanders. Mimeographed magazine from New York City LEMAR (an early organization for the reform of marijuana laws). "The MARIJUANA NEWSLETTER will print position papers, medical testimonies & general information about the campaign to legalize marijuana. We shall agitate! We shall print the data. We have the facts about marijuana, the gentle benevolent herb." Edited by Randolfe Wicker, Ed Sanders, Peter Orlovsky and C.T. Smith. Published by Sander's Fuck You Press (although the Fuck You imprint does not appear). Prints a long text by Burroughs. "William Burroughs Answers Jim Bishop!" as well as articles on marijuana, and more. One of the scarcest underground magazines of the sixties, desirable as a rare Burroughs appearance, an early marijuana reform item, and a publication from Sander's notorious press. Edited by Ed Sanders, Peter Orlovsky, et al.