Rassegna d'Arte del Costume e di Attività Municipale.

Nuova Serie. Anno 1-4 no. 4. Siena, 1927 - Luglio/Agosto 1930. First year bound, rest in original wrappers. Illustrated. Together with precursor RASSEGNA D'ARTE SENESE. Bulletino della Società degli Amici dei Monumenti. Anno 1-19 (= last published). Siena, 1905-1926. Original wrappers. Illustrated. (Lacks one year (=1919) and 5 nos. from 4 vols.). Together with its separately published supplement: SIENA MONUMENTALE Anno 1-6 no. 3 (all published). Siena, 1906-1911. Folio, issues of 12-16 pp. with hors-text plates. Lacks 1 issue (=1 no. 4), and one issue damaged (=1 no. 1/2).
In the supplement "Siena Monumentale" a few plates were affected by humidity, of which one plate slightly damaged. Suspended 1916-1918. Year 1926 complete in 1 issue, years 1927-1928 in 2 parts: "Rassegna d'Arte Senese e del Costume" and "Rassegna di Attività Municipale". Years 1927-1930 includes a separate section "Istituzioni Cittadine di Beneficenza". Yearly indices from 1920 onwards most probably never published. Publication went on till May/June 1933. Prause p 77,523. See also related title: La Diana.