Tijdschrift van de nieuwe generatie.

Nos. 1-23 (=Years 1-5, all published). Mechelen, Aalst, Anderlecht, Antwerpen (De Sikkel), Sept./Oct.1949-June 1955. Orig. pictorial wrappers (some soilage, foxing or discoloration to some issues, in particular the covers of 9/10, 15 and 23; no. 16 with the cover of Podium; 4 pin-holes to the cover of no 1)
Important periodical of the Belgian avant-garde group of the Fifties. Edited (and with contribs.) by (a.o.) Hans Andreus, Louis Paul Boon, Staf de Bruyckere, Hugo Claus,Lucebert, Rodenko, Maurice D'Haese, Hans van Ascker, Remy C. Van de Kerckhove, Freddy de Vree, Jan Walravens, Hugo Walschap, Marcel Wauters, Florent Welles, a.o.; translated work by Tristan Tzara, W.H.Auden, Marianne Moore, W-C Williams, Wallace Stevens, Bataille, Ungaretti, etc.; in no. 13: Claus, April in Paris/ Dali; Simon Vinkenoog; no. 16 variantcover Podium, december 1952 with identical content; in no. 18/19 feature: De Wereld van de Plastiek (contribs. by Klee, Gropius, Max Bill, Gio Ponti, Gaston Bertrand, Pierre Alechinsky, ); no. 14 with drawing on cover by Corneille; in no. 21/22 B. Brecht: Rat and die bildenden Kuenstler. With ills. and covers by Ray Gilles (2), Jan Vaerten (3), Rudolf Meerbergen (4), Pierre Alechinsky (5), Pol Mara (6), Ben Shahn (7), Stella Van der Auwera (8), Hugo Claus (9/10), Jan Cox (11/12), Tajiri (15), Paul van Ostaijen passport (17), Max Bill (18/19), Siryu Morita (20), Asger Jorn (21/22), Wilfredo Lam (23).

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