Uitgegegeven ter gelegenheid van het Holland-Festival door door de tien Realisten. No. 1. Amsterdam, 18 juni 1949. Newspaper size, 4 pp. Together with No. 3: (subtitle changes):
Uitgegeven ter Gelegenheid van de Tentoonstelling "Realisten uit zeven landen". No. 3 (= last pbl.). Amsterdam, 1 November 1951. Newspaper size. 4 pp.

EUR 400.00

No. 1 published in connection with the exhibition 'Het Hollandse Landschap' (The Dutch Landscape) in protest of the multitude of foreign productions and activities during the 'Holland-Festival'. Contribs. by W.J. de Gruyer, J. Greshoff, H. Fiedler, R. Escher, S. Carmiggelt, J.M. Prange, A. Koolhaas, P. Balma. No. 3 with contribs. by Jan Engelman about Cézanne 's influence on modern painting ( Je ne me suis pas réalisé), Frits Kuiper (Realisme of Abstractie), Frederick Franck (10 jaar schilderkunst in Amerika), Th. Kurpershoek (Roulette of Kunst), a.o. Added: Catalogue of the exhibition (4 pp.).