Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). San Francisco, Fall 1967-1969. 5 issues in original stiff wrappers, except no 5 which consists of 3 folding sheets in newspaper format folded between wrappers and is quite scarce.
Edited by Jacob Herman ( Gail Dusenbery, Claude Pelieu). Contributions by Burroughs (Word authority more habit forming than heroin in no 1), Carl Salomon, Bob Kaufman, Ferlinghetti, Roel van Duyn (Introduction to Provo, on the Amsterdam Provo movement), Frank O'Hara, Robert Duncan, Jef Nuttall, J.J.Lebel, Allen Ginsberg (Pentagon Exorcism), Edward Ruscha (Three Parking Lots), a.o. Cover No. 1 & 2: collages by Norman Mustill; No. 3 & 4: by Roy Lichtenstein; No. 5: (3 folded tabloïds within wrappers).