Nos. 1-4 (all publ.) . San Francisco: Illuminations Press, Summer 1965 through Winter 1968/1969. Four issues. Folio and quarto. Heavily illustrated. First two issues consist of loose sheets laid into wrappers, the first plain, with label, the second pictorial (slight staining on the covers), third number folded sheets laid into pictorial wrappers; fourth number bound in pictorial wrappers.

EUR 300.00

Nicely produced publication, typical for the sixties with the Beat and flower power spirit. Edited by Norman Moser in order to create a chance to the new generation to be published. Contributions (poetry and illustrations) include Charles Foster, Judson Crews, David Sandburg,Gene Fowler, Ed Bullins, Doug Palmer, Jim Thurber, John Montgomery, Norman Moser, Blazek, Holland, Meltzer, Wild, Major, et al. "Illuminations is founded to faithfully record the work of apprentice writers, poets, painters,….to help bring poetry back into the marketplace. Poetry is of course life: beat, movements, progression."

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