Revista de la union de escritores y artistas de Cuba.

Year 6 no 4 (1969); Year 7 nos. 1-4 (1970, cplt.); Year 8 nos. 1/2,3-4 (1971, cplt.); Year 9 Nos. 1,2/3,4 (1972 cplt.); Year 10 Nos. 1,2,3/4 (1973 cplt.); Havana, 1969-1973. Added: Three unnumbered special issues Literatura Bulgara- Literatura Sovietica - Literatura Polaca Contemporanea. All in the orig. wonderfully designed coloured wrappers.

EUR 1,000.00

A group of 17 (phsycal) issues of this very rare publication. Edited by Otto Fern√°ndez, in a rather spectacular colourful presentation designed by Raul Martinez, Dario Mora. In addition to showcasing writers and artists resident in Cuba, authors from other nations occasionally appear in translation, including those of both revolutionary and non-revolutionary temperament. Special numbers are devoted to Polish, Bulgarian and Soviet writers, and Vietnamese, Palestinian, and Mozambique writers are showcased. Artwork included in most issues