An international notebook for the arts.

Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). January 1931 through April 1932. Small quarto. Printed wrappers (in good condition, except for no 4, which has some wear and detached covers).

EUR 700.00

Edited by Samuel Putnam (and later with co-editor Peter Neagoe). Associate editors Ezra Pound, Richard Thoma and many contributing editors. One of the most important of the expatriate periodicals. Contributions by Cocteau, Bodenheim, Reavey, Eberhart, Pound, Pasternak, Antheil, Thoma, Hiler, Zukofsky, Alberti, McGreevey, Shapiro (Sanford), Brassai, Farrell, Unamuno, Mangan, Biely, Miller, Arp, Carnevali, Beckett, Marinetti, McAlmon, Turbyfill, Bunting, Cunard, Vail, Boyle, Rexroth, Fearing, Macleod, etc. No. 4 in second printing (special theme: "Machines") has contributions by Apollinaire, Marinetti. Prints Samuel Beckett's sixty-nine line poem, "Text"