(Internationaal cultureel maandblad / Revue internationale des arts et des sciences).

Jaargang 1 (Year 1 )Nos. 1-12,cplt, and Jaargang 2 (Year 2) Nos. 1-4/6 cplt. Together with Yearbook 1947/48. Amsterdam, Salm, (Breughel) 1945/46-1947/48. All in the original, partly illustrated, wrappers. A few numbers lighty soiled or moist damaged, but altogether a very good set.
Internationally oriented Dutch literary and artistic periodical, in which the imporant international contributors were published in their original language. One of the most significant publications in the period following the war, an attempt to( re)connect Dutch readers with leading international authors a.o. Sartre, Loewenson, Kafka, Cordan, R.Pannwitz, Hermann Hesse, Beckmann, Kavafis Tzara, Eluard, Breton,,etc. Edited by D.A.M.Binnendijk, Wolfgang Cordan, J.Presser, S. Vestdijk, Gerard Den Brabander, a.o.with international advisers. Important Dutch authors: J.Daisne, S.Vestdijk, A.Roland Holst, Anna Blaman, B.Voeten, Hans Andreus, Jan Campert (English translation of his major work: de Achttien doden) , H.Marsman, B.Aafjes, G.Achterberg, Leo Vroman, Th.de Vries, Vol. 1 no 11/12 is a special: Hommage à la Grèce. Book illustrattions by Bantzinger, Jef Vliegen and T.Roosenburg; cover illustrations by Bantzinger. Illustrations included by Cantré.

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