PANDORA'S BOX (contributions by Josef BEUYS, Sol LeWITT, Richard HAMILTON, Rob SCHOLTE a.o.)

Contemporary Archaeology.

Complete edition, consisting of 3 boxes with original, unique works of art. Rotterdam, Publishing House Bébert (Bebert), 1985-1990. A mixed-media collection containing signed work of 31 noted artists:
Box 1: From source to use. Pandora Part One. [Rotterdam], 1985. Rose laquered box (35,2 x 28,3 x 12,7 cm). Copy No. 101.
Box 2: This box contains items you ordered. Pandora Part Two. [Rotterdam], 1987. White laquered box (35,2 x 28,3 x 14,3 cm). Copy No. 95.
Box 3: Protect me from what I want. Pandora Part Three. [Rotterdam]. 1990. Black laquered box. (35,2 x 28,3 x 25,2 cm). Copy No. 186.
Publishing House Bebert. Limited to 150 copies (75 for sale) for the complete set of 3 boxes (Boxes 1 and 3 limited to 200 copies each, box 2 limited to only 150 copies).
(Added: 5 subscription forms and invoices from Bébert to the original subscriber of this set).
A remarkable artists project, containing signed works of artists such as Joseph Beuys (Dyptich ,silkscreen on felt and wood), Sol LeWitt (set of 5 silkscreens), Maria van Elk (folded litho), Arie van Geest, Richard Hamilton (colotype), Lawrence Weiner (text object), Rene Daniels (silkscreen/drawing and painted bow tie) , Klaus Gubbels (collage,drawing), Ben Vautier (text and record), Richard Artschwager (Face, silkscreen), Daniel Buren (Untitled, folded silkscreen), Guillaume Bijl (Composition trouvée for a girl's bedroom); Jenny Holzer (Protect me from what I want), Edwin Janssen, Aldo Rossi (The Dutch Tower), Rob Scholte (Echte meesters signeren hun werk altijd; photograph pressed on stretched canvas), and many others. The wooden boxes made by Piet van Schadewijk (1 & 2) George Stefansson (3); Text printed in silk-screen by Ger Stahlhofer (on Hollands Register, 200 grams for boxes 1 & 2; Arjomari,Rivoli 240 grams for box 3. More detailed list of contents on demand.

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