Nos. 1-4 (all publ.). The Hague, N.V. Servire, Dec. 1930 - May 1931. Size (h/w): 23,5 x 17 cm. Original wrappers on red blue or orange stock. Very rare complete!.Apart from a discoloration and small damage tot the right front cover of No. 4 a very nice and clean set.

EUR 1,000.00

Radical avant-garde periodical, edited by Sonja Prins, later together with X. Abril, Masaki Ikeda and N. Macleod. With texts in english, french and german. Postscript to the last issue: 'The first 4 issues have provided a field of operations for many literary forces; henceforth, we will only concern ourselves with literature as an art when it arms the workers against the bourgeoisie'. Contributions by Ezra Pound, J. Bousquet, V.F. Calverton, J. Dos Passos, C. Einstein, C.H. Ford, E. Jolas, Ph. Lamour, V. Maiakovski, P. Nizan, A. Scheer, S. Tretyakov, V. Veressaiev, R. Vitrac, W.C. Williams, L. Zukovsky, C. Duff, I. Jiga, H. Kesten, N. Macleod, E. Reinhardt a.o.