The Underground Press. A (bimonthly) collection.

Vol. 2 no 1; vol. 1 no 3; vol.1 no 4 (On the cover: "This Magazine has been shot with a Colt.45 Automatic". The issue has effectively a hole in the middle going right through it). Phoenix, Ariz., n.d. ( ca 1967/1968 ); pictorial wrappers; 4to.
Underground Press Digest, published in Phoenix, Part of the Underground Press Syndicate. Collectively edited reprints from the underground press of the late `60s. The offices and staff of Orpheus are located in a roving 1946 Chevrolet school bus. Location and itinerary varies greatly. Edited by (a.o.) Jill Anderson, Jim Bailey, Ross Favidson, Les De-Facio, etc.; nicely produced on coloured stock and multicolour printing. Issues of 30-46 pages within coloured wrappers. A selection of articles from various underground papers (SF Oracle, Provo, Crawdaddy, Washington Free Press etc.) including work by Ginsberg, John Sinclair, Allen Young, Timothy Leary, Tuli Kupferberg, etc.

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