A p'art. Va de retro puntura! - Nice, Garage 103, 1977. 30 x 21 cm ; 24 pages stapled in llustrated covers (internally fine, cover slight soilage). With ills.and photographs. Rare.

EUR 300.00

The first (and only) number of a magazine of Ben, directed by Olivier Garcin. Opens with "Citations á propos de l'art (Cravan,Picabia)", followed by the editorial article: A propos de a p'art by Ben, followed by A propos de a p'art, with a half blank page with the name of the reader (Olivier Garcin) leaving space for his comments. Contributions by J.J.Sweeney (Interview with Duchamp), Sempé cartoons), Amiard, Kosuth, Ray Johnson, Alain Roussel, Guillaumon, John Lathan, Peter Hutchinson, Christian Boltanski, Olivier Mosset, Henry Flynt. Bernard Venet, and several articles by Ben Vautier, also Ben et Maccaferri.