Tweetalig tijdschrift voor letteren en kunst / Périodique bilingue littéraire et artistique.

Nos. 12,13, 14, 15, 16/17,18,19 (=last published). Houtem, Gent (Belgium). 1963- (1967). Original (pictorial),wrappers, large 8vo. With ills. and photographs. Some covers with very light soilage. Sold as a group of 7 physical issues. Very rare.
Belgian periodical on contemporary art and literature, bilingual in French and Dutch. .A first series of 10 issues appeared from 1955-1956 and this is the second series (except for number 11), which was published from 1962-1967 with ongoing numbering. This publication was close to Réalités Nouvelles and Soleil Noir. Edited by Alosso, Ludwig Alene, John Bultinnck, Pim de Rudder, Camille d'Havé, Bob de Smet, Frans Sierens, Georges van Vrekhem, Jo Verbruggen, Roger Wittewrongel, a.o. No. 12: n.d. (1963). Text by Pierre Restany (in French). Le Nouveau Réalisme et le bapteme de l'objet, depicting works of Hains, César., Spoerri ,Rotella; Jo Verbruggen (in dutch) on Tringuely and Niki de Saint-Phalle, Texts by Maryan, Luc Peire (by Henri Chopin); No. 13: a.o. articles by and on Jean Ray, phonetic poem by Henri Chopin; No. 14: n.d.. J.J.Léveque on Gianni Bertini, features on Aïka, J. Ginberg, Carlos Sansegundo, Yves, Rhaye, Kurt Lewy, Urbin; No. 15: n.d., literary contribs. By Alosso, P.A.Birot, M.Butor, F.Picabia; No. 16/17 n.d. (1963) Jo Verbrugghen on Roel d'Haese and on Antonio Recalcati, features on Roger Raveel; Hommage á Luc Haesaerts; No. 18: n.d. (1965) texts by Jo Verbruggen, Joyce Mansour (trois poémes), Jean-Pierre Duprey (La Fuite Temporelle), A.P. de Mandiargues, Jacques Mueirs, etc. ; No. 19 n.d. (1967). Texts by Henri Chopin, Pierre Bourgeois, Jo Verbrugghen, J.P.Duprey, a.o. (cf. Adams/Breugelmans, Reizende Bladen).